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Found 19 results

  1. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/taxi-drivers-could-obsolete-three-223246289.html What do you guys think? I think the day is surely coming. Even Uber is intensely investing in this sector. The day Private Hire companies will truly huat is when they can get rid of their highest cost - human drivers.
  2. Hi gurus, My 12yrs old Latio is experiencing a sort of rumbling noise from engine during cold start or at low rpm <1200 (move off from stationery) The noise disappear at cruising speed A workshop diagnose as tappet noise and recommend for top overhaul My car mileage is now 260K km and has never undergo any overhaul before and is left about 3 yrs (renewed coe for 5yrs in 2015) Is this the only option? will it lead to more problem if left unrepaired? Some may remember that my engine is also consuming engine oil and i top-up like 1L/2weeks Also, I just changed a second hand gearbox in Dec 2016...... Any advice for me? TIA.......
  3. Showster

    PSLE T score replaced by banding

    http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/education/parliament-psle-scoring-system-to-be-revamped-t-score-to-be-removed-from-2021 Parliament: PSLE scoring system to be revamped; T-score to be removed from 2021 Pupils and parents awaiting the PSLE 2012 results at Nanyang Primary School.PHOTO: ST FILE PUBLISHED10 MIN AGOUPDATED2 MIN AGO SINGAPORE - To encourage students to go beyond book smarts, the aggregate score for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) will be replaced with wider scoring bands from 2021. The new scoring system, which affects this year's Primary 1 pupils, will be similar to grading at O and A levels, said Acting Education Minister Ng Chee Meng (Schools) as he announced his ministry's plans on Friday during the Committee of Supply debate in Parliament. PSLE grading will also no longer be based on how pupils do relative to their peers, as it is now, he explained, adding that the hope is that this will encourage students to focus on their own learning rather than competing to do better than their peers. Mr Ng said: "Today, there is a deeply ingrained mind-set that the PSLE is a very high-stakes exam. Many perceive that a child's PSLE T-score at the age of 12 determines his or her success and pathway in life. "The main issue to address is that the way we currently score the PSLE is too precise, and differentiates our students more finely than necessary. We should therefore, in time, move away from such fine distinctions, which are not meaningful, especially at that young age." The Ministry of Education (MOE) will take the next few years to develop and test the new exam and secondary school posting systems, said Mr Ng. The posting system will still be a fair and transparent system based on academic merit, he added. More details will be revealed in the next two to three months. The PSLE review was first announced by PM Lee Hsien Loong in 2013. It is meant to reduce the over-emphasis on academic results and allow students more time and space to develop holistically. Mr Ng stressed the need for a paradigm shift towards holistic education. He admitted that despite efforts to change, there is still a narrow emphasis on academics and paper qualifications. "This is deeply ingrained in out culture," he said, and even manifests in employer mind-sets. While MOE can take the lead in moving away from an excessive focus on academics, it will take parents and the community to come aboard, he added. MOE will also review the Direct School Admission (DSA) scheme to recognise achievements and talents in specific areas , which was its original objective, instead of general academic ability. Introduced in 2004, DSA was intended to promote holistic education by providing opportunities for students to be recognised for a more diverse range of achievements and talents, such as in sports and arts, when seeking admission to secondary schools. The DSA has been criticised for turning into a channel for students to secure places in the most sought-after Integrated Programme schools whose students bypass the O levels. Some parents also send their children for DSA preparation classes and enrichment programmes to boost their chances of doing well in interviews and auditions.
  4. Darryn

    Replaced AirCon

    Replaced my air-con compressor over the weekend RM1,400! Rather happy...
  5. hi all i believe i may have damaged my TB's seals by cleaning it using strong solvents & now my idling & accelaration are rough & hits a flat spot at 2500 rpm & thereafter will increase very slowly even though am maintaining accelarator pressure. anyway to check & repair or must change? damage? ok to get recond or advisable to get new part? anybody have 1st hand experience & can point me to a reasonable workshop? thanks
  6. As per topic, Nowadays they launch Castrol Edge with Syntec / Titanium. Does anyone here have any first hand experience?
  7. The workshop which servcing my 2002 S40 change for me in every 15000km, is this normal ?
  8. Traffic police goes plastic in China to fool motorists This will free-up our mods time Series of plastic signs simulating the rear of police vehicles have been spotted on Chinese highways. Tue, Mar 13, 2012 AsiaOne BEIJING - A series of plastic signs have been spotted on Chinese highways, according to Chinese media reports. The signs, erected by the Chinese traffic police, include LED displays with messages that read "currently measuring speed" and "don't speed", look very similar to the rear of police vehicles. Some of the signs were also fitted with red and blue flashing lights. The simulations of traffic police vehicles fool motorists into slowing down. According to a report on Shanghaiist, 10 of the signs have been introduced in Henan. They are mostly placed near road construction areas and dangerous sections of the highway. The report said effectiveness is higher in the evenings perhaps due to the lower visibility and therefore, an increased chance of mistaking them for the real deal. These signs are green too. The report said they are being powered by solar energy in order to ensure constant highway vigilance.
  9. I am looking to buy a new tv to replace my CRT (yes, i am still using a CRT!! ) eyeing for the Samsung LED but the sales guy keep recommending plasma from Panasonic. look at both the LED and Plasma side by side, i do agree that plasma do have better resolution in all viewing angles. my main concern is, if i get the plasma, am i buying an out dating technology TV? can anyone give me some advice? thanks.
  10. Moeykf

    Dust cover replaced

    Dear all, I just got my outer dust cover of my driveshafts replaced last friday(Mileage 40Kkms), lucky the bearings no damage. SGD$180 for both side, 1 hour job. I only get to know that the dust covers were torn after my tyre rotation at South East Tyres, went to AD but they were closed....so I got this driveshaft specialist contact from my friend's workshop. The address is Blk 21 Sin Ming Road #01-31. "ELITE DRIVESHAFT". I will post the name card tonight.
  11. Replaced my Koni Yellows to Monroe Reflex, replaced all my pillow mounts as well.... car feels damn comfy... muahaha.. steering lighter effort no more boucy tummy when taking out the old Koni, both front bump stop was crushed, pillow mount has sinked as well, roller bearings looks alrite. rear still have the bump stop intact, however the pillow mount has cracked(cant be seen unless taken out)
  12. Hi, Need some urgent help here. I have never encountered this before. Just topped up my tank an hour ago by a pump attendant. He alerted me to petrol gushing out from bottom of tank. I took a peep and indeed I could see petrol flowing out, mind you not dripping ok. It stopping flowing/leaking after about 1-2 mins. I took at a look at the meter and it says 60 litres. There is no sign of overflowing from the top-up point. Knowing the tank capacity is 55 l or so, I only expected the overflow if any, to come from the top-up point if indeed it is over-topping. Has anyone encounter this before? Most people I asked said it should not happen. Some say there is an overflow line built-in the tank. I am very concerned about this problem. Can anyone shed some light into this? Thanks
  13. I am wondering how often should I replace the oxygen sensors. I known that as the oxygen sensors aged, fuel consumption will deteriorate. What is a good replacement interval assuming that there is no equipment available to check the oxygen sensors.
  14. AD decided that my engine air-filter is dirty.. dirty meh? hahaha.. can wash and recycle? hahaha
  15. my window lifter was really squeeky and needed replacing, which Czech Auto or Cars and Cars did under warranty at the last servicing........then the problem of water in the car started. initially, the problem was thought to be my boostgauge....it wasn't. It has been traced by careful trial and error and experimenting pouring water all over the car like some CSI agent finding clues. not only was the rubber seal in the window lifter unit missing and water getting on the speakers, the window lifter unit was not properly fitted to the door. Leaving a gap for water to spill out of the inner door to the space between the plastic interior door trim and the door. water was found to drip when it rains between the plastic interior door trim and the metal door frame and drip into the footwell, besides dripping from the drain holes which is supposed to do on heavy rain like last week...... the water will leak until a soggy puddle is found under the pedals and the bad stale smell is emitted. pls see pics...
  16. New VW 122 PS TSI Engine In Detail Text & Photos edited by Brian Potter Source: Volkswagen AG edited May 29, 2007 http://www.worldcarfans.com/news.cfm/count...ngine-in-detail Editor's summary: In addition to the current twincharged (turbo + supercharger) 170hp and 140hp TSI engines, this third engine is the newest addition to the TSI lineup. It retains the same 1.4 liter iron crankcase as the larger TSI engines, however, it is not twincharged since it loses the supercharger but keeps the turbo. Set to replace the current 1.6 FSI engine (85 kW / 115 hp), the new TSI engine at 122hp (90 kW) makes 200Nm of torque, 30% more than the 1.6 FSI, and reduces fuel consumption by 6 percent. Torque curve is impressive by achieving 80% maximum torque at 1250 rpm and then holding 100 percent torque from 1500 rpm to 3500 rpm. Full details in the press release below. Overview TSI Engine Offensive New TSI with 122 PS: Economical and Powerful Economical: New TSI consumes six percent less fuel Powerful: Maximum torque of 200 Nm in reserve at a low 1,500 rpm Maximum power with minimum fuel consumption
  17. Picture 1 - Old & New air filter Picture 2 - Clean (New) air filter Picture 3 - Dirty (Old) air filter I just replaced my air con filter and got a shock at the amount of dust, dirt and small dead leaves embedded in it. So please remember to replace your air con filter. Imagine the amount of dust you have to breathe in if your air con filter is dirty, especially with the haze now.
  18. Hearing this "prrr..." sound since the extractor was replaced. Was wondering if this is normal since there's a change? If there's leakage, how do we confirm b4 going back to the installer? Kind to share?
  19. Dear all, the SOHC 138bhp engine in the Legacy will be replaced with a new 2.0L 165bhp unit according to CarBuyer newsletter. My question is: is this new engine the 2.0 DOHC 16V AVCS unit?