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  1. Not sure if your friend can tsf $$ to your wallet. will have to test it out. This version is the international `tourpass' version and its valid for 3 months... i think the $$ will be credited back to your CC after it expires but surely they earn another round of exchange rate difference. So don't put too much money in there, only what you'll require for the trip. Alipay is real useful in China.... i think the penetration rate is almost 100%. Some merchants don't even take wechat.
  2. you just need to transfer a certain amount from your credit card to your Alipay... say rmb100. it is a direct transaction, not overdraft. The money sits in your e-wallet. however, the exchange rate is I will use only when the merchant do not accept cash and refrain from using unless bopian.
  3. Old-driver

    SE lock in, activation and duration

    use another number lor hehe.
  4. Old-driver

    SE lock in, activation and duration

    I think they lock you in by phone number... AD name starts with P?
  5. Old-driver

    Nice / Rare Vehicle Registration Number

    ABS plate is from where?
  6. Old-driver

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of October 2019

    I think it will either go up or drop 🤣
  7. Old-driver

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    More or less pretty standard except for the iphone 11. Service credits how much? over-trade?
  8. Old-driver

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    I've never been concerned with this feature; this is probably the least of any issue. Useful though, as a warning came on recently due to a `leak' on one of the tyres. Just go check and pump the tyres weekly and save the $800.
  9. Old-driver

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    Yeah Mazda 3 Astina and A3 almost same price. There'll be 2 school of thoughts. One will say buy Mazda as the specs are more superior and other will say Audi cause it's 4 Rings. I will take A3 because..... I"M SHALLOW 😁
  10. Old-driver

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    A3 was going around $105k plus minus the past few months and the Q2 is $115k thereabouts. considered ex? 3 years ago when COE is $50k over a Jap car is already over $100k.
  11. Old-driver

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    Anyone used Netspay in China before? they are tied to Unionpay so not sure if it works.
  12. Taxi driver probably nearing his 24 demerit points and will be barred from driving after this? Sorry don't know if this offence warrants any demerit points deduction. 😕
  13. Old-driver

    SG got mini tornado

    Oh for a moment i thought Mini got new model named Tornado 😚