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    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    They have posted it in the Facebook.
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    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    Received email from YOU TRIP today, informing me that YOU TRIP are becoming the direct issuer of YouTrip accounts. They have obtained a direct Issuer License with Mastercard® and will become the direct Stored Value Facility Holder of YouTrip. Currently, they (more precisely, You Technologies Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd), provide YouTrip services, in partnership with EZ-Link Pte Ltd as the licensed Mastercard Issuer, and Stored Value Facility Holder of You Trip. With the new changes, They will take up the role of your direct Mastercard Issuer, and Stored Value Facility Holder of YouTrip from EZ-Link. Account holders of You Trip are now required to give their consent to the changes and also to agree to the new General Term & Conditions in order to continue using their services. Have any one here also received the similar email?
  3. This message is written by the CEO of World Bank. Must read, well written! *Message to the stupid protestors of Hong Kong* Listen to the speeches by Steve Bannon Peter Navarro and John Bolton. The US and the collective west have finally woken up to the fact that for 400 years they had dominated the world; grabbed territories wherever they went; exploited resources; enslaved people; they had a good run. First the Portuguese and the Spanish, then the French and finally the Godzilla - Britannica. The British Empire ruled by Britain for more than 200 years; then the baton was passed on to a new more powerful member of the Anglo sphere - America. The West finally imploded in WW2 like cowboy bank robbers retreating to the desert and shooting at one another when they failed to agree on sharing the loot. Then the Collective West came to their senses and decided enough is enough. They decolonized; set up global institutions; embarked on globalization; promoted free trade; advanced democracy; to prevent another world war. The US managed to bring down 3 challengers; first Germany, Japan, then the Soviet Union. But these 3 powers were not on par with the US. Germany had a powerful military but a weak economy. Japan had a powerful economy but it has only less than one third the population of the US. The Soviet Union has an economy about 25% of the US. Then came the rise of China under the radar. While the west were distracted first by the Cold War, then the war on terrorism, then the Great Recession. For 30 years, Trump and his hawks finally saw China for what it is, a country with 4 times the US population and twice the population of the Collective West. A country that had copied most of the western technologies that had enabled the west to subjugate the world for 4 centuries. To Bannon its now or never. If the west does not stop China's rise now, there will be no other time. Both the Democrats and the Republicans share this same view. So this is NOT a simple trade war. It won't be business as usual henceforth. It will be a new cold war between the West and China, that will persist for the next 20-30 years. Globalization will be scaled back. Newly industrializing countries will face severe headwinds. It's very difficult to become another China. Some said it was China's belt and road initiative that broke the camel's back. This initiative seeks to exclude the US from the grand project linking the Eurasian land mass and will include Russia and Africa. The American continent separated by the Atlantic Ocean is excluded. This riled the US and caused it to turn on China with Bannon as the chief ideologue who went on a world mission to demonise China. Is US a malevolent power or benevolent power? You be the judge. Until the Civil Rights movement in the early 1960s, the Constitution did not protect the coloured races and black Americans. The country was built on slave labor until their emancipation in 1865. The railroad was built by Chinese coolie labor from Guangdong. When it was completed, Congress promptly passed the Chinese Exclusion Act (name speaks for itself, no explanation needed). And the white Europeans settlers committed wholesale genocide of the native Americans (Red Indians). In 1830, at the behest of the 7th President, Andrew Jackson (ex soldier and scoundrel) Congress passed the Indian Removal Act. The white Europeans wanted the rich farming land and the Act said all Indians must be relocated to the west of the Mississippi, inspite of treaties guaranteeing the IndIans reservation lands. Those tribes that resisted were forcibly removed or killed. One of the tribes that resisted was the Cherokees. Many were killed, the rest were packed off to the Oklahoma territory, then empty waste land. Many resettled Indians died of starvation and diseases in areas where the land and climate were unfamiliar to them. And then we have the Middle East and Vietnam where atrocities were committed. Whole sale bombing. Civilian deaths were brushed aside as collateral damage. My God, what a callous dismissal. Then we have the use of agent orange in Vietnam. Until today, 44 years after the Vietnam war, its effects are still be felt by the Vietnamese. Amazing that these protestors in Hong Kong are waving the old glory and singing the star spangled banner. Face it stupid Honks, the Americans don’t want you. They are using you as a pawn to destabilise China. Wake up, morons! Latest news: American in Hong Kong Crucial Message to Hong Kong Protesters https://youtu.be/PJ89K4kswG4
  4. Comment written by a Hongkonger lives in United States on “Why do politicians condemned the shooting of a protester in HK when the footage clearly shows that he is attacking the officer with a massive rod and another officers next to him on the ground being beaten : - We should all know by now that the politicians in the West only see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. That’s why American politicians like Nancy Pelosi see the Hong Kong protests as a beautiful sight and love to hear Joshua Wong talk about how he is fighting for Hong Kong’s future. They’re not interested in the truth. They’re more interested in finding faults with other people rather than finding faults within themselves as way of confirming their own superiority. That’s why the United States has so many problems at home that aren’t being addressed. With a hundred thousand homeless people and drug addicts camping out in the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco (Pelosi’s home city), the sight of all those umbrellas in Hong Kong would be a beautiful sight to any sore eyes. The United States love to preach to other countries about political human rights such as free elections, but what about economic human rights such as food on the table and a roof over your head? They’ve made a mountain out of a mole hill when a rioter in Hong Kong was shot by the police. The truth is we’re talking about 1 rioter who unfortunately got shot, but judging from their reaction it sounded like a hundred rioters were shot. The bigger truth is police violence in Hong Kong pales in comparison to the police violence in the United States where 1,147 people were killed in 2017. Why aren’t they condemning something that’s even more serious happening in their own backyard? Notice how I’m using the word “rioter” and not “protester” to describe the scene of the tragedy based on the Cambridge Dictionary’s definition which is “one group of people who meet in a public place and behave in a noisy, violent, and in uncontrolled way, often as a protest”. If attacking the police with a metal rod doesn’t fit the description, then I don’t know what does. They definitely weren’t horsing around. Most of us had seen entire footage and came to the conclusion that the police acted in self-defense. The New York Times also saw the entire footage, but came away with a different interpretation. Just as the New York Times tried to break down what happened, I’m going to break down their attempt to twist the truth. The headline read “Hong Kong Police Shot a Protester at Point-Blank Range”. It implied the shooting was unprovoked which wasn’t the case. This should have been the headline “Hong Kong Police Shot a Protester in Self-Defense”. The video did show the protester attacking the police, but the Times started to nitpick the actions of the officer who had fired the shot. They complained he didn’t follow the rules of the United Nations Charter for failing to announce to the protester he would shoot and his fellow officers failed to administered to the wounded protester. By holding the Hong Kong police to such incredibly high standard, the New York Times were hoping you would forget that the shooting was provoked. They had always accused China of spreading misinformation about the Hong Kong protesters. Now we have a good example of the New York Times spreading misinformation about the Hong Kong police. This goes back to the question. Why do politicians condemn the shooting of a protester in HK when the footage clearly shows that he is attacking the officer with a massive metal rod and another officer next to him is on the ground being beaten? We all saw the same footage, but the politicians and the media in the West preferred to see everything through ideologically tinted lenses. I don’t mean to trivialize this incident and hope the injury of this man isn’t life threatening. The longer the unrest continues, the more likely tragedies like this will happen until the government decide to put an end to the violence once and for all. The sad truth is they’ll be damned if they do and they’ll be damned if they don’t. In the end, which is worth more those politicians’ opinions or Hong Kong’s future?
  5. SINGAPOREANS: YOU CANNOT TAKE THE KTM SHUTTLE TEBRAU TRAIN TO JB ANYMORE https://railtravelstation.com/2019/10/01/singaporeans-you-cannot-take-the-ktm-shuttle-tebrau-train-to-jb-anymore/?fbclid=IwAR2FpPueoW7j_IDQZNosLu8oF61U3LkGaigfyPxwTKm51TnDM93xpIcLapA
  6. Civic2000

    Where to buy touch n go card in sg

    TNG card has a validity period of 10 years. However, You have ensure that the card is used at least once a year to avoid the card become dormant.
  7. They are telling the whole world openly that they want Independent, yet got people telling us “Where got ppl talk about Independent?” This is what Chines says: 睜眼說瞎話.
  8. Who is the winner of HK riots By an Ang Mo by the name of Hans Otto Kroeger HK protests (and riots) have the full attention of all western media. The western media wanted some blood to run. They predicted a Chinese intervention and a “massacre”, and told us, before anything happened, that China certainly would intervene and cause a massive bloodbath; they also told us, in bold headlines, the first “martyr” and at a closer look it seems he fell from a building while unfolding a banner. So, obviously there is to little blood to make a story that western media can sell to their stupid audience. So, they call for more blood, they call for a Chinese intervention, but nothing happens. So, when nothing happens there are no news. On the other hand, what the protesters demand is not reasonable, is illogical, given the special administration for HK. Published in a western media as a “claim for liberty and democracy” sounds ridiculous even to a brainwashed western capitalism supporter. They can’t do that anymore. So, sorry, but your “protests” won’t get attention anymore, capitalism lost, and lost in a ridiculous way, as they “invested” in a speculative intervention of the “very, very evil Chinese communists” (that would be the “after facts” statement of Donald Trump). Who is the general winner after those protests? Obviously the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party. Who are the losers? Hong Kong - no longer will it be considered a safe haven for capital; UK, and US, who invested money and trust into the hope of a military intervention from China, and just the opposite happened. Now what? Neither Trump, nor CIA, nor the UK government can sustain anymore their ridiculous statement of the “very, very evil Chinese communists”: The statement went simply ridiculous. Xi Jinping never will say it, because he is a well educated man; but: Mister Trump; Mister Pompeo; Mister Abrams; Mister Bolton; Lords of England: You are the losers in this battle, and you lost miserably without even the need for anyone of us to raise a hand! You have been trapped in your own mousetrap!
  9. 'Now or never': Hong Kong protesters say they have nothing to lose https://www.malaymail.com/news/world/2019/08/28/now-or-never-hong-kong-protesters-say-they-have-nothing-to-lose/1784871?utm_source=izooto&utm_medium=push_notifications&utm_campaign=Now or never Hong Kong protesters say they have nothing to lose&utm_content=&utm_ Do these protesters know the meaning of genocide? Since when did China & Hong Kong Govt committed the crime of genocide?
  10. Civic2000

    The (trade) war has started

    Professor Jeffrey Sachs on trump’s trade war. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjRwRdJhTKs
  11. Honkies got whacked by Taiwanese. https://youtu.be/FL5hueYV67Y
  12. Civic2000

    KLIA systems down

    KLIA systems down, travellers told to arrive four hours earlier Travellers have been advised to be at their respective terminals at least four hours ahead of departure to avoid missing their flights. — Picture by Miera Zulyana KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 22 — Internet connection and flight check-in systems have been disrupted at both terminals of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) said today. MAHB said the disruption started last night and is affecting several airport systems such as WiFi connection, flight information display, check-in counters and baggage handling systems. The disruption is expected to continue throughout the day. However, it said its teams are working round the clock to rectify the problem and minimise the inconvenience to passengers. Passengers are also advised to contact the company’s Airport CARE Ambassadors or call 03-8776 2000 if they require more information regarding flight details. https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2019/08/22/klia-systems-down-travellers-told-to-arrive-four-hours-earlier/1782990?utm_source=izooto&utm_medium=push_notifications&utm_campaign=KLIA%20systems%20down%20travellers%20told%20to%20arrive%20four%20hours%20earlier&utm_content=&utm_term=
  13. I guess you know what is VPN.
  14. Facebook and Twitter and remove Chinese state backed propaganda accounts spreading lies about the Hong Kong protests? By Carolyn Farrell, Masters Marketing and Finance (2002) It's laughable and sad to see so many people don't believe Chinese geneiuly want to support CCP and wants to let their voices be heard. For the longest time, pro-CCP has been silent to the western world. We can only hear very biased negative reports about mainland China. Even when reporting on things can hardly be twisted, we can expect to see a snarky “but” at the end. I casually Googled “Chinese military disaster relief, Sichuan earthquake” one of the worst earthquakes (meg 8) in history. I picked two links that are not CCP state ran media from the first page of the search results. Quake Revealed Deficiencies of China’s Military -interesting angle China earthquake: disaster response -good old guardian. Had to wedge in the last paragraph to show its standing. It doesn't surprise me when Facebook and Twitter decided to ban pro-china accounts. For the longest time, these two sites have let hate-China pages and contents existed freely. They allowed people to use their websites to express hate towards Chinese people. Feel free to go look up on these two sites. I no longer have accounts for these two sites as how much junk and poison they spread. When faced large number of newly opened account countering those anti-China voices, the easiest way to shut down those voices are to call them state backed campaign. What is a state backed campaign? Paid by CCP? Where are the evidences? At one side, western media condemn China for not allowing FB or Twitter operates in China and it was an evidence of oppression on freedom of speech. But when Chinese used the vpn and tried to express their voices on their platforms, they were shut down. On the other side, the Chinese Netizens on Twitter and FB are not that sophisticated either. They only come on these platforms when there are strong anti-China movements. Last time I witnessed such phenomena was Hongkong smear campaigning against mainlanders and calling them locusts. (Ironically, Hongkongers did the same to Vancouver since the 80s and now passing the blame to Chinese indicating the soaring housing prices and changes of Vancouver demographic were caused by Mainlanders. Double standard hypocrites.) Netizens in mainland China has formed its very unique Internet culture that is not known to outside of the great fire wall. So when they go outside of the wall to support their own point of view, they adopted the same approach as they would in China. To me, it appears very counter productive. They like to use large amount of graphics, many have strong sense of humor and are sarcastic to mainland Chinese but confusing to outsiders. They call it graphic battle (斗图)And they often post the same or similar things again and again and calling it building a tower or 盖楼. These Netizens are usually active in Chinese forums and social media as well. Their organized manners are very much consistent with how they act behind the great fire wall and are not government paid. Government paid ones can be easily spotted once you get used to reading China Daily or CGTN. These Netizens are self organzied. Their lack of understanding of Internet culture on English websites are not helping their causes. They don't understand how deep western prejudice runs and how easily their “uniqueness” or “weirdness” can be labled as CCP brainwashed trolls and get dismissed. Unlike Chinese lived overseas for extended years, they still naively belived in true freedom of speech and people have the mindset of “each story has two sides.” They didn't know western main stream medias don't care and don't want to hear their side of stories at all. The same goes to the pro-China protestors. If I were a by-standing westerner without knowing anything behind the scenes and only watched and read English media my whole life, I probably would also lean towards Hongkongers as they are more sophisticated in navigating western mindsets and know what the buzz words to use. They will not hold up Locust pictures and signs in their protests outside of Hongkong. Instead, they play with westerner's minds and portray themselves as the desperate freedom seekers who are at the brink of life or death, backed with fabricated stories and misleading pictures. But pro-China are waving red flags and chanting Chinese national anthem. Not saying they shouldn't. But these do not trigger any bond with the westerner. Instead, they trigger subconscious connection of CCP backed propaganda and make it easy to become a target. Although gaining domestic support, they didn't effectively let their voices be heard outside of China. Quora, to me, is a place that you can hear another side of story properly. If Quora does what FB and Twitter did, it will be just another platform for those simple and easily manipulated minds. It will loose it's competitive advantage. PS, a little taste of what Locust campaign was about and still exists. I Googled Locust in traditional Chinese and the first search recommended was Locust Mainlanders. And images are as following: This is an ad ran by Apple Daily, a HK news paper widely supported by right wing HKers. It says “do you support HK spending $1m every 18 minutes on those children born in HK without either parent being HK resident…..strongly urge government to amend basic law and stop mainland pregnant women invade HK as refugees” . The giant famale locust represent mainland pregnant women. This ad is very much emotion provoking without solid data to back up. And the campaign spread soon to all mainland visitors. I will leave readers to judge if this is racism or not. This one is when Mainlanders called for stop visiting HK as a measure of fighting against discrimination. The bold characters says “ Locusts stay away” bottom right says ‘Hongkong people first” Since 2012, Mainland Chinese have been called locusts widely among the right wing Hongkong people and their descendants overseas, on Facebook and Twitters. (Feel free to look it up) These group are also actively participating current movements. My point is, if Twitter and FB are as morally responsible as they self claimed and believed by so many people, these types of behaviour would've lead to closure of accounts . But they didn't.