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Found 14 results

  1. Neutrino

    Instant Pot

    The seal on my 40 plus year old pressure cooker has broken. Looking to replace with an Instant Pot. Two possibilities: 1.https://www.lazada.sg/products/instant-pot-duo-plus-3-qt-9-in-1-multi-use-programmable-pressure-cooker-slow-cooker-rice-cooker-yogurt-maker-egg-cooker-saute-steamer-warmer-and-sterilizer-i267045902-s414996000.html?ef_id=Cj0KCQjwy97qBRDoARIsAITONTJmRR7Ig-HtGaR4uaKmT23EYN9JyF8xbWdugVN9IEUpl-0pQzmuURwaAtXsEALw_wcB:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!4281!3!242381247295!!!u!297963845945!&exlaz=d_1:mm_150050845_51350205_2010350205::12:1025267241!54483208270!!!pla-297963845945!c!297963845945!414996000!138202819&gclid=Cj0KCQjwy97qBRDoARIsAITONTJmRR7Ig-HtGaR4uaKmT23EYN9JyF8xbWdugVN9IEUpl-0pQzmuURwaAtXsEALw_wcB and https://www.lazada.sg/products/philips-hd2137-viva-collection-all-in-one-pressure-cooker-6-litres-1000w-i237540911-s363835101.html?ef_id=Cj0KCQjwy97qBRDoARIsAITONTIIxnC663J6hWFl-OKQ6KXcvaq3B5RPD_03kIiz2qxpO3vBudLkFCEaArQBEALw_wcB:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!4281!3!242381247295!!!u!297963845945!&exlaz=d_1:mm_150050845_51350205_2010350205::12:1025267241!54483208270!!!pla-297963845945!c!297963845945!363835101!117667666&gclid=Cj0KCQjwy97qBRDoARIsAITONTIIxnC663J6hWFl-OKQ6KXcvaq3B5RPD_03kIiz2qxpO3vBudLkFCEaArQBEALw_wcB The first being twice the cost of the second. Anyone any experience with either of these?? I'm interested in purchasing an Instant Pot because of this article: https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2019-08-16/instant-pot-is-better-than-a-grill-for-these-foods-say-cookbooks?in_source=amp_trending_now_1
  2. Ysc3

    Never complain the cook

    Woman Poisons Dozens at Housewarming Party Trying to Kill Family Who Made Fun of Her Cooking A 23-year-old woman from Khalapur, India, is risking the death penalty for poisoning the food at a relative’s housewarming party in an attempt to kill attendees who made fun of her dark completion and cooking skills. Police in Khalapur claim that 23-year-old Pradnya Survase confessed to mixing snake poison into the dal served to some of the guests at a feast hosted by one of her relatives. She was trying to kill her husband and some of her in-laws, who she says had been mocking her dark skin and cooking skills for years. Unfortunately, poison doesn’t discriminate, and her assassination attempt put 88 people in the hospital, five of whom eventually lost their lives. “Pradnya claims that since her marriage two years ago, she has been insulted regularly for her dark complexion and accused of not being able to cook well,” said senior police inspector Vishwajeet Kaingade. “She has named her mother in-law, Sindhu Survase, husband Suresh Govind Survase, sisters in-law Ujwala Pawar and Jyoti Ashok Kadam, and her mother in-law’s sister Sarita Mane and Sarita’s husband, Subhash Mane for the alleged torture.” So when the young woman was asked to serve food at a housewarming party hosted by her mother in-law’s sister, she knew that all her abusive relatives would be among the 120 expected guests. She brought the snake poison with her to the feast, but didn’t get a chance to mix it into the dal before most of those she wanted to poison got a chance to eat. However, later in the day, the host, Sarita Mane along with Jyoti Kadam and Ulka Shinde’s kids sat down to eat and she decided to poison them instead A few hours after eating the food, people started complaining of nausea, vomiting and stomach ache. Three children, including Shinde’s son Rishikesh, died soon after being hospitalized, and a three days later another child and a 53-year-old guest also succumbed to the snake poison. Ironically, Pradnya Survase didn’t manage to kill any of the people she originally targeted. The 23-year-old confessed her crime after police started questioning those who served the food at the party. The maximum punishment she faces for her crime is the death penalty.
  3. Agree or disagree? In January 2000, after running Microsoft for 25 years, Bill Gates handed the reins of CEO to Steve Ballmer. Ballmer went on to run Microsoft for the next 14 years. If you think the job of a CEO is to increase sales, then Ballmer did a spectacular job; he tripled Microsoft’s sales to $78 billion and doubled profits from $9 billion to $22 billion. The launch of the Xbox and Kinect, and the acquisitions of Skype and Yammer happened on his shift. If the Microsoft board was eager only for quarter-to-quarter revenue growth, Ballmer was as good as it gets as a CEO. But if the purpose of a CEO is long-term company survival, then one could make a much better argument that Ballmer was a failure as a CEO the moment he optimized short-term gains by squandering long-term opportunities. Read more... https://qz.com/819739/why-tim-cook-is-steve-ballmer-and-why-he-still-has-his-job-at-apple/
  4. Scientists have discovered a simple way to cook rice that dramatically cuts the calories Rice, the lifeblood of so many nations' cuisines, is perhaps the most ubiquitous food in the world. In Asia, where an estimated 90 percent of all rice is consumed, the pillowy grains are part of almost every meal. In the Caribbean, where the starch is often mixed with beans, it's a staple too. Even here in the United States, where people eat a comparatively modest amount of rice, plenty is still consumed. Rice is popular because it's malleable—it pairs well with a lot of different kinds of food—and it's relatively cheap. But like other starch-heavy foods, it has one central flaw: it isn't that good for you. White rice consumption, in particular, has been linked to a higher risk of diabetes. A cup of the cooked grain carries with it roughly 200 calories, most of which comes in the form of starch, which turns into sugar, and often thereafter body fat. But what if there were a simple way to tweak rice ever so slightly to make it much healthier? An undergraduate student at the College of Chemical Sciences in Sri Lanka and his mentor have been tinkering with a new way to cook rice that can reduce its calories by as much as 50 percent and even offer a few other added health benefits. The ingenious method, which at its core is just a simple manipulation of chemistry, involves only a couple easy steps in practice. "What we did is cook the rice as you normally do, but when the water is boiling, before adding the raw rice, we added coconut oil—about 3 percent of the weight of the rice you're going to cook," said Sudhair James, who presented his preliminary research at National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) on Monday. "After it was ready, we let it cool in the refrigerator for about 12 hours. That's it." How does it work? To understand what's going on, you need to understand a bit of food chemistry. Not all starches, as it happens, are created equal. Some, known as digestible starches, take only a little time to digest, are quickly turned into glucose, and then later glycogen. Excess glycogen ends up adding to the size of our guts if we don't expend enough energy to burn it off. Other starches, meanwhile, called resistant starches, take a long time for the body to process, aren't converted into glucose or glycogen because we lack the ability to digest them, and add up to less calories. A growing body of research, however, has shown that it might be possible to change the types of starches found in foods by modifying how they are prepared. At the very least, we know that there are observable changes when certain foods are cooked different ways. Potatoes, for instance, go from having the right kind of starch to the less healthful kind when they are cooked or mashed (sigh, I know). The process of heating and cooling certain vegetables, like peas and sweet potatoes, can also alter the amount of resistant (see: good) starches, according to a 2009 study. And rice, depending on the method of preparation, undergoes observable chemical changes. Most notably, fried rice and pilaf style rice have a greater proportion of resistant starch than the most commonly eaten type, steamed rice, as strange as that might seem. "If you can reduce the digestible starch in something like steamed rice, you can reduce the calories," said Dr. Pushparajah Thavarajah, a professor who is supervising the research. "The impact could be huge." Understanding this, James and Thavarajva tested eight different recipes on 38 different kinds of rice found in Sri Lanka. What they found is that by adding a lipid (coconut oil in this case, because it's widely used in Sri Lanka) ahead of cooking the rice, and then cooling the rice immediately after it was done, they were able to drastically change its composition—and for the better. "The oil interacts with the starch in rice and changes its architecture," said James. "Chilling the rice then helps foster the conversion of starches. The result is a healthier serving, even when you heat it back up." So far they have only measured the chemical outcome of the most effective cooking method for the least healthful of the 38 varieties. But that variety still produced a 10 to 12 percent reduction in calories. "With the better kind, we expect to reduce the calories by as much as 50 to 60 percent," said James.
  5. from the divorce and women chapter issues, should we give women a break?
  6. Picnic06-Biante15

    So, Can Peacefully Cook Curry Again ....

    Yahoo repoprt : Singapore Tightens Rules for Foreign Workers' Families By Andrea Tan | Bloomberg
  7. Twice...plated SGS with number 889 white Copen ignoring traffic lights order. Didint wait for green to appear and proceed on...not once but twice..clearly not a case that driver didnt know...clearly intentional. How I wish A TP would appear like magic but that is just my wishful hope...no video too other wise I will end up cycling into the drain with one hand filming with the other struggling to control my bycicle. Perhaps can do something about his modded loud exhaust...a tipoff. Opps did I let the cat outta the bag now that driver can do something abt it..Now how do I do the car search thingy b4 reporting this driver? I hv seen ppl do that here and post the "CV" of the car. Cheers..
  8. The Straits Times www.straitstimes.com Published on Sep 25, 2011 If your wife is unable to cook, there's no point http://www.straitstimes.com/print/Breaking...ory_716512.html Aware to give out tongue-in-cheek award for sexism Tongue-in-cheek prize a fun way to raise awareness, says women's advocacy group By Jamie Ee Wen Wei It's not an award to crow about. But Hougang grassroots adviser Desmond Choo looks set to clinch what is believed to be the country's first sexism award, in 'honour' of a person or organisation that has done the greatest disservice to gender equality. The award is the tongue-in-cheek brainchild of the Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware), which will dish it out on Oct 17 during its fundraising dinner at the Grand Hyatt Hotel to celebrate its 26th anniversary. The women's advocacy group will give three other awards to recognise those who have promoted gender equality causes. The sexism award, called the Alamak Award, has five nominees. Nominations were made by the public on Aware's website over a six-week period that started last month. Copyright
  9. Gitanic

    How to best cook a chicken?

    Any suggestions? Generally 1.2kg ones are more tender.
  10. We have been living harmoniously with our Malay and Indian brothers and sisters over the past 40yrs. I say we send this family back to PRC if they cannot integrate with our food and culture.. <_<
  11. Cerano

    How to cook fresh Abalone

    Hey guys i bought a packet of fresh abalone (not canned) and I tried cooking it but it felt and tasted like sea cucumber instead. How do i prevent this how do i get it to taste like from the can?
  12. Nolicense

    PermSec lear to cook

    Taking five weeks
  13. I like to eat crab and is wondering where to find a place to send my maid to learn how to cook all sorts of crab cusines? Any recommendation? Thank you very much. Regards,
  14. Slowmo

    Can you cook a meal in 2 mins?