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Found 39 results

  1. Anyone did whole car sound proof? Any difference before and after? Was quoted $2k.
  2. Just happen to see this product in Lazada from Singapore so for people like me who work in Tuas with Sandblasting, it is very useful. You can check it out from the below link : https://www.lazada.sg/products/v-automatic-movable-car-cover-machinewhole-car-with-remote-control-i292334790-s492336100.html?spm=a2o70.10453684.0.0.18086e40R7KzPs&mp=3
  3. Hi all Would like seek advice on where can i park cheaply for one whole day near Suntec?
  4. Want to give my ride a new car exterior look after all the scratches and knocks for the past 3-4 years. Any idea how much I am looking at? Which workshop can give good quality results? I am driving a silver Honda Civic.
  5. Need some help here. I have a water dispenser at home that sometimes short circuit and cause my entire house to power trip as the circuit breaker will "jump". Is there a power socket that has a built in circuit-breaker that I can buy? So that I can connect my water dispenser to this power socket, and that this socket will cut off the power to my dispenser whenever short circuit without my house circuit breaker "jumping"? Problem with my house circuit breaker "jumping" is that whole house no electricity, and that if I'm not at home, all food in my fridge will rot. Please help. Thanks.
  6. anybody caught in this crazy jam this morning at thomson ? what happen ?
  7. These are the shocking images of a gruesome food market where dogs are strangled by rope for food and customers can purchase whole flame-roasted animals. The Tomohon Traditional market in North Sulawesi, Indonesia sells whole monkeys, bats, cats, dogs, pigs, rats, sloths and even giant pythons laid out on tables with painful expressions still etched on their faces. The macabre food stalls were witnessed by Oman-based photographer and blogger, Raymond Walsh, 44, who said it was easier to witness the dead and mutilated animals than it was to see the living dogs in cages awaiting their fate. Mr Walsh said: 'It was typical of a lot of local markets in the developing world - lots of fruit, vegetables and fish. The only difference was the sheer number of dead animals for sale.' On his blog www.manonthelam.com, he describes the harrowing sight of dogs in cages with their dead counterparts lying on a table nearby. 'It was easier to stomach the entrails of monkeys, rats on a stick and decapitated pigs than it was to see those live dogs awaiting their fate,' he said. 'The other animals seem foreign but I have friends who have dogs.' Although the market's dead dogs may be difficult for westerners to look at, Mr Walsh points to the different cultures and attitudes towards the animals in South East Asia. 'Put simply, Westerners see dogs solely as pets. Indonesians see them as both pets and as sources of meat - it's just how we're raised,' he said. In the photographs, many of the animals are stiff and completely black with a haunting pained expressions on their faces. 'After they are killed the animals are roasted over a fire, so the fur burns off, the skin tightens and peels back, causing that 'screaming' look,' Mr Walsh explained. 'How they are killed depends on the animal. Cats, monkeys, and sloths are shot. Bats and rats have their heads clobbered against a tree or table. Pigs are stabbed with a sharp piece of wood or metal,' he added. 'Wild boars are killed as they as they are trapped. Snakes are slashed with a knife or have their heads cut off. Dogs are strangled with a rope,' Mr Walsh went on. When asked to describe the smell, Mr Walsh said: 'In a word, appalling. There's something about the air that changes when there's that much death around.' 'It hangs heavy and it made me queasy and light-headed at the same time... It's the first time I'd ever encountered anything like it,' he added. Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2569111/Held-tiny-cages-animals-await-fate-alongside-remains-dogs-rats-monkeys-creatures-flame-roasted-WHOLE-Indonesian-market.html
  8. Nowaday kids... He doesn't know that he also belong to the family? except that he is "adopted"? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=611516768920194&set=vb.289564517782089&type=2&theater
  9. all bros n sis on opc revised scheme, dun forget tomorrow can use car whole day as its one of the eve of a major public holiday. drive safe and happy motoring. happy deepavalii to all hindu bros n sis.
  10. RadX

    A whole bunch of lemons!!

    Wow 1.8 mil lemons sold this yr... What gives http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp...1244742/1/.html
  11. Bluepica

    Neighbor rented out whole flat

    My neighbor rented out his whole unit legally 2 yrs ago before going oversea for study. He informed me about it. But recently, I think the tenant inside there are getting out of control. It's a 3room HDB. sometimes I see, pinoy lady dressing skimpily moving in and out of the flat, sometimes PRC ladies dress as restaurant workers.... the wooden door is always open, like a dorm. The bicycles parking at the corridor are almost invading to my door area. I don't have my neighbor contact and reporting to HDB will surely sour me and my neighbor's relation.... any idea how to go about it?
  12. [shakehead] Feels sorry for the innocent child... From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...t_having_3.html Posted on 19 May 2012 Family scolds passerby who informs them that riding a bike with 3 people is illegall A family was spotted with three people on a motorbike. They also scolded a passerby who informed them that it was illegal to have three people on a bike in Singapore. Said STOMPer Beckham: "Picture says it all... on Singapore road. "Family gets bold."
  13. VellfireS

    Repainting of whole car

    Brothers..Sigh.. A small incident happened.. One carpark in Jurong East.. My ride got stuck in between the wall and centre kerb.. I later no choice just drive thru it , causing my driver side back door to be dented and paint gone.. Today , I went to BM to enquire to repaint the whole car.. Knn.. They told me it'll cost $5700 ... I was like.. WTF.. Nevermind.. It's okay.. So.. The Million dollar question.. Tell me a good place to repaint the whole car.. I feel like repainting as the front also kena scratch already.. Should I go to UMW Toyota in JB or any good and reasonable priced repainting companies here.. I desperately need solution as the door one part got rust already.. Thanks many many. P.S. Will upload the pictures soon...
  14. Singapore household incomes increased last year
  15. Grindcore888

    A whole new level of driving skill.....

    FFF- Driving Skill
  16. I will start the ball rolling.... This piece of music defines me as the person I am today...and it all started nearly 14 years ago
  17. Stanchiam

    Whole car inclusive engine touch up

    http://club.autohome.com.cn/bbs/thread-c-837-6402554-1.html saw the amount of cosmetics done to his car, even engine...lol
  18. hi all... ok this incident will probably piss many ppl off... so those ppl here who HATE speedsters or hell drivers pls click the back button on the top left of your screen... thanks... thursday night....... around mid-night........... KJE tunnel towards TPE.... after bartley exit (last camera)... i was cruising at abt 70-75km/h in the middle lane since i entered the tunnel at geylang...... (was heading to a nearest mac to fix my craving for a double samurai burger... keke...) then out of a sudden i think it was a Honda cb400 vtec (the bike model is cb400, i didnt mean cheeby* 400)... zoomed pass me on my right... very fast... probably 100km/h up... then i tink it was a light blue toyota MPV zoomed passed me... then another black fit/jazz behind me... then cut lanes... it was like a 'see who can get out of the tunnel faster' race... by this time i full throttle liao... but on 5th gear so i picked up speed slowly... wah i see the bike cut in and there... the mpv and fit/jazz also cut here and there... but everything was a blurr... i drop gear and blast... i think i over took the fit/jazz at about maybe ***km/h up... it was outside the tunnel liao... when i over took the fit/jazz in the middle lane, the bike was on the 1st lane... i believe he would have been very shocked... (so sorry bikie yah ) notice i keep saying i tink.. cause i wasnt sure wat actually happened.. anyone saw the incident? cause i curious to find out what actually happened....
  19. My brother posted this link on his Facebook. TURBO! Part 1 http://vimeo.com/18209644 Part 2 http://vimeo.com/18339580 A very in-depth and not dumbed down documentary.
  20. Saw the skycam. The whole day Jam. No sch holiday leh. Looked like Msia side is slow cause the jam all the way to Spore side. Anybody went in ? Know what happen ?
  21. I have a two-day seminar at Suntec City coming up. Unfortunately, I need to drive cos I have to pick up wife, kids etc these two days. Where is the cheapest whole-day parking around Suntec? TIA
  22. Any good places to change tyre valves?i mean the whole valve not just the valve cap