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Found 22 results

  1. http://toho.com.sg/media/wysiwyg/4-char-la...-durability.jpg Anyone tried this ? Its great for super heavy users
  2. Just a quick update to the bros and sis here. Ride: Skoda Superb 1 Year: 2006 Mileage: 230,000km Major works: engine semi overhaul, shocks, all changed, major component parts thats spoilt changed. Tightening of roll bars. overall small paint job. Current ride - like new, quiet. Spent around 5k+ Power is seems tighter, engine feels smooth and reliable as ever. Skoda Superb - strong as nails - got hit by a taxi, his front looked collapased mine has 20 cent coin dent....paint work covers it. Loving the ride still.
  3. TWO days after he sold his car to a second-hand dealer, he saw an online advertisement for the same vehicle posted by the dealer. Something in the ad surprised the car owner, who wanted to be known only as Mr Xavier. It was advertised that the mileage recorded for his two-year-old Toyota Corolla Axio was about 29,000km. But Mr Xavier, who is in his 50s, said he noted down the car's mileage as about 76,000km when he sold it. That was when Mr Xavier, an administrator, suspected that the car's odometer, which records the distance travelled, could have been tampered. On average, cars here are driven for about 20,000km a year. Mr Xavier's friend contacted The New Paper after reading our report last month about tampered odometers. Mr Xavier said he had sold his car to a used car dealer in Ubi on Nov 11 for about $45,000. He had bought the four-door sedan brand new for about $58,000 two years ago. He said his car's mileage was high because of his daily commute - he lives in Hougang but his office is in Tuas. When he saw the online ad on sgCarMart.com for his car two days after he sold it, the mileage advertised was much lower - only about 29,000km. The car was offered for $52,800. He said: "I called the sales consultant to whom I sold the car. He said that the mileage must have been put up by mistake. When I checked (the online ad) later, it was never changed. "And the ad even said the owner was a lady." Mr Xavier also showed us a copy of his car's last servicing record at Comfort DelGro Engineering, which was dated July last year. It showed that his car's odometer reading then was already about 41,000km Investigating Mr Xavier said he later sent his car for servicing in Malaysia, before eventually selling it last month. Posing as a buyer, this reporter viewed the car on Wednesday. One of the company's used car sales consultants said that the car's previous owner was "a lady", and that the mileage was correct - at 29,000km, as reflected on the odometer. When we identified ourselves over the phone to the same sales consultant yesterday and asked if the odometer had been tampered with, he said no. He added in Mandarin: "When we received the car, the mileage was already around this number (29,000km). We didn't tamper with it and we don't tamper with odometers." But he said that the company is investigating the incident anyway. The ad was taken off the website shortly after we spoke to the sales consultant. But Mr Xavier remains unconvinced. He is now concerned that his car might be sold off to an unsuspecting buyer. He suggested that odometer readings be registered with the Land Transport Authority regularly. The New Paper reported last month that the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) said the number of cases of tampered odometers are on the rise. It received eight such complaints or feedback from consumers this year alone, compared with four such cases in the previous three years. All the cases involved consumers who bought second-hand cars, and a different dealer was involved in each case. In most cases, the consumers discovered the tampering after they sent their cars for servicing. Only two dealers were known to have taken the car back after that. Some of the car owners have also asked dealers for compensation or partial refunds. Mr Seah Seng Choon, Case's executive director, advised used car buyers to check where the car was last serviced and verify the records with the authorised agents. They can also check the records on the car's service log book. Lawyer A P Thirumurthy had said in the previous TNP report that tampering with odometers is not a criminal offence unless it can be proven that a particular dealer had done so to deceive buyers. This article was first published in The New Paper.
  4. It was about 5 years ago when I bought my Skoda Superb 1.8T. I found the brand though this very website and from the Skoda community here. I am more than happy with my ride and experience. Being such a used car, I will definitely accelerate the wear and tear duration and had parts changed. Currently my ride is sitting at the workshop to have it's cam changed as there was some issues with it. I am expecting a deeper ride after this. Its almost like a mini-overhaul. After this, ride will be powerful for the next 5 years. - Its true when people say that the car is a keeper and Skoda drivers seldom change their ride.
  5. OMG!!! just a bread n butter small hatch back, tracked for fun once and covered only 40,000km in five years but now f shocks gone.... My only "abuse":- sometimes accelerated hard half way going thru road humps but got slowed down a bit before humps. Any bros' shocks lasted shorter?
  6. Echelon

    190,000km Skoda Superb Update

    An update for the bros here as my ride hits 190,000km Major parts has to be changed as they are worn. cost me $1300 The list is super long almost like over haul. But after the change, the ride feels like new and engine is quiet again, silent huff and grunt to push the car off. The spinning of the turbo never sounded sweeter.....feels like a new ride and am happy with it. The rubber seals around the doors might be giving as wind noise seems more evident. Plastics in the car is still ok, because I do keep the dashboard cleaned and wiped and add some dashboard cream over it to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. The handles are peeling and will probably have to go do something about that, but don't want to spend money on it. But most importantly is the engine, its purring and I am happy. Anyways as I am on Stage 2 with 195 hp to boot, I am happy of course. Happy 5 years old Skoda Superb, you have served us well.
  7. Hi all, Just need some comments on my engine' health. These spark plugs used for 60,000KM, since the day i bought a new Honda car. used for 4 years already since. Looking at these spark plugs, is my engine ok? I think these spark plugs are supposed to last 80,000KM, but i feel safer to change now. used for 4 years already..... shld be long enough of usage http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/1589/newimagey.jpg http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/1885/photobm.jpg
  8. My toyota is due for 100,000km servicing & also the car warranty is over. All these while had been serviced by BM Pandan and so far no complaint except it is rather expensive (think is about S$400 for the 100,000 service). I'm also looking to change my current Michelin PP2 tyres as they are due as well. Any bros here can recommend a good service workshop using original toyota parts but at a lower servicing cost. Prefers in Ubi/Tampines areas. Better if around vicinity has Car Audio/Video shops. Looking to upgrading my AV setup as well. Thanks.
  9. I was quoted 300plus! Isn't that too expensive? My car only a Swift. What kind of prices should I be looking at for a 20,000km service?
  10. So_nice

    EP70..mileage 78,000km????

    1 lady teacher owner till now. Car in perfect condition. Only travelled 78000km since day one. Engine tip top Condition. Sell with New 10 yrs COE. S$23,888/= http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-20LKacQ6-1162.html
  11. Followthelaw

    Major Service @82,000km

    Yo all MCFers, Gg to do a major service,at 82,000km.I intend to do the below,kindly add if I had miss out anything. Engine Flush Chge Engine Oil/Filter Chge Timing Belt(Whole Set including Water Pump/Tensioner/Bearing) Chge Fan/Steering/Air-Con Belt Chge Fuel Filter Chge Clutch Fluid Chk Engine Gasket Chk Steering Bushing,if need,chge Chk Suspension Bushing,if need,chge Tyres Rotation & Alignment Also gotta chk for a screeching sound at the rear
  12. Seems like BM is feeling the heat from PI market and they are heating things up with their extended warranty. I think Ford has something similar... I wonder if other ADs will follow suit as well....
  13. Timing Belt Change At 50,000km For Aveo5 Advise Wanted! Any Experience Engine Savvy to advise. My Aveo5 due to reach 50,000km soon & Engine seem very good & normal. Should I change Timing Belt at 50,000km as recommended or drag further to 70,000km. Drive only on Singapore Road, changing at 50,000km seem too early. Most Car Agent requires 70-80,000km before changing. How to cut cost & save $$$ ?
  14. Make : Honda city Age : 1.3yrs. Just change CVT oil, and front brakes. So, what else do it need to change other than enigne oils @40,000km? Thanks Thanks
  15. Treesmaker

    30,000Km servicing. Very cheap!

    Hi, I want to share my experiences with my AVEO'S 30,000km servicing. I paid $10/- to the mechanic at Caltex petrol station in Upper Thomson Road, next to the Shell and Esso Stations. I bought my own oil (some Arab brand, 5w-40)from Song Yi and I got a free oil filter for $55/- . I also brought my own air filter. I bought Japanese Nissan spark plugs from a spare part shop in Upper Weld Road. I needed to change my brake fluid as stated in the owners manual. He drained my brake fuild for $38/- using his own DOT 4. In all, I paid $48/- and I got 10 manual car wash vouchers for free. I only waited no more than 40 minutes!.
  16. Sianz... Is time for maintenance liao. As above... Actually i didn't do much for my 40k servicing, just change oil only nia... BTW, my ride is a nearly 3 year suzuki ignis.
  17. Helloworld88

    90,000km interval servicing

    How much would there be for a 2002 version S40 ? If it is carry out in alternative workshop.
  18. Here is what the spark plug look like after 40,000 km ! Took them out and found that the gap have increased to some 1.3 mm. Standard is 1.0 > 1.1 mm. Notice that the V group centre electrode have already been worn bad ! The ground electrod also have some wear. Adjusted the gap back to 1.0 mm and would expect another 40,000 km. Need to inspect them earlier, i.e. at 20,000 km interval this time. Notice fuel consumption have improved almost immediately. Guess the manual is right about changing the plugs at 20,000 km interval. Only disagree with the need for new plugs. Simply adjusting the old plug should be good enough! CBX
  19. Hi All MCF Bro & Sis, My 10,000 km servicing for Toyota Vios is up. Need some advice as to whether send my car to BM or use outside vendor and also is it necessary to use fully synthetic oil? Here's what BM quote me and the options i have. 1. $204 : labour+some parts replacement+Castro Fully Synthetic oil 2. $126: labour+some parts replacement+ purchase my own 4litre Fully Synthetic oil (any recommendation?) 3. $139: labour+some parts replacement+Castro Mineral oil Appreciate your advice. TIA!
  20. I just got a heartache yesterday when my JAZZ failed to start in the middle of the night when I was going out for kopi. I called Honda 24hrs service and they came down to rectify the problem. The technician was good and very efficient. The problem ended up to be the battery. Question for u bros out there...Is it normal for the battery to fail after 40,000km mileage? What pains me most was that I just sent my JAZZ for 40,000 servicing at KM about a week ago and now this happens. Another hole in my pocket JUST AFTER SERVICING. I am considering to lodge an incompetence complain on the part of the servicing technician at KM for the failure to forsee this happening. I thought Battery checks are standard for every servicing. Anyone, please advise.
  21. Garlic

    40,000km servicing

    Hi guys, I'll sending my Ignis for 40K km servicing next week, do you guys think I shd go back to CM or to a outside workshop? What are the things that shd be done @ 40K? I understand that the Ignis is using a timming belt thus there is no need for a replacement. My Ignis is coming to 3yrs and I was thinking of going back to CM as they will be able to replace any fault parts as its still under warranty, downside is the 40K servicing @ CM cost $300+. I have already replaced the platinium plugs, brake fluid and ATF during the last servicing. Btw, does anyone has the URL to MX Trading's webby? Thanks :)
  22. I need some advice what should I do and what parts should I change during the 10,000km servicing for my Corolla 1.3M (2000) they call it G8? the new "elephant" corolla is G9? this is what i know i should do but maybe u can suggest more things? change engine oil. (amsoil oil?) change oil filter. flush engine (some chemical pour in engine, drain out and pour engine oil) injector cleaner (some liquid pour in petrol tank mix with full tank of petrol) what else should i request to be check?