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Found 25 results

  1. Any idea on the price range, charging times, usage time, place to get them? Thanks in advance.
  2. I remember one of the happiest and most exciting time when I was a kid was when my parents bring us cycling at East Coast Park on weekends. The rush of speed and sense of adventure that the 2 wheels can bring. Nearly 4 decades later, I finally got myself a bicycle and it has been another adventure on 2 wheels for the last few months. First I rode around the estate, then to the next estate. 10km became 20km. 20 became 40. Before I knew it, I wanted to do a round the island. And round the island I did, alone, with my bicycle. It's about 125km if u ask. This article, I wish to provide some basic information to anyone who is interested in getting their first bicycle after a long long time and getting on the road to anywhere. I am not an expert but I have done some kilometeres on my bicycle the last few months. There are a wealth of information on bicycle and cycling by experts and people who knows much more on the net. I am sharing my personal experience of starting off on the bike for someone who started with zero knowledge. 1) Type of Bicycle Depending on who you ask, buying a bicycle can be as easy as buying an apple from NTUC or as complicated as buying a car. I will keep it simple here. Get a Hybrid. With all the different classifications of bikes, it seems a daunting task to choose one that suits your need. Thinking we are clever, we go google. Head explodes. Let me make it simple. Most of us will be planning to ride on the PCN, around the estate, try to stay off the road, on the pavement, sometimes on the grass patch. A hybrid is all you need. It is versatile and basic for beginners. You might want to move on to more specific types later on depending on your interest. Most people tends to gravitate towards Mountain Bike because they think it is the one bike fits all solution. It is not wrong but the way I see it, a hybrid makes more sense for beginner cyclist in SG. Everything else being equal, a hybrid is easier to ride with it's slimmer tyres and upright position. Tyre width of 32-40mm seems to be a good trade off between comfort and rolling resistant for a beginner. Most of the hybrids are 700c diameter. Which is sort of equilvalent to 29". 2) Brand / Price (it is not THAT expensive) After getting your first bike, there are 2 ways this could go. If you liked it, this will not be your last bike. If you don't like it, this will be your last bike. What I want to say is don't overspend on the first bike. You can pick up a Hybrid from NTUC and GIANT(the supermarket) for less than $300. I wouldn't advise. There are many affordable hybrids from reputable brands such as TREK, POLYGON, GIANT(not the supermarket), MERIDA etc. They will do bike fitting for you and some basic set up. You could get a very decent (but basic) bike for less than $1k. I am riding a Polygon Heist 2 which cost less than $600. You can see it here http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2705946-got-bicycle-will-travel/?p=6202970. I linked the OZ website because it has more details. SG dealer's website http://store.rodalink.com.sg/2016-heist-2.0-26/ Notice I don't talk much about bike weight. Many purists will see it as an important criteria. Even the ignorant will echo this sentiment. Light weight is good, if u intend to go really fast and far. For every Kg shaved, the cost goes up exponentially. Most of the bikes mentioned afore is in the range of 12-14kg. Not exactly light. I dun want to sound rude but with the rider, most of the weight penalty is the rider. In a way, a heavier bike makes u push harder thus losing the KGs faster. One stone, 2 birds. 3) Components The key word among enthuaist, professionals And the show-offs. Shimano, Shimano and more Shimanos. I have no doubts these are critical. But for a beginner, keep it simple. Entry level components will do the trick. 4) Accessories 2 words - 淘宝. Lights, bags, bells, bottle cages. Search 自行车, thats what they call it in China. Front lights - You can generalize under 2 categories a) To be seen - Increases your visibilty to other road users. Preferably blinking. Usually lower powered and small. B) To see ahead - This is where u start talking serious lumens. I dun recommend to get from taobao as my experience is that their power source is still unreliable. We dun really need a powerful front beam in SG riding but I need to admit I have a fetish for flashlights. A good flash light with high output, endurance and linear delivery will set u back $120 - $200. I am using a Bontrager 700 lumens. I like overkill. Frankly, 100lumens is sufficient for general riding in SG. Really. Back light - As a driver, I hate low vis cyclist. So I have at least 2 rear lights. Flashing to increase visibilty and non-flashing for others to easier judge my speed and path. I have another smaller one on my helmet as it is the highest point and most visible from far. Bike Computer - Not necessary but I like numbers. Cateye Velo wireless is a simple and robust unit. About $50+ including set up and installation. 5) Attire PT kit. Avoid shorts with too loose crotch as it can get caught on the seat front. Leave the spandex, clip ons to the professionals. You are not going that fast and far yet. Other than Taobao, Decathlon is a good place to pick up those stuffs. Helmet, glove, padded pants etc. Wear bright clothings, that is common sense. It gives you the excuse to wear that gaudy orange Tee or that shocking pink top you always wanted to release your inner Ah Lian. 6) Storage and Transport Again Taobao. Free standing bicycle racks. I have a pole mounted stand for 2 bikes. For transport, Saris bike rear bike rack. After some practics, i can mount the rack and 2 bikes with my missus in 6.5 minutes. Yes, bicycles can be a hassle to store in our pigeon hole but that is the way it is. 7) Make a plan, go somewhere. I live in Sembawang. Everywhere is far. It is no fun cycling in circles. I made plans to go somewhere. Semabwang beach - Yishun - Woodlands waterfront - Coney Island - Changi Village. Each time further, looping back via East Coast and town. Go somewhere, eat something. You will be surprised how much more u see on 2 wheels. 8) and finally, be safe and ride safe. Here are some of the latest guideline from the Gov. https://www.gov.sg/factually/content/how-are-we-keeping-our-footpaths-cycling-paths-and-roads-safe http://www.todayonline.com/lifestyle/laws-cyclists-ought-know Eventually, you might get on the road. It is faster and in a way, safer on certain stretches. Ride like the way you would want other riders to be when you drive. I hope all this will make it easier to get started on cycling for someone looking to do it. The main thing here is not to overthink about the bicycle and stuffs but to just get a bike and cycle the shit out of it. From there on, it will be another journey of discovery to your next bike.
  3. Sometimes we wonder why cyclists are not licensed. If you aren't convinced, maybe watching a video below like the one below might make you re-consider. Shot on 8th of Nov 2020 with the camera car turning onto Dunearn Road, we can see that the driver stops abruptly before a caucasian cyclist comes into view with his middle finger raised for a split second. Obviously that wasn't very pleasant with the driver who submitted the video to ROAD.sg claiming that the cyclist was going across the road when the Red-man sign was lighted. What do you guys think? Should our traffic police start handing out more fines to cyclists who don't obey the rules of the road? The Netizens sure agree from what we can see...
  4. Spotted somewhere on the many pages of Facebook is a post where a motorcyclist managed to do a proposal with the help of his mates on the road. Done somewhere in our MCE tunnel, Hasan Sanny and his wife-to-be were supposed to be married on the 29th of Aug 2020. However due to the pandemic, the wedding had to be postponed. Not wanting to let that defeat him, the motorcyclist got his friends who then rode on 3 different bikes and wore t-shirts with the words "Marry Me ?" to carry out the proposal. Did he managed to get his girl of his dream? Watch the video here and see for yourself!
  5. Remember the time when a video of an LTA enforcement officer that stopped an offending PMD rider by giving the rider a good kick, causing the offender to fall off his PMD? Now, something similar is going viral in Malaysia. According to The Star, the incident happened in Sibu, a town in Sarawak, Malaysia where two police officers were conducting a spot check at Jalan Temple around noon. A motorcyclist that was approaching the road block decided to turn around to avoid them but failed to do so when one of the officers acted quickly by giving the biker a martial art-style kick. In the report, Sibu OCPD Asst Comm Stanley Jonathan Ringgit explained that the offender works at the a hotel nearby and has several offences to his name. Other than not having a driving license and having a modified bike, its road tax has also expired and it was not covered under any insurance too. 46687388_923477234821643_832602979362855331_n.mp4
  6. Anyone does servicing package in Cycle & Carriage? Is it necessary to does servicing in Cycle & Carriage in order to valid the warranty? I know some of them does servicing at outside but still could claim warranty from the AD. Care to share is there a clause somewhere or any legal term to fight against?
  7. Understand this topic is not that relevant over here because most of us drive with windows wound up. And most often than not we are trying to get away from bad smell when on the road, like behind a garbage truck or bus. But I think most would not believe that we do have a road in Singapore that smell great, albeit only for a few months per year I believe, and it stretches over more than 10km! If in a garden setting then that would be nothing to crow about haha. And most of us would not have noticed it anyway unless we are insane enough to punish ourselves by riding over the stretch of road, which will mean cycling for more than 40km each trip at least. Ok I am talking about this notorious Changi Coastal Road which many of us would avoid like plague as there seems to be no reason to get there unless we are going to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal for some business. I have been pounding this stretch of road in recent months every weekend from Bedok Jetty vicinity to hit Changi Point hawker center for a treat of refreshing coconut before pushing myself back. Not a lot but definitely good exercise nonetheless. And roughly 2 weeks ago I started to smell some strong fragrance along the stretch while I was pushing myself hard and catching breath. Then I realised that some wise guy in NPark had planted some flowering trees alternately along the whole stretch of road! So when the small trees started to bloom recently, the air around the stretch of road smell really nice, much like the common garden plant that smell great with tiny white flowers. So if you want to try something different, why not try cycle the road for a change. The scenery sucks, but the smell is great. Better hurry while it last haha.
  8. Hi, i just purchased a c180 from a direct owner. I called CnC today and ask for servicing record and mileage etc however they inform that its confidential to protect ex owner. They can only inform me the last servicing which is last year and even if i want to find out whether mounting or gearbox oil is changed, they cant reveal... it seems that mercedes is the car for dishonest dealer to tweak mileage.... wth...
  9. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=dec_1368541471 If you have time to watch the film (about 90 over mins) , do it. The Idiot Cycle follows the world's largest chemical producers: Dow Chemical BASF Bayer Dupont Astrazeneca Monsanto and how these chemical companies, who manufacture and emit cancer causing chemical substances, also develop, produce and invest in cancer treatments, the most profitable disease on the planet. "Everyone should know that the 'war on cancer' is largely a fraud."
  10. More than 10,000 cyclists came together on Sunday morning to take part in OCBC Cycle Singapore. In total, a record 12,000 people took part in the three-day event, which took them past iconic landmarks such as the Sheares Bridge, Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands. SINGAPORE: More than 10,000 cyclists came together on Sunday morning to take part in OCBC Cycle Singapore. In total, a record 12,000 people took part in the three-day event, which took them past iconic landmarks such as the Sheares Bridge, Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands. Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin helped flag off the Super Challenge category at the F1 Pit Building, before taking part in the 59-kilometre challenge himself. OCBC Cycle Singapore also saw representatives from various charities take part to raise funds. The event is into its sixth year, and attendance has grown steadily. It attracted just over 5,000 riders in its first edition in 2009. Mr Tan said: "More people are responding, I think not just to cycling but... many sports. And that's encouraging. “That’s good for the growing sporting fraternity. What it means from the competitive angle is that perhaps you might have a larger pool to draw people from." Mr Tan said the government is committed to seeing cycling grow as a mode of transport. But having dedicated cycling lanes on roads here is something the authorities will have to explore further. He cited space constraints as a potential obstacle and pointed to alternatives that are already in place. He said: "Well, we have park connectors, which I think is increasing in connectivity, and I think that's a great way (to encourage people to cycle). “It's not ideal for competitive cycling because you can't really go at fast speeds, but I think for the majority of people when they're cycling, I think park connectors are great. Both the ABC Waters programme and park connectors -- I think when they are fully mature, you will have a fairly dense network." - CNA/xq Anybody went?
  11. Should cyclists be licensed? That's what MP for Nee Soon GRC Lee Bee Wah is suggesting. Video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151693281677934
  12. Is it legal for cyclist to cycle across traffic lights? Sometime ago, I remember reading a column on the papers saying that it is against the law. Because sometimes when cyclist cycle across traffic lights at green man or at the zebra crossing, the cars have to calculate the time taken to slow down according to their speed. This is different from slowing down because of pedestrians. It can be dangerous when the cyclist is going at a fast speed. anyone can comment?
  13. I always thought that under the laws of singapore, the cyclist is not supposed to cycle on the pavement but their rightful place is on the road. Anyone can confirm that? I just saw a cyclist belting out profanity when his cycling route on the payement is blocked by cars. included in his tirade were justification that the pavement was meant for cyclist like him. what happens is that alto the cars blocked his way, they left gaps wide enough for humans to pass through but probably did not factor a cyclist laying his claim to the right of way for a stretch that is dividing 2 pavements. the cars were actually parked at the tarmac road entrance seperating 2 ends of the pavement and pendicular to the pavement.
  14. Things are expensive -> Singaporeans have less kids -> Government whines and brings in FT -> FT pushes prices of things further up -> Singaporeans have even less kids -> Government complains some more.......but hey, why am I complaining? I'm an FT.
  15. During my travels to Europe, I noticed how there is a significant amount of people who cycle to work. Some cycle straight to the office, some cycle to the subway station and park their bicycles outside before taking the train to work. In Singapore however, where our country is so much smaller than London for example, we don't exactly see a lot of people doing that. It's probably not in the culture and also, our public transport system is rather comprehensive. More people have been able to own cars over the last decade due to a variety of factors. But in recent times, the COE prices are going ridiculously skyward that it'll be a good time to consider alternative transport such as cycling. 18 December was OCBC's Safe Cycling Day, held as a promotional initiative in the lead-up to the OCBC Cycle Run in March. With the message
  16. This was taken from my MSCP this evening. This car was parked for 2 days in a row. I didnt walk to check the windscreen has summon not. So... i wrote him a note. There was certainly plenty of empty on the upper level but this driver chose to parked at the motorcycle lot, and blocking the red motorcycle. Damn bloody idiot!
  17. She lost control of her motorbike during a lesson and plunged two storeys. Miss Nur Amalina Md Juffri was having her fourth lesson at the Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC). She was navigating a bend on the open-air circuit which is on the fifth-storey roof. Ten minutes into her motorbike lesson, she accelerated instead of braking and hit a 1m high wall. The impact flung her off the motorbike. She then crashed through the steel mesh between the fence and wall, and fell onto the third-floor ledge. Officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force used ropes and a stretcher to lift Miss Nur Amalina to the third storey where an ambulance was waiting. A manager at the SSDC told The New Paper that the centre immediately secured and strengthened the steel mesh to prevent another accident from occurring. The centre is also considering raising the height of the wall and putting up warning signs as riders approach the bend. Police investigations are ongoing.
  18. The latest trend on commercial engine design seems to be going in these two direction - Improve the efficiency of Otto cycle engine using supercharger and turbocharger there by achieving better fuel efficiency and satisfy consumer quest for more power and torque. e,g 1.4L TSI engine. (VW, Audi , Skoda) Now manufacturer can put a small engine into a big car body without sacrifiying Torque/power. - With Variable v/v timing Technology, Atkinson cycle can be achieve on present engine by shortening the compression stroke and increase the expansion strok. this increase the efficiency of the engine but at the expense of power. e.g Engine for hybrid car like Prius, I also suspect car like Allion use Atkinson cycle when it auto switch to eco mode during cruise. Anyone care to give your opinion on the following - Which type of technology do you prefer? - Any other things that you want to share on this topic.
  19. Over the weekend I needed to get my (push) bike home to Punggol from Changi South. Rode it via Changi Road whatever to TPE then all the way straight along the expressway in the breakdown lane. (dun tell anyone ok - its not allowed ) Took me around 45 minutes, even though I am dreadfully out of shape and it is a rusted $90 Aleoca. Made me realise that for this particular trip bike would be a really good option over publlic transport. BUT - it is illegal to ride bike on expressway What would be really cool would be if for at least some selected expressways that don't have easy alternative routes, a proper cycle lane could be set up. Biggest challenge would be the slip roads - I think this would be best handled by tunnels (each one would only need to be about 2m wide by 2.4 high so quite easy from engineering standpoint and not major work. For the bridges - (like Punggol River) then put a lane on outside of bridge - again weight demands are low so shouldn't (I wouldn't think) provide too much of an engineering challenge. At first they wouldn't be used hardly at all, but as time went by, and we started to get people growing up using such things to get around, then usage would increase hugely. When I was growing up a 30 minute cycle to work was nothing, I was doing it everyday. (I worked nights, cycled down a main thoroughfare and through a park) as had a shower at work. Would cycle home again afterwards - saved on petrol and parking, and kept a little bit fit as well. So - if such a thing was technically feasible, would you support it? Would you use it? Why or why not?
  20. http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking%2BNew...ory_325516.html A BUS driver was fined $8,000 and banned from driving for four years on Tuesday for causing the death of a cyclist at a traffic light junction. .... - - - This will only encourage cyclists to cycle across pedestrian crossings. The bus driver wasn't even making a turn.
  21. Found this on Hyundai website. http://worldwide.hyundai-motor.com/common/...ead_2007_30.htm The 10% power increase for the Theta 2.0 engine seems quite impressive, and the dashboard is a major improvement over the current version, although the new grille takes some getting used to.
  22. 1. I've withnessed on several occasions that some cyclists simply dashed across zebra crossing. 2. Is there a rule that mentioned that they have to push the bicycle across the zebra crossing? What if they dashed through and your car hit them? I suppose driver's fault again . Regards,
  23. Unless I sell my car of course, then I eliminate all the fixed costs associated with the car.. I have a car and I'm keeping it, so lets examine the variable costs... Season parking at work: $65, or $3.25 per working day (SP at home is a must so non-neg) Petrol to travel one way: $3, so $6 if I drive both ways (based on 15km/l mileage and not sure what the petrol cost is. distance from home to work between 15-20km.. but closer to 15) ERP: $0 Carpool Revenue: $1 per trip. $2 per day $ saved when I send my wife to school which is on the way: $1.80 (one way only) $9.25- $2 - $1.80 Daily variable cost $5.45. Pubic tpt for one day $4 for me.. ok la.. still $1 or so more expensive But then...I cycle some days. minus petrol costs (and no carpool revenue) as well.. Time taken to drive: 30min Cycle: 40 min Bus: can't be bothered to try. Online bus guide claims 54 mins so I dare not imagine
  24. Is cycle carriage 5w40 engine oil gd? think it only cost $45
  25. 0-100km/h : 5.7s skidpad : 1.25g fuel consumption: 46mpg
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