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Found 14 results

  1. https://mothership.sg/2020/08/singaporean-fresh-grad-funeral-parlour/ What it's like for a S'porean fresh grad, 22, who found herself working for a funeral parlour PERSPECTIVE: It is a tough market for job seekers in Singapore, as many companies have implemented hiring freeze policies, amid the current Covid-19 pandemic. Natasha Wee, a recent graduate from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), spoke to Mothership about how she landed a job as a funeral director assistant, and how she values the unexpected opportunity that she was given to work in an industry that is far from a conventional one. Wee has been working at Harmony Funeral Care since July, 2020.
  2. Long story short, just graduated few months back.from TED automotive, Trying to apply for job as finances at home are tight.. currently working as a temp in the meantime to help with income, but it isnt enough to support.. No luck so far with regards to job applications.. Not sure what to expect or how long usually the job application process take as this is my first time applying for job No driving license yet but currently midway taking class 3, didn't take when i was studying in order to focus on studies.. Anyone working in the industry so far? Thanks in advance!
  3. Liuz0004

    NUSS grad promotion

    Anyone is already a member? i would like to join. there is this promotion. if i list a referee, he gets $400 credits + an HP notebook. since im joining, i dun mind listing anyone as a referee. but the catch is, can i have the notebook? heres the link http://www.nuss.org.sg/web/viewarticle.aspx?id=4624 if u r tinking of selling it to me... price must be less than $100. coz already someone selling it to me at $100 :P but steady a bit la, coz for nothing u get $400 liao haha
  4. Hey all daddies can share info on your child's k2 graduation concert. Understand that all schools different policies, thus charging differently. But just want to get a feel of the supposedly "atas branded" preschool vs the normal ones. Quite buay song that after new management took over this year, my girl concert will b held at atas place (somewhere sentosa) and costs $180 per child (regardless of age..those playgroup kids same price) Parents are charged $70 per head. siblings @$45 Too godam hiong for my taste..haiz
  5. Since the part on the experience of the overseas grad is taken from TR, I will leave it to you to your judgments to its authenticity What is most interesting is the part highlighted in red Did not know the HK govt will go to the full extent of performing all the necessary checks to ensure employers only employ foreigners because they have got no choice to protect the interests of the locals there. Any bros familiar with HK or it's policies can advice if this is true? From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...me_anymore.html Posted on 20 Jan 2012 Woes of an overseas grad: S'pore doesn't feel like home anymore STOMPer Alex shares the experiences of a Singaporean overseas grad, who found it tough getting a job both overseas and locally. The overseas grad says Singapore doesn't feel like home anymore because of the large numbers of foreigners here. Says the STOMPer: "From a Singaporea‚Äčn overseas graduate... "| The Singaporean overseas graduate wrote in to the TR Emeritus website, and these are excerpts from her entry: "I feel that this whole
  6. This 53 yo guy graduated from NUS Engineering course. Early every morning, he goes to the rubbish dump to scavenge for stuff. In 1993, he had a high flying job with a big company but he was retrenched in 2007. This gave him a big psychological shock. Although his company gave him a recommendation letter, he feels his reputation is tarnished and cannot find a job easily. Since retrenchment, his outlook on life has also changed and attention has shifted from career to family. He has 4 daughters aged between 5 to 9 and an elderly mother at home.
  7. Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story Jul 25, 2011 NTU's 2011 grad earns $20,000 a month By Joanna Seow The top five earners from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Class of 2011 are drawing five-figure salaries, the highest being $20,000 a month. -- ST PHOTO: GEORGE GASCON THE top five earners from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Class of 2011 are drawing five-figure salaries, the highest being $20,000 a month. Two-thirds of graduates have already found a job, according to a preliminary study conducted by the NTU's Career and Attachment Office. This is comparable to last year's graduating class during the same period in 2010. A total 9,066 graduates will receive their degrees - the largest graduating class in the NTU's history - from Monday till Aug 1. At the first convocation ceremony on Monday were President S R Nathan and Education Minister and Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen, both of whom were present to witness the inauguration of Professor Bertil Andersson as the university's third president.
  8. Our students can obtain Singapore PR immediately after graduating Temasek Review According to the website of NUS NanoCore, an interdisciplinary research collaboration in the science and technology of the nano-scale
  9. Wolfy3769

    Grad got TP

    This morning was on the road... from ECP towards AYE... almost 9am in the morning...since entering AYE, saw that on lane one... was soiled, with a trail until Redhill flyover...look like some lorry was dropping dirt or soil along the way... it was so bad that lane 1 was totally carless.. all trying to drive on lane 2 & 3... was thinking what a mess.. then i saw that lorry kena stop by TP bike... really grad that TP was there @ the right place and right time... else the trail might go all the wa to jurong. Another day was a lorry full of canister (look like small size LPG canister)... it had drop all over the road.. crossing 2 lane.... really think nowaday.. lorry are not paying attention when they load their cargo.. stack high high and not securely tight down... imaging u drive behind or beside.. and those canister just drop onto ur car roof or windscreen....
  10. Osiris

    Top grad turns serial gambler

    My question. who in the right mind will invest to something call "Lobang Scheme" The name alone is a warning bell http://www.tnp.sg/news/story/0,4136,238398,00.html?
  11. Girl cries molest, top NUS grad says I can't control ejaculation 24 Sep 2009 SOURCE: The Straits Times POLICE, laboratory technicians, a psychiatrist and a urologist were all harnessed to look at the mystery of a drop of semen on the thigh of a woman on a bus. Did it appear because of a hair-trigger ejaculation of a male passenger
  12. A NUS graduate finding difficulty in getting a job here finally accepted the offer to work with Mandai Zoo. "What to do? It's better to work like this than earn nothing...," he mumbled to himself. So the IT grad started work acting as a monkey. He had to wear monkey suit and mask, chew nuts and eat bananas. He also had to climb trees and jump from one to another to attract visitors. The zoo has since enjoyed tremendous business and an increase in visitor arrrival. Even world leaders wanted to see the super 'smart' monkey of the world. Unfortunately, one day when he was jumping from the trees he slipped and fell into a crocodile pool! "Oh my God....I'm dying... now," he thought, as a hungry-looking crocodile swam steadily towards his direction. In the middle of his struggle, suddenly he heard a soft voice, "Don't be afraid my friend... I'm from NTU."
  13. Watwheels

    This arts grad finds it tough

    "Q I graduated from the National University of Singapore with an arts degree, majoring in social work and psychology. I was a private tutor and social worker for a few years but had no interest in these fields. I have looked for jobs in other lines but I can't even get an administrative job as I have no experience. At 33, I think I'm too old for anyone to want to hire me even at the entry level. Being out of a job these past few years have made it tougher, as I have to explain why I can't get a job. Should I pursue another degree which is more practical, such as accountancy? Or are there alternatives for job-seekers like me?" A The faculty which you graduated from emphasises the development of critical thinking and analytical skills, thus preparing graduates for a variety of jobs in various sectors. Pursuing another degree now may not be the most effective way to secure a job. For starters, getting that job you want requires a well-written curriculum vitae (CV) that leads to a meeting. Therefore, focus on writing a good CV and brushing up on your communication skills for that interview. Sometimes, recommendations by friends or a headhunter can initiate the process, so it is useful to have a network of contacts. Highlight any accumulated experience and knowledge, list these and emphasise your achievements. From this list, look out for your strengths and think how they can be applied in today's job market. Your skills and experiences can be applied to many working situations. Most importantly, start with a can-do attitude. Eunice Chia-Lim Team Leader Energy & Infrastructure PeopleSearch http://www.asiaone.com/News/Education/Stor...124-103044.html What does majoring in psychology study in general? I'm asking cos I find it ironic since this grad who major in social work and psychology got little ppl & communication skill to land himself a job...for a few years. What do u think?
  14. looks like quite a few here doing v well in IT sector, so hopefully a few k give me some really gd advice... am gg to grad in about 8mths time(NTU computer eng)...so feeling the heat liao have dilemma, dunno whether to go engineering firm and do "really" IT stuff or join bank become backend technology... really v confused, cause i dun think i'm suitable to be "pure" engineer (dunno hw to xplain) plus IT firms increment and starting pay like nt very attractive(correct me if i wrong) as compared to bank (although backend)... but worry is if i go bank do IT i scared become 2nd class citizen...cause i heard b4 some bank the big big head for IT can even be ppl doing finance one, so it looks like they dun value IT ppl v well...anyone here doing Tech stuff in bank?? if its project and development of SW for some banking needs then nt so bad, but if ask me go service computer and troubleshoot then nt my cup of tea(no offence to those bros doing this,but i really dun like)...but when i see bank offering starting pay for back-end technology to be 3k+, sometimes i tink 3rd class citizen oso nvm... also i scared go bank technology cannot learn much, am i correct? another option which i was wondering is what the Big4 audits are offering...i tink its quite a new field, something like IT risk management, u go client place, audit, see their needs then deploy...i went for their talks, sounds super interesting and most impt k learn a lot...BUT as u know big4 like kiam ka nah...starting pay 2.4k...nt tat i asking for sky, but market rate for com eng easily above tat...those ppl doing accounting still ok since 3yr course...kns i study 4 yr then make me do one super xiong FYP then same pay...like a bit sian...think they do something like accenture but more focused on security side... was thinking also do pre-sales, cause i really like the idea of prsale and most imply i like to do presentations and meet ppl, but heard tat its quite impossible for fresh grad to become one in an MNC, is it true? also heard pre-sales ppl k be easily replaced... thanks for the long read...ur comments much appreciated...