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  1. Till recent, the term "Car-Lite City" have been used more than once by our ministers and PM. Come share your views and opinions what will be government action/plans to achieve this "Car-Lite City" vision. 1. Reduce COE Quota (OCS) 2. Increase Tax (Road Tax, PARF, ARF) 3. Increase ERP Charges 4. ???
  2. My office car park exits out to the main road along Cecil Street at 90 degrees. The traffic at this stretch of road is very heavy at certain times, some vehicles traveling rather fast. What makes it difficult to turn out are a row of tall plants at the side of the road on the right of car park entrance. Had a few close shaves inching out, craned to the max. What can I do? Talk to my building management and see if they can arrange for pruning of the plants? I have spoken to a few of my colleagues who drive to work and all share the same problem. Thanks for any feedback and advice. Yeah, did think of changing car park.
  3. anyone knows where to get anti glare rear view mirror? and roughly what's the price for 1? thanks.
  4. Is there a way a soft setting or a software upgrade for the iRoad V7 that will display the correct view on smartphone or HU ? At present my view on either of these displays - smartphone anf HU on the driver front seat is reverse for the rear view camera. That is what I see on the smartphone or the HU on my left , is actually on the right and vice versa on the display.
  5. I saw this. Wonder anyone does this here? The new Vezel 2016 model has a similar camera mounted on the side view mirror.
  6. ok. the last time i drove an Avante, it was rented and that was like > 3 years ago. i now got a new ride, an 09 forte. i find the mirrors a tad narrow as compared to my old ride. i was wondering, if any brudders here ever replace their side view mirrors for their Forte before. ever wondered if the Avante side view can be used on the Forte?
  7. about 1-2 years back, i encountered something similar with a LTA enforcement officer. I stopped at a roadside with engine and hazard light on to pass an envelope to my client who was waiting at the pedestrian walkway. My back was facing my car less than 2 metres away, this LTA enforcement officer(outsourced type) suddenly came by and immediately stopped his bike in front of my car and started keying into his handheld system. My client told me about it and i quickly approached him. This is all less than maybe 1 min? I spoke to the officer very nicely, saying my engine and hazard light was on, i was just beside the car. I ask if he saw me beside the car, he replied yes. Then why am i summoned for parking? TRAFFIC ACT CHAPTER 276: “PARK” means to bring a motor vehicle or a trailer to a stationary position and cause it to wait for any purpose other than that of immediately taking up or setting down persons, goods or luggage. He just smile back at me sarcastically and asked me to go and try to appeal. Then i took a video with him admitting that i was beside the car and HE SAW ME THERE. (since he asked me to appeal, i want to have some evidence to back up my story) I wrote in to appeal but rejected with the following reason "We have consulted the involved officer and that an offence have been committed." This is with me stating that i have all the photo and video evidences of the said incident. I was really busy that period, i did not follow up and just paid the fine. It is not about the money, but you should have seen the look on that guy face...
  8. I dont see the dot during the day. Is this the cause of auto diming rear mirror. I was in the car park about 7pm, not very dark, no car behind, so no lights from the rear, why is there still a black dot. Is it normal. It does not bother me but just curious.
  9. Elderly residents in Bukit Merah View can now stroll around with greater ease of mind due to enhanced road safety measures. The estate is the first of five to benefit from the Land Transport Authority's Silver Zone programme, which aims to make roads safer for elderly pedestrians. Features like enlarged centre dividers that allow for two-stage crossing are introduced. The speed limit in such zones has also been reduced to 40kmh wherever possible. Cars entering Silver Zones will see signs informing them of such zones, along with three rumble strips on the road to inform motorists to slow down. Other traffic features aimed at slowing down traffic, like chicanes - gentle curves along sections of roads - and lanes with reduced width have also been installed to ensure that cars do not speed along roads with high senior use. Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Health Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim said at the launch event on Saturday that seniors are "over-represented" in traffic accidents, and that the situation must be improved. He noted that 40 per cent of all pedestrian fatalities and 20 per cent of pedestrian injuries involved seniors. Dr Faishal, however, cautioned that road safety does not end with these silver zones and that road safety is the "shared responsibility" of all road users. The Silver Zones in Jurong West, Yishun and Bedok will be completed by the first quarter of 2015, and Marine Parade by first quarter of 2016. The five estates were chosen for their high senior population and relatively higher accident rates involving seniors. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/transport/story/first-silver-zone-unveiled-bukit-merah-view-20141018
  10. Today is her 36th bday. Her Chinese fans had a big celebratory weibo titled #孙燕姿723生日快乐#. Birthdays in multiples of twelve are considered important years, 本命年. Reaching ~14mil view count in a day is quite impressive. I am not exactly her fan but I think it is appropriate to reciprocate the well intended wishes with a simple thank you rt.
  11. Hi dudes Anyone tried a multi function rear view mirror before: 1)mirror 2)GPS 3)reverse camera http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2juU_FTORo...;feature=fvwrel
  12. I had posted the steps here..... http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2691368-do-you-like-the-new-mcf-layout/page-25 but...as the thread moves.......it is kind of difficult for members to back track.......so i thought mayb to start one so members can get use to the format faster. Mods.....sld this be not correct please merge back........ thanks to see who has replied you and which post, 1) move your cursor to your nick at the top right hand corner 2) point at your nick and a drop down menu appears 3) click on "settings" and it will bring you to your homepage 4) on the left of the page, look for "notification option" under the left menu 5) click on "notification option", you will see a whole list of options 6) Look under "topics and Post", there is an option "notify me when someone quotes my post" 7) to the right of the page, there are two boxes, one for "notification list" and one for "email" 8) tick the "notification list" box, and replies to your post will appear in notification list under your nick 9) tick the "email" box, and replies will be send to your email used to register your MCF account. 10) tick both and you have them coming both together. Hope this can help to sort out some confusion and members can get use to the system a little faster. Enjoy ...... [laugh]
  13. In view of today's high COE, for a slight higher depreciation, would you buy a pre-owned Mercedes ?
  14. City fringe view throttle2 bungalow somewhere in those greens there [laugh] menthol too
  15. Found an interesting view on HDB... http://therealsingapore.com/content/truth-...-wants-remember For sharing only...
  16. Dear admins, Ever considered a mobile view for mobile devices (iOS, Android)? It'll make reading, viewing and posting on MCF so much better. Will definitely increase traffic for sure. Maybe can find some way to have banner ads nonetheless. HOw?
  17. Please give me your views on this seriously. Let this be a learning and sharing experience for us. I apologise if i seems to be trolling but i wasn't. Also if the images are not relevant but these are the best images i can find. Is it really impossible for the sunny to spot the bike on his side mirror on a straight road? I think the sunny should be able to because there was only 1 car behind the sunny and it was not a truck or bus. If the sunny had kept his sight on the side mirror while changing lane, it could have been able to jam brake immediately instead going all the way near the kerb. If the bike was travelling from lane 3 to 2 to 1, then i think sunny will not be able to see it in the side mirror. PS: Radx if you think this thread is inappropriate or does not make any sense, please close it.
  18. Hi guys, How do you change the rear view mirror (pre FL vios)? I bought this rear view mirror + camera... currently it works by piggy back on the existing rear view mirror (its also smaller and not as wide anyway)... but whenever its a hot day... the mirror will start to drop downwards due to the weight of this piggy backed rear view mirror + camera. So I thought of replacing the existing rear view mirror with this piggy back rear view mirror + camera... but problem is I cannot figure out how to replace... besides... there is no latch or anything behind this rear view mirror + camera to stick to the windscreen... any advise will be appreciated!
  19. Dear brothers and Sisters, I am going to replace my 3 years BMW 118i . Which car should i choose a Audi A4 1.8 TFI or BMW 320i . Thanks please advice.
  20. hi to all Thai Buddhist, normally what Thai Buddha amulet do you place in your car?
  21. Hi folks, I lost my rear camera view on my kenwood sound system screen after replacing a died battery today. Yes, everything was reset to original and i had a hard time setting everything.. I'm the 2nd owner of this car, do not have any manual with me and a noob in in-car system. After spending 2+hrs still can't find the setting to reconnect back my rear camera view.. Any bro can advice me where and what to look for?
  22. CNA News report : View CCTV images of flood-prone areas on PUB's website Posted: 29 March 2012 1343 hrs SINGAPORE: From Thursday, the public can find out which areas have been hit by floods by checking closed-circuit television (CCTV) images on national water agency PUB's website. The images are from 24 flood-prone areas and hotspots islandwide, including areas such as Orchard Road, Shenton Way, Bukit Timah Road, Upper Thomson, Veerasamy Road, Tampines St 81 and Ang Mo Kio Ave 3. PUB said the images will be updated every five minutes. There are currently 65 CCTVs installed at areas which are flood-prone or have recently experienced flash floods. PUB said the 24 selected CCTVs are located at roads with higher traffic flow. The agency said the CCTV images will help to improve public preparedness as part of Singapore's overall flood management effort. Mr William Yeo, PUB's deputy director of Catchment and Waterways said, "We have installed CCTVs at various locations to help us better monitor real-time site conditions during heavy rainstorms. "This enables us to deploy manpower on site faster in the event of a flash flood and provide more timely updates to the public." Members of the public can also obtain information and updates about flash floods via SMS alerts, PUB's Facebook page and Twitter account. The public can also tune in to radio broadcasts for flash flood alerts. - CNA/cc so during heavy rain, stop vehicle by the side and surf the Net .... How many of us have iPad or Samsung Gal Tab inside car ???
  23. No need to go to HK. Just see this website It's fascinating ! [/color]
  24. SINGAPORE - An elderly couple were shocked when their son demanded they move out of the flat they shared, over a dirty toilet and household chores. According to Wanbao, he also handed them a $2,000 cheque after the couple asked him to return the $20,000 they had loaned to him, on condition that they no longer return to the flat. The domestic quarrel was triggered because their son, 33, an army personnel, was unhappy that the toilet which his parents use had become 'dirty and smelly'. The fight erupted yesterday in a flat in Woodlands block 769, at around 10.30am. The bickering lasted six hours, during which the son called the police. According to the mother, Mrs Fu, 55, both she and her husband, 62, suffer from high blood pressure, and she also has diabetes. Her son had asked them to clean the house and help with chores, but Mrs Fu says she has rheumatism, and is unable to do much. Mr Fu was involved in an accident a few years ago and had difficulty walking, which makes doing household chores almost impossible, says Mrs Fu. The couple, along with their youngest son, 27, had moved in with the eldest son a year ago, to help look after his two young daughters. He had just gotten a divorce then and needed help to care for them, but has since remarried. Even then, said Mrs Fu, they were asked to pay $1,000 a month in 'rent'. The police were called in a second time at about 12pm, when Mrs Fu sought their help to get a loan back from their son. They wanted him to return them $8,000 at least, from the $20,000 he allegedly borrowed. In the end, their son gave them a $2,000 cheque, on condition that that they no longer return to the flat. The son told a Wanbao reporter that he had chased his parents out of the flat because they did not clean up after themselves and refused to do any household chores. As a result, he and his wife often quarrelled over the matter. He claimed he called the police only because his father had threatened to kill him, and wanted to take a chopper from the kitchen. He also said he did not borrow $20,000 from his parents, but that it was a sum that they had given.
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