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  1. Grix17

    Bad Experience with Volkwagen

    High demand, low supply. Doesn't just apply to COE prices. Our expectations are high and their effort level is low. Want better service, go to other makes that are trying to boost sales figures, not rest on their laurels.
  2. That's 2 players with shoulder injury .. physical training not balanced? More upper body workouts please!
  3. Grix17

    Continental or Bridgestone, Please advise

    You have to check thoroughly. These days, tyres are made everywhere around Europe. Usually, those are alright. However, some of the Conti tyres are parallel imported and may come from other countries and may not carry any warranty. I have been warned by one of the more honest tyre dealers. I think the main supplier is Stamford tyre, so it wouldn't help going there to 'check out' their tyres to familiarise yourself with the officially imported ones before getting them elsewhere. Online, you can check out Tire Rack. Under the Specs you can check the countries in which some of the tyres are made. Other than Germany, I know they are made in Czech Republic and Portugal, among other EU countries.
  4. Grix17

    Continental or Bridgestone, Please advise

    I totally agree. Their tyres are good in all aspects and have no weaknesses, apart from being slightly costlier. Of course there are some tyres with better dry grip but in SG wet grip is more important, and Conti tyres never disappoint in this area. Braking is also one of its other key strengths. For evidence, I have used Conti CSC3 and CSC5 and can testify to this. Bridgestone has rather good steering feel and good dry grip in general. I have not used Michelins or Pirellis though.
  5. I'm glad we won, despite not being the better team in some parts. On the basis of the whole game, we just about deserved the win. Just a few observations: 1) 2 Spurs players are quite dirty - Assou-Ekotto, Walker 2) Bale is really like a fairy - flies around at speed, but drops like a bamboo pole 3) The referee was not very good at picking up the real fouls (as opposed to the claimed ones by Bale & Co), but at least balanced it out with a good call on the penalty. 4) We have taught the BPL teams how to defend against Bale - mark the space in front of him, or block his supply of passes JC's inclusion ahead of Skrtel is still puzzling. Anybody knows why Skrtel is not playing? It's not because of any transfer news right ..
  6. Grix17

    Continental or Bridgestone, Please advise

    Generally, on average the prices are in the order of Pirelli, Continental, then Michelin. Don't forget they need to pay models to strip for their calendar .. just kiddin. I'm not a tyre dealer - only a tyre 'enthusiast' so I can't provide numerical evidence.
  7. Grix17

    Continental or Bridgestone, Please advise

    Depends, but usually true. There are some Pirellis not made in Europe (eg. Dragon) that are cheaper.
  8. Agreed. Now we hate him even more. But you could see that he had little drive and desire to play for us. Happily getting 100k a week. And he has done more for West Ham this season that he did for us in his entire Liverpool career - meaning that his heart wasn't here, not his body.
  9. Grix17

    How low will COE go?

    There are still many 'banks' that are not under MAS .. will this be an issue?
  10. Grix17

    How low will COE go?

    The govt will soon change the COE rules .. they seem to be looking at every loophole now. Plus the prevailing COE price will only change in a years' time since it's a 12-month moving average.
  11. I think the biggest change we will see is more buyers going in to long-term leasing of cars, rather than hire purchase. I don't think the MAS ruling affects leasing. Perhaps the second-hand car dealers may have to work out something to earn some $$ from the cars they have taken in at a high price. The worst part is that there will be difficulty releasing new COEs. With the price that dealers take in, they will make a big loss no matter what. The used car market may not really move. Perhaps the older cars which are cheaper will move first. The effect can only be seen in 1 to 2 years' time. The irritating part is that the ruling doesn't affect the rich (but the car was always supposed to be a luxury good until the $2 COE popped up), which includes all the people who came up with the ruling. The best part is the demand for new COEs will drop.
  12. I watched a couple of Europa league games .. that's his style. For the BPL, that might not work.
  13. Thanks .. I have noticed in the past that when Gerrard is out of the team, they play better as a unit. When he plays, it's like the other players naturally give him the respect and let him run the show, but when he doesn't deliver, the unit fails.
  14. Assaidi looks like the wrong buy. He likes to trick his way down the wing and will stop and change direction too often. Breaks the momentum. If Sterling can be better than Downing, we have a good chance. His crossing and shooting are still not good enough.