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Found 25 results

  1. https://mothership.sg/2020/08/singaporean-fresh-grad-funeral-parlour/ What it's like for a S'porean fresh grad, 22, who found herself working for a funeral parlour PERSPECTIVE: It is a tough market for job seekers in Singapore, as many companies have implemented hiring freeze policies, amid the current Covid-19 pandemic. Natasha Wee, a recent graduate from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), spoke to Mothership about how she landed a job as a funeral director assistant, and how she values the unexpected opportunity that she was given to work in an industry that is far from a conventional one. Wee has been working at Harmony Funeral Care since July, 2020.
  2. Would anyone know whether there's any florist that is opened for business now? It seems like they are still not allowed to open shop yet? Or would the big supermarkets sell flowers? Preferably in the Northeast area, if there is any... Thanks.
  3. Long story short, just graduated few months back.from TED automotive, Trying to apply for job as finances at home are tight.. currently working as a temp in the meantime to help with income, but it isnt enough to support.. No luck so far with regards to job applications.. Not sure what to expect or how long usually the job application process take as this is my first time applying for job No driving license yet but currently midway taking class 3, didn't take when i was studying in order to focus on studies.. Anyone working in the industry so far? Thanks in advance!
  4. After the recent BOMB saga, we cannot rule out more bombs will be found underground in SGP, or even near where we work / live / play. While SAF / SPF / SCDF and what nots are still defending / searching for the best ways to safeguard the safety of we peasants and cover their asz, maybe we should do something ourselves to protect ourselves instead of sitting there like, whatelse, sitting ducks. In the true spirit of self-help, my family has decided to setup our own bomb disposal team, and hope our neighbours will do the same asap as some of them have found some bombs during their morning walk just today!! My DIY homemade bomb-disposal crack team consists of.... only me ....... i had just conducted the team's very first live-exercise right at home... to be precise, in my toilet. After the disposal was done, everyone at home was totally relieved except they complained that the smell from the bomb lingered on throughout breakfast.... But nothing beats doing something ourselve to make our home a safer place.......... please try it, you can do it at home!! Have a safe, though maybe smelly, day!!
  5. Found this video online! Interesting! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=234536350044279" Next time see tyres offer can buy and keep 1st. hahaha.
  6. Original article link for higher quality images: http://wp.me/p1U4WH-3C Prease sappork sappork and like my fb page so next time i can be celebrities blroggerls and eat free food at restaurant: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Garage36/263822652100 Part 1: Odaiba Decks, my last stop for the cold cold night before the start of the Tokyo Auto Salon. This is real Tokyo street car culture, this is the Hardcore Tokyo Fresh Meet. Organised by Super Street magazine, Hardcore Tokyo and All That Low Japan. I have decided to split up this event’s writeup into two post as having every image i intend to show on one page might be overkill for those on mobile devices. With the Tokyo Auto Salon set to showcase some crazy machinery and amazing show cars, it’s still always fresh and interesting to see the vehicles real Tokyoites (& non Tokyoites) choose to roll in. And from the license plates we saw, plenty of attendees showed up from all nearby parts of Japan. Unicorns to all of pretty much everyone in Singapore, these two NSXs parked up early representing Honda’s finest efforts back in the early 90s. More VTEC love. There were also plenty of R32s lying in wait. With these becoming legal for import into the US, many of them were sporting “Y” (Yankee) plates. These vehicles belong to members of the U.S. military stationed in Japan and i’m guessing, they will be shipping those GTR32s back home once they’ve finished their tour. Those wheels. How do you like your San-ni? In a sea of modified cars, a stock looking R32 does garner quite a bit of attention. There’s that “Y” plate once again. Sigh… There were also many Hachirokus around. More Hachis than you can shake a stick at. All manner of shapes and shades… …Beat up or cleaned up, they are here.
  7. A fresh graduate with a starting pay of $3000 before CPF, is it advisable for him to buy a car? If so, what make is advisable? Thanks.
  8. Higgsboson

    Buy fresh fish from fishery port

    anyone any experience on this? where exactly this place in sgp? group buy or individuals can go in?
  9. Yesterday, I participated in a small discussion in the "Replying to The Average Singaporean cost of living" where a young lady, fresh out of Uni at age 22, was able to land a job in a bank that paid her at least $90K in the first year, incl bonuses, which allowed her to save $130K in 2 years, that allowed her to plonk down the down payment and costs necessary to purchase a freehold condo for $650K, in april 2009. I shall take her info at face value, that there are jobs out there paying $90K or more to young people without job experience. Of course, I realise that not everybody is cut out for those jobs - perhaps those are high risk high pressure sales jobs that pay high if times are good, but easily retrench if things don't go well. Ok - to start off let me state my interests. I am a humble guy - I am open to learning from anybody who can teach me to be better. Can anyone share their experience or knowledge about these high paying jobs. 1. What are they? 2. What kind of qualifications to apply (eg. field of study - business, finance, engineering, etc? I take it minimum degree holder, better with honors). 3. Does one's age, gender, nationality, race, language or religion matter? Even if I may be too old or unqualified to apply myself, this info may be useful for anyone else to apply for. ================================================
  10. Picnic06-Biante15

    Flash....NOT FRESH goondu Flood Expected .....

    Just heard over radio (90.5), Thundery Shower in many areas. PUB says, fresh flood is expected...... Better leave office now... , tell boss don't want to kana struck in 'water ponding'
  11. Picanto

    Where to eat fresh oyesters?

  12. Sp4wn

    Baja Fresh

    Anyone else been there? went down with my buddy over the weekend to relive my uni days ... but the price was shocking .. i had a regular vegetable burrito and my buddy had an ultimate burrito with guac and sour cream + 1 corona (beer was abt $10) ... total damage = $44! no sides or anything (though they give u like 10 chips to eat while u wait) it was good lah, but the price a bit hard to swallow ...
  13. In yesterday's ST. Fresh NTU Grads earning up to $10K-20K/mth in their first jobs. Official Singapore statistics for YTD2011 show $3K-4K/mth as the average starting salary for fresh NUS/NTU graduates - excluding the medical and legal professions. (Note: The starting salaries for overseas graduates may differ). In my company, fresh NUS/NTU grads now begin at about $3.2-3.6K/mth (excluding lawyers who are on a separate salary scale when they join our corporate Legal department). The new graduates' pay will be pushed up to 100% of their salary reference within the next 1-2 years ... meaning, it can go up as high as $6K/mth. By the time they reach their 5th year, their salary should reach at least $10K/mth, or higher ... assuming performance at >>50% pecentile. By the 10th year, at least $15K-20K/mth for the first-tier (20%). Although not as high as the $10K-20K/mth in their first year of work, as reported in ST for jobs in private banking and investment consultancy - its a whole new ball game out there! Are YOU happy with your current salary? After how many years? Don't you wish that you are a Gen-Y graduate? You've had it made!
  14. ///M A S S I V E Coverage from Canibeat Remember to check out the rest of the gallery.
  15. Cerano

    How to cook fresh Abalone

    Hey guys i bought a packet of fresh abalone (not canned) and I tried cooking it but it felt and tasted like sea cucumber instead. How do i prevent this how do i get it to taste like from the can?
  16. As per topic, I went to those small ntuc and cold storage all don't have. Is it only the big supermarkets then have?
  17. The Saturday newspaper reports says many graduates have quit this year to get even higher paying job. Many said they accepted any jobs last year, now economy is booming, so it's time to quit and get a high paying job this year. I think it's a good move as higher pay will allow us graduates to own that private property and that continental car more comfortably. No matter who bought his 180mercs or bmw320i. Graduates should be proud of their skills and earnng power. We work so hard, some even get fever due to work and cannot enjoy their Sunday. I am not sure why there is resistance from so many people when a young graduate buys a luxury car with his/her own salary!
  18. SINGAPORE: One car dealer calls it a tsunami, another describes it as the point of no return. These best sum up sentiments, after COE prices hit fresh highs on Wednesday in the first bidding tender since a reduction in COE supply kicked in. The biggest increase was in the big
  19. When using aircon while driving, do you use Fresh air or Circulated air?? what are the pros and cons of each? i find that when very hot, using circulated air the aircon would be colder. whats your preference??
  20. So_nice

    Fresh air mode?

    i've this long standing question about our air con..i tried to on the fresh air mode and realised there is almost no air blowing out from it..wat could be the problem huh?
  21. Stdfrank

    Where to buy live fresh seafood

    My wife is pregnant and want to eat fresh seafood, anywhere we can buy, we are thinking to buy live ones and cook at home. thanks brother in advance
  22. looks like quite a few here doing v well in IT sector, so hopefully a few k give me some really gd advice... am gg to grad in about 8mths time(NTU computer eng)...so feeling the heat liao have dilemma, dunno whether to go engineering firm and do "really" IT stuff or join bank become backend technology... really v confused, cause i dun think i'm suitable to be "pure" engineer (dunno hw to xplain) plus IT firms increment and starting pay like nt very attractive(correct me if i wrong) as compared to bank (although backend)... but worry is if i go bank do IT i scared become 2nd class citizen...cause i heard b4 some bank the big big head for IT can even be ppl doing finance one, so it looks like they dun value IT ppl v well...anyone here doing Tech stuff in bank?? if its project and development of SW for some banking needs then nt so bad, but if ask me go service computer and troubleshoot then nt my cup of tea(no offence to those bros doing this,but i really dun like)...but when i see bank offering starting pay for back-end technology to be 3k+, sometimes i tink 3rd class citizen oso nvm... also i scared go bank technology cannot learn much, am i correct? another option which i was wondering is what the Big4 audits are offering...i tink its quite a new field, something like IT risk management, u go client place, audit, see their needs then deploy...i went for their talks, sounds super interesting and most impt k learn a lot...BUT as u know big4 like kiam ka nah...starting pay 2.4k...nt tat i asking for sky, but market rate for com eng easily above tat...those ppl doing accounting still ok since 3yr course...kns i study 4 yr then make me do one super xiong FYP then same pay...like a bit sian...think they do something like accenture but more focused on security side... was thinking also do pre-sales, cause i really like the idea of prsale and most imply i like to do presentations and meet ppl, but heard tat its quite impossible for fresh grad to become one in an MNC, is it true? also heard pre-sales ppl k be easily replaced... thanks for the long read...ur comments much appreciated...
  23. Chogokin

    Fresh Paint Just out from Oven

    Hi All, This incident happen afew days ago. While I was entering PIE expressway at Tuas , there was this bus at Lane 3 and it ran over a metal plate . It flew vertical and hit on to my bumper (too fast cannot avoid) and also can hear that the metal plate also like rattleing under chasis. Upon reach home, my driver side bumper came off and also a lot of deep scratches and fiber also peel off. Dammed sian liao. Took all the effort to maintan and this thingy happened. So I sent back to Service Agent to have it respray my bonnet and bumper. Today jus got back my ride. Wonder when can I start to apply sealant onto fresh paint. I am using Menzerna Kit. Rgds Chogokin
  24. Renault Wind: a breath of fresh air in the world of roadsters Renault has issued the following press release: Renault will unveil its new concept car Wind at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show. This 2+1 roadster with a streamlined design and lively performance combines both flowing and structured lines. The interior is elegant in accordance with the