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  1. Starting of the draw and losing streak...
  2. It should be made mandatory for these religious facilities to cater for a certain number of parking lots when building it based on the number of the religious goers allowed in the facility.
  3. Those PMD rider dont give a damn as they know it is very hard to identify them even with the useless app the authority come out with. Might as well outsource the whole bloody enforcement to their contractor. The north fearless enforcement rider vs the "dont give a damn" PMD rider might yield better enforcement result.
  4. + friends = yakking yakking ... should let Tesla drive these idiots for the sake of others...
  5. You are seriously disconnected. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/modified-e-scooter-clocked-at-150kmh-on-singapore-road
  6. I concur this Ody is not only an a-hole but a bloody f-ing a-hole who dont give a F to any traffic regulation. 1st - he did NOT signal 2nd - think by inching his way left, others will know his intention and give way 3rd - play punk by swerving when he didnt get his way 4th - brake check even after he gets his way Next time want to change lane and know its a short distance to do so just rev up when green light so have enough space to change lah. Driving also need to plan for the route and form up on the lane earlier if knowing the traffic is gonna be heavy. Cam driver @Sx4falcon should just report him as till now he would have thought he got no wrong.
  7. I personally think it is not wrong to slow down or stop as it is indeed a need to stop before the green arrow lit up but one can pace it well so not to come to a total stop in that 1 sec to trigger a honk. Those who are not familiar with the junction have to beware as the green arrow might not lit up or came flashing (also cannot cross if not fast enough). Dont think you are wrong to begin with, but just take a step back, chill and dont read any more reply.
  8. Exactly. Everything "they" do is not for the well being of the people, but are only focused on one thing "to fix them". Because they are voted out, they will fix "all" together. Not to mentioned the amount wasted just to fix "them" which could be put in better use. Even give me a dollar more in their whatever bonus i also happy.
  9. Yah not only the defend, the whole team stop pressing once they score goals just like the Chelsea game. In fact pool has always been like that especially in the 2nd half for as long as i remember. So next time just watch the 1st half of the game and save on the heart attack in the 2nd half.
  10. The 2 asian in Salzburg is good at least for that night (didnt watch any of their match b4), their skill and composure give pool's defend a run for their money. Its lucky pool's striker never go on their off day, score more to win.
  11. I tot many manager do that to waste some time. Or maybe its just my tots.
  12. Xers007

    Singaporean driver paid RM28k in fine in JB

    I think one can provide proof that the car was bought since when and those summons before the purchase date will not be consider his/her. However is this official i am not too sure.
  13. Xers007

    Climate change ...

    Not referring to your post, just that i saw another youtube video the host mentioned she sail a "zero emission" boat. Was thinking at 16yrs old, if shes a sgrean kid she would be grounded for O level, still can spend 2 weeks in the sea.
  14. Xers007

    Climate change ...

    This girl is a walk the talk true tree hugger. She sail a zero emission boat from Sweden to USA in 2 weeks. https://time.com/5663534/greta-thunberg-arrives-sail-atlantic/
  15. Xers007

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Their server very buzy, try to book an appt but cannot load the website. 🤭