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  1. 1. not approved workshop... is their office / workshop at Leng Kee. 2. black and white agreement, you will not commit if the AA result not satisfactory. you dun have to pay any deposit actually but most probably u gotta pay dealer the AA charges for evaluation 3. u can dun put deposit, i didn't when i bought mine.
  2. Newdrive

    PCC on aeroplane

    :o :o watch tonight
  3. Newdrive

    Any place for peek f1?

    is not the first time F1 held... any loophole should have been covered already. your only bet is those high buildings ard the track areas... but u will need to be able to access first, then still need to use bino.
  4. Newdrive

    Battery tested 78%

    so advisable to off the aircon before cranking engine?
  5. Newdrive

    Lady M to open first Singapore outlet

    closed down? they have 2 branches in Melaka leh. not sure if we are talking about the same one. this is the one i talking about. there is another one similar in malaysia call Mille crepe cake, this one not so nice. Nadeja is much much nicer.
  6. Newdrive

    Lady M to open first Singapore outlet

    u just have to drive to Melaka and try nadeje... the texture much nicer. Even nicer then malaysia Mille
  7. Newdrive

    Car Accident: Who is at greater fault?

    then rental company might claim u then also heavily fine the guy renting the car.
  8. Newdrive

    Rims / caliper respray services

    self advertising?
  9. full name is bad enough loh. now whoever see this knows this NIE lecturer have his car service at Autoplus. even office phone number have.
  10. This is serious! Full customer name and outstanding amount revealed by staff working for Autoplus Pte Ltd on facebook! Anyone customer of Autoplus Pte Ltd?
  11. Newdrive

    3 drivers blind to red light

    bookmark watch tonight
  12. Newdrive

    Will u cry or will u laff

    see Darryn translation in post #6. except last part not correct. the person did not gave contact number and signs off bye bye.
  13. Newdrive

    Will u cry or will u laff

    lol not my car... just sharing this forwarded by my friend. i am just driving lao pok vios.
  14. Newdrive

    Will u cry or will u laff

    when u received this note on your car and you saw a scratch mark on your car?