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  1. Which petrol station is giving coupon now? Latest update... Whatever brands or station. Please share guys.. Cheers!
  2. This headunit is currently compatible with the 2019 RAV4 (can be compatible with other cars too, do update in this thread). I will post the steps to do the firmware update. Download the firmware file from the Pioneer website. https://sg.pioneercarentertainment.com/downloads This is the 18th March 2019 update. Version 08.04 https://sg.pioneercarentertainment.com/downloads_tc?title=DMH-ZS8250BT&link=https%3A%2F%2Fcms.pioneercarentertainment.com%2Ffiles%2FFirmware%2FDMH-ZS8250BT_v08-04.zip Use an empty thumb drive, format it to FAT32 and copy only the firmware file CVJ3242-B
  3. Hi, anyone tried this service ? Wonder if there is any gimmick.
  4. Keep your Navigation Software Up to date Anyone need this, can PM... thx thx
  5. Dear Alpine Navi GPS map users, Bought this headunit around 3-4 mths back for my Alphard and was disappointed that the GPS was relatively outdated, did not even have MCE. (think its 2013 or 2104 map). As advised by my installer, he said that I can buy online and installed it myself (via the headunit SD card). Today, surf the alpine website to find out how to update, also check malsingmap, in the end was prepared to pay for it (around US80, more ex at US120 if include Thailand) but alpine website advised me to install this software to check whether there is enough space in the SD card.
  6. Hi, Anyone bought a Kia recently that comes with Eurostyle GPS head unit? Would like to ask if you can share the GPS software with me. My GPS software hasn't been updated for 2 years. Rdgs
  7. Was at VW Alexandra 1st week of Sep 2017. According to SE, Golf facelift (mk7.5) is already in Tuas, undergoing LTA homologation process. All SEs have already been there to look at the cars, with photos in their mobile phones. Spec sheets have already been drawn up, which I got a glimpse on SE's mobile phones. Some sketchy (I don't have complete picture) details: Current Golf 1.2 will be replaced with facelift 1.0 New 1.4 will again have two versions, named ComfortLine or TrendLine or HighLine or something. Facelift 1.5 is nowhere in sight. GTI and R is also in the works.
  8. BMW navigation software update. now NBT & CIC system update is available. Before and After!!! MCE is added in new version.
  9. We used to go up tp Malacca at least 2 or 3 times a year but we haven't been there for two years now due to this and that. What's the situation with new restaurants there. Any good ones and have the existing got any better?? Thanks.
  10. Hi there... anyone into fishing can recommend or update the fishing ponds available locally??? so far i only know of the Pasir Ris Pro Fishing located at Pasir Ris Town Park Opp White Sands Shopping Centre that is still available. - Pasir Ris Town Park Fishing Pond *active* - Fisherman Village Fishing Pond *closed* - Bishan Park Fishing Pond *closed* *any updates please add on to the above list.
  11. Anyone has the latest update?
  12. Alberto lost his world heavyweight title to Ziggler today after defending his title yesterday at wrestlemania 29....
  13. Let's update on recent law developments here. Please keep to healthy discussions on a legal context and refrain from any sensitive religious themes. Note that the previous thread on chc had been locked as discussions spiralled to the dark side. Source: Singapore law watch
  14. This is really bad.... http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1244331/1/.html even channelnewsasia reported the story. Bottomline is PAP Town councils SOLD their computer system for $140000 to aim and promised to Pay Aim a Monthly Fee of $785 per town council to use their software. There are so many red flags that I am really worried for Singapore 1) There is only ONE BIDDER in the entire tender, Quote from CNA "Dr Teo said although five companies collected the tender agreement, the sole bid was submitted by AIM, a company fully owned by the P A P. " 2) sold f
  15. hi guys, need some help, i wish to update my garmin 1350, i tried 2 desktop and 1 laptop, none can actually detect my unit for long. how you guys actually do your update of map? via sd card? please teach me in doing so, simple and details. much appreciated.
  16. Haven't updated since i bought my Garmin back in 2009. Drove to gelang patah/nusajaya recently and map still show rubber plantation instead of roads....haha. Where and how to update the maps ah?
  17. For those Toyota that came with built-in GPS, may I ask, how you guys get your map updates? My unit seems to have Garmin pre-installed, using NT map, but can't seems to accept Malsing or MalFree maps.
  18. here is the latest tiko rangers update as of today................9 june 2011............ 1) tiko rangers admin--------------Tianmo 2) super horny tiko ranger---------Pisces69 3) yellow flag tiko ranger-----------Ken4555 4) holey tiko ranger-----------------Evillusion 5) good trees tiko ranger-----------East539 6) great melon tiko ranger----------SJP1965G 7) poky tiko ranger------------------pokyman 8) XMM tiko ranger-------------------Berncsp76 may all tiko rangers live in peace.............and bring peace to everyone.............
  19. Hi folks, recently a few months ago, there is this "Flashback" virus hitting Mac devices. They act as Adobe Player prompt you to update the flash player but its actualee a virus acting as Adobe Player. I have not update it since then and right now i am having problem watching beedeo and flash stuff in my ping guo air. It stated 'blocked plug in' whenever i went into youtube to watch beedeo. The flash player will again ..prompt me to update latest version in order to view. Anyone using Mac devices can enlighten is it safe to do so now? Kam Xia~
  20. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...404-337663.html I asked the mechanic, he said is upgrade for ECU, but for the mechatronics for the DSG. Said will make shifting of gear faster. Anyone got this already? My servicing was on 16th March, so I actually got it then (mine is Scirocco, strangely not mentioned in the article). Felt any different? I thought the gear change really smoother. Hope is not psychological effect. And hope DSG will last longer...
  21. Ma is leading at this time with a slim lead
  22. how much it cost you for the recent services? oil/filter change etc (can include atf change etc when the service included it).
  23. Pleas feel free to share you FC here:- TC: Mine is jeebun 2L TC, stock (except exhaust, mild cams n re-map), shd be around 310hp @ crank: daily 70% expressways, 30% smooth traffic on normal roads -----------------------> 7-8.2km/l northsouthHW, stick to speed limit of 110kmh, 90% aircon off, 60% zero boosy --> 11.3km/l northsouth HW, average say 160kmh 60% aircon off ---------------------------------> 9.0km/l on track ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 3.0km/l
  24. An update for the bros here as my ride hits 190,000km Major parts has to be changed as they are worn. cost me $1300 The list is super long almost like over haul. But after the change, the ride feels like new and engine is quiet again, silent huff and grunt to push the car off. The spinning of the turbo never sounded sweeter.....feels like a new ride and am happy with it. The rubber seals around the doors might be giving as wind noise seems more evident. Plastics in the car is still ok, because I do keep the dashboard cleaned and wiped and add some dashboard cream over it to prot
  25. can we help post all the exciting news here there is no many thread, confused which one is saw or see thanks bump it up so that we all refer to this until the election is over my computer slow open 1 thread may be easier for some thanks
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