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Found 157 results

  1. Philipkee

    Getting a foreign wife

    Anyone ever thought of getting a foreign wife? Or what you will say as a villager wife? What are you the thoughts and what hold you back from going for it? Anyone with the experience? Any thoughts or experience to share? BTW I am not focussing on those who marry foreign friends or colleagues but those who go for matchmaking agencies. Heard they are popular.... Haha. Don't think there is a thread on this yet.
  2. LONDON (AFP) - - A British man fed up with his wife's complaints advertised her for sale -- and got a number of offers. ADVERTISEMENT "Nagging Wife. No Tax, No MOT. Very high maintenance -- some rust," wrote Gary Bates, 38, in a small ad in Trade-It, more usually used to buy and sell cars or household goods. Bates, a self-employed builder from Gloucestershire, southwest England, snapped after his wife Donna on got on his nerves while she was watching television and decided to place the ad as a joke. "She was nagging me for doing something small, while she was watching some rubbish on TV. So I just thought I'd put an ad in to get rid of her. "I didn't think anyone would ring up but I've had at least nine or 10 people calling about her. It's gone mad. There was no one I knew -- just people asking, 'Is she still available?'" The couple only married last year, and Bates said his 40-year-old wife -- whom he advertised in the magazine's Free to Collect section, along with some of his fishing tackle -- initially gave him "a bit of an ear-bashing." But he said: "She's seen the funny side of it now though!"
  3. It seems like you can transfer your NCD to your parents/wife/siblings. NTUC Income Dialogue Can NCD be transferred from one person to another? (eg. between parent and child, between siblings) Answer : NTUC Income has been quite flexible. For example, a policyholder wrote in saying that he owns 2 cars, and that the second car under his name is actually driven by his wife for the last 5 years. He wants us to transfer the NCD his wife We checked and found out that his wife has indeed been driving the car all along, and with good record. Thus, we will allowed the transfer of NCD. What is the pros and cons of doing this? Is it only with NTUC or with other insurance companies too?
  4. Creative Japanese father prints life-sized cardboard cutouts of wife so son won’t cry in her absence source: https://mothership.sg/2019/12/japan-father-print-cardboard-cutout/ Sometimes, parenthood presents its own unique obstacles, which may require some ingenuity to overcome. One father in Japan certainly rose to the challenge. Fooling son with realistic cutout In a tweet, which has since amassed over 47,000 retweets and around 123,000 likes, one @sato_nezi showed how he solved his son’s separation anxiety while his wife was away. Sato shared that his one-year-old child would start to cry uncontrollably whenever he lost sight of his mother. Which led to some rather resourceful parenting methods. Sato decided to print a life-sized cardboard cutout of his wife, perhaps to trick his son into thinking his mother was still around. For added realism, the cutout was even printed in two different poses, one of the mother standing, and another of her kneeling down. Here are photos of the innocuous cutout, placed in appropriate parts of the house. And it seems the method worked. Look how happy he is. Another video posted on Twitter The video shows Sato added that his son was fooled for about 20 minutes, and said the cutout “could be a lifesaver”.
  5. As above. would u: 1) talk and ask her the reason(s) 2) divorce her? 3) look for ONS/sex worker? To Mr Mod: If this thread is rude or offensive, pls delete them.
  6. Man in Thailand has 4 wives who don’t mind sharing A Thai man has four wives who don’t mind sharing him with each other. His first wife says she's proud of him.Happily ever afterAccording to Malaysian Chinese news site, the husband initially went viral on the Internet for having three wives. Perhaps not content with a crowd, the man recently gained a new wife. Polygamy, which is having more than one husband or wife, has been banned in Thailand since 1935. That particular ruling means only his first wife, Waraphon Pruksawan, is legally married to him. Despite this, all the children born to him and his other ‘wives’ take his surname. First wife proud of him Pruksawan said it is better for her husband to be open about his relationships with women, rather than having an affair behind her back. She also asked netizens to not worry about her. She added that before Pruksawan takes on a new wife, he has to get her permission first. Saying that she married him not for money, but because they have been through a lot together, Pruksawan said “the entire family loves one another”.
  7. Driven

    Wife vs Mother

    Wife goes: "Yr mother ah....pisses me off, stubborn freak, cant stand her....!" Mother goes:" yr wife ah...unappreciative, complain this , complain that....!" Ring a bell, guys? To some lucky ones, this may sound alien. Unfortunately, majority of the guys face these ill fate.Between the protracted tug of wars, sad to say you can never take side. If you do, you are either labelled as defensive or offensive. Chinese saying "one mountain cannot hide 2 tigers." IMHO, its very true. Truce is never found in their dictionary. Interestingly , you are the man of her(wife)life and you are also the forever little boy in her(mother)eyes. These 2 bigots trying to overthrow each other to gain tyranny. Whoever wins, the guy is usually the casualty. Torn between these 2, how well and happy can he be..? One is his love and the one is his mother, how? Guys How do you handle such similar situation if any? Any experience to share? Gals What would you like your man to do ? Listen..Defend...Silence? I hope this is not contentious.
  8. Kezg1

    Abused by wife sexually....

    I was wondering..men are suppose to be the stronger than woman...physically Man seeks divorce after alleged sexual abuse by wife SINGAPORE - A man has filed for divorce from his wife after alleging that she abused him sexually and psychologically. The 47-year-old bus driver named "Ah Quan" wrote in his divorce application that he had enough of his wife's psychological bullying, He said that his pride had been destroyed by her. Ah Quan and his wife has been married for 20 years with two sons. They first met when he was a bus driver and she was a hairdresser. Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily reported that the first cracks in their marriage appeared when he realised that she was having affairs with other men. However, she did not change her ways and instead tried to control him. She forced him to do the housework and requested for thousands of dollars for monthly utilities. Ah Quan also said that she took it out on him sexually. The wife would also ridicule him in public, calling him "useless man" and "impotent" in front of everybody. Ah Quan said that he was disappointed that she refused to stop tormenting him even after she lost interest in him. She also destroyed his reputation, he said. Ah Quan left the house six months ago. He has also hired a lawyer to help him with his divorce application. Had own company Ah Quan once ran his own transportation company. He had 2 private buses. However, his wife kept spreading rumours about him until those in the industry lost their trust in him. She sent improper SMSes to his friends and colleagues and also made prank calls. His business failed in the end. He then ended up working for a female boss as a bus driver. However, his wife did not let up and started spreading rumours about him and his boss. She even showed his colleagues the boss's picture and told them that they were having an affair. Asked for at least $5,000 each time Ah Quan said that he has given his wife at least $200,000 so far. He said that she would put the money in her own account or invest it. She would insult him whenever he asked for the money and never returned it to him. She would request for a "bonus" whenever the year ended. He was also expected to give her presents for her birthday and wedding anniversaries. She would ask for $5,000 to $10,000 each time. The couple would quarrel everytime they spoke and could only communicate using SMS. His relationship with his two sons also took a turn for the worse after they were influenced by their mother. Share6
  9. Ahtong

    Kim Jong Un's very chio wife

    LINK Machiam like Beauty & the Beast, or more accurately, Beauty & Obese
  10. Mustank

    Husband Catch Wife Adultery

    WOOHOOO!!!!! Scandal of the month!!! More Sexciting than YSL, Palmer, Fireman, Mata and my First Sex Professor!!!!!! http://iwantrevange.wordpress.com/ make husband wear cap!!! let lover cum insai!!!! woohoo!!!! got telephone number somemore!!!
  11. Surprise no one post this news. Does that means, time to up other people wife and get compensated? Pity the guy....go jail and may even lost his job at SAF Cha bor not bad looking ======================================== http://http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore-news/jailed-beating-man-bed-nearly-naked-wife JAILED FOR BEATING UP MAN IN BED WITH 'NEARLY NAKED' WIFE HUSBAND JAILED FIVE WEEKS FOR PUNCHING MAN HE FOUND ON BED WITH WIFE Jul 27, 2016 6:00am BY TAN TAM MEI Any man who sees his wife nearly naked on their marital bed with another man would react to a certain degree. This was the mitigation that army regular Shawnald Lee Hong Heng's lawyer put forth in court yesterday. In July last year, Lee, 25, returned home to find a man on his bed, next to his wife, who was lying shirtless in bed. He then punched the man in the face several times because he thought the man was trying to take advantage of her. Lee was sentenced yesterday in court to five weeks' jail after pleading guilty to voluntarily causing hurt to Mr Donovan Quek Hon Yong, 25. The incident happened on July 10 at 1.30am at Lee's flat in Yishun. Investigations revealed that around 1am, Lee's wife, Ms Tricia Wong Kai Yan, 23, had been out drinking with friends at a pub. She was drunk and her friend, Mr Quek, took her home in a taxi. Lee arrived home at around 1.30am. WAIT His friend, Mr Tan Jing Sheng, 25, waited for him at the void deck of the block while Lee went upstairs. They had planned to go drinking if Ms Wong was asleep. The court heard that when Lee entered his bedroom, he saw Mr Quek sitting on their bed, next to his "nearly naked wife" who was lying down and looking drowsy. He presumed that Mr Quek was trying to take advantage of his wife and punched him several times. Mr Quek did not retaliate. Lee stopped only when his wife intervened. It was not stated in court if Lee knew Mr Quek. Lee then went downstairs and returned to the flat with his friend to get an explanation from his wife. When Lee saw that Mr Quek was still in his home, he tried to hit him again but Mr Tan restrained him. Lee's wife then explained that it was a misunderstanding. Shortly after, Mr Quek made a police report and was taken in an ambulance to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries. In Lee's mitigation, his lawyer, Mr T. M. Sinnadurai, called for a probationary sentence. He said this was Lee's first brush with the law, and he had a two-year-old daughter and an elderly mother to care for. Lee's wife has been in a drug rehabilitation centre since February this year for consuming drugs. Mr Sinnadurai said: "When any man sees his wife on the bed with a man, to a certain degree, he will react... the emotional disturbance of seeing his wife almost naked on the bed, he just lost it." However, District Judge Lee Poh Choo said Lee went overboard. Deputy Public Prosecutor Jason Chua said the prosecution could not confirm what Ms Wong was wearing that day. He said Lee told his lawyer that he had seen his wife shirtless and in her panties when he walked into the bedroom. But in the statement Lee gave the police, he only said his wife was shirtless, and her legs were covered by a blanket, said the DPP. Mr Chua also acknowledged that while the incident was a "unique situation", probation was inappropriate. He asked for a sentence of six to 10 weeks' jail. For his offence, Lee could have been jailed for up to two years and fined $5,000. JUDGE: LEE WENT OVERBOARD District Judge Lee Poh Choo said that while she understood why Shawnald Lee Hong Heng had reacted emotionally to the scene before him, Lee had gone overboard when he severely injured the victim, whom he found sitting on his marital bed with his near-naked wife. Judge Lee said: "Does that warrant punching the victim several times? Even after his wife intervened, he continued trying to hurt the victim." Medical reports said Mr Donovan Quek Hon Yong suffered injuries including a black eye, fractures in the eye socket area and loose and chipped teeth. He was given four days of medical leave and underwent surgery to repair the fractures later that month. Earlier this year, Mr Quek also had dental implants to replace some teeth. Judge Lee also took issue with what she perceived to be Lee's lack of remorse due to the absence of an apology or compensation to the victim. In response, Lee's lawyer, Mr T. M. Sinnadurai, said his client had expressed regret for his actions in the mitigation and also understood the seriousness of the injury he inflicted. But the judge said: "Words are easy to say. Has he offered compensation, especially since the victim incurred medical expenses?" Mr Sinnadurai then revealed that Lee had earlier offered $4,000 as compensation for the victim's medical expenses. But DPP Chua said that while Lee had been willing to make compensation to Mr Quek, no amount was stated, and there was no follow-up after. The judge then chided Mr Sinnadurai for not knowing whether or not the compensation had been accepted.
  12. Yep, China again. source: http://www.china.org.cn/china/2013-10/11/content_30264340.htm
  13. RadX

    How to hook a Jap Wife

    Last thread got sexed in w hamSAAB START HERE http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/lifestyle/fewer-japanese-seek-marri/2892514.html
  14. Acemundo

    Ex wife takes revenge

    http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2011/02/21/ex...revenge-online/ Many of us have met her
  15. RadX

    Take care of your 1st WIFE!

    Always take care of your 1st wife! See the whole video then you will know. I have seen death almost 3x in my life and that's why, I always do what the thread said!
  16. lausai88

    Free wife - any taker?

    advert for a house in Indonesia has gone viral online after the woman selling it offered to throw in an unusual extra feature for free -- her hand in marriage. The Internet ad reads for the most part like a regular house listing, saying that the single-storey property has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a parking space and a fish pond. But it also proposes to buyers a "rare offer" -- "when you buy this house, you can ask the owner to marry you", alongside a picture of Wina Lia, a 40-year-old widow and beauty salon owner, leaning against a car in front of the house. The ad said that terms and conditions apply, and notes the offer is "for serious buyers and non-negotiable". The house in Sleman, on the island of Java, is on the market for 999 million rupiah (about $75,000). News of the offer quickly spread among Internet users in social media-crazy Indonesia. Boldies99, a user on popular online forum Kaskus, said Lia was "quite smart -- even though the house will be sold, she will remain the owner." Lia told AFP she was "shocked at the reaction", as she had been overwhelmed by journalists coming to interview her, and even the police in the conservative, Muslim-majority country had been asking questions. The police "came to verify the news as they consider it as an improper advertisement. But I explained to them that it was not my idea," she said. The mother of two explained that she had asked a friend who was a property agent to help her find a buyer -- and in the process a husband -- but she had expected him to pass on the news to a limited number of people, not put an ad online. "I told a friend of mine who also works as property agent that if there is a buyer who is a single man or a widower who wants to buy a house, and at the same time look for a wife, he can let me know as I'm also a widow," she said. She added that there was only one potential buyer, who had visited on Wednesday, but refused to give further details.
  17. Dear All, My wife got into an accident recently with a car under my name. Damage was in the 15k region and the car was a write-off. The car was under my name, so I am guessing my future premiums will be affected. If I were to buy another car, should I put it under her name or my name? Generally whose premium will be higher? Aside from our gender, our profiles are fairly similar. Thanks.
  18. The angry wife claimed that she has contributed her youth in the marriage and now getting old but husband still looks younger than her, she deserves this brand new car from husband. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTfAG4yqHiA
  19. After making her pregnant. He eventually dumped her for another woman. Source: TNP yesterday
  20. Wow, can't believe ! It takes 9 years to know the sex of the partner that you are with, and somemore living together while dating ?! Really good in hiding http://news.asiaone.com/news/diva/ra...hip?page=0%2C1 Even after having dated for seven years, and being married for slightly more than a year, her husband refused to consummate their marriage. After filing for a divorce in Feb 2011, she found out from court documents that her husband was originally a woman, according to a report by Shin Min Daily News. The report mentioned that the husband had undergone a sex change, and had earlier confessed to his wife that he is unable to conceive a child. This is a rare case of divorce and division of marital assets in court, involving the 47-year-old wife, a group finance manager, and her 50-year-old husband, a tutor. They had married in 2009. According to court documents, the couple had met online in 2002 and they lived together while they were dating, reported Lianhe Wanbao. The wife said she wanted to buy a $730,000 apartment under her name as their love nest in 2009, but her husband requested to be a joint owner as a condition to marry her, according to Shin Min. After the couple married, the husband's family also moved into the apartment. The husband and his family moved out a year later, however, when the couple's relationship soured. In 2011, the wife applied for a divorce on the grounds that he refused to consummate their marriage. However, once she found out that her husband was originally a woman upon applying for divorce, she changed her reason to that her husband is a woman, said Shin Min. The husband countered and said he was born a woman, but had undergone a sex change and told his wife he is unable to consummate their marriage or have children. The court granted their divorce on the grounds that both husband and wife are female, according to the Chinese evening daily. The wife said her husband wanted to get a divorce for money, referring to a text message. In the message, the husband wrote that he had no money, and that a divorce may help him clear his debt, reported Shin Min. The wife said that her husband had planned to request to split their apartment after their divorce to help him clear his debt. Finally the judge ordered the apartment to be sold within six months and the money to be used to repay loans, after which 70 per cent of the revenue would belong to the wife, and 30 per cent would belong to the husband. Dissatisfied, the husband appealed the decision, according to Lianhe Wanbao. The wife said that since they were dating, her husband would often borrow money from her, and owed several banks a total of $80,000. Although they were divorced, the two are going through a lawsuit over matrimonial assets. The wife also said that she paid for housing loans, property taxes, fees, utilities, insurance, and even everyday items, while her husband only paid for half the utility bills while he was staying in the apartment. The wife's net worth of more than $630,000 is reportedly more than three times that of her husband's, according to Shin Min Daily News. According to court documents, she earns $8,500 a month, while the husband earns between $3,000 to $3,300 a month. The wife disclosed in court documents that she has a three-room flat, insurance, a car and more than $260,000 under her name. The husband claimed he paid monthly mortgage of $1,400, and also bore costs for renovation. The wife said that her husband had promised to return the money he owed her after their marriage, but did not do so and continued borrowing money from her to pay off bank loans - owing her a total of $20,000. According to the Accounting And Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), the husband had opened seven companies between 1989 to 2004, but all had gone out of business. In Lianhe Wanbao's interview with Fang Wei Zhuang, a maternity specialist with Gleneagles Hospital, he said that a woman who has undergone a sex change will have male genitals and can have intercourse. However, without testicles, the transgendered male is unable to produce sperm and have children, said Fang.
  21. azlan96

    Angry Wife vs Cheating Husband

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtG60QwZonU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDRvG5sZ7Wk https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=572947146145874&set=vb.249558811742294&type=2&theater It is rumoured that the DS4 is drove by the wife, and husband with mistress inside Estima
  22. the husband... and the wife... enjoy your weekend!
  23. " 夫贵而妻荣", meaning 'husband prosperous and wife gentle' is a traditional Chinese saying. It has never been reversed and never a saying to prosper the wife. Stupid woman: focuses at the man's shortcomings, always angry; Good woman: delight in the strength of the man, always happy. Stupid woman: always argues with the man regardless of place or situation, disgraces the man; Good woman: shows respect to the man in the public, discuss matters in private. Stupid woman: cares only towards her own parents and family, cold towards husband's family; Good woman: cares towards husband's family, also loving towards her own parents and family. Stupid woman: puts down the man - in actual fact, putting down the man would mean putting down herself indirectly. Good Woman: praises the man - praising the man would also mean praising herself! Stupid woman: always bringing up bitter pasts; Good woman: focuses on building a good future with the man. Stupid woman: holding on to the fault of the man, they think they have fully known the nature of men. Good woman: always try to understand and forgive her man, treating him as a child that never grows up. Stupid woman: would say, "Get lost!" Good woman: would say, "Don't leave me!" Stupid woman: treats the man like a spring, the tighter they are held the higher it will jump. Good woman: treats the man like a kite, holding on to the string of the heart. Stupid woman: emphasizes too much on herself; Good woman: relies and trusts the man. Stupid woman: holds on tight to then man, never allowing him to leave her sight; Good woman: gives him space, but holds his heart. Silly woman: cooks and does the laundry, does not want to dress or doll up; Good woman: cooks and does the laundry, and meticulously dresses and dolls up. Silly woman: brings man depression and stress; Good woman: brings man of passion and power. Silly woman: lets the man fail in her tears; Good Woman: lets the man succeed in her smile! Old Master said: The worse the wife's temper, the more husband fails. The more the wife is gentle like water, the more prosperous the husband gets. What causes it? According to scientists the facial features of a woman that prospers a man would tend to have faces that are rounded, radiant, soft, etc.. But these findings are not a hundred percent accurate as a root reason. Now, from a Buddhist point of view, we talk about the root cause - the traditional culture believes that a woman is made ​​of water, and water for the money, the actual occurrence, a woman born to bring wealth. The women here, refers to all women, rather than any specific woman. The man is 'fortune'. Hidden in the five elements is water, which is a very small portion. As for the man is concerned, and the saying goes "成家立业". Only after marriage "成家", then will the man be able to build a career "立业", and do great feats. So, man needs a woman in order for his career to flourish, and behind every successful man there is always a woman of dedication and devotion. Let us take a look at the Water's special qualities. 1. Water will always go with the flow Water flow towards low areas, woman like water must who does well in the relationship in a family, willing to bend, will be able to provide positive support the whole family. Strong independent women who thinks she can hold up half the sky, loses the water element, and will always fight with the man. She does not give the man any space, which is certainly means "克夫" - 'husband is cursed by the wife'. Such situations generally lead to divorce very easily. Even if one has the money, they cannot even enjoy it. 2.Water detours when it meets an obstacle. Water is soft. Water flows though places and when it meets an obstacle, it will automatically detour and will not go head-on with the obstacle. Hence the water will never get hurt. When faced with the man's fury, the woman being water will use her softness to overcome the steel (fury from the man). This is because only softness and gentleness can overcome steel, and steel cannot overcome softness. Therefore, the only thing the woman (being like water) have to do is simply to act a little innocent, maybe pout, big sad puppy eyes, flirt a little, playfully begging, playfully whine a little, be a demure lady, etc, you get the picture (because there is no translation of the equivalent in English) and the man's temper will be gone. And so the woman will always be the winner in the house. Independant and 'steel' women loves to go head-on with men. This is called "鸡蛋碰石头" - 'the egg going head on with stone'. The one who ends up getting hurt and bruises all over will always be the woman. I once met a beautiful lady who loves to go head-on with his husband. She told me that her husband is very obedient before marriage. However, shortly after marriage, her husband had an affair. I told her that there is a limit to obedience in a man, it can never last your entire life time. Only when you become a real woman, then will a man give you his heart forever. 3. Water is moisturizing A woman will always be able to find good in a man, unceasingly praising her man a man, being proud of him, using flowery words to lift him, letting him feel like he's a hero, full of energy. He will be determined to protect his fragile wife. Thus the relationship of the couple will be ever so intimate as a result. On the other hand, if a woman always picks the wrong in a man, the man's heart more cold, losing confidence, he will feel like a fool eventually. He will think that he is only a pile of rubbish and will go on failing and going downhill with his life. A woman in Beijing told me that her husband found a second wife. But the second wife was not as pretty as her, not as educated, earns less than her, and she could not understand what the husband likes in her? I told her your husband loves her gentleness, considerate nature and her loving nature. She was speechless. The significance of prospering a man lies in having a complete and happy family. A woman needs to do her part, and the man need to do his. Do not let grievances befall onto your woman. If your woman suffers grievances, it would mean that your wealth suffers grievances too. How then will the wealth enter your pockets? I urge all readers to reflect on themselves on whether they are a woman like water, or if they are the man who is afraid that your woman suffers grievances. The wife is water, water is fortune, if your fortune is not well, fortune from the outside will never enter into your pockets. The woman is water, the man is steel, he must have good tolerance as well. The higher your tolerance level would mean how much fortune you can hold. If your wife does not provide enough wealth for you, wealth will come from elsewhere. Therefore, as for the man, do not be over calculative when it comes to money, be more generous and happy man giving. http://shiningknightarmour.blogspot.sg/2014/03/the-more-gentle-wife-more-prosperous.html
  24. LOUIS VUITTON PULLS OUT OF SINGAPORE STREET DOG FUNDRAISER BECAUSE DOGS ARE TOO LOW CLASS Post date: 14 Nov 2013 - 2:15pm Source : http://therealsingapore.com/content/louis-vuitton-pulls-out-singapore-street-dog-fundraiser-because-dogs-are-too-low-class The road to saving stray dogs is an uphill one, filled with set backs & difficulties. Esquire Magazine asked me yesterday why, I, an aesthetics doctor who people will view as being living in glamour & driving a nice car, decided to dedicate my life to doing this. I replied that before I started saving street dogs, I was indeed one of such people- chasing the "Singapore dream". But embarking on such a journey changes you profoundly. At the beginning, people thought I was doing this to get attention, waiting for me to give up. My colleagues, parents and loved ones were dead against it, telling me to spend my time and money doing better things. But compassion is a universal language. We may all have different views, but at our core, everyone speaks the same simple language of kindness - not only to humans, but to animals as well. That is what unites us in saving Singapore's street dogs. My interview with the good people at Esquire Magazine yesterday was supposed to be for a charity fundraiser with Louis Vuitton . LV donated some items which would be auctioned, and the proceeds donated to Save Our Street Dogs. But in a dramatic turn of events, they pulled out during the photoshoot despite initially agreeing to be part of it - because LV felt that dogs, MONGRELS,, stray dogs, in particular, are too LOW CLASS for their brand image. It is an difficult road we have chosen to take, because many corporations and people are still blinded only with superficial glitter & bright lights, falsely holding onto the belief that the make-belief world of "luxury" they have crafted for themselves is the real one. To these corporations and people, "charity" is merely a means of making their brand look better, or making themselves look good - not for altruism. These people have forgotten the most important language of all - the language of compassion. Hawk Cut Weis Founder of SaveOurStreetDogs.com