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Found 66 results

  1. Hi, I travel quite often and was thinking of helping my co-workers to drive when visiting customers. Im a Singaporean, holding Class 3 and 2B licence. Do any guys here know how and where can I convert to International licence? Many Thanks.
  2. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/despite-looming-deadline-34000-private-hire-car-drivers-yet-obtain-vocational-licence Possible further downward pressure on COE?
  3. For all those who like Euro plate, small plate, chrome plate, SMLJ plate....You will get caught: http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...626-150974.html Hundreds caught with illegal plates Over 700 motorists hauled up in first four months of this year alone. -myp Fri, Jun 26, 2009 my paper [top: A 7 series BMW that spotted the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) disapproved Euro car plates at Bencoolen Street. More car owners are using Euro car plates which are considered illegal as their font size and colour do not conform to the LTA's vehicle licence plate requirements.] By DARYLL NANAYAKARA THEY are bright, stylish - and illegal. And they are hot, so much so that some car owners are willing to risk a jail term of up to three months just so they could have number plates that look good even though they do not conform with Land Transport Authority (LTA) stipulations, such as European Union-style ones. The LTA told my paper that 726 drivers were caught in the first four months this year for such offences. For the whole of last year, only 2,039 were caught. Car workshops told my paper that such licence plates are still flying off the shelves despite the severe penalty. On the average, the workshops said they each receive between 35 and 50 requests per month from drivers wanting to switch to the illegal licence plates - which can cost between $40 and $65 each, depending on the size and design. Mr S. L. Teo, 32, from Autozone Motoring, said: "There will always be a demand for the nicer ones that are illegal. "The approved ones have too many restrictions in terms of how they should look and how big they should be." Another workshop operator, Deck Carcraft's Jackson Kang, 27, said: "Customers are willing to take the risk even after we tell them the plates are not approved ones. "To them, how their car looks is more important." Another reason smaller plates appeal to drivers is to avoid detection by the authorities. Illegal plates that use reflective fonts and contain ornamental marks alongside the vehicle's registration number may make it difficult to read the car's licence number when the vehicle is moving, for example, when it is involved in a hit-and-run accident. A staff member of a workshop, who declined to be named, said: "The majority of the drivers come with heavily modified cars they use in illegal races and the smaller the plates, the harder it would be for the Traffic Police to read them." According to LTA guidelines on the One.Motoring website, approved licence plates should have letters and figures that are 70mm high, 50mm wide and 10mm broad. However, illegal plates usually have fonts that are between 10mm and 15mm smaller than stipulated by the LTA. A spokesman for LTA said drivers caught with plates that do not conform to requirements face a fine of up to $1,000 or a jail term of up to three months. In addition, the drivers would have to have the defective plates made good within seven days or risk facing a maximum fine of $2,000 or six months' jail - the penalty for repeat offenders. darylldj@sph.com.sg
  4. if any bike owners 2408 (sorry i forgot the alphabets) found your bike sleeping on the parking lot instead of parked upright this morning at Jurong East Blk 150 car park, pls contact me. I saw what happen. after tat i went atm and toilet 10min but ur bike not there after i tot of leaving u my contact number on your bike. PM me if need my help. if anyone has member at bike forum, maybe can help repost. bike should be ok can drive off. but see liao juz offer lah...
  5. Just want to confirm this myth once and for all. There are TOO much confusion over this issue till today for car. Let's not talk about motorcycle plate, as that is really going to messed up the LTA Vs Inspectors opinion further. Lets keep to car plate in this thread. Is sticker type licence plate legal and can pass LTA inspection or the overly enthusiastic inspectors at test centers? Background. The stickers wordings size and thickness and spacing strictly follows LTA standards. Instead of pasting it on a metal plate and frame, it is directly pasted onto the same location where the licence plate is design to be by car manufacturer. That means the sticker is pasted onto the front plastic bumper where the usual metal licence plates are expected to be, same for the rear metal boot licence plate placement location. What is your opinion? All along I believe it is fully legal. Untill I read this article on sgcarmart. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/writeup.php?AID=339 3. Don't put yourself in a sticky situation The LTA does not allow vehicle owners to attach sticker-type car plates to their vehicles in place of the standard ones made out of aluminium or acrylic. Anyone from LTA can once and for all confirm this matter?
  6. Hi everyone My one-year driving suspension is ending in 2 week time. I have called a driving centre to make enquiry on retaking my class 3 licence. I was told that I have to start all over again from zero from eyes test, basic theory onward. Also, I could not enrol for any lesson or book for any test date now; must wait till after revocation period. The centre got express course for people like me. The package includes 6 driving lessons and 1 test date. Need advice & tips here. What are the alternatives available for me besides the driving centre package? Any other useful information for me in my journey to regain my licence will be deeply appreciated. Thank you. Stanley
  7. Ngnguan

    Car Licence Plate

    Anyone can provide me information where can I can the front licence plate ( normal plate) Somewhere near to the east or north, thanks.
  8. Darthrevan

    A licence needed just to cycle?

    Should cyclists be licensed? That's what MP for Nee Soon GRC Lee Bee Wah is suggesting. Video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151693281677934
  9. LTA will not renew Smart's taxi service operator licence Taxi firm Smart will not get its operator license renewed when it expires on Sept 30 this year, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Thursday. This reduces the number of taxi companies in Singapore to six. The LTA noted that Smart had multiple failures in its service standards over the past two years, such as consistently failing to meet the call booking cater rate. It also failed other standards such as accident rate and first inspection passing rate. In addition, the company failed to meet other regulations for its license to be renewed, including minimum fleet size. Its fleet shrunk from 701 in January last year to 268 last month, way below the minimum of 800. Smart's 268 taxis account for about 1 per cent of the total taxi population in Singapore. LTA chief executive Chew Hock Yong said its closure should not affect commuters much. The LTA will facilitate the sale of Smart's eligible taxi licenses to other operators, and to assist its drivers in finding another company. Smart customer service really quite poor. Complain about their taxi driver's reckless driving and they did not even get back to me about it.
  10. how huh?? can any bro advise??
  11. Many would have heard or read about Google's self-driving vehicles and they were the first to get a permit from the state of Nevada to test autonomous vehicles on public roads. Now it is Audi's turn to be granted a licence by the state of Nevada. The licence allows Audi to operate an autonomous vehicle on public roads. This is the third such licence issued out to companies that wishes to test autonomous vehicles on public roads. The second licence was issued out to tyre manufacturer, Continental late last year. This makes Audi, the first auto manufacturer to be issued out with such licence. Many might not know this but Audi has dabbled in autonomous vehicle technology before this. Audi teamed up with Stanford University and Volkswagen Group
  12. Hi bros I was told that if a Singaporean driver holds a Class 3A licence, he can't get an international driving licence from AA. Is it true? Is the international driving licence the only form of licence recognised in Australia for foreign drivers? Please enlighten me. Thanks
  13. ...& GF went on to cause the death of an elderly pedestrian . And our hero now on the run for not showing up in court and a warrant of arrest of him issued [shakehead] From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1208790/1/.html Warrant of arrest for man who allowed girlfriend to drive car with no licence By Claire Huang | Posted: 20 June 2012 1337 hrs
  14. FaezClutchless

    A Swedish union seeks help from the US president

    Many would have already known about Saab's bankruptcy and the following aftermath. After the Swedish company filed for bankruptcy, several companies have made bids for the ailing company's remaining assets. They include China's Youngman, and India's Mahindra Mahindra and Tata Motors. And it was also reported that the company has a total debt of around $1500 million. In the latest twist to the Saab saga, a Swedish workers union, IF Metall, has send a letter to the United States president, Barack Obama, requesting for help in order to save the once proud Swedish marque. Most people might think that they are requesting for a bailout, like what happened to Chrysler. Instead, they want the United States government to pressure General Motors into releasing access to some of the technology licenses which are necessary to build the Saab 9-4X (pictured above) and the 9-5. By doing so, the Swedish automaker's new owners would be able to build Saabs once again providing salvation for over 4000 of Saab
  15. From The STAR: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?f...2003&sec=nation By TEH ENG HOCK JOHOR BARU: Motorists will not be able to renew their driving licence if they have obtained a Singapore licence. State Road Transport Department (JPJ) director Mohd Rosli Ramli said this was done to make it easier to trace drivers who committed traffic offences on either side of the Causeway.
  16. can anyone advice if it will pass the LTA inspection if change the light to LED.
  17. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...all_police.html Biker involved in accident begs witness not to call police -- because he has no licence A man motorcyclist, who was apparently without a licence, was knocked down by a truck along Upper Serangoon Road at about 4pm today (Sept 5). He then begged STOMPer Melvin, who was at the scene, not to call the police. Said the STOMPer: "This accident happened at a traffic junction along Upper Serangoon Road this afternoon. "A motorist was knocked down by a mini cargo truck and flung right behind me just right after I had crossed the road. "What a narrow escape! Being kind and nice, I went to help him up. "The motorist even begged us not to summoned the police as well as the ambulance even his left ankle was badly fractured just because he doesn't have a driving licence. "The lessons learnt from this particular accident is never drive without a licence. "If you want to drive then drive, be more cautious and careful." Police said in response to a STOMP query: "Police received a call at about 4.15pm today (Sept 5), informing us of a traffic accident involving a lorry and a motorcycle at the junction of Hougang Avenue 5 and Upper Serangoon Road. "The motorcyclist, a Chinese man in his mid-thirties, had sustained leg injuries and was conveyed conscious to CGH. "Police investigations are ongoing."
  18. Looking for cheap replacement licence plate holder for my otherwise plain plastic with scratches holder... Any recommendations of vendors to fix this? Apparently online holder looks nice but are used for U.S plates which maybe different size from local???
  19. I think the STOMPer was too harsh to the owner/driver. For what you know the owner/driver may be a victim of mischief or involved in a feud with someone. He or she may not even know the licence plate had been tampered with. Initially I thought the licence plate paint had simply faded off but from the other pictures it seemed it was being sprayed over. So if you know the owner/driver of this Altis just let him or her know. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...this_legal.html Licence plate numbers obscured with spray paint: Is this legal? STOMPer Joe spotted a car which had half of its licence plate sprayed with paint. Is this legal, he asks. Said Joe (Jul 14): "Licence plate numbers that were sprayed with paint. "Half the numbers were marred by the paint. "Was the intention of the driver to escape traffic police? "Is this even legal?"
  20. Creative_tec

    Licence for spray painting biz

    I have recently found a place that is really suitable for my spray painting biz on cars. However, I am concerned about whether the place, which I am looking to rent, will be allowed for me to conduct my biz. spoke to a number of people and was told that i will need to apply for licence with NEA before i can apply for change of use via ura. however, i went thru the NEA website and everything looks very complicated. As far as i know, the place which i am renting, is classified under B2 zoning. I have also spoke to the mgmt and what i was told is that as long as NEA is okay, they have no problem with me conducting spraying painting biz. I have also called NEA, which they told me that someone will call me back regarding my query on the licences that i need to apply. As per my understanding, the current place is approved for General Industrial (Multiuser). I walk thru the place and found quite a number of heavy industrial company there, which deals with welding of huge metal pipes and etc. However, i do not recall seeing any workshops there. Anyone one who have the experience here can guide me along? I juz want to be sure before I go ahead and confirm the unit with deposit. Thanks all!!
  21. Redcafe10

    TV licence for car???

    Hi all, The govt have just scrapped off the needs to pay TV license for residential home so do we need to pay TV license if we have tv tuner in the car?
  22. Class 4 Driving Licence - Procedure 1. Legal Requirement 2. Enroll For Driving Classes 3. Driving Lesson 4. Pass The Practical Driving Test (PDT) Legal Requirement You must be at least 21 years of age and in possession of a Class 3 Driving Licence. Enroll For Driving Classes Unlike learning to drive and obtaining a Class 3 Driving Licence where you can choose to learn from a private driving instructor or from any of the 3 driving schools, you can only learn how to drive and obtain a Class 4 Driving Licence from the test centre as specified below : Jurong Test Centre 4 Chin Bee Road #01-08 Singapore 619698 Tel : 6261 3236 Driving Lesson Upon enrolling into the Jurong Test Centre, you will be provided with the necessary training to learn to drive a Class 4 Motor Vehicle. Upon passing the Driving Assessment Test conducted by the Jurong Test Centre, you will be allowed to take the Practical Driving Test (PDT) for Class 4. Pass The Practical Driving Test (PDT) Upon passing the Driving Assessment Test conducted by the Jurong Test Centre, you could then apply for the Practical Driving Test (PDT). Upon passing the Class 4 PDT, you will then be issued with a Class 4 Driving Licence which allows you to drive the following vehicles : * Heavy motorcars of an unladen weight exceeding 2500kg and constructed to carry a load or passengers and * Motor tractors of an unladen weight not exceeding 7250kg but exceeds 2500kg. Source http://learn-to-drive.spf.gov.sg/services/.../4procedure.htm
  23. Feb 22, 2011 Go back to old off-peak car licence system I HAVE owned an off-peak car for the past five years and initially, I applauded the change to the electronic licensing system as it removed the hassle of motorists having to make the trip to the post office to purchase the paper coupons. The new scheme also gives an extra grace period of a day for motorists to make the purchase online - which means, we could drive first and purchase later. However, my thoughts changed after April last year. I drove my car once thinking I would purchase the licence online when I got home. However, I forgot to do so and by the time I remembered, I had already missed the deadline by half a day. I contacted the Land Transport Authority (LTA) promptly and filed a report of my mistake. But without any consideration, a hefty fine of $500 was imposed on me. I had to make several appeals before the fine was reduced to $200. Unfortunately, the same thing happened again recently, except this time, it was my brother who drove the car. He entrusted me with the purchase of the licence and I totally forgot about it until we were notified by LTA of the offence. LTA said the off-peak car offences had shot up 10 times from the year before ("More off-peak car cheats nabbed after tighter checks"; yesterday). Are there any statistics on the percentage of such offences arising from innocent acts of forgetfulness and not intentional misuse of the scheme? The relevant authorities may want to relook the current system to avoid this problem. For example, perhaps an SMS or e-mail reminder could be sent to the vehicle owner to purchase the e-Day licence once LTA detects an off-peak vehicle on the road without a licence. I somehow prefer the old paper coupon system as the problem of forgetting to purchase the licence and ending up with a hefty fine will never occur. Louise Tan (Ms) Another char bor blaming everything else but her own self for mistakes. Think AWARE shud be put on a tighter leash so as not to produce so many whiners.
  24. have you got yours?