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Found 51 results

  1. I was just thinking, if LTA make it compulsory for every vehicle to install a camera for their car, and when any accident happens, it is mandatory to submit the video plus account within 24 hours, wont it solve the problems of erroneous claims? the videos from both drivers will give a very accurate depiction of what actually happened from both positions, and we wont even need witness. Confirm objective. If they can make every car install 3rd brake lights (cant rem when), and also the IU, maybe the cam will be a good move?
  2. Thought of sharing these. Tried it before, quite good. During the school holidays, these are some way to keep our children mentally fit:- a) solve puzzles (word/jigsaw) and conduct simple experiments b) have fun with art and craft c) engage in outdoor and physical activities d) have good quality sleep (try to sleep by 1030 pm) e) connect with what they like to eat (healhier kind of food such as greens) anyone else can share on this please? cheers
  3. June 19, 2008 Johor Sultan vows to find ways to reclaim Pedra Branca JOHOR BARU - SULTAN of Johor Sultan Iskandar Ismail has vowed to find ways to reclaim Pedra Branca. Sultan Iskandar said he wanted to remind all that he had not forgotten his island and that it was rightfully under the state's sovereignty and not Singapore. 'Sampai bila masa, saya cari hatta ikhtiar balik benda itu ke Johor (It doesn't matter how long it takes, but I will find ways until the island is returned to Johor),' he said in the closing of his speech before opening the Johor state assembly here on Thursday. The ruler said he was confident that the state would continue to prosper economically thus bringing benefits to the people and reminded the people to reject racial or religious extremism. The Sultan's words caught everyone off-guard. Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said the state government 'clearly heard' what the Sultan said. 'We heard and listened loud and what he has declared,' he said, without elaborating further. On May 23, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that Singapore had sovereignty over the disputed Pedra Branca, while Malaysia owned Middle Rocks. On the other disputed territory of South Ledge, the ICJ ruled that it belonged to the country in whose territorial waters the rocky outcrop is located. The ICJ decision brought to a close the 28-year-old territorial dispute between both countries, and was immediately described as a 'win-win' outcome by Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, who led the Malaysian side at The Hague where the court is located. -- THE STAR/ANN Good! Got fighting spirit.
  4. Thaiyotakamli

    One of The Ways To Sell Your House

    This is really creative
  5. after the pinkdot, you should now reconnect with your spouse, i mean the man & woman type. do the 10 things above and your relationship should be quite solid in your marriage (of course its a two way traffic).
  6. Singaporeans may be used to hot weather, but they are still feeling the heat from the record dry spell that is likely to persist into the first half of March. We look at how some people have changed their daily routine to cope with the weather. 1. “To go” is the way to go Some are choosing to pack their favourite chicken rice or char kway teow home, instead of eating at hawker centres. Hawker Kristen Choong, who runs Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist at Hong Lim Food Centre, said there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people ordering takeaway meals during lunch hour. But she added: “The timing of people coming in during lunch is the same, as lunch hours are fixed.” Marketing manager Jereen Leow, who works in Shenton Way, is among those who are choosing to eat in the comfort of their air-conditioned offices - even though the average temperature for February has been 31.9 deg C, the same as the usual average for the month. Said Ms Leow, 32: “Usually I enjoy going out for lunch as it’s a precious mid-day break to unwind. But now I just buy my food and can’t wait to rush back to the office.” Some eating places with no air-conditioning are also seeing a drop in patrons. A worker at Yi Fan Restaurant in Toa Payoh, which uses only fans, said: “Business this week is about half compared to last week because of the weather.” 2. Cooling drinks are hot right now It seems one man’s bane is another’s boon. Sellers of cold beverages and cooling drinks, such as herbal tea, are getting more customers who are eager to quench their thirst. “There has been about a 10 per cent increase this month in people buying herbal tea due to the hot weather,” said Mr Lee Ming Li, manager of Quan-Li Tonic in Toa Payoh. Added a drinks seller at Chang Cheng Mee Wah coffee shop: “There are definitely more people buying cold drinks now. Business is up about 20 per cent since it started getting so hot.” 3. The not-so-great outdoors The unusually dry weather has deterred some from outdoor activities. Mr Simon Tan, 57, manager of Cycle Max at East Coast Park, said that business has fallen by about 10 per cent compared with January. The bigger crowd blunts the drop in earning on weekends, so business is affected most on weekdays, even in the evenings when it is supposedly cooler. “We've started a promotion - a one-for-one promotion, where you rent one hour and get one hour free,” he said. Still, not everyone is cutting back on exercise. Civil servant Eddie Long, 28, said: “I ensure that I am properly hydrated before heading out for a run, and make a conscious effort to run slightly later in the evenings when it is cooler.” Other than drinking more water, he is also hitting the gym more often. “I have substituted other forms of exercise that can be done indoors to get my cardio fix,” he said. 4. Under the weather - literally Singaporeans have to take extra care of their health in this prolonged dry season. Dr Philip Koh, the medical board chairman of Healthway Medical Group, said that there is usually a 10 per cent spike in people coming down with flu-like symptoms during the Chinese New Year period. But the numbers have not dropped this year despite the end of the festivities, he said. “The dry weather is probably one of the main factors.” The senior family physician, who emphasised the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day, said: “When we are indulging in New Year goodies, we remind ourselves to drink water. But now that visiting is over, we forget to do so.” Similarly, Dr Chua Ee Fang of the Chua Ee Fang Acupuncture Centre in Changi Road, said she has seen about 20 per cent to 30 per cent more patients who were down with colds, sore throats and cough in the past three weeks. The traditional Chinese medicine physician said that these ailments are usually associated with dry weather. “People are still eating the Chinese New Year goodies left over from the holiday and this adds to the ill effects of the dry weather,” she said. To avoid a trip to the doctor, she advised, people should consume drinks like barley, chrysanthemum tea and fruit juice to keep their immune system up. But it is not easy to keep healthy in current conditions, she said. “I am having a bit of a sore throat myself,” she said. 5. Local greens may cost more Prices of local produce may go up if rain does not come soon. According to reports, many farms here said they have had to increase their water consumption significantly because of the dry spell. A spokesman for hydroponics farm Blooms & Greens was quoted by MyPaper as saying that the farm now has to water the plants in its nursery thrice a day instead of twice. On top of that, the farm is also using an automated irrigation system for about an hour every day. As a result, operation costs has jumped by about 20 per cent. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/dry-spell-singapore-5-ways-life-has-changed-20140227 --------------------- I felt differently..the temperature is still the same as before..it's more windy & less humid because of no rain..with no rain meant that going outdoors is better
  7. You might be able to find all kind of douchebag driver whenever you are driving these day. I guess is the macro effect (the weather, fuel prices, food we eat, beer we drink, and the frustrating public transport we encountered) Just to name a few of them that you might wanna avoid and go near them. 1) The music is so loud that even you can hear when you are driving pass them. They probably can't even hear you... 2) They have "alot of mods" in a bread and butter car, Not sure if they will head to pasir gudang for some race... 3) Don't know how to park No need to say. Confirm a douchebag 4)Tailgating expert They really think they are from so car aerobatics team or smth.... 5) 99% of Taxi driver. Not all are that bad. But i always encountered a few that is very "mischievous" one... Come on and list more characteristic of an douchebag driver!!! Drive cautious everyone!!! Especially during this festive season!!!
  8. Tjkbeluga

    Dumb ways to die...

    As in android game....Anyone tried? Sipeh cute.... my top score is 1800+ I think think it's from OZ Metro
  9. Some luxury car dealers are gearing up to lure buyers to their showrooms, beginning this weekend, in a bid to clear stocks of vehicles that will be reclassified as premium models from next February. The move follows changes in the certificate of entitlement (COE) system, announced on Monday, in which a car's engine power will be included as a new criterion. Cars with over 130bhp or an engine exceeding 1,600cc will fall into Category B. Dealers planning to go on a sales drive include Volvo agent Wearnes Automotive, which is looking to sell models like the S60 and S80. These currently belong to Category A - which caps engine displacement at 1,600cc - but will be re-classified under Category B next year. Mr Victor Kwan, managing director at Wearnes Automotive, said the dealership will start clearing its 1.6-litre engine cars with "aggressive pricing". Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...-stock-20130911
  10. hi bro/sis, i have few antique items, like cameras, plates, etc. that i want to sell it off. Any idea how i can go for it? thanks in advance.
  11. Jman888

    17 Ways to Be Happier at Work

    i like No.6 & 7 [laugh]
  12. Dear Bro, having seen or heard so many accidents involving trucks makes me felt that our LTA are sleeping in their job or its profit driven company? Cant see any control of this sort at all but can see they are all out to fine mods. So pls share ideas on how to control all this monster truck on the road and hope they saw this tread or any kind bros with good english can write to all minstries involved. I start first 1) Construction trucks carrying sand / heavy equipments cranes can only travel after 11pm till 7am daily. They can speed all they want at night and easy for TP ( If they are awake n working ) catch them as less traffic on the road and they cant hide.
  13. Just thinking about this issue which is becoming or have become a common source of unhappiness to many "new" 2nd hand car owners. The main reason i see why dealers and/or even some savvy owners want to tweak their odometer reading is so that potential customers will think the car they are keen to buy is newer or still new despite it's age, hence need not be worried or have to fork out a hefty maintenance sum so soon or at all. Personally, i think the following may deter, but probably unable to totally eradicate this problem/bane unless more enforcement methods used - 1. Dun buy a ride unless u have verifiable evidence of actual mileage. Eg. Service records from AD or workshop where ride was serviced. 2. If suspect that mileage is tampered or not so sure, ask either for better discount from selling price or to be inspected at own mechanic. Sometimes, high mileage does not necessarily mean problematic if the previous owner has taken time and $ to replace wear and tear parts. 3. In car sale agreement, insist that car dealer gives a warranty that should the mileage be found to have been tampered within 3 months from date of collection, an amount of $xxxx be paid, whether the car dealer is aware or not aware about the tampering. Basically, these documentation/black and white will be the tooth that Case can use. As i see at this point, many of the complaints brought up to Case are made weak because there is no solid evidence to point or put the onus on the car dealers to acknowledge responsibility for odometer tampering. Whether the car dealer honours the agreement is subject to the severity of the complaint. I rather keep making it troublesome for these dishonest car dealers to open/close shop or have a possible bankruptcy charge over their heads to make them clean up. On enforcement, i was thinking along the line of lta making the manufacturer come up with tamper proof odometer or lta have a type of seal that prevents tampering. But this may translate to more fees or a fee which i know, open doors for plenty of kpkb too. This thread for constructive discussion/further suggestions and no need to bring in politics or grandma or grandpa also (kpkb)..... If this topic is a repeat of other threads, my apology Mods, please delete. Safe ride Cheers
  14. Picnic06-Biante15

    Effective Speed Control - India Ways ...

    Effective Speed Controls in India Indian Speed Controls Speed controls being used in India ... How's this for effective speed control? I don't know about you, but this would certainly slow me down! Drivers slow down and actually try to "straddle" the hole. This is an actual speed control device that is currently in use. It is MUCH cheaper than speed cameras, radar guns, police officers, etc. Pretty clever -- especially when they move them around every day. Isn't art wonderful?
  15. I have tried washing detergent and also bleach to wash off the exhaust oil stains on my white overall... the stains are in spot form... but all failed. What else have you guys used to clean off such spots / oil stains? Thanks
  16. Most people here know that driving to Boleh land is a hazard sometimes. Those HW robberies are our main obstacle. And if I really got no important errands in there, I would not want to step a inch into that place. Seeking opinions, advise from people in here. Some might say, "not happy don't go in lah" or similar phrase.....but I emphasize, not happy also must go in at least once a week running errands. For the month of Feb and March, I had been blocked by these thugs 3 times and was thinking, any ways to stop all this craps. So these are the questions...................... - When I maintained not exceeding 110km/hr and was still blocked and accused me that I over speed. I refused to pay "kopi Lwee" , twice I received the "real" summon and once they "let" me go. Any ways if I were to report to their Authorities with video and photos evidence that "they" wanted "kopi lwee" ? - Why I refused to hand them Kopi Lwee is that if Suay Suay they sue me for bribing them, worse right? - What brothers here will do if you really not in any faults, and they accuse you of this and that? How you handle this type of situations? Thanks and hope to see some tips of handling this incident!! ---------------- Marcus -----------------
  17. Not talking about performance zngs, but visual / decorative types.... Fins. side-skirts, GT-wings, etc are quite universal, but there are a few others sgp-only "zngs" which cannot be found outside sgp (ok, maybe also found in MY). I got a feeling the list will not be long though (coz we are not a very creative lots) 1. Put t-shirt to cover the backrest of front car seats 2. Put coloured paper slips which come with pre-punched holes/flaps on dashboard, usually in carpark or roadsides.. 3. Put AMG decals/stickers on a Hyundai car!! or RallyArt on a Honda, TRD on a Nissan, Nismo on a Mazda... 4. that's all i can think of, if you can add one or two more, you're really observant / creative
  18. its the time of the year again... i almost fell off my chair when i saw the estimated tax payable..... any ideas to claim more deductibles (legally of cos!)....
  19. The majority of road accidents on our expressways / main roads are due to tailgating when the front car slows down but the one behind cant stop in time. Even without any injury, what follows is usually a big traffic jam while the drivers involved inspect / discuss / argue / wait for rescue etc right on the spot. This ends up wasting a lot time of other road users. To prevent this, maybe LTA should make every car install a distance sensor (not a very hi-tech / expensive item) and link it to a warning device, or better still a speed-limiter so that if the driver tailgate for say more than 3 seconds, he will be either warned or his car's speed will be cut to suit the distance he maintains eg 10kmh or car distance of only 2-car-lengths etc etc. TP will conduct random and on the spot tests anywhere and if tempering of the device is found, the drivers will be fined heavily. And as a further preventive measure, the guilty driver involved in road accident during peak hours will be charged a $2k (or more) blanket fine for causing traffic jam. We may say driver safety education is better than fines, but after so many years of police warnings and educations (one way or another), there's still no major improvement, in fact it's getting worse, it's time to introduce serious penalty like this to wake up these reckless drivers. Any better idea?
  20. Six ways to predict your brokerage is about to crash Reuters Posted at 11/09/2011 7:59 AM | Updated as of 11/09/2011 1:09 PM http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/business/11/08/...age-about-crash NEW YORK - The blow up of now bankrupt-MF Global proves that vetting a financial firm isn't ever simple. Companies use accounting tricks and other machinations to hide problems until the last possible moment. While no one expects individual investors to become forensic accountants, there are usually warning signs before a disaster strikes -- you just have to know where to look. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself: 1. SET UP A GOOGLE ALERT TO TRACK YOUR BROKERAGE FIRM If you just do a general search, you'll be inundated with emails. But you can curate the feed with a few terms (SEC, enforcement action, lawsuit) to keep the search focused and help you identify red flags. 2. DIG DEEPER ONLINE BrokerCheck is one of the best places to do some sleuthing. While most people tap this free online database (see http://brokercheck.finra.org) for the scoop on current and former FINRA-registered individual brokers, you can also get detailed information on 4,501 FINRA-registered firms. (The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is a self-regulatory group for securities firms.) You may not find the right information on your first try - a search for Merrill Lynch, for example, yields 11 different iterations of Merrill-related businesses. But once you've identified the right financial institution, click "Get a Detailed Report," to take a deep dive (up to thousands of pages) into a firm's disciplinary actions, criminal charges and other important information, including details about arbitration claims filed by investors. Another website with essential information is the Securities & Exchange Commission's website (http://sec.gov). Here you can access information either on individual advisers or whole firms. You can quickly see if individuals have ever been fined or suspended, pleaded guilty or no-contest to a crime, or have violated any investment-related statutes or regulations. A firm penalized for minor violations, such as a bookkeeping error, may still be trustworthy, but beware of any institution with a string of penalties in a short time period. 3. SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP Some private services now also offer free information about financial advisers. For example, BrightScope, a financial information company, introduced a free service in April that lets investors search for advisers by assets under management, geographic area and other criteria. The company, based in San Diego, gathers information from BrokerCheck and the SEC database, including disciplinary histories, but allows investors to search in different ways. Investors can also use the service to compare advisers. (See: http://www.brightscope.com/financial-planning/find/advisor/) You can also check out the regulatory financial examinations from CME Group. The derivatives marketplace performs these assessments to effectively monitor a firm's financial records and determine if accounts are appropriately divided up, which in industry speak is known as segregated. The CME also monitors any corrective actions. If there are any signs of trouble, CME may uncover these first, as CME rules require clearing firms to calculate their customer segregated position daily - and notify both the regulator, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and CME in the event of a problem. 4. LOOK AT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS For many people, the appeal of reading a financial statement ranks right up there with going to the dentist. But you'll need to do some sleuthing to understand what makes a company tick if you want to get a handle on the financial health of a firm. For example, MF Global revealed in public filings that it had a long position of $6.3 billion in short-duration European sovereign debt -- more than five times the firm's book value, or net worth. New York-based MF Global, which was run by former Goldman Sachs chief Jon Corzine, disclosed its position in European debt as early as May, which could have provided an advance warning to eagle-eyed investors. Net capital is one gauge the professionals use to measure financial health. "The best way to check out a firm's financial stability is to find out what kind of net capital requirements they have," says Gerri Walsh, FINRA's vice president of investor education. Regulators require firms to keep a financial cushion to stay in business. One place you can often find reference to net capital is a quarterly earnings release (10-Q), which is available on the SEC's website. But the net capital ratio often varies by numerous factors, such as a firm's type of business and risk profile. Futures brokers, like MF Global, must report net capital on the CFTC website - providing the most up-to-date information the CFTC has. There are financial reports from futures commission merchants (FCMs) and retail foreign exchange dealers (RFEDs), which are required by law to file monthly. It's easy to download by PDF or Excel files. There's a catch: The most recent data might not be made public for a full 29 business days - as firms have 17 business days after the month to file, and the CFTC needs up to 12 business days to post those filings. 5. WATCH LEVERAGE Leverage is another useful measure of a firm's financial footing. Simply put, think of leverage as the ratio of equity to assets: If a company's assets take a hit, which was the case with MF Global's bet on European debt, then the equity has to be sufficient to cover the loss. An overleveraged company doesn't have enough equity to cover significant fluctuations in asset value. "Leverage kills," says Dan Wiener, who edits The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors newsletter. Sean Egan, a principal at the Egan-Jones ratings service in Haverford, Pennsylvania, saw warning signs of MF Global's impending doom when few others did. On Oct. 28, his firm issued a B-minus rating for MF Global, a total of six notches below that of Standard & Poor's credit rating, he says. Egan says that a look at the company's leverage would have revealed trouble right away: "They had shareholder's equity in the area of $1.2 billion, but they had total assets of $41 billion. That means if their assets declined in value by nearly 2.5 percent, they would wipe out their shareholder's equity." To get a sense of what kind of leverage is appropriate, you'll need to talk to someone who understands financial companies. A firm such as MF Global, which dealt with high-risk futures, should be able to cover at least 25 percent of its assets with equity, experts say. MF Global had just 3 percent. Appropriate leverage percentages vary depending on the risk profile of the sector; banks, for example, traditionally can operate on a lower ratio. While the pros have complex financial models to measure volatility, Hersh Shefrin, a finance professor at Santa Clara University in California, says individual investors should look at New York University's Volatility Lab website (See http://vlab.stern.nyu.edu/) to monitor factors such as leverage, along with a company's overall stability. Currently in a beta format, the "V-Lab," as it is also known, looks at volatility and systemic risk, tracking close to 1,800 data sets. Figures are updated daily. Enter "Bank of America," for example, and you'll see a volatility rating of 75 percent for November 8, almost double where it stood a year ago. 6. KNOW WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH Because the financial system is so complex, companies are usually tangled up with each other. "If you have an adviser that's putting you with a managed futures fund, you have to call up that broker and ask them, 'Who is this money invested with?'"says Charles Rotblut, a vice president at the American Association of Independent Investors and an editor of the AAII Journal. "There will be a paper trail where the money is going, and where the transactions are being made - so they should be able to tell you where the money is invested, and with whom." While channeling your inner Sherlock Holmes may sound exciting, research shows that most people don't take the initiative to vet their financial relationships. But the constant barrage of blow ups might soon lead to a tipping point, says FINRA's Walsh. "After all, a lot more people used to smoke," she says. One more warning: If you do spot a red flag, don't wait to act. Right before MF Global filed for bankruptcy, some clients asked to pull their money from the firm. But instead of simply wiring that money back to customers, the firm sent old-fashioned checks via snail mail. By the time some clients deposited the checks, the firm was insolvent
  21. There are many singers out there who like to pick some famous hit and try to rearrange and sing it in different way aka their who style.As for me,this is really one of the best classic that Ah Lam had tried out during an award presentation show.IMO this is Better than Alan Tam's version.
  22. First, I am not a OPC owner. But this guy is talking about how to prevent accident and is inferring weekend cars are caused of it. No. 1 - WEC. I doubt there are any WEC on the road. Most will have been changed to OPC. If he gets his facts right and say OPC, then No 2. How does he know they are on the road when they should not be? whether use e-license or paper how he knows? http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_713210.html
  23. #1: license kena kangtong.....
  24. Hi bros/sis, Just want to ask if there are things to take note of to increase ride comfort. Am driving a Jazz 1.3 with 16 inch factory rims. Currently, I have am at a tyre pressure of front 220 and back 210. On bumpy roads, I can feel quite a rough ride. What I don't like is near traffic lights when roads are rough, thats where when slowing down towards a stop, the car will shake from left right left right making it very uncomfortable. What advise do bros/sis have for me, please do let me know. Thanks (I am not worried about FC, more concern over maximum ride comfort)
  25. This driver really makes me laugh my arse out. Paste sponge on the door to protect his door. This car didn't move for a few days, and in these few days, he uses this sponge to prevent others creating dings on his door. Today he has remove his mighty sponge.