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  1. From the prev thread. time to mov on to this one...hahah.. The continuing GLOBAL stressful thread! Part II - Page 442 - Lite & EZ - Mycarforum That Part II thread lasted the pandemic!
  2. One of the fuse in my fuse box in the engine bay keep melting. It's the heater, 30amp. Not just the fuse plastic melt, but the plastic surround that particular connector also melting away. However, the fuse doesn't blow, but somehow affect the functionality of my aircon blower. Any idea what's wrong? or what could be the cause?
  3. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/grieved-when-baby-born-blind-visually-impaired-world-possibility-15002458 Read the article this morning. Super mum and super dad! Amazing parents and child. Hope they can be an inspiration for everyone. Value your loved.
  4. Why keep ICs of military personnel?sources: https://www.straitstimes.com/forum/letters-in-print/why-keep-ics-of-military-personnel Currently, upon enlistment for national service, full-time national servicemen (NSFs) in Singapore are required to surrender their identity card (IC) and are issued with a military IC, also known as the 11B, for their stint. Those who have chosen to work in the military service as regulars are also subject to this requirement. As a result, they do not get to see or use their ICs until they retire from the service. It is a common practice for companies to issue their own identification passes to their staff. However, the use of such passes is restricted to only the companies concerned. Likewise, the military IC should ideally be used only within military services. The retention of the IC has resulted in military personnel using their military ICs for private purposes, such as to collect passports, open a bank account or enter a condominium as a visitor. Why do these private individuals need to identify themselves as military personnel when the situation does not call for it? They need to have their privacy, too, as to where they work. The reasons for retaining the ICs of NSFs and regulars are not publicly known. The Ministry of Defence should review the objectives of retaining the IC and do away with this requirement if there are no serious implications to doing so. This will help to reduce the administrative work of safe-keeping and returning the ICs. Military personnel, particularly the regulars, will also be able to keep and use them when necessary without having to identify themselves as military personnel. - Goh Kian Huat
  5. Indian car owner protects vehicle with layer of cow dung as summer temperatures exceed 45 degrees Celsius
  6. I will urge all drivers to be considerate of other road users when approaching yellow box. Don't use yellow box as your waiting area "while traffic light is red in your favor" as others could be waiting for long to exit to find you are blocking their way. I have numerous cases when trying to exit car park but no one want to give way and when comes your turn then entire box is blocked by taxis/cars (Happen very frequent at Marina bay financial center car park exist).
  7. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/ntuc-enterprise-to-buy-kopitiam-in-move-to-keep-cooked-food-prices-affordable https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/ntuc-enterprise-buy-over-kopitiam-deal-expected-years-end
  8. I saw some condos with balcony but there is no sink holes for water to drain out. How would the owner keep the area dry when it rains? Can buyer get a renovator to install one if there are none?
  9. hi guys, Here's my question. is it possible to buy a deregistered car in singapore and don pay the cost of actuallyusin it on the road?(no COE,etc etc) and just keep it? like those local race team, i here those cars have so much mods in them that they are pure track cars? since they are not registered, they are definitely not allowed on roads rite. lets say, i like this old car which is about to be scrapped. can i just pay the body value and keep the car somewhere(ie on private property)? or if u deregister a car, u die die have to scrap it or export it? I don intend to makea track car, but a car for another competition purpose in future. Is this possible? thanks guys. cheers
  10. Found the following info. Guess it is more meant for temperate countries rather than the tropics but still quite a good reference/guide ... Engine Oil In most cars, you just need to pop up your hood, find the oil dipstick, pull it out, and wipe it down. Repeat that again and you'll have your oil level. If it's in the safe level, continue on your merry way. If it's not, you need to add more. Depending on the age of the car, you may or may not need to add oil pretty often. If your car burns through a lot of oil, it's worth going to a mechanic. How often to check it: It was once recommended that you check your oil every time you fill up with gas, but with most modern cars you're safe checking it once a month. How often to replace it: This depends on the car, manufacturer, and year. The "3,000 miles or every six months" saying doesn't really apply any more. Instead, check your owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommendations for changing your engine oil. Transmission Fluid Your transmission fluid is what keeps the gears on your car moving smoothly. You can check your transmission fluid the same way as your engine oil, except the car should be running when you do it. Unlike your engine oil, transmission fluid is part of a closed system, so it should never be low. If it is, take it into a mechanic. Instead of volume, you're looking at the quality of the fluid. The fluid should be red and not smell burned. If the fluid is brown or smells burnt, it's time to replace it. How often to check it: Monthly. How often to replace it: This varies from car to car and depends on transmission type, but it's typically between every 50,000-100,000 miles Coolant As the name implies, coolant, aka antifreeze, keeps your car running cool. If you ever run low on coolant, your car's probably going to overheat. The coolant is inside you radiator and you can typically check it by simply removing the radiator cap when the car is cool (never check it when it's hot or your car is running) and looking inside. Once you remove the cap you should see a line the coolant should come up to. If it's low, you can add more, but make sure you add the same type of coolant currently in the car. How often to check it: At least twice yearly: once before summer and again before winter But it's easy enough to glance at whenever you pop open your hood. How often to replace it: Every 2-3 years. Brake Fluid Just like your transmission, your brake fluid is part of a closed system so you shouldn't ever be low on it. That said, it's still worth checking to make sure it's clean. Brake fluid keeps your brakes working properly, so if they ever feel a little off, checking your brake fluid is usually the first step. You can do this by checking the brake fluid reservoir on the driver side of your car. You can usually check the level just by looking at the outside of the container. The fluid should be a golden color. If it's brown, it's time to replace it. How often to check it: When you change your oil. How often to replace it: Every 2 years Power Steering Fluid Your power steering fluid helps keeps your steering smooth and easy. When the power steering fluid starts to get low, you might feel a "creaking" in the steering wheel or hear some weird sounds. To check it, all you need to do is pop the hood and find the reservoir. Usually you can check it visually by looking at the reservoir. Power steering fluid doesn't usually drop too much, so if it's low, it's worth taking your car into a mechanic or looking for a leak. How often to check it: Once a month. How often to replace it: Between 50,000 miles and never. Typically speaking, most car manuals recommend keeping the power steering fluid levels topped off, but you'll rarely need to flush and replace it. Double check your owner's manual to make sure you can ignore yours
  11. Of late I have sort of ran out of things to do with my wife. Besides the usual groceries purchase, attending church, and little shopping we basically do nothing new as a couple. and recently she's busy so i have been hanging out with my colleagues after work and it involves colleague... and i have to remind myself i am married... i surprised wife with mcdelivery breakfast last week... but received mixed reception. She told me she preferred big breakfast instead of pancakes and commented that it is expensive with delivery charge and asked me y don't eat with her at mcdonalds instead.... but eventually she still thanked me for the breakfast. this is the 4th year with her liao .. what couple stuff do u guys usually do? i want to fall over for her again...
  12. Thought of sharing these. Tried it before, quite good. During the school holidays, these are some way to keep our children mentally fit:- a) solve puzzles (word/jigsaw) and conduct simple experiments b) have fun with art and craft c) engage in outdoor and physical activities d) have good quality sleep (try to sleep by 1030 pm) e) connect with what they like to eat (healhier kind of food such as greens) anyone else can share on this please? cheers
  13. For those guys who are getting new rides do you trade in your car or keep both? 1) as first owner kept it in tip top (always service with dealer) 2) dealers lowballig 3) FOMO, 4) low mileage 5) more painful financially in the long run 6) can use spare car for reservist How about sentimental value?
  14. How to Keep your Car's Interior Feeling Fresh Everybody loves stepping in to a fresh smelling car. Whether its that coveted “New Car” smell or your favourite scent, keeping your car free from foul odors can make driving a much more pleasant experience for both you and your passengers. There are a 3 ways you can freshen up your car’s interior Car Fragrances Air Ionizers Fumigation Car FragrancesWhile there are many car fragrances in the market, many use harmful chemicals that can not only lead to a headache with prolonged exposure but also cause harm to your body when inhaled for long periods of time. Use Bullsone Air Care products which contain only 100% Natural Essential Oils which leave a pleasant scent in your car. One of our most popular models, Pola Family Sunvisor comes in 5 refreshing flavors, Lavender, Mojito, Grapefruit, Aqua and Floral. Each fragrance lasts up to 50 days and refills can be purchased! To add a touch of sophistication and class to your car’s dashboard or cupholder, Grasse Luxury range for fragrances are specially formulated 100% Natural French Essential Oil from “Charabot” in France. The Grasse L’esterel range features more masculine scents while the Grasse Diffuser range feature more citrusy and refreshing scents. Each unit lasts up to 3 months. Love animals? Then the Pola Family Vent Clip range is for you! Featuring 8 adorable animals with unique scents and a FREE refill pack. This model of fragrance can be placed directly on your aircon vent lasting 45 days. 2. Air Ionizer Foul smells emit positive ions. Using an Air Ionizer helps to neutralize any foul odours by releasing negative ions in your vehicle. Powered using a cigarette socket, Bullsone Air Theraphy Ionizer not only helps to neutralize foul smell but releases a refreshing scent in your car. Watch the video below to see its effectiveness against smoke! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1rrzVdn2o0 3.Fumigation Lastly, if all else fails, Fumigation is the best alternative. While ionizers and Fragrances will only mask the foul odor, Fumigation rids the problem effectively. Bullsone Salladin Fumigator for A/C System is a 2 in 1 solution that not only get rids of any Tobacco, Vomit, Sweat or Food smells in your car, it cleans the A/C unit as well! This eliminates the need to service your A/C unit at a workshop. Spend less and DIY! Available in 3 scents, Forest, Mint and No Fragrance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2zoXclTJoU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p2-YUtOECw&t=502s Visit https://www.bullsone.com.sg/ We are giving away 10% off for all air care products, with no minimum spending. PROMO CODE: NOTSMELLY
  15. I don't like the stock rim, but don't mind keeping the size for FC/comfort... Should I consider change rim but keep the size and use back tyre? Anyone done such move before?
  16. Hi all. I have been observing that my HDB flat water pressure has been slowly dropping as the months go by. I suspect the HDB is slowly shutting the water valve controlling the water pressure to save water. Now the pressure has become so bad that if my washing machine is running, someone is using 2 other taps in the house, I got hardly any water for my shower in the Master Bedroom Toilet. I called them ysterday n ty sent a plumber who said his "meter" shows the pressure abt 2.2 bar is "good" n he cannot do anything. He checked my taps n said the filters r clogged n ask me to clean them. I did that but still the pressure is very low unlike when I moved in abt15-20 years ago when the water was spraying like a fire hose. I cud take a quick shower in 10 mins b4. Now takes at least 20 mins.
  17. BBDC L-plate VS cyclist http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPMYsq_1CTA please do go over to youtube to watch this clip. uploader disabled embedding.. and the comments section as well pink cyclist never die before.. brake checking a L-plater, especially when he has no brake lights EDIT: whoops wrong title. should be "just overtake la, so easy". how do i edit thread title ah?
  18. I have got a pair of halogen down lights in my ceiling. For some reason, I find they keep taking turns to blow out after a few months. I have spent quite a bit of money replacing the bulbs but they don't last very long. After a few months, one will start to flicker and eventually die. I notice that the pins of the bulb would have turned black. Is it because it is too hot? Anything I can do?
  19. Traffic Police: Keep sending photos, videos of errant road users By TAN TAM MEI There are millions of smartphones in use in Singapore, and the Traffic Police (TP) hopes to harness them to help police the road, said TP Commander Sam Tee yesterday. "(The) TP welcomes the public to send (traffic) violation photographs and videos because it's much more powerful," he said. "If we can harness and crowdsource that... it will go a long way to help us build a more disciplined culture among road users." The Assistant Commissioner of Police (AC) was speaking to reporters at the release of the annual road traffic statistics at TP headquarters in Ubi. AC Tee said the TP receives close to 500 submissions a month of videos, photos and tip-offs regarding traffic violations or errant road users. "We continue to welcome that, and we are also looking into how to make it easier for people to submit information to us... BEING WATCHED "There are a lot of cars with in-vehicle cameras, so it's easy. When you spot someone beating the red light, you can just download it and send it to us via e-feedback," he said. These submissions have played a part in deterrence and making road users more aware that they are being watched by others, he added. The TP has also deployed a new mobile speed camera (MSC) - the first one was installed on Monday at Seletar West Link. The MSC can detect up to 32 vehicles over a reach of five lanes at any time and is able to transmit images to TP headquarters automatically, eliminating the need to reload and retrieve wet-film negatives. It also has its own batteries and can be deployed in just one week, compared to existing fixed speed cameras that take six months to set up. AC Tee said: "To be fair, preceding the cameras we will have warning signs to tell people that there's a speed camera in front, please slow down. "So our idea is not to fine him, but the idea is to deter him from speeding. And if he slows down, he saves his life and saves the lives of others." If we can harness and crowdsource that... it will go a long way to help us build a more disciplined culture among road users. - Traffic Police Commander Sam Tee on public participation http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore-news/traffic-police-keep-sending-photos-videos-errant-road-users ----- So what are you waiting for? Cash incentive like STOMP? :X
  20. Advise I have a car,which is 5 Yrs's Old,and I am overseas last 9 months, I still not consider selling my car or just keep for few another 3 months. Seek advise.
  21. Which animals are better behave ? Yahoo : Zoo meerkat expert sentenced over assault on monkey handler LONDON (AP) — A former meerkat expert at London Zoo has been ordered to pay compensation to a monkey handler she attacked with a wine glass in a love spat over a llama-keeper. A judge at Westminster Magistrates' Court said Wednesday that Caroline Westlake must pay 800 pounds ($1,235) to Kate Sanders for assaulting her in a dispute over colleague Adam Davies, who had dated both women. Judge Jeremy Colman also sentenced 30-year-old Westlake to 12 months community service for assault. The judge said Sanders had suffered a "nasty" face injury in the fracas at a zoo Christmas party on Dec. 8. Westlake had claimed that Sanders punched her first, and said she did not remember hitting her colleague with the glass. She was fired by the zoo after the incident. link : https://sg.news.yahoo.com/zoo-meerkat-expert-sentenced-over-assault-monkey-handler-155618685.html Now she is out of job. I don't mind she is my keeper ....
  22. Hi All, Need your opinion on something. I signed a sales agreement but there was a major feature missing. I spoke to my SA and we managed to iron things out. I was offered a chance to either top up for that option at dealer cost and indent the car (3-4 mths wait) or I could get my money back now. This is a guaranteed Coe with rebate is at 57K. We currently have a really old car to drive that's still alright so getting around isn't a big issue. Would you guys take the current price + top up and hope for a lower Coe come Nov -Dec. The top end is capped and there maybe quite a bit of downside. Or just take back the deposit and wait... I really like the car. But this experience has kinda soured my experience. I'm not angry but a bit upset with the way things have turned. What are you views? Cheers J
  23. SINGAPORE — Ferrari is Singapore’s top exotic car maker, at least according to 2014’s sales figures. Can the new 488 GTB pictured above keep the Italian brand ahead of its rivals? The new car is the Maranello-based carmaker’s follow-up to the 458 Italia. It has a turbo engine that hurls it to 200km/h in just 8.3 seconds. Ferrari says it comfortably exceeds 330km/h. That level of performance makes the 488 GTB the benchmark in its class, says Ferrari. MORE: Here’s another turbo Ferrari In Singapore, at least, Ferrari seems to set the mark when it comes to sales. The brand put 31 new cars in the road here in 2014. That’s far ahead of McLaren (which sold 11 cars in Singapore last year) and its more traditional rival, Lamborghini (with 10 cars sold). Will Ferrari’s switch to turbo technology power the brand even further ahead? source :
  24. http://women.asiaone.com/women/relationships/man-fattens-girlfriend-so-she-will-not-stray I think it is all smoke. He probably just has fat girl fetish.
  25. Hi bro, Would like to know do you you always keep your gps on whenever u drive or only on the unit when u need to use? Especially for those unit with traffic update and warn you with speed camera n limit? Thanks
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