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  1. Proof? Sure...ur presence & behavior here is already clearly the proof.
  2. Here shows a clear classic example of a gungho into the progression of a coward. Lol...really spice up my cny man ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  3. Unfazed

    Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 Jan 2020

    Everytime a mod commented on his post, he will quietly & cowardly withdraw into his shell. We should really look into banning ppl like this fellow who has no value himself. If cant find anything gd to post, even silence can be golden. Really wonder what kinda character this person has in reality.
  4. Unfazed

    Mitsubishi Attrage.

    Pls do not believe some reputable idiots here telling u to send vehicle in when u hv just collected the car. The brake pads are brand new & likely to require some breaking-in for a short period of time. Better not compare conti with Space Star for more disappointment. It is just a no-frills pt A to B car. Likely an old conti will still surpass this car in some aspect so gotto manage ur expectations.
  5. Jialat...ur one praise here is gonna be multiplied into more craps by u-know-who. His ego been fed liao. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  6. Unfazed

    Autobacs got ๐Ÿ”ช kah you?

    Lurks in many threads...wu gong kanna boh gong...jiao weh aplenty. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. Last day of 2019 also no rest & must post crappy & shit stirring stuffs...็‹—ๅ˜ด้‡Œ้•ฟไธๅ‡บ่ฑก็‰™๏ผŒ็‹—ๆ”นไธไบ†ๅƒๅฑŽ.
  8. One big fat dislike for all to see.
  9. U, for one is a gd & popular example. Must hv lun for very long already till cannot tahan?
  10. Actually I m more focused on the qns that Mr. Brown has highlighted. I m not so concern over the rider salary as I felt it has never been realistic in the 1st place. I m not saying they shouldnt be paid higher but happy for them if due to min wage thingy, however the info (hopefully correct) I gotten was, the riders are also paid based on incentives. Paying based on incentives to me is a double-edge sword & staff are often at the mercy of "chopping board". It is a tactic that I dun really like myself. The incentive formula is hard to decipher too. Sustainability of this business is a big qn too so how do they give out attractive incentives when one is not making healthy $$. Need manpower use attractive incentive, never make $$ also nevermind. I admit I m old skool but there must be gd $$ made then can give gd incentive. Sorry but I just cant link business like this. Sorry if I dwell too much into this but again I m more keen on the qns that Mr. Brown highlighted as it really bring dicussion to a cause-n-effect. I agree with his reasons that we should 1st hv that infrastruce then hv pmd, bicycle etc etc. So many unnecessary mishaps took place. When I m in countries where people commute in bicycles, pmd, whatever, yes they do hv dedicated pathways with some even hv a shallow kerb separating if pathways are side by side. And users dun hesitate to remind each other to stay onto their designated paths. Here we hv a yellow line but everyone is everywhere. I cannot stop a pedestrian fr coming jnto my path even with a kerb but I m very certain as a cyclist myself, I will hv to go over the kerb if I hv to trespass onto the pedestrian path. We hv to start somewhere at least one party has to be on the correct side only then we can be hopeful of correcting people. Here, all in a mess & blame-game on the ground starts like in the parliament. Riders (cyclist, pmd, etc) blame pedestrians for encroaching & not using their designated & vice versa. Reason, I encroach bcos u encroach. So how will situation improve when we dun take the first step & action to clearly distinguish 2 types of paths. Drawing the line is as easy as crossing it on foot. It proves that having a line doesnt help. It is just a simple naive measure hoping for society cohesion, when repeatedly proven wrong. I jog in east coast park & I also runners jogging on bicycle paths & it beats me why too. Width of walking paths were already narrow b4 pmd get so common. The problem then were bicycles vs humans. I keep asking inside my head why do we only react when mishaps happen? Near misses are already tell tale signs. Why cant we be more proactive on ground and be preventive? Is it a tall order to look into it when near misses occured? Why only ban then listen? Why not listen then ban & firmly stick to ban decision? If say ban, then ban. Why lead rider by nose making so many changes for compliance then only come to a ban?
  11. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2463964220320114&id=533717230011499 I think Mr. Brown has some very gd qns here. The sequence of his qns are nicely arranged too. ๐Ÿ‘
  12. ่ดผๅ–Šๆ‰่ดผ๏ผŒๅš่ดผๅฟƒ่™š๏ผŒไธๆ‰“่‡ชๆ‹› , ไธ่‡ช้‡ๅŠ›ใ€‚ Same o' pattern after a wk. Some simply just cant remove the pest genes in their own DNA. Lol..
  13. Unfazed

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    And drive here as a LHD?
  14. Unfazed

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    Finally we can hv some peace here. But wait! A wk? What?! Just a wk?! Cant we hv it permanently? Oh no! Haha..