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Found 121 results

  1. Goldenvodka

    Low Mileage Car

    Been working from home since covid started. At first still have some alternate week arrangement but for the past 6 months totally never step into office. Just realized the following things 1) 6 months travel only about 500km. noticed this when I am scheduling for the next oil change. Wonder if can push the next oil change to a couple of months more. like change a year once 2) 1 full tank petrol can use 3 months. Maybe next time should top just 1/4 tank Any other ideas to save on maintenance for a real low mileage car?
  2. I have just seen cases of used car dealers adjusting the mileage of the cars advertised on SGCarMart. Is this against the law? My recent ex-ride is one such case.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking for genuine advice for my situation. I bought my pre-owned car via consignment thru a car dealer and took delivery of the car on 26 March 2021. Prior to closing the deal, it was our understanding that the car would still be under warranty by the authorized dealer till Oct 2022. In fact, I even paid for the car to be checked and confirmed by the authorized dealer before concluding the deal. So I've been driving the said car till Monday, 14 June when I sent it for servicing with the authorized dealer. The Service Advisor noted that the mileage on my vehicle doesn't tally with their last records! Before jumping into any conclusions, we both agreed that I should have a chat and check with the car dealer from whom I gotten my carI then wrote an email to the car dealer. No response from them after one day. I called the office line next day and spoke to someone who basically said he can't recall and have details on hand. I told him that I've written an email with the relevant details and attached reports from the authorized dealer to his company and confirmed the email address. He said would look out for the email. Few days passed and still no response. I called again today (Thursday) and spoke to the same Mr Tan. He claimed that never received any email and "don't know what is wrong". Again, I confirmed the email address. In my email, I explained that I wish to get confirmation that the instrument cluster or on-board computer of my car has not been tempered with prior to handover. I'm approaching it with a open mind that there could be other reasons why the odometer is not reflecting correctly. Or if there has been acts that put the warranty by the authorized dealer at risk, we should explore our options to resolve the issue. So I'm all ears to what I should do next? I've written few emails to the car dealer and followed with a couple of re-sent. But the Mr Tan simply claimed "never see". What else can I do? Go onto their Facebook page and try demand a response? I don't wish to suggest that they could be into the "tempering odometer" as it could be disastrous for their business. But I should also be fair to myself too, right? If I should send the car to the authorized dealer for a deeper probe, it could result in immediate void of my warranty. And the odometer discrepancies would be all on me! Thank you all for reading patiently and help. I welcome all actionable suggestions.
  4. Car due for servicing 110k, driving stock latio sports, intend to use Amsoil EO, should i use 5W30 or 5W40 ? Any advice?
  5. I just saw one of my previous ride used for Private Hire Usage (Grab/Uber), clocking over 90,000km on the first year sold by a car dealer at 40,000km mileage. There are another few people who rented the same exact car for Private Hire Usage too. On my estimation, it should have clocked more than 150,000km by the 1.5 year mark. Really feel sorry for the buyer as the car was an accident car which was settled privately. On a side note, maybe some way to prevent this from happening will be that people will start posting the car photo will car plate digits masked out and tag along with a photo of the then mileage, or at the point when the car was sold or People who have rented a car and about to return to the company. Most units affected should be the Mazda 3, Honda Vezel. For my case, it was a Toyota C-HR.
  6. Do you know roughly how much mileage dealer will adjust to deceive buyers? It is not 20% or 30%. They adjust as low as you will believe. My friend sold his Honda jazz to a dealer, mileage was at more than 250K. The car was full of problems when mileage was from 150+km onwards. The dealer adjusted it to 120km when advertising it for sale. They will choose a mileage to “match” the car condition in a way that you will believe. They know if adjusted to say less than 100KM, it’s too obvious and buyers will not believe. Maybe I should track down the buyer and inform him so that he can take necessary recourse / compensation / refund / legal actions against the dealer, whichever he chooses. You want insider? My car dealer friend told me ALL his cars are mileage adjusted. This is “Industry Practice”.
  7. Let's see if your car is a petrol drinker anot. Best is to state car make and model. Sharing is caring! Currently driving a Suzuki Carry 1.3 for point A to point B.
  8. Has anyone keep a log of all petrol fill up, average consumption and cost involved ? I have all details in a great program.. called automobil ( For Palm )..It calculate everything from head to toe with graph.. Here the results of all the data since day 1 until now.. Here's mine below.. Current Fuel Eco ( per l ) : 17.3km Average Fuel Eco ( per l ) : 17.1km Avg Distance ( Month ) : 2,475km Avg Distance ( Year ) : 30,107km ( Computed ) Avg Cost ( Month ) : SGD $187.82 Total Cost : SGD $763.82 Cost per km : SGD $0.075 Date of last fill up : 3/10/03 Mileage of last fill up : 10,078 km NEAT NEAT Program... track my mileage,cost and averages.. If you want the program..I will attach it... its SHAREWARE..
  9. Hi all, I came across a year 2006 E200K (W211) with an extremely high mileage of around 200,000 km. The condition looks good (from the photos) but I have not test drive yet. Would like to hear from fellow bros here on your take on this. Also, any E200K owners here can advice on the likely list of wear and tear parts associated with this mileage? Thank you in advance !
  10. Recently, I saw an influx of almost new low mileage Mazda 3 in the market with fabric seats. The mileage is low, so don't seem to be PHV push out from Uber or Lion City Rentals. "la long" from Eurokars? :-)
  11. Sent car for regular servicing. Took a cab to collect my vehicle. Smooth and comfortable ride. I peeked at the odometer and saw it is 400,000 + KM. Taxi uncle shared with me that the vehicle will run fine if: 1. Stick to the servicing schedule, for cabs, they have to send car for servicing at least once a month. 2. Immediately repair or replace faulty or dying parts. "Mai tu liao". The longer you drag, the more related parts it will damage. I thanked him for his advice. Any truth to what he said?
  12. Benarsenal

    Age or mileage?

    Saw this discussion elsewhere on the Internet so thought it interesting to ask here. Assuming same (or similar) car model and asking price, would you rather have: An older car (by 1-2 years) with lower mileage OR A newer car with higher mileage (Leaving aside things like tweaking odometer and etc. Let's presume mileage is genuine and legit)
  13. bros - wanna see if anyone has any experience my family has a 2012 VW Jetta 1.4, but don't drive often as parents retired and driving to town is damn ex. insurance is currently on axa under mum, 50% ncd ~900. the car only drive ~6-7000km / year, so thinking of trying some of the low mileage plan when renewal comes. There are a few I notice - a) NTUC: 20% off only if 7000km, and must renew then next year get the discount b) DA: under 8000km got discount, but also not much, i think 20% c) Got one I just saw of fb called auto armour that gives 50% off immediately for under 6000km, then pay per kilo after that. Quite cheap, like $380 only. any one try before? no reviews like that, but when i dig looks like they are supported by etiqa... so should be ok? thnkx in advance
  14. I am letting go Low mileage jap car. Will there be significant diff in price if I were to sell through sgcarmart market place or sgcarmart bidding?
  15. Hi guys, I drive a 2007 Honda stream RSZ. First owner from new. Current mileage at 435700km. Coe ending nov17. I have kept up with all servicing and major parts replacement at all major service milestones. So far had replaced all 4 suspension 3 times, alternator once, radiator once, air-conditioning compressor once, air conditioning internal cooling coil once, steering rack once, drive shaft 2 times, linkages replaced every 120k I'm, ATF changed with engine oil every 12k. Currently using the car to drive Uber/grab for the last 2 years liao. Thought of changing to carens diesel but find the 3rd row really very squeeze and dun like the drive....but must admit the diesel torque is really impressive. Had already send the car for a color change respray in feb17 and also rewrap the interior leathers... What are your thoughts?
  16. Heard effective 1st Apr All new VW now comes with 5 year warranty + 100k mileage for new cars I suppose those that still wants to have the warranty intact will have to pay thru the nose for Year 4 and year 5 servicing
  17. Read today's Straits Times, some experts suggested "COE expiry should be pegged to mileage clocked by a car instead of years", it's absolutely brilliant suggestion, see how government to implement it, For Singapore car-lite society, the car numbers has to be decreased, and cars also must be used less, however as the high price and limited period COE system, many car owners even used their cars in whatever and no sense, otherwise it's not worthwhile for the 10 years COE, as nowadays technology, a car only be used 10 years regardless its mileage and scraped it's seriously resource waste, this suggestion sure promote Singapore really comes into car-lite society
  18. Zenson_ong

    High mileage car

    I would like to buy a 06 Honda civic 1.8A from my friend as the price he is offering me is below the price offered by dealers. However, the mileage is abt 165000km as he travel to Malaysia quite often. So should I buy from my friend or look for other cars? I am worried that the auto gearbox would kaput as I heard that the lifespan of auto gearbox is quite short and I am not sure if my friend do servicing regularly. Thanks
  19. Keithchue

    Average per tank mileage

    guys, just want to poll, what is per tank mileage for VW jetta sport achieved. I was averaging 610-660 per tank, after my 60K sevrvicing, im doing 550 per tank of 50 L 60% normal roads, 40% highway
  20. Any new owners of this new baby on the street, with personal review and first experience ? Comparison with other MPV ? What was the best offers in your sales deal ? Opel Astra Sports Tourer 1.0 Easytronic(A) Engine Engine capacity 999 cc Engine type 3-cylinder in-line 12-valve Turbocharged Compression ratio unknown Bore x Stroke unknown Performance Power 77kW (103 bhp) Torque 170 Nm Acceleration 12.9s (0-100 km/h) Top speed 200 km/h Fuel consumption 23.3 km/L CO2 emission 100 g/km (As tested by LTA) Misc technical data Transmission 5-speed (A) Easytronic Drive type Front-wheel drive Measurements Vehicle type Stationwagon Dimensions (L x W x H) (4702 x 1809 x 1510) mm Wheelbase 2,662 mm Min turning radius 5,720 mm Kerb weight 1,203 kg Fuel tank capacity 52 L Brakes Brakes (Front) Disc Brakes (Rear) Disc Suspension Suspension (Front) MacPherson strut Suspension (Rear) Compound link
  21. Hi, i just purchased a c180 from a direct owner. I called CnC today and ask for servicing record and mileage etc however they inform that its confidential to protect ex owner. They can only inform me the last servicing which is last year and even if i want to find out whether mounting or gearbox oil is changed, they cant reveal... it seems that mercedes is the car for dishonest dealer to tweak mileage.... wth...
  22. Hi guys, My 10-yr old car is due in August, total mileage only about 107K. That is really low from what people tell me. If I buy a new car, the mileage will probably be even less since I take MRT to work to save on parking. The car is really only used for weekends, and occasionally to fetch my children from school. If you were in my shoes, would you buy a car or just take taxi when needed? I’m not thinking of renewing COE because my car has engine and gearbox problems already.
  23. What is considered a brand new car? Usually when you guys collect your brand new car, what is the mileage? Can an AD sell a car that has been test driven till its 150-200km mileage without informing the buyer this car has been test driven a few time?
  24. wonder if you guys travel for for company business by own car, Do you claim mileage? and what is the rate? regards