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  1. So_nice

    Swift Owners

    New swift? Your best bet would probably be garage r.
  2. So_nice

    Swift Owners

    Some pics of my old dog. No more stock look. Haha
  3. So_nice

    Proud of your RIMS? Post it HERE!

    Good old oz ultraleggera
  4. So_nice

    Swift Owners

    It’s actually the engine haha. Kept misfiring and requires overhaul
  5. This one can?
  6. So_nice

    Swift Owners

    Nope bro, gotten rid of the mk5. Can’t keep up with the maintanence. It’s still available for sale on sgcarmart but pls don’t get it hehe. Performance wise there is definitely some gains from mid to high end of the rpm but not a lot. Maybe a good tune might squeeze more out of it
  7. So_nice

    Swift Owners

    Recently just installed monster Sport cf intake onto my zc32s
  8. So_nice

    Vios (NCP42) problem

    Hi bro, I’ve traded in my Vios in 2016. Your vibration problem seems to be engine mounting. Ncp42 if I didn’t remember wrongly is 3 mounting one. I changed before and after that the vibration gone. It’s not uncommon for a more then 10 year old car to have this issue. Your absorber does look alittle uneven on both sides. Might wanna get another workshop to check for you. If need contacts can pm me
  9. I remembered this number plate on a Toyota picnic some 15 yrs back. The arrangement of the rear number plate was SBR 58R
  10. So_nice

    Corolla AE101

    U can try eng shing mechanical works at sin ming autocity #06-21. Look for saber. Most of the old starlets and ae101 goes to him previously. I still see a couple of the ae101 guys doing repair works there
  11. So_nice

    Swift Owners

    Suzuki should be a fuss free car to drive and maintain. The previous gen swift sport which I’m currently driving to be honest is a little noisy but as time goes by u will get used to it. The new swift has a much useable boot compared to the previous gen. Built quality should have improved too I’m just glad I have a car to go to daily without the fear of it not starting or when is the next trip to the workshop for repairs.
  12. So_nice

    Swift Owners

    This blue Jin swee Can pm me about the sunshades bro? Thanks
  13. So_nice

    Primary colour in log card

    Rather then worried about the colour, I think you should ask your mech to check the chassis for signs of major accident.
  14. So_nice

    Swift Owners

    No bro..today whole day in office car park