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Found 25 results

  1. Became a tourist, took a walk yesterday at Gardens by the Bay
  2. Yesterday was in a bad mood due to CO being *ahem* un-cooperative in the morning as we need to rush down to Changi by 9am. Later, I was at Tampines Mall with CO and after shopping there, she wanted to go Ikea Tampines. Being new to that area in Eastern part of Singapore, I look up Google map and memorized the direction given. Drove out Tampines Mall and supposed to drive along to avenue 9 then 12 before heading to TPE but ended up turning left somewhere and drove straight into Tampines Bus Interchange. Was finding it strange at first when I noticed people queuing up orderly and buses everywhere. Then it struck me! "Shiiit! I'm in the bus interchange! HOLY MOLY!" I yelled. Soon a couple of buses started to turn in and the first driver wad stunned like vegetable. We started looking at each other...loss for words. I waved an apologetic gesture and he waved back, pointing ahead and waved right. Took off and managed to drive out. Ehhhh . . . the question is, any bro out there did this stunt before and will I get a warning letter or what? Should have taken public transport yesterday, damn moody and not being my usual self. HAIZ! . . . . noob.
  3. Jman888

    something different for a short movie the meaning of the movie is quite obvious. see the making of the movie here... http://hetookhisskinoffforme.com/about/
  4. Anyone read this? Come on, getting into a stranger's car just for a free ride?? She got more than a free ride, kenna robbed and raped. And a Proton Savvy?? At least a Toyota ma. SINGAPORE - A 34-year-old woman who had trouble getting a taxi at 5am got into the car of a stranger who offered to drive her further up the road. But she claimed the "good Samaritan" raped and robbed her before kicking her out of his car after he had his way with her. On Monday, 24-year-old storeman Haliffie Mamat stood trial in the High Court for raping the woman in his Proton Savvy along Kallang Bahru on May 4, 2013, and robbing her of her brand-name handbag and the items inside. He denies raping her and disputes the contents of her bag. The prosecution has lined up 40 witnesses to prove its case against Haliffie in a trial scheduled for eight days. Deputy Public Prosecutor Sellakumaran told the court that the victim, who cannot be named under a gag order, waited for about an hour along River Valley Road when Haliffie stopped his car and offered to drive her somewhere else where it was supposedly easier to get a taxi. After she got into the front passenger seat, Haliffie offered to send her home. She dozed off in the car and when she woke up, the car had stopped. The DPP said the evidence will show that Haliffie stopped the woman from alighting, threw her handbag to the backseat and raped her after a struggle. After the rape, Haliffie drove off for a short distance, stopped the car, opened the door on her side and kicked her out to the road. He then drove off with her bag. The stranded woman got into a taxi and told the cabby that she had been raped. The cabby and a friend he subsequently picked up nearby will testify about that the woman had asked to go to the police station, said the DPP. Police officers on duty at the Geylang Neighbourhood Police Centre will also testify that the woman could not walk properly and was visibly injured when she told them she had been raped. Haliffie was nabbed when he sold a mobile phone that was in her bag. The prosecution will also lead medical evidence on her injuries and that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of her ordeal.
  5. A 17 year old Malay teenager stole a private bus at Woodlands Industrial Park E3 yesterday morning at 9am and took the bus for a 155km joyride around Singapore - CCK, AMK, Toa Payoh, Yishun, Boon Lay, Whampoa, Telok Kurau, East Coast Park, Jurong East, Corporation Road, Kian Teck Road and Bukit Batok. An employee of the bus company only discovered the bus missing at 2pm. Luckily the bus has a GPS installed and the location of the bus tracked down very quickly. The bus was eventually recovered at a bus stop along Bukit Batok. . News from xin ming 17岁少年涉嫌偷窃私人巴士“环岛游”,驾了巴士6小时,全岛东西南北都走透透,从兀兰先后经过宏茂桥、东海岸、文礼、裕廊东等区,“环岛游”将近155公里,最终才在武吉巴督落网! 这起事件发生在昨早9时,地点是兀兰工业区E3的一家私人巴士车厂。涉嫌偷车案件的是一名17岁的马来少年。 据了解,少年早上9时从兀兰车厂出发,沿途经过义顺、宏茂桥、黄埔、直落古楼、东海岸公园大道、大巴窑、蔡厝港、文礼、顺利、武吉巴督、兀兰、裕廊东、建德路、企业路,并最终停靠在武吉巴督中路的巴士站。这旅程相信至少有155公里长。 记者联络上驾驶这辆巴士司机卓先生(55岁)。他告诉记者,他下午2时要出车到小印度发现巴士不翼而飞,于是立即通过全球定位系统(GPS)寻找巴士行踪。“我发现巴士在裕廊一带的建德路出现,和老板各自开着私家车找失窃巴士。” 完整报道,请翻阅09.03.2015《新明日报》 Real life GTA!
  6. New topic to vote on
  7. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...eat_auntie.html Posted on 25 Jun 2012 'Polite Ah Lian' who took on 'priority seat auntie' says she's no hero After being caught on video which depicts a spat on the MRT over a priority seat, Huina, has been dubbed the 'most polite ah lian' by netizens for the way she carried herself in front of a disgruntled woman. However the 20-year-old says, 'There is nothing for me to be hero about'. According to a report in The New Paper, netizens have praised Huina for facing up to the 'priority seat auntie', posting their support on her facebook wall with comments like, 'You are Singapore's pride. Awesome girl!' and 'You are my super idol'. Other netizens also posted encouraging comments like, 'Support ah lian. These old aunties need to be told off sometimes. Give them an inch and they want a yard.' as well as 'I support you, you are being nice to just keep quiet when she kept shouting at you'. Huina was on a train heading towards Pasir Ris last Monday (Jun 18) at about 6.30pm. The retail assistant had given up the priority seat she had been occupying to an older woman, who then insulted her: 'So displeasing. Most probably you're from China. Ask you for the seat, keep on staring for how many hours? So rude.' Huina initially ignored the woman, also partially because she was using earphones and could not hear the woman. Only after seeing the woman's hand gestures and finger pointing did she remove the earphones. The video had been taken by fellow commuter Muhammad Khair, 21, and ended with a heated argument with the two women exchanging profanities. However, Huina was lauded for saying 'please' before she started cursing and giving up her seat to begin with. She also avoided further conflict by moving to another cabin when the train stopped at Raffles Place. She eventually alighted at Tanah Merah station. A photo has also been circulating online of Huina, in which she won the 'Most Polite Ah Lian Award'. Huina also told the paper she really likes the picture. Chuckling, she commented: 'Where do you find a polite ah lian?' STOMPer Ren3 said: "This girl is cool! She not only takes her newfound fame in good stride, she is also amused by it although she doesn't like to be called 'ah lian'. "Really good-natured, unlike the grumpy auntie, who apparently had done the same to others in her path (priority seat). "Okay, maybe she shouldn't have used vulgarities back, but let's just say, a lot of us do use vulgarities automatically when enraged. "One up for the ah lian, and let's all keep a look out for the auntie in case she happens to be on the same train as us."
  8. From BTT to TP and how many tries? my BTT was 1week august 2009 passed TP 9 november 2009 20 lessons
  9. 2009k

    Today I took the MRT

    My God, board a new train yet there is no air conditioning. I have not taken a train for more than a year, but mind you the train is very new yet it's pack and stuffy! Luckily my journey was only 1 MRT stop, I can't imagine taking that sardine can for a longer journey. I think our public transport sucks big time...
  10. Singapore Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story Jul 7, 2011 Trio charged over Suntec City incident By Elena Chong Dahlberg (above) is said to have caused hurt to cab passenger Laurence Wong Seong, 38, by swinging his fist at him shortly after midnight on April 11 last year. -- ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW THREE Caucasians were charged on Thursday with offences over the fracas at Suntec City more than a year ago. New Zealander Robert Stephen Dahlberg, 34, Australian Nathan Robert Miller, 35, and Briton Robert James Springall, 24, each faced between two and three charges. Dahlberg is said to have caused hurt to cab passenger Laurence Wong Seong, 38, by swinging his fist at him shortly after midnight on April 11 last year. The options trader is also said to have grievously hurt another passenger, Mr Paul Louis Liew Kai Ming, 27, by shoving him and causing him to hit his face against the pillar, resulting in a broken nose. Springall, also an options trader, allegedly caused hurt to cabby Tan Boon Kin, 57, by shoving him. He also allegedly drove the cab without the owner's consent, and was supposedly an inconsiderate driving. Miller is accused of punching cabby Tay Gek Heng, 45, and jumping on the taxi bonnet. All three are out on bail and their cases have been adjourned to other dates.
  11. Versatile

    Those took train to work come in!

    Tell me how you feel. Despite waking up early, leaving home at 8am sharp. Reaches the train station at 8.10am and boarded the train at 815am but reaches raffles at only 910am. Sembawang > Raffles Train keeps stopping, not moving. (no announcement) Train idle for 3/5min per station. Train took 55min (almost an hr to reach raffles, i find it ridiculous) Really pek cek. Woke up early hoping and wanting to reach office early but end up late. Train also heavy taffic? Heavy Jam?
  12. .... repair the quake-damaged roads! :blink: the vehicles carrying the aids and supplies can now reach the earthquake victims
  13. Total Cat A COE in Jan-Feb = 2255. Total taxi registered = 901. Source 40% Taxi, 60% <1600cc car.
  14. 5 SAF men took new cars for joyride at wharf THEY were stationed at Sembawang Wharves for an operation that night. But the five SAF servicemen treated the place as their private racing circuit. They took several new Kia Koup cars, which were parked there waiting to be shipped out, for a joy ride
  15. A NUS graduate finding difficulty in getting a job here finally accepted the offer to work with Mandai Zoo. "What to do? It's better to work like this than earn nothing...," he mumbled to himself. So the IT grad started work acting as a monkey. He had to wear monkey suit and mask, chew nuts and eat bananas. He also had to climb trees and jump from one to another to attract visitors. The zoo has since enjoyed tremendous business and an increase in visitor arrrival. Even world leaders wanted to see the super 'smart' monkey of the world. Unfortunately, one day when he was jumping from the trees he slipped and fell into a crocodile pool! "Oh my God....I'm dying... now," he thought, as a hungry-looking crocodile swam steadily towards his direction. In the middle of his struggle, suddenly he heard a soft voice, "Don't be afraid my friend... I'm from NTU."
  16. http://www.lta.gov.sg/corp_info/doc/M03-Ca...20by%20make.pdf Hyundai created a miracle
  17. http://www.lta.gov.sg/corp_info/doc/M03-Ca...20by%20make.pdf think avante is the biggest contribution
  18. All four EPL teams (ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal & Liverpool) occupies 4 places out of 8 in the quarter-final of UEFA Champions League........ What a nail bitting finish this morning for Arsenal against AS Roma by winning on penatlies kicks (7-6) ........ . Was watching this match till 0630hrs.. amd enjoy every minutes of it ...... Now is waiting for the draw on which team is to meet each other in the quarte-final. The other teams are : FC Porto, Bayern Munich, Villarreal and Barcelona.
  19. But not here lah.... http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?f...2649&sec=nation PM unhappy with Komuter, LRT services (Update 2) KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi took rides on the commuter and LRT rail services from Serdang to the city centre Thursday to get a feel of the transportation problems faced by the people and came away less than satisfied. Throughout the one-hour journey, during which he switched trains, the prime minister noted the congestion, especially during the peak hours, and spoke to his fellow passengers to get their feedback. Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi taking a ride on the KTM Komuter from the Serdang station to the City yesterday to gauge the effectiveness of the train services in the City. The Prime Minister came away less than satisfied.- Bernama Speaking to Bernama after disembarking at the Masjid Jamek LRT station, he said he was not satisfied with the rail services and wanted immediate improvements to be made. He said the existing services were not systematic, there were not enough coaches and coverage was not comprehensive, leaving many areas not serviced.
  20. Just wondering..................
  21. Green_carnation

    He took my cashcard!

    Aft work i was in a hurry.. i went to the atm downstairs to top up my cashcard as i will be entering town and value in it is low.. Aft topping up my cashcard, i laid the cashcard with my wallet and inserted my atm card again coz forgot to withdraw money. Aft i took the cash, receipt.. i picked up my wallet and left in a hurry coz i was running late, but my cashcard was left at the atm.. i saw a tall man waiting for his turn to use the atm. when i reached my car which was less than 3 minutes away, i realised i forgot my cashcard. i ran back.. it was gone. Why didnt he shout for me dat i forgot my cashcard? The tall man, if u are reading dis.. please return me my cashcard. it's of some sentimental value.. yeah i know shudnt be so careless with stuff of sentimental value. if u think u are happy to hv gotten my cashcard.. i will give u in cash the value in it.. but pls return my cashcard..
  22. Garis

    Took Out Tint

    After reading what was published yesterday about how Boleh Land gonna fine R300 for S'pore cars with tint less than 50% at the back, I've decided to remove my tint as I travel to the other side quite often...really sad to see my tint gone but I rather stomach the heat than to hand over my hard earned dosh
  23. beware: for people who works at science park I science hub area, 6.15pm today saw an officer in white(LTA?? or conductor, don't know how you call it) using a digital camera to take pictures of a silver toyota altis and a silver (i think) Getz, black matrix behind the Getz - driver quickly drove away, escaped. All cars were parked at the empty space right outside Science Hub. Sigh, does it means that both cars kan na fine for illegal parking? Officer uncle so strict, park a bit also cannot . Anyway, parking for 1st hr at science hub only 50cts, if only a short while, no point park outside and kan na this........sometimes find singapore too strict, 一点人情味都没有
  24. Davedesouza

    Took the plunge, bought a Fiat

    hiya forumers, after searching high and low for a replacement ride, i got a gd deal for a Fiat Punto 1.3 Dynamic. Sales told me few units with moonroof left. oso comes with digital climate air conditioning. 1 month & 1 year FOC installment and insurance. drooling over the 3door GT 1.8 version but budget aint right lokking 2 see if mi can fit the HGT front bumper!! any fiat groups here to form a club? dave