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Found 172 results

  1. I had a small accident today. My mazda 3 side mirror back cover is peeled off and broken. Anyone know how much does it cost to replace it? Also other than going back to Mazda, is there any alternative? I don't think this is covered by warranty right? Thanks
  2. Just happen to see this product in Lazada from Singapore so for people like me who work in Tuas with Sandblasting, it is very useful. You can check it out from the below link : https://www.lazada.sg/products/v-automatic-movable-car-cover-machinewhole-car-with-remote-control-i292334790-s492336100.html?spm=a2o70.10453684.0.0.18086e40R7KzPs&mp=3
  3. Just wondering if you are using an IU cover to conceal your cash card. I am not using one and while I am driving a friend's car that having the cover, I find it quite inconvenience. 1) can't see the deduction and remaining amount properly 2) can't remove the card easily 3) doesn't the cover hint that a card is in there?
  4. But this time , it's a small one ... More like it's branch fell off along buangkok green and compassvale bow .. And the Police closed 2 lanes ..looks like it's the tree falling season ;( *** Pics will be uploaded soon ***
  5. The National Parks Board (NParks) says it has a public liability insurance policy which covers its legal liability for personal injury, loss or damage to property following a fallen tree incident. But it will consider each case only on its merit. "Every case has to be assessed based on its own facts. In assessing liability, NParks' insurers will carefully consider all the facts and circumstances of the case, including inspection and maintenance records, the weather report, and NParks' or external experts' findings on the cause of the incident," a spokesman said in response to queries from The Straits Times. "Each case involving trees will have to be assessed on its own merit," added the spokesman. NParks, which manages about two million trees lining the streets, in parks and on state land, declined to comment on any specific case. In 2017, two car owners managed to recover more than $12,000 in repair costs to their vehicles damaged by a falling tree branch. NParks' insurer, First Capital, paid the amount without admitting liability. STAY PUT AND REPORT IMMEDIATELY It is important not to remove your car from the incident site. You should report the incident immediately to the police or agency that is responsible for the tree and wait for someone to come and inspect it. If the incident happens at a private property, you should alert the management of the property. MR HENRY KHOO, 38, manager of car workshop Poon Poong Motors, who has handled six cases of fallen tree claims. In the incident on May 27, 2017, a tree branch snapped and landed on the roof of a white Toyota Estima and a silver Kia Rio, both of which were parked in Turf Club Road. The windscreens and roofs of the two cars were badly damaged. Mr Henry Khoo, 38, manager of car workshop Poon Poong Motors, rushed to the scene after a client, one of the car owners, alerted him to the incident. He called the police, who in turn alerted NParks. "It is important not to remove your car from the incident site. You should report the incident immediately to the police or agency that is responsible for the tree and wait for someone to come and inspect it," said Mr Khoo, who has handled six cases of fallen tree claims. "If the incident happens at a private property, you should alert the management of the property," he added. Mr Khoo, whose workshop repaired the two damaged cars, spent the following six months trying to recover the costs from NParks on behalf of the owners. ST understands that Mr Khoo's claims were initially dismissed. A loss adjuster appointed by First Capital said the fallen tree branch was found to be alive and healthy. "The snapping of the tree branch was most likely due to strong wind conditions over the days before and on the day of the incident," said the loss adjuster, adding that the unfavourable weather condition was beyond the reasonable control of NParks. But Mr Khoo stood his ground, maintaining that his own investigation found the affected tree to be infested with termites. He had videos and photographs taken on the day of the incident as proof. The owners were eventually fully reimbursed for the more than $12,000 in repair costs for the two cars through the workshop. Lawyer Chia Boon Teck of Chia Wong LLP said: "In most cases, fallen trees would be covered by motor insurance as an Act of God so the motorist may claim insurance. Alternatively, the motorist may make a claim against the tree owner, whether NParks or the town council, but it will not be easy to prove their negligence." Mr Chia said: "Our citizens trust our government agencies to conduct themselves honestly and fairly. Most times we have to take their words at face value because we don't have the resources to prove them wrong. This trust is sacred and must never be abused." In an earlier incident in 2013, car owner Victor Yew managed to recover 75 per cent of his repair costs of some $2,800. The 52-year-old businessman was driving his Volkswagen Golf R along Somerset Road in heavy rain when a tree branch fell and hit the car's windscreen and bonnet in front of TripleOne Somerset. Mr Yew took photos of the 1m tree branch and made a police report on the same day. "I called NParks the next day and met its officers at the incident site. I wasn't told what caused the tree branch to fall, but I was compensated out of goodwill within three months," said Mr Yew. On Dec 20 last year, two trees fell at Sembawang Park, injuring 14 people. While investigations are still ongoing, NParks said in a statement a day after the incident that the uprooted trees, which were last inspected in May last year, were found to be healthy. About 400 cases of fallen trees were recorded last year, up from the 361 reported a year earlier. There were 800 cases recorded in 2016.
  6. Hi All Just trying my luck after being absent in SGCM after so long.... (my 1st post here after more than 10 years) Anyone here going to let go of their F25 soon ? I'm hoping to buy a used Boot Cargo Cover. The one with the retractable sliding blind. Please PM if have.. cuz I have no idea where to get a replacement. short of going back to BMW. Thanks Bros.
  7. Hi all, be very honest as my first thread i did not know where to position this thread but posting it here anyway. backstory, my mum drives grab part time and is returning the car to the previous rental company in less than 3 months time ( we signed 1 year ) until now , under coverage, only my mum was able to drive the car under insurance, although i still drove the car with the companies consent , they have told me that there will be next to no coverage or super high excess should anything happen to me or the car while i was driving the car anyone currently, is driving grab gojek tada , rents a car, but the company also covers another young driver (for personal use only) with less than 2 yrs exp?? we are currently looking at vezel / CHR/ ioniq hybrid or regardless what car , there was no topic whatsoever i could find on this topic thanks all !!
  8. 2 weeks old Hyundai Elantra. Scratch to a pole when I make a reverse turn on a narrow road. Left side tail light cover crack, but all lights function well. My own car. Any suggestions? I only treat it as a transportation for my family. So do not want to spend much on repairing it. 1. Bring back to Komoco. But I do not think warranty will cover any. 2. Claim insurance. Excess 600. Maybe I just pay repairing cost and next year premium increase. 3. Outside workshop. Not sure what the cost for the light cover. 4. Use glue or tape to fix it by myself. To me the looking is not an issue. Wait next time go JB or has other issues repair together. Any ideas. Please help. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone know if there should be a splash cover for the undercarriage of the engine/gear box area?
  10. From The New Paper : Man in road accident passes breathalyser test but insurance company refuses to pay out - See more at: http://www.tnp.sg/news/drink-and-drive-no-insurance-cover-even-if-youre-under-limit By: ZUL OTHMAN and LINETTE HENG By his own admission, he drank a few beers about three hours before his Mitsubishi Lancer was involved in an accident at the junction of Grange Road and Tanglin Road on Jan 29. Mr Wayne Poh was given a breathalyser test by the Traffic Police and cleared when the test showed that he was just below the legal limit of 35mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath. But the 29-year-old finance manager is now locked in dispute with his motor insurer DirectAsia.com, which won't honour his claim over the accident because he had drunk alcohol before the accident.
  11. is it common practice for car agents to cover up the car camera during servicing and oil change? What's there to hide, unless they have something to hide - eg. mishandling of car, driving recklessly within the premise, certain parts never change or check, mechanics taking a nap in the car with air con turned on, taking the car out to buy lunch etc.
  12. bros, bot a beige colour leather steering wheel cover a year back but did not use. from autobacs not sure what the size is. as good as brand new altho' a little dirt from my boot, which should be easily removable with a wipe. self collect from north or west. just pay me with a piece of unused coupon (whatever value you want) first come first serve. sms nine 87 triple8 32
  13. Hi all, Would just like to enquire if any people here has got any recommendations regarding car insurance companies, in terms of price of policy(important), claim excess, service (if any) ... asking cos time to re-new insurance policy coming up soon, thanks for all replies
  14. lancer6238

    Windshield sunshade covers

    I'm looking for ways to keep the car from being too hot when parked under the hot sun all day. Anyone using retractable windshield sunshade covers, like this one? Do you just have the shade pulled back over (behind) the front car cam, or under it (but leaving a small portion of the windshield uncovered)? I'm worried about possibly overheating the camera if the cover is pulled over the camera.
  15. Will be planning a driving trip to Australia. I'm weighing the option of whether to include the 'Reduce Reliability" package from the car hirer. Generally most Car hirer will charge from AUD$3300 - $5000 excess regardless damge is your fault or not, but with the "Reduce Liabiilty: package, this excess can reduce to AUD $330-440. But this "Reduce Liability" Package don't come cheap, at rounf AUD $26 per day, for a 8 days, trip, this would mean a extra AUD$208 on car rental for peace of mind. Since I'll be buying travel insurance, I'm hoping to find one with good rental vehicle excess. So far checked AIG =$750. AXA=$1000. Tenet=$500, MSIG Premium plan =$1500. Anymore recommendations?
  16. Was hunting for travel insurance and came across NTUC's Enhanced PreX plans which cover pre-existing medical conditions. BTW, I'm not an agent, just sharing.. http://www.income.com.sg/forms/brochure/travel.aspx?ext=.pdf
  17. Hi, Need some advice on where can I buy some big pieces of plastic sheet or cloth to cover my furniture during minor home reno period? TIA.
  18. e1_ang

    Seat Cover

    Hi, do you know where we can buy this locally? Hoping to see the actual product before ordering. It's a generic seat cover, so I'm not sure how well it fits into Elantra (current model). http://www.lazada.sg/toprime-anti-slip-backing-universal-car-seat-covers-for-both-fabricand-leather-car-seats-with-2-headrest-covers-and-2-waist-pillowsblackampwhite-8145347.html?mp=1 Thank you in advance e1
  19. Hi, need some advice here. Just came back from a regular servicing of my 7-yr old Lancer GLX, and was told by the mechanic that the valve cover gasket and plug seal needed to be replaced for $195, as there was some leakage seen on the spark plugs. I thought those things are just some rubber seals, and was wondering if that kinda price is reasonable? Thanks for any advice.
  20. http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/05/my-secret-shame/476415/ What do you think the situation is for Singaporeans?
  21. Bluepica

    Sofa cover replacement

    Anyone know where I can tailor make my sofa cover? My did promised IKEA sofa cover can be changed but they don't sell it anymore... Online selling about USD 300 per set... It's the old Nikkala sofa but the material is still very good though have been using it for past 10years. Wonder if local tailor made will be cheaper... Two seater only
  22. Those made with carbon one, so said the marketeer.Thanks !
  23. I just realized the rubber cover of the rear absorber has disintegrated . Will it create any problem,? Need to replace?
  24. Angcheek

    Cover Gal !

    Only If you loved XMM ............
  25. Due to wear & tear the plastic cover of my alarm cover no longer can be fasten together. I need only to replace the cover as the electrical components inside are all working well. When back to Hyundai Ubi & was quoted $40 to replace 1 complete set, as the man attended to me told me they do not sell cover only. Anyone know where I can replace only the cover? Pls advice.