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Found 169 results

  1. Hi, Anyone would be able to advice on how to replace the GPS software on China DVD player ? Mine is currently running WINCE 6.0 and comes with built in GPS, but without Singapore map. And there isnt a Singapore map for me to download. Not sure if i can replace the stock software? Please advise. Thank you
  2. Check this out, I plan to use this for my pet, thought it might be interesting for you too. A gps location tracker that is useful for pet owners, kids, equipment and even seniors who may be challenged with dementia. Key feature is long battery life (30 Days) and it tracks indoors, most GPS tracks only outdoors, and also you can leave it in your car for tracking too. Have fun! Their website, Tack GPS: https://bit.ly/35flwIH
  3. Freeman

    Does haze affect GPS signal?

    Notice yesterday & today that my GPS got problem getting signal. Wonder if it has anything to do with the haze or just my device problem. Anybody has the same problem?
  4. Just learned about its existence. Quite interesting. You can see feedback from other users, etc. If more people use it, then the real-time traffic update will be more accurate.
  5. S'pore tech company launches 24/7 GPS for tracking children at S$25 a month source: https://mothership.sg/2020/09/gps-tracking-children/ Homegrown tech company myFirst is launching a service that will allow parents to track their offspring 24/7. The service "Stay Connected with your Loved Ones” provides unlimited GPS tracking, messaging, voice, and video call services for S$25 a month. This means you will know where your spawn is roaming, whenever you want to know it. As long as you pay S$25 a month. The fee also includes a kid's smartwatch, a parent's application, connectivity, data storage, and server application. While the GPS smartwatch, called myFirst Fone S2, comes on a rental basis, it will be yours after 12 months of subscription. Functions myFirst Fone S2 has a built-in 2MP camera for video calls and taking selfies. Children can also text and send voice messages with the watch, which has touchscreen functionality. Use the Classroom Mode, which can be set for specified period, to minimise distractions during learning. The Geo Fencing Area Alert will send you a notification once your child crosses the designated safety zone, while kids in trouble can use the Fone's SOS button to send a distress signal to their parent's smartphone. All data connectivity are SSL encrypted for complete privacy, the company adds. StarHub is the telco provider for this service, which will launch on Sep. 7. In response to queries from Mothership, a spokesperson for StarHub said that it is a commercial engagement with Oaxis, who owns the myFirst collection. The telco will be supplying SIM cards and mobile services that power the smartwatches. Although the company says they are homegrown, its site lists Singapore under "the rest of the world" for shipping destinations. A site listing reveals that they have recently been incorporated in Singapore on Apr. 6, 2020. You can find out more about the service here, nonetheless.
  6. Some update tidbit at https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coroanvirus-transportation/analysis-coronavirus-speeds-up-push-for-congestion-charge-in-cities-idUSL8N2F85DV 😁
  7. Kb27

    Mobile phone GPS problem

    Recently, I encounter gps problem. I was using Uber driver app, then I added Grab driver app. Both use and would launch Waze as navigation. Sometimes after using for a while, Waze would suddenly freeze, not knowing what to do, like hanged. I then turn on Google Map and it shows the same location problem as Waze. I'm not currently at that location, it was like a few km away. So I suspect Location service has a problem. I had 2 phones, LG V20 and G4, both having the same problem occasionally. Once the problem started, rebooting the phone will fix it, until the next gps "loss" Initial suspect is LG phones, but googling found that samsung phone users also reported experiencing this problem. https://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-s7-edge/667438-losing-gps-signal-how-can-i-stop.html If you have any experience with losing gps, for no reason, and how you fix it, please share. From the above link, the solution appears to be: 1. Switch off Wifi - Wifi degrade GPS signal. 2. Set GPS to device only, not High GPS which also use Wifi and network. 3. Remove battery optimization for Location Service. For those who use and encounter this during navigation, it can be frustrating, when you have to reboot the phone.
  8. Hi, There are a few companies providing tracking devices but are all very expensive. I went online and ordered a GPS/GSM tracking, only to realise that the installation appears to be more difficult than what I had imagined it to be. Can anyone recommend a ws with reasonable charges that has experience with installation of such devices. My car currently have EasyCar 2-way alarm installed. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/www-yahoo-comcovert-alert-and-voice-surveillance-bracelet-gps-gprs-tracker-TK103A-2-with-SD-Card/1457370507.html
  9. Jezzmatezz

    Updating of maps in GPS software

    Hi all Hope to seek your advice. I currently drive a Nissan slyphy 2015 model. The maps a little outdated as new roads are not detected. Is there a place for me to update my maps software?
  10. As the topic. Any bros can recommend not too expensive but good one? Please advise.
  11. Josho

    Is Marbella GPS good?

    Just wondering if anyone is using this GPS system. I intend to get a Garmin 255W as recommended by one of the poster here till my friend show me his Marbella GPS. Locking is fast, seem easy to use and using MapKing map. Therefore, just want to hear some review if anyone using Marbella. Thanks.
  12. elmoguy

    GPS Standalone

    Hi everyone. Is there a standalone GPS that comes with LIVE TRAFFIC feature? Garmin GPS LIVE TRAFFIC doesn't work in Singapore. TOMTOM GO 620 seems to have LIVE TRAFFIC? Thanks.
  13. Dear Alpine Navi GPS map users, Bought this headunit around 3-4 mths back for my Alphard and was disappointed that the GPS was relatively outdated, did not even have MCE. (think its 2013 or 2104 map). As advised by my installer, he said that I can buy online and installed it myself (via the headunit SD card). Today, surf the alpine website to find out how to update, also check malsingmap, in the end was prepared to pay for it (around US80, more ex at US120 if include Thailand) but alpine website advised me to install this software to check whether there is enough space in the SD card. https://alpine.naviextras.com/shop/portal/downloads Realised that the programme actually detected that I have a 2015 Q2 free update - inside my SD card! By clicking it, viola, my map now updated! Hence, pls do not pay/buy gps map update until you downloaded the above and check for any free update available. Other tips 1) pls peel off the plastic covering the SD card carefully using some simple tools, was using my fingernails, almost damage it 2) create a backup of the SD card into your PC, just in case the update does not work still happy no need to pay a single cent, and not sure why the installer was not aware abt it.
  14. Limws1

    Eurostyle GPS update

    Hi, Anyone bought a Kia recently that comes with Eurostyle GPS head unit? Would like to ask if you can share the GPS software with me. My GPS software hasn't been updated for 2 years. Rdgs
  15. Vtim

    Which GPS to buy?

    my old trusty Garmin 205W no longer working, can't detect satellite even I were to stand outside my car with it in my hand for more than 15mins. Any recommendation? I mostly need it for trips up North.
  16. Anyone knows where i can get the touchscreen of the toyota camry tomtom gps repaired? am unable to press anything now and so the screen is stuck cant use the gps now even after updating the firmware and resetting.
  17. Hi guys any recommended dashboard holders ( suction type) to recommend? Not those on glass but on dashboard. I bought one but it just will not stick to the dashboard. Thks
  18. D3badge

    GPS Running watch to recommend

    would like to hear review and feedback on GPS running watch for brudders whom are using here. Garmin, suunto, polar, nike etc? for myself mainly is for running to use it as a personal pacer to see my min/km and distance I am looking at Suunto Ambit 2S but not in SG yet, dunno when will arrive thus want to keep an open mind at others brand
  19. I am writing phone apps for myself in case my car gets stolen in Singapore/Malaysia, I am asking for opinion if it is worth doing it at all. HOW IT WORKS: - I hide an Android phone in my car that tracks the car's location (GPS). The phone can be any old and obsolete Android phone that is worth close to nothing. The phone is installed with an app (I develop) that runs non-stop in the background. - If the car is stolen, I use my regular phone to view my car's location graphically on a map. This phone is installed with an app (I develop) that hides all complexity from the user, but technically it sends an SMS to the car phone and the car phone responds with its location in SMS. The app decodes the SMS and drop-pin on an offline map. WHAT ARE ALREADY AVAILABLE: - There are low cost GPS trackers but they are on 2G networks that won't exist soon. - 3G trackers are expensive. - Commercial car trackers are available and most require subscription. - Most trackers use mobile data. MY METHOD: - Reuse old/obsolete phones that are lying around, so I don't buy anything. - Use SMS to communicate so phones don't need overseas mobile data. SMS in Malaysia doesn't cost much and we use only when car gets stolen. - My regular phone uses offline maps, no need to access online map such as Google map, so again no need mobile data. What are you using to track your car ? If I decide to develop the apps, I might give it away free to commenters here.
  20. Thinking of getting the Redmi Note 3 @ $299. It has a 4000mAh battery with dual sim function. Alternative would be note 5 but a bit out of budget. Any grabcar/uber drivers here? What are your phone you used for work? The huawei I purchase from Grabcar cmi.
  21. Have you suspected your wife is cheating on you , driving your car to some dark public parks for rendezvous ? Or your company employee had been secretly using your company vehicles to pick up your wife ? OK ..joking.. but do check out the review of this amazingly useful GPS Tracker. You can even use it to track your car if your car might be stolen in Malaysia ( using a malaysian 3G SIM card ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNXPUgQYyfU
  22. Extremme

    Kids GPS Tracker

    Hi, I am thinking of investing in a Kids GPS tracker. I was searching around and it seems most of which needs a sim card. As I travel alot with my kids, I am worried about the autoroam charges. Hence I am keen in those that do not need a sim card but rather just a GPS system. Thus far I manage to find one which is affordable and has a per use charge. http://www.gpsmagazine.com/2010/08/best_bu...hp#.UZb7jqPmjFo Anyone has invested in a good and affordable Kids tracker device to recommend? Thks
  23. Vezelian

    Standalone GPS

    Hi All, I'm looking to get a standalone GPS. Anyone can recommend? Garmin, TomTom, Morbella... which is better?
  24. Nlatio

    Pioneer AVH-X5850BT

    Hi Bro Just to check if the Pioneer AVH-X5850BT can add GPS function??
  25. elmoguy

    GPS Mount

    How do you all actually mount your GPS in your car? I wonder how this work, as I don't think any mounting device is that strong. I tried many but most cannot make it and not able to hold the device's weight. This actually block the front view. During the night, the display will be reflected onto the front windows at night. This resulted in poor vision. This device is not reliable and will drop off when you made a sharp turn. Cabling also an issue. This will cause "condensation" on your device and also block the air flow from the AC. Your solar film will left with mark with this mounting method. Yet to try this magnetic device. But don't think it can hold the weight.