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  1. Mecontle

    Car Tracking? Good option?

    let me guess mit colt?
  2. Mecontle

    Lady in Merc, hope you are okay.

    seen a audi driven by old girl pull at side , tyre nearly gone on a rim, some sunday will see scraps of tyre on road side
  3. Mecontle

    Fren ask me for Career Advice

    just keep the job but work out the stress , & all job r risky u cant perform what coy director dictate then prepare for packup
  4. Mecontle

    Can friends here advice ?

    me conti [bounce2] look at peug 508 or forte
  5. Mecontle

    Luxury cars nudging cheaper cars off road

    100-130k brz manual gb, i no regrets
  6. Mecontle

    Can friends here advice ?

    mazda stereotype by malay & indians civic for hokkien ah beng ctr wannabe but cmi lacer is teochew ah beng but even cmi cef for road hogger family man who live in frog well
  7. last time read the options for amg sport brake & rim package is 8k for c class BUT bmw sport rims set alone for 116 is 9k , cost more than a kia
  8. Mecontle

    05 rx8 or 05 a4

    new rotary engine will end up as a battery charger lol
  9. Mecontle

    Luxury cars nudging cheaper cars off road

    100% agree expressway lane1 always hog by those cmi econ box the likes of jap/kor b-------t cars, out of breath so easily & so scared of wet rain yet still hold up entire road we dont pay such ex insur & car money to assoc with these peasants' ride
  10. nvr saw but went by lornie earlier , no shame s--t hap all the time
  11. Mecontle

    You will be surprised to know this about me....

    when the short hair tomboy is with the other 2 , they look better
  12. Mecontle

    To SGA 4212R (Toyota Wish)

    wish stream crv are usually driven by very arrogant drivers , only time they show discipline is when a truck comes along
  13. Mecontle

    Rich chiobu marries chicken rice seller

    chick rice stall hawker at my area he use a white jazz as mpv for cargo , & stir fry night cook drive white itr
  14. at 75 can do other retiree job need not be driver , old man cant see well or move well
  15. Mecontle

    NSF die get made fun of

    the reason for low birth is exactly this , put sg gal in army 2yr & they will start thinking on the right track