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Found 61 results

  1. I was doing some spring cleaning today. I have some old items to pass on. I actually signed up with the Pass It On website. But they request items be below 4 years old. These items are past the 4 year mark (though with quite low usage). Now dunno what to do with them... a) Philips 23" LCD monitor. - It's maybe a decade old but still works. Not switched on at least for 5-6 years before today. b) Canon inkjet all in one printer/scanner - the scanner function definitely works but haven't printed anything with it for very long. I actually bought the refill before, but never got around to topping it up etc.
  2. Cammys_MR

    Suspended MACS Pass Apllication

    My Passport left few pages ,expire in 2yrs time. Frequent entrance to JB for petrol/groceries/food. Last Friday went down to make but saw the notice pasted on the entrance of MAC office door at Orchard Parade Hotel..haiz..what should I do..either make a new passport with valid reason or waiting game till it is lifted. Gods Know when???
  3. RIP https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-07-25/sergio-marchionne-ceo-who-steered-fiat-chrysler-dead-at-66 Sergio Marchionne, the former chief executive officer of Fiat Chrysler and architect of the automaker’s dramatic turnaround, has died. He was 66. His death was confirmed Wednesday by Exor NV, the holding company of Fiat’s founding Agnelli family, just days after Marchionne was replaced as CEO. His health had declined suddenly following complications from a shoulder operation at a Zurich hospital, according to people familiar with the situation. The company wasn’t specific about the cause of his death. "Sergio Marchionne, man and friend, is gone,” Fiat Chairman John Elkann said in a statement. "My family and I will be forever grateful for what he has done,” said Elkann, who also is chairman and CEO of Exor. Selected as CEO of Fiat SpA in June 2004, Marchionne took the Italian manufacturer from the brink of bankruptcy to the New York Stock Exchange, where he rang the bell on Oct. 13, 2014, to mark the debut of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, the London company created when Fiat bought the Detroit carmaker. Marchionne, who described himself as a corporate fixer, was Fiat’s fifth CEO in less than two years when he took over. He replaced Giuseppe Morchio, who quit after the billionaire Agnelli family refused to give him the joint title of chairman and CEO when then-Chairman Umberto Agnellidied of cancer. Fiat Rebounds Marchionne was handed an automaker that lost more than 6 billion euros ($7 billion) in 2003. By 2005, he had returned the company to a profit by wringing some $2 billion from an alliance with General Motors Co., laying off thousands of workers, introducing new models, and slashing the time it took to get a new car to market to just 18 months, from four years.In 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration announced that Fiat would take control of Chrysler LLC, rescuing the American company from bankruptcy. “I don’t care what a tough guy he was to work for, he saved our company,” said Cass Burch, a Chrysler and Jeep dealer in Georgia. “He deserves a bronze statue.” The deal gave Marchionne “a huge sense of responsibility,” he said in a 2011 interview. His office on the fourth floor of Fiat’s Turin headquarters was adorned with a black-and-white poster of the word “competition” and a Picasso print bearing the motto, “Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.” During his tenure at Fiat, Marchionne boosted the company’s value more than 10-fold by restructuring the auto business and separating assets. Among the biggest spinoffs was the 2015 listing of supercar-maker Ferrari NV, where Marchionne also served as CEO and chairman. Thrill Ride Marchionne’s direct manner and frumpy demeanor -- he was rarely seen wearing anything but jeans and a black pullover sweater -- made him stand out in buttoned-down Italy. He knew how to move fast and enjoyed driving his half-dozen Ferraris. “When you’re pissed off, there’s nothing better than this,” he said, stomping on the accelerator of his black Enzo at the company’s test track in 2014 and pushing the car from a comfortable 120 miles per hour to something over 200. Fueled by a dozen espressos a day and packs of Muratti cigarettes, he stormed into Fiat and fired most of the top management, then did the same at Chrysler in 2009, installing a dozen newcomers on his second day. He also knew speed can be dangerous. In 2007, he wrecked a $350,000 Ferrari on a highway in Switzerland. “In the car business, sometimes you crash,” he said. Yet even as he garnered criticism from politicians and unions for slashing jobs and cutting costs, Marchionne argued that moving slowly could be even more risky. When he took over both Fiat and Chrysler, he always maintained, the companies needed radical change in order to survive. Consolidation PushThe Chrysler deal was part of a long-standing campaign Marchionne had waged to spur consolidation in the auto industry, which he claimed had far too much capacity for all players to survive. To that end, he publicly campaigned for a merger with General Motors Co. in 2015 but was rebuffed by the U.S. carmaker. “Sergio created a remarkable legacy in the automotive industry,” Mary Barra, chairman and CEO of General Motors said in a statement. “We at General Motors offer our condolences to Sergio Marchionne’s family and friends.” Ford Motor Co. Chairman Bill Ford also praised Marchionne “as one of the most respected leaders in the industry whose creativity and bold determination helped to restore Chrysler to financial health and grow Fiat Chrysler into a profitable global automaker.” Marchionne had planned to leave Fiat in 2019, but with his health deteriorating, on July 21 he was replaced as CEO of Fiat Chrysler by Mike Manley, head of the Jeep and Ram brands. Louis C. Camilleri took over at Ferrari, and Suzanne Heywood succeeded Marchionne as chairman of truck and farm-equipment maker CNH Industrial NV. Some Italian media reports said Marchionne had cancer. People close to Marchionne told Bloomberg News that he died of cardiac arrest and didn’t have cancer. Marchionne was born on June 17, 1952, in Chieti, a hilltop town near the Adriatic sea in central Italy. His father was a local policeman, and when Marchionne was 14 the family moved to Toronto. A chartered accountant and attorney with dual Canadian and Italian citizenship, Marchionne began his career in Canada at Deloitte & Touche, then moved on to packaging producer Lawson Group. In 1994, Marchionne joined Alusuisse Lonza Group Ltd. after the Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical company acquired Lawson. Three years later, as Alusuisse CEO, he spun off the drug business to createLonza Group AG, where he tripled profit in three years. He later consolidated his reputation as a turnaround specialist at SGS SA, a Geneva-based product-testing company at the time controlled by the Agnelli family. Marchionne and his estranged wife, Orlandina, had two children, Alessio and Tyler. His partner, Manuela Battezzato, works in Fiat Chrysler’s press office.
  4. Wyfitms

    Premiere League Pass

    Myrepublic has teleport VPN which allows access to PLP. Anyone used the service last season? Streaming quality good? I'm thinking of getting a season pass, heard that have HD streaming and can use tablets to watch too..
  5. Did anyone notice the price hikes across all model and dealers? When I bought my car last June, my monthly depreciation was approx 700 Now Most cars are atleast 1k mthly depreciation among All Dealers listing amid increment in coe quota 😅
  6. Francois Michelin, who led the eponymous French tyre group for nearly half a century, died at the age of 88, the Clermont-Ferrand-based company said on Wednesday (Apr 29). CNA
  7. Nowaday kids... He doesn't know that he also belong to the family? except that he is "adopted"? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=611516768920194&set=vb.289564517782089&type=2&theater
  8. AhJason

    Owning car is pass

    LOL! Bo wei gong.
  9. Hi all, It's kind of complicated. I have this part time housekeeper for a while. She's currently holding an S pass, however as her boss's company wind downing soon, her S pass will be cancelled in a month's time and she will be going back to Myanmar. I have interest in hire her as my full time domestic helper. Wondering if it is even possible? Thanks all.
  10. Ronnieseah

    Long term visit pass

    anyone have friends or colleagues that are both PR couple that manage to get their parent a long term social visit pass?
  11. http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...223-329594.html News @ AsiaOne Legoland tickets go on sale in Singapore There's even better news: the annual passes are being sold at a promotional price. -myp Joy Fang Thu, Feb 23, 2012 my paper Mr Siegfried Boerst, general manager of Legoland Malaysia, sees Singapore as an "important resident market" for Asia's first Legoland, to open later this year. Lego enthusiasts here can now get tickets to the upcoming Legoland Malaysia more easily, as the theme park's annual passes go on sale at Sistic from today. The tickets were previously available only on Malaysia's AirAsia RedTix website. There's even better news: the annual passes are being sold at a promotional price. An adult (those aged 12 and up) ticket is going at RM195 (S$80) per ticket, while tickets for children (ages three to 11) are going at RM150 each. The promotional prices will last till March 31, and the tickets will be valid from the park's opening day to Dec 31 next year. After March 31, the annual passes will cost RM275 for an adult and RM210 for a child. The park - located in Johor's Iskandar development - will announce its official opening date in April. It will likely be in September or October, depending on the speed of construction, Legoland Malaysia's general manager, Mr Siegfried Boerst, told my paper. The theme park will have an exhibit at the Natas fair from tomorrow to Sunday. "The park is not just for children but also for the adults. We hope they will have a fun family day out that is also educational and interactive," said Mr Boerst. Once the opening date is announced, day passes - at RM140 for an adult, and RM110 for a child - will go on sale, he added. Legoland Malaysia's highlights will include Lego reproductions of landmarks from Asean countries, built with 25 million Lego pieces. Singaporeans can look forward to a mini-Singapore featuring everyday street life such as moving SMRT buses and people, said Mr Boerst. Reproduced landmarks include the Merlion, the Singapore Flyer and the Singapore Zoo, in an area of 10m by 50m. About two to three million pieces will be used to build the Singapore models. Mr Boerst sees Singapore as an "important resident market" and he is working with the Singapore Tourism Board to develop marketing for the park. Tickets to Legoland Malaysia are available through Sistic (www.sistic.com.sg or tel: 6348-5555). http://www.legoland.com.my/
  12. This is meant for people who listen to chinese song, so no translation needed for those who dun listen to chinese song or those who born in 80s may not know him ....
  13. Went to ICA to try renewing LTVP for my parents and found that the process has become more complex and stricter now. Need 3 years of income tax, employer's letter confirming salary and employment, CPF contribution... Macam like I want to apply PR for myself. Don't understand why so strict. It's not like they are here for any social benefit nor do they vie for a job here.... I wonder what would have happened if I had chosen the job in Japan. Would that mean their renewal will be rejected?
  14. New topic to vote on
  15. Father of Singapore. True or not wait for the news to confirm. My source is from someone related to security.
  16. I think on the 3rd month, I hit the front car when both of us were coming out from the slip road as suddenly he stopped while my head turned right to checked on coming traffic but kept going forward. From then on till today, I make sure the car in front really move off before I also follow.
  17. You guys may have between 1-30 years of driving experience, or more. If you take the test again today, what chances you think you will pass, 80%, or less? Or 100% sure pass? If your answer is not 100% or 110%, what mistakes you think will likely fail you? My chances are 50/50, due to:- A. Failure to give signals B. Failure to make full stop coming out from side road C. Failure to keep eyes on the road full time (this one really can't be help, too many XMM around D. 90% of the other items on the tester's Checklist
  18. From BTT to TP and how many tries? my BTT was 1week august 2009 passed TP 9 november 2009 20 lessons
  19. hi all, can a car will heavily tinted windows all round including the wind screen pass thru custom without any problem? or will be stopped?
  20. Rezorn86

    Singtel One Pass

    Any singtel user encounter this error before(as below)?? cant login into the acct to downlowd mybills...
  21. Going for 5yrs inspection today but hit my bumper 2 days ago while parking... Just wonderimg, will such dent fail inspection? Can they fault me due to " bumper might fall off concern" ?.. The bumper still strongly attached and not wobbling at all..
  22. yesterday at leisure dome kallang traffic lights, right after the carpark, me and a lady driver were waiting at the traffic light, both of us are turning right going towards Mac direction. with our right of way, green light, we processed to turn. i noticed that the lady driver on my right was making an unusual sharp turn. initially i thought she was making a u-turn... but hell no! she turned into the the wrong lane..... going against the traffic..... how blur can one be?? she shouldn't be on the road in my opinion. there were kids in the car.....