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  1. Calvinus

    Bodykit fitter + Spray works - Recommendations please

    Could not find any information on them... do they have a website?
  2. Hi, I have a side skirt, front lip and rear diffuser that I need help with fixing on my car... I will probably need to spay them to the same color or another one that can match my car... Any recommendations for workshop who will do this? I also have a carbon fibre hood that needs to be installed. Any recommendations too? Best if the same workshop can fix both items...
  3. Wanted to order from Chen Jin initially but they emailed to say that they don't want to sell this brand anymore... Where else can I order?
  4. Calvinus

    Extortion by JB Traffic Police/Customs

    Bro, yes I was in the wrong lane but that does not automatically mean that I have breached the law, I am very certain that there is no published law in their traffic rules for driving into a lane meant for buses...
  5. Calvinus

    Extortion by JB Traffic Police/Customs

    Anyway the lesson to be shared (if not already known) is for all to be extra cautious when driving in Malaysia... After this incident, I came to the forum and read up only to discover that there are a lot of other tricks the JB Traffic Police will use to "rob" Singapore cars, such as catching cars crossing traffic junction at amber lights (Happens near CIQ - just need to be more careful), false speed readings on NSHW(can counter by filming your speedometer on longer trips) and parking without tickets (but this one I don't know how to guard against since many of the parking lots outside food places do not have proper markings)...
  6. Raise the issue to government in the "Singapore Conversation"... but likely they will just ignore the issue...
  7. Calvinus

    Extortion by JB Traffic Police/Customs

    Let me make this clear, the traffic was clear that day and there were no cars ahead of me. I was definitely not cutting queue... I probably have a car cam footage to prove it... If I had committed an offence I wouldn't have been so peeved.
  8. Calvinus

    Extortion by JB Traffic Police/Customs

    Not intentional... I usually follow the front cars, this time the roads clear and I drove into a lane for kerata and buses but when it switched to buses only I didn't notice... but that's not the point right... you can't fine someone for something that is not an offence... its not a big loss but still the feeling of being robbed is damn buay song...
  9. Calvinus

    Extortion by JB Traffic Police/Customs

    But surely there are no laws and fines for driving into a wrong lane right? I will be happier if I was speeding and got caught or if I had beat a red light... but this is pure extortion/day light robbery lor
  10. On the way back to Singapore from JB, we drove into the wrong lane, into a lane intended for buses and coaches. Traffic Police/Custom Officer came by and said that he has to issue us a fine, compounded at RM 300. While I doubt that there is any real offence, we didn't want trouble and decided to ask him to issue a fine. He said can give chance and only fine us RM 150... told him no money and he said you don't make trouble for us or we will make trouble for you too. As I really didn't have money to give, he eventually settled for whatever loose change I had which amounted to about RM 70... Feel damn buay song after I left but not choice since I had mother in law and wife with me and didn't want them to be further tramatized (don't want to fall in their hands with some fake charges) but if this had happened to you, what would you do?
  11. Calvinus

    Electrical wiring in car - battery drain

    Actually I have a DVR which is 24/7 on "On". But during the last battery drain incident, it was actually disconnected for a couple of days and I drove up to Melacca and back down before battery drained. So in theory, the battery should have been adequately charged during the trip... Any workshops you would recommend to take a look at this for me?
  12. After I installed my car alarm and in-car camera, I have been experiencing battery drain... basically from time to time if I do not drive the car for a few days, my battery may end up being fully discharged. This has happened a few times in the last few months already. Initially, I thought it was a battery issue but after having it checked at autobacs and also with a battery test device that I bought, I found the battery to still be working fine. I also thought it was because I seldom drive but recently I have been driving alot more and the situation still remains. I am now suspecting that the mechanic who connected the equipment to my car did not do a good job and had resulted in something being shorted inside thereby causing the drain. Is there any recommended workshop who is good with these things and can check out the connections done to my car, maybe with a multimeter to figure out if something is draining my battery away unnecessarily?
  13. Calvinus

    China Bodykit Parts

    Anyone installed china body kit parts before? Any complaints? What are things to watch out for? I am thinking of ordering some in from Taobao but want to do my research before buying... Can any bros share their experience?
  14. Calvinus

    Spray nozzle of CF hood

    Anyone bought Carbon Fibre hoods that does not come with a spray nozzle for windscreen? How do you get one installed? Any good workshop to recommend that will not ruin the CF hood?
  15. Calvinus

    What gives an non approved exhaust away

    I spoke to one of the shops doing exhaust modifications. The owner advised that modification of mufflers to a sport mufflers means that the sport mufflers will over time suffer some kind of wear and tear and degradation of quality and needs to be 'repaired' or 'fixed' every 2-3 years... Anyone know anything about this?