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Found 23 results

  1. Hello Guys , have anyone of you sell the car thru consignment basis ? I got this deal , buyer interested to buy my car.. but the middleman ( car today ) claims that I will need to do a transfer first name to new owner first , then i get paid 1-2days after the car name transfer.. in all my car buying and selling , even buyer with loan , all full payment is done immediately after transfer name is done ? I found it very fishy.. anyone any enlightment me ?? 1) what is name transfer and this middleman dod not transfer ? 2) they charge super high % commission up to 5% if u want the payment done on the before transfer ! Maybe it their tactics to get instant commission rather from loan and insurance ? 3) there is no confirmation letter or agreement that fund is transfer own witheld by them ( middleman ) ... any member car to share.. Is this a scam ?
  2. A 30-year-old man was sentenced to a year in jail on Monday for snatch theft, despite his attempt to evade arrest by hiding in an uncovered manhole that he had accidentally fallen into. Muhammad Ibrahim Abdul Kafoo, 30, had pleaded guilty to snatching the handbag of lawyer Lesley Fu in April outside Chijmes near City Hall. On April 29, he walked towards Ms Fu and ran off after grabbing her red handbag. She went after the thief with two police officers, but they lost sight of him near some road works being carried out near Saint Andrew's Cathedral. It turned out that the man had fallen through an uncovered manhole at the worksite, and decided it was a good place to lay low till his pursuers gave up. He stayed hidden for about 15 minutes, emerged completely soaked, and took a taxi back home. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/snatch-thief-hid-sewer-later-caught-and-jailed-one-year-offence-20
  3. Windwaver

    Who watching Japan VS Mexico later?

    2:45am At the same time can see if smog worsens when it nears dawn
  4. Yahgo22

    SMS via M1 arrives 12 hr later

    I had 2 sms send to my M1 hp abt 10pm last nite. I just recd this mrn abt 9.30am. I had several lines with diff service providers but it is always M1 that is having late or delayed SMS. Any bros had any similar incidents.
  5. Just a quick update to the bros and sis here. Ride: Skoda Superb 1 Year: 2006 Mileage: 230,000km Major works: engine semi overhaul, shocks, all changed, major component parts thats spoilt changed. Tightening of roll bars. overall small paint job. Current ride - like new, quiet. Spent around 5k+ Power is seems tighter, engine feels smooth and reliable as ever. Skoda Superb - strong as nails - got hit by a taxi, his front looked collapased mine has 20 cent coin dent....paint work covers it. Loving the ride still.
  6. It was about 5 years ago when I bought my Skoda Superb 1.8T. I found the brand though this very website and from the Skoda community here. I am more than happy with my ride and experience. Being such a used car, I will definitely accelerate the wear and tear duration and had parts changed. Currently my ride is sitting at the workshop to have it's cam changed as there was some issues with it. I am expecting a deeper ride after this. Its almost like a mini-overhaul. After this, ride will be powerful for the next 5 years. - Its true when people say that the car is a keeper and Skoda drivers seldom change their ride.
  7. http://www.todayonline.com/Singapore/EDC12...nd-Bugis-Marina SINGAPORE - Following a review of the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) scheme on Saturdays for the Orchard and Bugis-Marina Centre ERP cordons, the Land Transport Authority has decided to implement shorter ERP operating hours for Orchard cordon, and lower rates for Bugis-Marina Centre cordon. From June 2, the ERP operating hours for the Orchard Cordon will start at 12.30pm instead of 11am. The LTA will also reduce the ERP rates for Bugis-Marina Cordon from S$2 to S$1 between 12.30pm and 2pm, and between 5.30pm and 6.30pm. The LTA said that based on its assessment of the existing traffic conditions in the two ERP cordons, ERP is still required on Saturdays to manage traffic congestion in the two cordons. However, its noted that trips bound for the two cordons on weekends are largely for shopping or leisure, and there was scope to fine-tune the ERP operating hours and charges "to give greater choice to motorists". "For instance, some motorists may be prepared to accept slightly greater congestion without having to pay ERP charges, while others are prepared to pay for a better travelling experience," the LTA said in a statement issued today.
  8. Switched from my Mk-2 Punto into a Bravo T-Jet. Was no sure at first, given so many choices in the price range. Tried the new Mitsu Lancer EX - didnt't make the cut. IMHO, hugely disappointing. The Civic was the next choice but it feels boring, even compared to my ex 1.3 Punto! The Civic interior is top notch though. Then called my Fiat salesman and he invited me to try the new Bravo. The NA Bravo was nothing to shout about but smooth and had the "Italian Sound"! Then he let me try the Bravo Turbo aka T-Jet. I was hooked man. Pure shiokness. Booked a black one on the spot(without my wife's knowledge) . Now 2500km I have no regrets at all. Next need do some mods and change from 16" to 17". The Original rim damn difficult to clean. Any bros here with same car. Need to share idea how to mod.
  9. Damn sad! PIE fatal hit-and-run: Victim found nearly 5 hours later Above: Mr Muhammad Zulfiqar's body was found in the centre of the divider at the PIE on Monday morning close to five hours later after he was flung off his motorbike. SINGAPORE - A 21-year-old motorcyclist was flung off his motorbike while travelling on the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) towards Changi Airport on Monday morning (April 2). The bike appeared to have skidded, The New Paper reported. But the victim of the fatal accident, Mr Muhammad Zulfiqar, was found close to five hours later at 10.15am. The police said in a joint statement with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) that they first received a call about the accident at 5.25am. Upon arrival, they found an unattended motorbike at lane 3 of the expressway, the statement said. However "attempts to verify the whereabouts of the motorbike owner were unsuccessful and officers left the scene subsequently," the agencies said. At 9.15am, SCDF received another call about "someone lying down in the divider along PIE towards Changi Airport, after Upper Bukit Timah exit". But again the dispatched ambulance could not locate the victim. At about 10.07am, the police received another report of "a man lying in the bushes at the centre divider of PIE" and returned to the location. But it was another SCDF ambulance that was on its way to a separate incident along the PIE that spotted Mr Muhammad. Paramedics pronounced the biker dead at 10.15am. According to Chinese-language newspaper Lianhe Wanbao, Mr Muhammad was left for dead after he was hit by a car and flung off his bike. Mr Muhammad's father, Mr Mohd Nor, 45, said his family had never supported his son's decision to ride a motorcycle, according to The New Paper. However he had insisted that it was more convenient than taking the bus or MRT. Mr Mohd Nor said that on the day of the accident, his son had gone for supper with some frineds afer knocking off from work in the wee hours of the morning. Police investigations are ongoing.
  10. I have a 1.3 (A) toyota registered in 02 Oct 2002. Was quoted trade in price of $17,000. See details below. It is better to change car now or wait and take chances. Anyone feel that COE will go down even by a couple of thousands? Planning to buy Renault Fluence. Most likely will keep the car for 10 years. How is Renault Fluence? How is the reliability? Im looking for a reliable car. Thank you. If de-registered in end Jun 2011: Vehicle to be Exported: No Intended De-registration Date: 30 Jun 2011 Vehicle Make: TOYOTA Vehicle Model: I.S.T A Manufacturing Year: 2002 Open Market Value: $16,800.00 Original Registration Date: 02 Oct 2002 First Registration Date: 02 Oct 2002 Transfer Count: 0 Actual ARF Paid: $21,840.00 Intended PARF Rebate Details PARF Eligibility: Yes PARF Eligibility Expiry Date: 01 Oct 2012 PARF Rebate Amount: $12,012.00 Intended COE Rebate Details COE Expiry Date: 01 Oct 2012 COE Category: A - Car (1600cc & below) & Taxi COE Period(Years): 10 QP Paid: $28,409.00 COE Rebate Amount: $3,558.00 Total Rebate Amount: $15,570.00 If de-registered at end of 10 years on 1 Oct 2012: Vehicle to be Exported: No Intended De-registration Date: 01 Oct 2012 Vehicle Make: TOYOTA Vehicle Model: I.S.T A Manufacturing Year: 2002 Open Market Value: $16,800.00 Original Registration Date: 02 Oct 2002 First Registration Date: 02 Oct 2002 Transfer Count: 0 Actual ARF Paid: $21,840.00 Intended PARF Rebate Details PARF Eligibility: Yes PARF Eligibility Expiry Date: 01 Oct 2012 PARF Rebate Amount: $10,920.00 Intended COE Rebate Details COE Expiry Date: 01 Oct 2012 COE Category: A - Car (1600cc & below) & Taxi COE Period(Years): 10 QP Paid: $28,409.00 COE Rebate Amount: $0.00 Total Rebate Amount: $10,920.00
  12. Hi all..received 2 summons stating i park illegally dated late June n early July 2010. Place of offence is China street, i was there watching world cup then. No notice on winscreen and quite shocked to received summons this late. So its 120x2 n 3x2 demerits points. Is this common, i mean nearly 6 mths later then issue summons? U imagine if i go n watch world cup 5 days in a row..hahaha
  13. Who is watching F1 live later?
  14. Ok, i just collected my car and all seems good except for a few things: The agent ONLY told me when i went down: - Remote control car key is not shipped in yet will take 2-3mths (typo in title)!! So i only have 1 single key that has no remote now. - Car alarm doesn't come with the car. Is that normal? I know i shld have checked but amidst all the things i checked, i left this out and assumed that all new cars now comes with alarm preinstalled. Is that not true? - No antenna. Antenna comes with the remote car keys in 2-3mths. Sigh. I bought a JDM Toyota Wish. Can someone enlighten me if this sounds fair?
  15. Just wanna see the opinions/viewpoints of the bro/sister here. Say you are in your mid 30s with a basic degree and in your current role, you are already the subject matter expert but you don't see yourself making another major milestones. While the job pay decent at 6+, it is not much in the bigger scheme of things and its basically a career gone stagnant. With typical retirement age at 60 and above, I have like 25 years more to go. I am just thinking maybe it's time to pave the way for a 2nd career, doing something totally different but sustainable which I can continue doing without fear of losing my job when i hit my late 40s or early 50s. If you are in my shoes, what kinda 2nd career will you be considering?
  16. Amokie

    Uruguay v Argentina 6am later

    is the above match showing on cable ????
  17. If you are buying a laptop, would you get it at COMEX or SITEX? COMEX is before Windows 7 is released. SITEX is after Windows 7 has been launched. Does it matter to any bro here?
  18. Hi, Need some urgent help here. I have never encountered this before. Just topped up my tank an hour ago by a pump attendant. He alerted me to petrol gushing out from bottom of tank. I took a peep and indeed I could see petrol flowing out, mind you not dripping ok. It stopping flowing/leaking after about 1-2 mins. I took at a look at the meter and it says 60 litres. There is no sign of overflowing from the top-up point. Knowing the tank capacity is 55 l or so, I only expected the overflow if any, to come from the top-up point if indeed it is over-topping. Has anyone encounter this before? Most people I asked said it should not happen. Some say there is an overflow line built-in the tank. I am very concerned about this problem. Can anyone shed some light into this? Thanks
  19. Members, just got my car 3 weeks back. What is your advise or experiance, shd I go ahead to detial it, before any scratch or swirl marks come in ? what do I do ? or shd I wait till later ? Also, after washing the wheels with some ma ma lemon, while the wheels are nice and shine, it always cause the creeking sound when you apply the brakes. I believe this is becos some lubricant must have been washed off . Anyone tried applying some lubrication oil after washing ? It occurred to me that maybe when you're doing the detailing work, wearing a mask will be a good idea. I do think some of the product we use to detail our rides do contain chemicals, unlike before when products contain less chemicals. Cheers !
  20. Sold my Trajet for 3 years already...almost forgotten about that monster and then... A letter from LTA telling me that the PARF value have been revised from $25,782 to $26,250. A jump of $609.00. I think it may be a case of under declaration but serve me no good as I need to buy another car to use the rebate. Anyone out there looking into buying a new car? Can do a transfer to you the amount to offset your purchase. Will do it for $500 cash. Transfer fee is $10.00 at LTA.
  21. Shawrac

    Wat Em being doing later???

    lately from news, EM is going in bring in 2 more china made cars other than Geely! Other than that, he is also going to built a hotel on his laguna CC with almost 200 rooms which will be ready in 2010! Now we know why skoda price rise already!!!
  22. Hi to all, Those especially who had tint windows and windows visor. advisable to tint window first than put on the window visor or vice versa??? any good lobangs to wher tint windows? wanna straight get it done when first get my ride.
  23. A friend of mine wanted to test drive the new Opel Astra but was told to give a S$5K deposit before test driving only leh. Got such thing?