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  1. Celicar

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    Any owner/soon-to-be owner concerned about servicing/repairs after warranty expires? Will workshops outside know how to do it, or will be at the mercy of TC pricing/queue?
  2. Celicar

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    This is a question for those who have driven both the pre-FL and FL versions of the Sharan. Is the difference in power noticeable? How about any other differences that you find is really an improvement in the FL version, over the pre-FL version? TIA.
  3. Celicar

    Seat Ateca

    Is that so? I didn't know that. I can see that the Sharan and Alhambra are similar but I didn't know that they are clones. But the Singapore ones may not be like that at least in the engine bay, because Alhambra is diesel and Sharan is petrol.
  4. Celicar

    Seat Ateca

    Are there SEAT stockists in Singapore? That will be one main area of concern for me if I ever consider this brand, otherwise may have to wait quite long for parts and may not be cheap.
  5. Celicar

    Elderly man killed by falling wine bottle at condo

    But where does it start and where does it end? Is putting age and even gender irrelevant too? Taken to its logical ending, it should just be reported that "someone" got hit and no need even to put photo.
  6. Celicar

    CHC Leader Released from prison!

    Time really flies (thou I don't remember having that much fun).
  7. I think in your books, the salaries we are shelling out to the ministers is for one thing only, keep China happy or at least avoid pissing them off. Say something and China ignores/does not react = ok to say. Say something and China takes exception = the remarks were unacceptable and we should not have said it. Really?
  8. Sounds to me like it is not difficult at all to be "very careful". It just basically means supporting China's position.
  9. Really? You think Shanmugam is not capable of just stonewalling any question that he doesn't wish to answer, however many number of times he is asked? It doesn't mean he refuse to give a response, his response could just be "no comment". So for discussion purposes, say he really found it impossible to not give a substantive reply and he ends up saying something that displeases China. Would it have been a case of him shooting his mouth off unnecessarily when he could have said "no comment" or the like, or is he excused because his comment was in response to incessant questioning?
  10. So should Shanmugam have just kept his mouth shut?
  11. I am waiting with bated breath for the many knowledgeable forumers who fell over themselves, when Vietnam and Cambodia howled in protest over LHL's remarks about historical events, to proclaim with indignation how LHL should have just kept his mouth shut instead of drawing ire on matters which are ostensibly not wholly domestic in nature, to weigh in with similarly enlightening insights about Shanmugam's comments this time around. Or perhaps it is a case of so long as anything said publicly by our leaders support/do not offend China, it is (surprise surprise) ok.
  12. Celicar

    Soh Rui Yong is not selected for SEA Games

    If nothing else, he has my admiration for standing up for what he believes in, in a rational way. As far as I can tell, this is not a case of him flaying about and opposing with bare assertions, he is taking the fight to SNOC and SA by trying to hold them accountable for the rules that they themselves have set. Not saying that it will eventually be found to be the case (that remains to be seen), but it will be the ultimate climbdown for SNOC/SA if they are indeed found to have not adhered to the requirements they have put out for selection.
  13. Celicar

    Car's roof's lining/cloth

    Thanks. I was thinking about it last night and if I really get down to it, I may get one of those rollers like those used for painting walls. One thing to ask you, from your experience, the pimple effect is because of the sponge reacting with the 3M adhesive spray chemical, or already like that even before you start? I think it is the latter but just ask for your experience. TIA.
  14. Celicar

    Car's roof's lining/cloth

    ok thanks very much. Really dunno how it will turn out but the alternative really cost a lot more. Fingers crossed.
  15. Celicar

    Car's roof's lining/cloth