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  1. See how he behaves after the accident. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152724400648861
  2. Nohnemwan

    Again another AM looking for trouble

    Identified and named as Mark Franklin, Managing Director at Piaggio Asia Pacific in this thread: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=720263611370000 Open all the comments. Look for: Peter Lim 03 May 0145hrs Eric Ng 02 May 1353hrs Sandor Freisinger 04 May 2249hrs Eric Ng 02 May 1711hrs Dylan J Huan 02 May 1121hrs
  3. Nohnemwan

    Smart Tag

    I help you this one time since you are too lazy to Google Smart Tag. http://www.touchngo.com.my/?pg=products&am...Pg=smarttag_faq
  4. Nohnemwan

    How to negotiate a blind spot

    If you DID have an accident - 100% morally and 50% legally you are to blame. You can consult a lawyer. A good one will tell you that (there is case law to back this up), EVEN WHEN you can prove that the light was green in your favour, and then you proceeded to turn right, and unfortunately had an accident with someone who shot the lights - YOU will be deemed as partly liable. Is it worthwhile being (only partly) legally right, when YOU are the one who put your car DIRECTLY in the path of a red light beater, THUS killing your wife? You did a stupid thing to pop out of the lorry's blind spot. It does not matter if you are 100% legally right (which you are not). Think about it.
  5. Nohnemwan

    Lane-Challenged CityCab Tried to Side-Swipe Me

    Good for you. You deserved the accident. Doesn't matter if you legally correct. You showed very poor judgment because you had so much time to observe the taxi's driving style. If you had stuck to your original position safely behind him, there would have been no accident. And yet IN A CORNER YOU CHOSE TO SPEED UP AND POSITION YOURSELF BESIDE HIM. What, really, was the objective of such a stupid move? You showed absolutely ZERO defensive driving skills. You are like a pedestrian who leaps onto a zebra crossing right in front of a car going too fast to stop safely. In such cases, what is the point of being legally correct but completely dead?
  6. Nohnemwan

    My car self skidded

    Hahahahaha you can ignore me / abuse me whatever. I am enjoying my Saturday knowing that you have received your just desserts. YOU have a real problem - a deserving result born of a union between sheer stupidity and bad attitude. YOU have a smashed up car, a big headache and will soon be out lots of money. Abusing me / ignoring me won't change ANY of that. Enjoy your life!
  7. Nohnemwan

    My car self skidded

    Wonderful news! You've have been quite an a--hole on this forum and you absolutely deserve what you got.
  8. Nohnemwan

    Booked by LTA 3 times in 3 months

    You are just plain bloody stupid. You were stopped THREE TIMES for the SAME illegal number plate. The first time you try to be a snake and claim that since material of number plate is not specified, therefore you have done nothing wrong. But the second time that you are booked FOR THE SAME PLATE is because the font size is too small. Therefore, basically, your plate is illegal; does not matter what s--t material it is made of. Now you want to claim no offence was committed because: 1. There is no specified time for which to charge you with the offence, or 2. That if they want to charge you, they must tell you on the spot and not warn you and then later charge you. People who have fancy, illegal number plates do it to be different, for the attention, for the recognition. Now that you have all the attention you can get, what's your problem?
  9. Nohnemwan

    Ninja V2 air intake system experience

    Hahahahahahahahah. 10-20bhp out of your existing engine? Put ALL the money you budget on this mod into buying 4D. You will get better returns.
  10. Nohnemwan

    CSC5 - loss of steering feel over time

    Since you say that with other tyres there was no loss in steering feel as the tyre aged and grip worsened, and if you have done nothing to the car except for different tyres, then it must be this particular tyre's character. And as another forummer put it, you can adjust the geometry of your front end if you want to do something about it.
  11. Nohnemwan

    CSC5 - loss of steering feel over time

    How many sets of tyres have you gone through before? Are you puzzled that you are experiencing loss of steering feel at 20,000km? When do you expect loss of steering feel to set in? 40,000km? 60,000km? Never? Do you expect tyre grip to remain constant through it's lifespan and then suddenly drop to zero?
  12. Nohnemwan

    Kana hi-beam for nothing

    Are you one of those damned fools who switch on their REAR fog lights on a clear night?
  13. Hello Einstein. OK, so you can stop within the next 50m. Obviously you think ONLY about yourself. Well done. What if the car behind you CANNOT stop within the next 50m? What if the car behind the car behind you CANNOT stop within the next 50m? If you are following the car in front, going at 90kmh, with a gap of 2 car lengths, is it because the 2 of you are the ONLY cars on the road? Use your big head to think.
  14. You obviously do not know the difference between: 1. What can be Googled, and 2. What cannot be Googled, and 3. What this forum is good for. Simple facts can be Googled. Discussions which have not been formed, cannot. The TS is asking for something simple that CAN be Googled. He is NOT interested in discussion. Until now he has not returned to the thread to reply or discuss. So it does look like he is clocking posts, by asking questions and never returning. And you, enjoy your school holidays.
  15. I don't need to. Here is proof that he is clocking posts - he starts a thread, gets 105 posts but never returns: http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...681460&st=0