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Found 68 results

  1. FairPrice is encouraging social distancing with a new priority hour reserved for the Pioneer Generation, disabled or pregnant source: https://www.msn.com/en-sg/news/singapore/fairprice-is-encouraging-social-distancing-with-a-new-priority-hour-reserved-for-the-pioneer-generation-disabled-or-pregnant/ar-BB11CZ3P?li=BBr8Cnr Just like many major supermarket chains worldwide, Singapore’s NTUC FairPrice is closing its stores once a week to give priority service to the elderly, people with disabilities and pregnant women. On Tuesday (Mar 24), FairPrice announced on its Facebook page that it would be allocating its first hour of operations every Monday for this specific group of customers. Stores which are open 24 hours will also have this “priority hour” designated at 7am to 8am every Monday. Starting March 30, Pioneer Generation Card holders will need to present their cards to enter the store during priority hour. People with disabilities and pregnant women will have to approach staff at the store entrance to inform them of their condition to do the same. “As the #COVID19 situation continues to evolve, we want to ensure everyone is able to fulfill their needs with us safely,” the supermarket giant said in its post. “Meanwhile, we encourage all our customers to continue observing the social distancing measures we have implemented in-store, buy only as needed, and stay safe,” it added. In a statement, FairPrice Group CEO Seah Kian Peng said that the dedicated shopping hour was meant to help safeguard the well-being of the specified group of customers and to provide them with more time and space. Within the stores, there are also floor markings at checkout counters to remind shoppers to keep a safe distance from each other. All food sampling has also been barred until further notice.
  2. Recycling Vending Machines Let You Turn Drink Cans & Plastic Bottles Into FairPrice Coupons source: https://mustsharenews.com/recycling-vending-machines/ 50 F&N Recycling Vending Machines Rolled Out By March 2020 Across Singapore Scrounging around in your pockets for spare change to buy a can of 100 PLUS after an evening run is a familiar occurrence at vending machines littered around our neighbourhoods. But after you’re done with your drink, don’t toss away the metal can just yet. You’re holding potential FairPrice vouchers in your hand. Fraser & Neave (F&N) announced on Thursday (31 Oct) that they’ll be installing 50 special vending machines at heartland areas near FairPrice outlets across the island, through the first quarter of 2020. Here’s how the new initiative works, so we can all play a part in saving the environment, and get discounts on our groceries in the process. Drop off 4 used cans/bottles for cash coupons Users typically use coins or credits to redeem drinks from vending machines, but the ‘Recycle N Save’ machine works in reverse. For every 4 used plastic bottles or aluminium drink cans dropped into each machine, you’ll be able to claim $0.20 FairPrice coupons. Do note that they should be emptied of all liquids, and be deposited ‘bottoms up’ into each machine. When you’re done loading the cans or bottles, simply print your coupons directly at the same machine. Vouchers accepted at Cheers, FairPrice & FairPrice Xpress Of course, the catch is that they should be collected in sets of four – 4 bottles or 4 cans – and previously contain drinks from F&N’s brand. They must also have readable barcodes for the scanners to identify them. The discount coupons you print may be used at all Cheers, FairPrice or FairPrice Xpress outlets across the island. Vending machines at JEM, Ang Mo Kio & Our Tampines Hub Of the planned 50 machines, 10 have already been rolled out in heartland districts like Tampines, Jurong East & Ang Mo Kio. Here’s the complete list and addresses of their locations. NORTH FairPrice Xtra Ang Mo Kio Hub 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #B2-40, Ang Mo Kio Hub, Singapore 569933 Next to ATMs FairPrice Xtra NEX 23 Serangoon Central, #03-24, NEX Mall, Singapore 556083 Next to Customer Service Counter FairPrice Finest Waterway Point 83 Punggol Central, #B2-32, Waterway Point, Singapore 828761 After Check-Out Counters FairPrice Northpoint City 1 Northpoint Drive, #B2-103/107, Northpoint City, Singapore 768019 After Check-Out Counters EAST FairPrice Our Tampines Hub 1 Tampines Walk, #B1-01, Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 528729 After Check-Out Counters FairPrice Finest Paya Lebar Quarter 10 Paya Lebar Rd, #B2-09 Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore 409057 After Check-Out Counters FairPrice Finest Changi City Point 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #B1-09/10/11, Singapore 486038 At Store Entrance WEST FairPrice Xtra JEM 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #B1-21/22 & #B3-01, Singapore 608549 After Check-Out Counters FairPrice Xtra Jurong Point 63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-01, Jurong Point, Singapore 648331 After Check-Out Counters FairPrice Yew Tee Point 61 Choa Chu Kang North 6, Singapore 640578 Near B2 Entrance So before you head over with your barang barang, do remember to check their site for more details first. A little Xtra goes a long way With this practical initiative, F&N hopes to encourage more Singaporeans to make recycling a part of their daily routines. Although saving the Earth one can at a time should be its own reward, we won’t say no to a discount on our monthly grocery bills either.
  3. NTUC FairPrice’s ‘no plastic bag’ initiative to be extended to 25 stores islandwide for a year NTUC FairPrice will be extending its “No Plastic Bag” initiative to 25 stores across the island, up from seven previously, after a month-long trial run received positive feedback from customers. From Nov 11, the initiative will involve 12 FairPrice outlets — including those in Hougang One, Kallang Wave Mall, Paya Lebar Quarter and Bukit Timah Plaza — five Cheers outlets and eight FairPrice Xpress outlets. The supermarket chain said in a media release on Monday (Nov 4) that the initiative will last for a year, and shoppers who require bags can purchase them at 20 cents per transaction at the participating FairPrice, FairPrice Finest and FairPrice Xtra stores, or 10 cents per transaction at Cheers and FairPrice Xpress stores. The extension of the initiative comes after NTUC conducted a survey of 1,745 customers during their month-long trial that began on Sept 16. FairPrice Group chief executive Seah Kian Peng said he was encouraged by the findings, which showed that 71.1 per cent of customers supported being charged for plastic bags at supermarkets. “We also observed that more customers started to bring-your-own-bag (BYOB) and show greater awareness for the environment,” he said.
  4. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/largest-ntuc-xtra-hypermarket-and-unity-pharmacy-opens-at-vivocity Good news! I'm gonna go once I have time.. i'm a grocery man... it's very calming walking down these aisles...
  5. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/ntuc-enterprise-to-buy-kopitiam-in-move-to-keep-cooked-food-prices-affordable https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/ntuc-enterprise-buy-over-kopitiam-deal-expected-years-end
  6. More people are expected to be retrenched this year compared with the figure last year, as signs of an economic slowdown become more evident, Lim Swee Say said yesterday, in a report by the Straits Times. As demand slows, some companies are already putting their workers on a shorter work week, such as having them work only four days a week, the labour chief noted. But he stressed that the situation is nowhere close to the economic downturn of 2008. The newspaper reported that Mr Lim said the NTUC is keeping track on a weekly basis the number of workers who may be affected by potential retrenchments ahead of any slowdown in the economy. Speaking to reporters at the opening of the upgraded Bedok Community Centre, Mr Lim explained, "The NTUC, together with the WDA (Workforce Development Agency), is already working with some of the companies that are beginning to see the early signs of slowing down. We're working with them to send their workers - those on shorter work-weeks and some of their potential excess workers - to go on training before they take any action on retrenchment." His remarks came a day after Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam warned of rough times ahead for Singapore, given the 'very real possibility' of a severe slowdown of the global economy. He said any slowdown in the economy is not related to the size of the companies, but by the sector. He cited electronics, even though signs of a slowdown are not across the board in the sector. Mr Lim said: "Those in the electronics, like personal computers, are more affected, whereas those supplying parts and components to the automobile sector are less affected at the moment." However, Mr Lim said the retrenchment situation today is unlikely to be anywhere close to the numbers seen in 2008.And while the outlook remains uncertain, he said the labour movement is making necessary preparations so that when the time comes, it can launch them into action. At the same event, Mr Lim also said the review on CPF contributions will continue. This is because more Singaporeans are living and working longer. "When we call for this review of the CPF contributions, we're looking at it as a medium- to long-term structural issue. I think that will continue. Of course in terms of short-term, there'll be ups and downs," said Mr Lim. But he stressed that short-term fluctuations and longer-term structural issues should be kept separate.
  7. Tjon

    NTUC Insurance : Fearless

    A commercial video by NTUC Insurance on National TV showing kids jumping off staircase in some HDB block. Should any kids follow the act and injured themselves, can one hold NTUC Insurance responsible?
  8. Boringchap

    NTUC Warehouse at Joo Koon

    Paid a visit to the newish NTUC warehouse at Joo Koon. Located right next to Joo Koon MRT station, an easy drive with ample parking. Decided to visit because a friend told us that they had interesting things on sale, though we had to buy membership. Ended up we bought membership - usually $35 for a year but because this was SG50, it is now $35 for 2 years, for NTUC members. The place is indeed quite big and sells many interesting stuff in larger sizes, that you can't find at the normal NTUC outlets. Ok, enough words. Let my videos do the talking. The place is big. If you like chips, you can get them here in big bags. For the stuff that are heavily marked down, like under huge discounts, be sure to check the expiry date. They usually will expire quite soon. Since we bought membership, we are likely to go there again. My wife wants to buy some chips for her friends. They make cool party gifts.
  9. bros - wanna see if anyone has any experience my family has a 2012 VW Jetta 1.4, but don't drive often as parents retired and driving to town is damn ex. insurance is currently on axa under mum, 50% ncd ~900. the car only drive ~6-7000km / year, so thinking of trying some of the low mileage plan when renewal comes. There are a few I notice - a) NTUC: 20% off only if 7000km, and must renew then next year get the discount b) DA: under 8000km got discount, but also not much, i think 20% c) Got one I just saw of fb called auto armour that gives 50% off immediately for under 6000km, then pay per kilo after that. Quite cheap, like $380 only. any one try before? no reviews like that, but when i dig looks like they are supported by etiqa... so should be ok? thnkx in advance
  10. Supermarket chain FairPrice opened a membership-only mega retail store at the FairPrice Hub in Joo Koon on Monday. The two-storey store, named Warehouse Club, sells items in larger than usual packaging, at discounts of up to 20 per cent. It stocks more than 4,000 products, including groceries, fresh and frozen food, electronics, household goods and health and beauty products. The store follows a similar format of successful membership-only stores overseas, such as Costco in the United States. FairPrice deputy chief executive of operations Gerry Lee said the supermarket chain has been progressively introducing various retail formats to cater to the changing lifestyles of its customers. "Today, we are proud to bring another exciting new retail format that aims to provide our members with quality products at the best value, through large discounts with bulk buys, multi-packs and exclusive brands," he said. Exclusive brands available at Warehouse Club includes Costco's Kirkland Signatures and Japanese green tea brand Ito En. Only registered members can purchase from the store, which spans over 80,000 sq ft. A one-year membership costs $35 for NTUC Union members and $50 for non-union members. Nearly 12,000 people have signed up since registration started in May this year. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/fairprice-opens-membership-only-mega-retail-store-modell#xtor=CS1-10
  11. See this: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/ex-ntuc-president-and-mp-phey-yew-kok-how-the-case-unfolded-201506#xtor=CS1-10 After he run road for 35 years, now surrenders at age 81. My guess is that he probably as a severe illness and wants free medical treatment.
  12. We bought this for $9.50 from NTUC - Tesco brand 2L ice-cream that was made in UK. Turned out to be horrible. Not sure what happened to it. Just to share with you. My helper said that it looked and tasted like expired cheese! but it certainly wasn't expired.
  13. Hi all, My car insurance is due for renewal, and my current insurance is with NTUC. As usual, i am contactig various insurance provider, surpricingly, all of them quoted me wiht a higherpremium, is NTUC charging the lowest in town? can someone confirm, if yes, i will not continue to waste effort to source for lower premium. If you know other insurance company offer lower premium, pls. let me know. thanks.
  14. Ktglfc

    Last Day of School

    Finally, a decent commercial ... One that earn my rare thumbs up... And one that earn my tears .... If my kids are so well-behave or understanding, my wife and my life are really well worth living so far ...
  15. Neutrino

    Premium cherries

    My missus tells me that yesterday Premium Cherries were on sale at NTUC for S$43 per kg. There a whole shelf of them all from Australia. Today just a few packets left. Now my wife loves cherries but she will not buy them at that price. Last time we were in France they cost S$ 6 per Kg fresh off the tree. Again we Singaporeans get stiffed over price. And we fall for it and buy. I wonder how much profit is made on these NTUC cherries?
  16. Jhyy701

    NTUC Plus card, keep or cancel?

    Subscription is $9/mth, but don't find the card useful except for getting rebate at NTUC supermarket. Don't think I get more than $9 rebate per month to justify to keep the card. I was wondering to keep or cancel this card? Who else here find the NTUC PLus card useful?
  17. LifePro_Tips

    NTUC Income

    NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Ltd NTUC Income was established in 1970 to provide affordable insurance for workers in Singapore. Today, people in Singapore look to NTUC Income for trusted advice and solutions when making their most important financial decisions. Our wide network of advisers and partners provide life, health and general insurance to serve the protection, savings and investments needs of two million customers across all segments of society. As a social enterprise, NTUC Income was made different. Our social purpose is to make insurance accessible, affordable and sustainable for all. Putting people before profits, we strive to create and maximise value for customers. In 2012, NTUC Income had over $31 billion in assets under management. Our financial strength and diversified investment portfolio is reflected by our strong credit ratings which underpin the delivery of our commitment to customers. NTUC Income’s corporate social responsibility initiative, OrangeAid, focuses on children and youth, especially the disadvantaged among them. VALUE ADDED SERVICES As an insurer with a social purpose , NTUC Income is pleased to offer additional services to our policyholders as well as members of the public . Orange Health Staying healthy is not easy . But we’ll reward you for it. http://www.income.com.sg/Value-Added-Services/Orange-Health Orange Force Our 24/7 accident response team assists motorists anytime , anywhere. http://www.income.com.sg/Value-Added-Services/Orange-Force Motor Service Centre A one-stop centre offering unparalleled service and reliable repairs in the event of an accident. http://www.income.com.sg/value-added-services/motor-service-centre Orange Eye A free in-car camera mobile app with accident detection technology. http://www.income.com.sg/value-added-services/orange-eye Orange Safe A defensive riding course exclusively for NTUC Income Motorcycle Policyholders. http://www.income.com.sg/value-added-services/orangesafe Referral Services Through us you can find trusted service providers who can assist you with household needs and important life events. http://www.income.com.sg/Value-Added-Services/Referral-Services Newborn Gift NTUC Income gives you a no-obligations free gift to celebrate the birth of your child. http://www.income.com.sg/value-added-services/newborn-gift NTUC Income insurance Co-Operative Ltd 75 Bras Basah Road, NTUC INCOME Centre, Singapore 189557 Phone: 63462663 Website: www.income.com.sg
  18. Wah. What happened to NTUC Income? More than 100 financial consultants have filed a joint complaint to the CPF Board against their employer NTUC Income. NTUC Income has allegedly over-deducted from their income to pay into their CPF over many years. These over-deductions were not submitted to CPF Board but kept by NTUC Income which has not returned the bulk of these over-deductions to the financial consultants. This practice went on for many years in NTUC Income, according to the financial consultants TR Emeritus (TRE) spoke to. A letter from CPF Board (shown to TRE by the financial consultants) acknowledges that a complaint was formally lodged with CPF Board on 14 September 2012 [Link]. Over 100 signatures accompanied the complaint. In their collective letter to CPF Board, the financial consultants said that they had been chasing their union representatives to
  19. - article start - "I found out that NTUC Income don't understand certain Highway Code rules during our exchange of emails regarding a disputed accident claim. NTUC Income then put 100% liability on my side when infact the other driver was in the wrong. This matter was then referred to Fidrec for adjudication which, to my surprise, also favoured NTUC Income's decision 100% I checked with LTA regarding the Highway code rules and confirmed NTUC Income's interpretation was different. NTUC Income said they will still stand firm on their assessment and had already compensated the other party and closed the case as it was already adjudicated by Fidrec. This is what happened: Last year, 7th Aug 2012, my wife was involved in a minor side-collision accident in Pandan Circle. Ref to above diagram 3.18 as an illustration of the roundabout. My car (shown in red) wanted to exit from the right-lane to the 2nd exit (Jurong Town Hall road). The other car (shown in blue) should also exit base on the general rule, but he (blue car) wanted to continue to the 3rd exit (West Coast road). Therefore this accident happened. The other driver blames her for the accident and does not believe there are roundabout rules. Saying all vehicles must exit from the left lane, vehicles on the left lane can proceed all the way in the roundabout. I told him he needed to keep-right lane when approaching roundabout in order to turn right (3rd exit) base on general rules of roundabout. As we could not agree, we decided to report to insurer for 3rd party claim. Both are insured with NTUC INCOME. The whole incident was captured in my car's camera system. The dispute mainly boils down to the rules of the road. I submitted the footage to NTUC Income. To my surprise, NTUC Income informed me liability at my side. I then requested for their detail report as a claim was made into my policy. They rejected my request as I know they are wrong in their assessment. I wrote to MAS and was told they cannot do anything as it was NTUC Income's commercial decision and Fidrec already gone through it. This story is quite lengthy but I have uploaded more photos, letters and the video to my blog at: http://jkhan999.blogspot.sg/ My experience tells me this : "Never go to Fidrec for motor accident dispute. NTUC Income will tell them not to listen". Ntuc Income have changed some of our traffic rules. Mr. Han JK" Source: http://therealsingapore.com/content/ntuc-i...asic-road-rules Blog with more explanations: http://jkhan999.blogspot.sg/ - article end - Keeping left to go 3rd or 4th exit is just wrong isn't it? That means if NTUC is right, cars on the right lanes must filter left in round about to exit?
  20. Hi got into an accident with a cab today. Claiming 3rd party. Any workshop that goes good repair quality and also can do NTUC income accident reporting at around kaki bukit or ubi area that you can recommend?
  21. Hi Guys, NTUC selling 4L Shell Helix Ultra at $59 (U.P $89). Anyway, wanna check if this oil is good for chevy cruze, and if alpine motors allows you to bring in your own engine oil for servicing...
  22. Donut

    NTUC Membership

    any one a NTUC member? what are the benefits you are enjoying? Any benefits for attending courses? http://www.ntuc.org.sg/wps/portal/up2/home
  23. My car broke down along TPE abt 6pm this evening. In less than 5 min, a member of the Orange Force officer came and rendered assistance to me. He tel EMAS and parked his bike and switch on the blinker and put up the breakdown sign behind my car and kept me accompany till my own tow truck arrived. He was with me for more than half an hour. He also went to check out another van infront of me that had also broken down. He also gave me his name card and told me that I can contact NUTC should I need any help. I was very touched with his act even though my car is not insured with NTUC. To be honest I might insure with NTUC when my insurance expire next year. Thank you very much to you, my dearest Malay Orange Force Officer. I really appreaciate your kind assistance. I promised to publicise your name tomorrow cos yr name card is inside my car. I've left my car in the workshop for them to replace my brake pump. I hope NTUC INCOME read my post and give credit to this kind and helpful officer.
  24. PetrolHead

    Low Income workers gets aid from NTUC

    According to a latest Straits Times article, local labour union National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) aims to help low income workers upgrade their live-hood and monthly income range by providing subsidiaries of up to 90% to obtain a Class 3 or 4 driving licences. People whom obtain them can apply for better paying jobs in the transportation industry. A Class 3 licence can cost up to $2,000 yet under the new scheme, qualified and successful applicants only end up paying $200. This scheme is only for all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents whom are seeking or considering jobs at the transport and logistics industry, which is seeing a severe shortage of manpower. To qualify you must be currently earning less than $1,700, or below $1,400 per household member a month. All successful applicants will also receive a training allowance and can finish the course in a faster pace of nine months. Jobs including delivery, dispatch or bus drivers will be offered after successfully obtaining their licences. NTUC aims to place 5,000 locals or PR's in transport and logistics based jobs that pays more than $1,500 by the year 2015 and wants to attract mainly the locals and PR's in an industry largely dominated by foreign workers.
  25. Some how I suspect Prof Lim's shock-wage theory has a part to play in all these hasty follow-ups... Anyway glad these cleaners are finally getting attention from the so-called labour movement but unless it is law employers may not accept the "recommendation". And hope they keep to their word of looking into the low pay situation of other low-wage workers in other industries. From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1209015/1/.html NTUC sets wage targets for cleaners By Saifulbahri Ismail | Posted: 21 June 2012 1443 hrs