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Found 7 results

  1. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/ntuc-enterprise-to-buy-kopitiam-in-move-to-keep-cooked-food-prices-affordable https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/ntuc-enterprise-buy-over-kopitiam-deal-expected-years-end
  2. Recently some frens came over to diy poh piang. One of them said: when can we have something different for the ingredients? Have you guys made PP using more 'creative' ingredients? vietnamese PP is more crunchy (assuming the ones I have eated was the geniune version), but there must be hundreds of other stuff we can use. Same for rojak (basically is a local salad), any bros have your own invented receipe? These two simple food give us opportunities to experiment with mix-n-match ideas
  3. Whats the 1st dish you cooked? More importantly, will you still cook it to impress your gf / wife or even kids? Maybe we have moved on and improved, what's the 'signature' dish(es) now? How about your own 'creative' dish, any idea? or you are ready to show off now? Side note: For those who only specialise in Instant-noodle, i tried one brand and it came with big thin slices of beef that tasted so tender and tasty i felt they melted in my mouth.... the soup came from a paste, not some chemical powder............ no MSG feel at all, very authetic and natural flavour. about S$7 per packet.
  4. It seems like more car owner are keeping their cars longer and car maintenance and modification businesses are in brisk. What would you do to your car to extend the lifespan and reliability of your older car? Over here in JB, many are driving old cars and believe in keeping their cars for good 10 years. However, many are concern about their old cars getting overheated in longer road journey. In fact, they would hesitate to drive their locally assembled or manufactured cars up north at high speed and they often tell me that they are most afraid of their car engines being boiled or cooked . How could such thing happened and what should one do to overcome it ? Regards,
  5. STOMPer Ynez shares her horrible experience with this Indonesian maid that apparently collected her menstrual blood in a tea-bag and used it to cook soup for the family. The STOMPer recounted: "I want to warn the public that this maid is very dangerous. "She collected her menstrual blood on facial cotton pads and secretly put them into a disposable tea bag to cook soup for our family! "We cannot let this evil person do this type of black magic to anyone anymore. "So please pass her picture around. She is from West Java, Bogor. "Of all the 5 pictures I have posted, the ones taken indoors are all taken at my grandma's place when she was 'alone' at home with my grandma. "Could she had taken the pictures herself? "I have also started a Facebook group about employers who have had domestic maids who did nasty and evil deeds to them, to warn the public and also to let the public know that the maids are not always the victims. "Many a time, the employers are also abused! "If you have stories of dangerous maids, please share with all by posting here." These are some comments on the Facebook group regarding this incident: "She is so...Yucks... "OMG...The maid is so evil... "You may want to search for groups in Indonesia and paste the same info there."
  6. It could be your NS field camp's lunch/dinner, ownself cook makan.... or one day mom/maid fell sick and you lazy to walk to kopitiam buy food, so bo bian cooked your first meal.... maggie mee? then after a few ownself-cooked-maggie-mee, we became creative and started new patterns..... frankly, i cant remember what i cooked ..... but should be maggie mee... overcooked and it became very soft, it was during my p5 days
  7. as above http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../356748/1/.html report makes it sounds like hawker food still cheap cheap... sure bo?