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  1. Escksu

    Proton Sataria NEo

    YOu meant there is a WS that does cable conversion for Satria neo? If have I want!!
  2. Wow this thread still alive?? Anyway, its ok if I am a kiddo. At least you all adults are entertaining me..... You all post because you did badly in bed?
  3. song song gao jurong!!
  4. Escksu

    Proton Sataria NEo

    For my car, its still in the WS. Going to cost me another 3K for the repairs.... for coilovers, I am getting BC BR coilovers. I think good enough already. Not too expensive also. $1.4K
  5. Escksu

    Help Needed: Looking for SJK4798D

    Chey just buy another car lor. Since you so rich can but BMW.....
  6. No leh, I feel super duper shiok. Not upset at all.
  7. Escksu

    Where to find NGK distrubtor

    If drop then just check your gaping. Don't need to buy new plugs. Measure the resistance as well to ensure all plugs have around 5K ohms. Btw, What car you driving??? 16K RPM for Engine????!!! Thats F1 RPM.....
  8. Regarding engines, Lotus do not make engines but they help other companies to design their engines. Boleh Campro was developed together with Lotus one. Not many 1.6L NA engines can produce 145HP and still meet emission standards. Btw, where do you think Porsche's Vario Cam plus came from? The same tappet switch system is also used in the Campro engine because it was designed by Lotus.
  9. Escksu

    Honda making loss?

    Merc sales drop so much in June??
  10. Actually can. Cause you can still use 9th gear at 100KM/H provided the engine has sufficient torque.
  11. Btw, talking about interior, I think I have to bring Swift into the picture. Its cost more than the Satria but its just el cheapo. If you just knock the roof, you can see how horrible it is. The metal is even thinner than the Neo (just press the door and bonnet). I know because my friend used to have a 1.3L Swift..... Its really crap even though its Jap car. Only the Swift Sports is good. But then, I like it!! Maybe I am from another planet but I hate cars with luxurious interior. Its nothing more than dead weight to me. I want cars with as little interior trim as possible. I just want performance and low weight. All the leather and crap sound proofing don't apply to me.
  12. Anyway, some Brits talking about Proton..... http://www.protonownersclub.co.uk/forum/vi...=50&t=23738
  13. You call that sexy....... JAV babes beat her 10x man!!
  14. Actually, more gears are good but not too many (in terms of racing application). This is because if you have too many gears, each gear will have a very small power band and you end up changing gears all the time. However, this gear box is clearly not designed for racing. Its meant for fuel economy. The gear ratios are designed differently. I reckon 8 and 9 are meant for cruising at super low RPM.
  15. Actually, me was never a Proton fan as well. I see the badge sianz 50% already...... I would prefer Suzuki Swift over Satria Neo anytime of the day. What made me decide on the Neo is because I tried out both and I was astonished by the handling of the Neo and it beats the Swift Sports flat. The swift is faster on straights but cornering is not as good. The only weak point with the Neo is the engine. The original Campro engine not a strong block and your can't squeeze much power out of it. But in its stock form, its very simple and reliable (as shown by Cusco Satria Neo rally cars). These cars are bone stock in terms of engine. Even intake and exhaust is stock. I don't understand why don't they continue to use Mitsubishi engines instead. If they put in a 4G92 MIVEC it will be awesome.