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  1. Ben123

    Car Alarm

    Didn't know I need to turn to "ON" before pressing the button. I will try again. Mine is OEM supplied and I am driving a 3 yr old Lancer.
  2. Ben123

    Car Alarm

    My car alarm went bonker this morning. Cannot unlock with the gadget and had to manually unlocked using the key. The moment I unlocked, the alarm sounded non-stop. I reached for the reset button below the ignition switch but could not silence the alarm despite pressing several times. Can this be repaired or is it time to change the alarm system?
  3. I can smell petrol whenever my tank is full. Do not see any leaks at all. Not sure if it has anything to do with the petrol vent line. Has anyone encountered the same issue? Any recommendation mechanic for checking petrol tank leaks?
  4. Ben123

    Petrol Smell

    Hi, Topped up my tank full(autostop) last night and I could smell petrol near the tank compartment after filling up. There was no spillage at that time. Thought it was unusual. Decided to park overnight to see how. This morning, as I approached the rear of my car, I could still smell petrol. Opened up the external cover and found the cap to be tightly closed. I did not see any leak from car bottom as well. Could anyone shed some light into this? Where else can the smell be from? is there a vapor vent somewhere??? Thanks
  5. It was definitely a painful ($$$) experience. My car is Honda Stream 1.8A. Called back the station and told the supervisor not to encourage such over-zealous habit (top-up so fully) by the attendant. It was a lot of fuel wastage and not to mention the hazardous situation it created for all nearby. I came to this conclusion. There is no leak from the tank. It was a case of filling up almost to the brim at the top-up point. Even though there was no spillage from the top-up point as insisted by the pump attendant. Once the fuel cap was tightened, the excess fuel was directed thru the little opening leading to spillage. Is this correct conclusion? Hope I do not have to send my car for fuel tank inspection.
  6. Hi, Need some urgent help here. I have never encountered this before. Just topped up my tank an hour ago by a pump attendant. He alerted me to petrol gushing out from bottom of tank. I took a peep and indeed I could see petrol flowing out, mind you not dripping ok. It stopping flowing/leaking after about 1-2 mins. I took at a look at the meter and it says 60 litres. There is no sign of overflowing from the top-up point. Knowing the tank capacity is 55 l or so, I only expected the overflow if any, to come from the top-up point if indeed it is over-topping. Has anyone encounter this before? Most people I asked said it should not happen. Some say there is an overflow line built-in the tank. I am very concerned about this problem. Can anyone shed some light into this? Thanks
  7. My second hand car comes with a touch screen IQC entertainment system. Till now I still do not know how to adjust the time setting on the screen. Can anyone help?
  8. Ben123

    Honda Stream

    Hi, I was enquiring with Scantruck Engineering on CNG conversion. I was told that there is this ruiling thst for all cars, the distance between the rear crash bar and the CNG cylinder has to be at least 200mm. Therefore, for my Honda Stream I need to remove the last two seats in order to meet the requirement. I do not wish to lose my third row of seats for sure. Not sure if anyone is aware of this requirement. My intent is to install the double tank (stacked) option and retained my third row. Is this still possible?
  9. Ben123

    Honda Stream

    Hi, Topped up my first tank for Stream with 63.3 litres. Current mileage reads 10.7 km/litre. Was a bit disappointed as I thought I could reach around 12 km/litre. Is there an optimal speed drive to drive say 80 km/h or 90 km/h just to give me a few more km before heading for petrol station? I am using 92 RON petrol.
  10. Ben123

    Honda Stream

    bro, dunno which petrol grade tp pump. Is 92 ok for stream? know where to install "protector" to prevent other car door from hitting the car body for stream?
  11. Ben123

    CNG Stream

    Bro, Heard a lot of advantages converting to CNG e.g. cost savings etc. Any other downside of it? Like is it true that the tank can only be topped up when it is nearly empty due to back pressure? Any issue during top-up process like speed, ease of topping up etc. Any reliable company that you can recommend to do conversion? Thanks
  12. Ben123

    Honda Stream

    Anyone know the fuel tank capacity? I was told it is 55 litres but yesterday the pump attendant pumped all the way to 63 litres!
  13. Ben123

    Honda Stream

    Hi, Just taken delivery of my Honda stream. Noticed I could hear the air-con compressor cutting in and out very frequency (like 15-20 secs). Is this normal as I find it rather odd. Anyone knows where to get an English version of the operating manual? And there is the spare tire located? Thanks
  14. Ben123

    CNG Stream

    Hi, I have just purchased a 1.5 yr old Honda Stream 1.8A and I would like to consider converting to CNG to save $$$. I have a few questions. Would appreciate answers from our motorist friends here. 1) Is my car suitable for CNG conversion? 2) How much would it cost to convert and how long does it take to convert? 3) Are there any known issues after CNG conversion e.g. loss of power, pickup etc. 4) Is there warranty for the CNG gadget? 5) Do I get the govt's rebate for CNG conversion for my 1.5 yr old car? Understand for new cars that come with CNG kit, there is a CNG rebate. I also heard that the OMV will be reduced, is this true for new cars and also existing CNG converted cars? 6) If I do not wish to keep the CNG at any point in time? Can I remove my CNG kit? 7) Do I really need to forgo the third row seat? That will defeat my intent of getting a MPV while enjoying CNG savings.
  15. Ben123

    CNG Cars

    Understand Pinnacle has been advertising for cng converted Wish, Airwave and Stream. Anyone know the prices and how they compare with petrol-driven ones. Was told OMV is higher. Ultimate question is does it make sense to consider cng cars now?