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Found 53 results

  1. Duckduck

    I miss WRC

    sad to see it lose venues & sponsorships... maybe itll be back in future...
  2. Miss USA posted a video on IG, together with Miss Australia and Miss Columbia mocking other Asian Miss Universe, in particular Miss Vietnam and Miss Cambodia. "What do you think of Miss Vietnam?" "She just pretends she knows so much English, and when you talk to her, she's just (gesturing - nodding like an idiot)" then laugh out loud https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSUtvyb8Qw0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2l-NggVx7Y How stupid can she be ? And to take a video of her own racist stupidity and post on social media ?? [laugh] She's testimony to how stupid some of these beauty pageants gets, I would say she's even at a lower level than "boomz".
  3. Fcw75

    Miss Singapore Universe 2018

    Lai lai lai, who will be the winner?
  4. Duckduck

    2015 miss universe results fail!

    MC announced wrong winner hahahha
  5. Here we go again! http://women.asiaone.com/women/people/miss-world-singapore-2015-draws-flak-myanmar-roots Miss World Singapore 2015 draws flak for Myanmar roots Charlene ChuaThe New PaperSunday, Oct 25, 2015 20151023_limelite2.jpg Winning a beauty pageant has been her dream since she was a little girl. Miss Charity Maru, also known as Charity Lu Lu Seng, finally tasted sweet victory on Wednesday night. The 24-year-old freelance translator beat 13 other contestants to be crowned Miss World Singapore 2015 at the One Farrer Hotel & Spa. But her joy was quickly tainted by criticism online that she is not the best person to represent Singapore at the international finals on Dec 19 in Sanya, China. The debate started because Miss Maru, is a relatively new citizen: She received her pink IC only in 2007. She was born in northern Myanmar to a Kachin family. The Kachin people are made up of ethnic groups who inhabit the northern Kachin State and neighbouring areas of China and India. Miss Maru, who is proud of her Kachin roots, said she loves Singapore and does not see why she cannot have the best of both worlds in her pageant journey. "One of my goals I set for myself should I win Miss World Singapore was to introduce my people to the world." When asked what she meant by "my people", Miss Maru said she meant the Kachin. "I believe that I am the first Kachin to take part in the Miss World Pageant. "Also, now that I am Singaporean, I want to represent Singapore well at the finals by showing that charity, which is a big component of Miss World, should be a lifestyle choice instead of a one-off thing." Some of her online detractors were adamant that should they support Miss Maru, they want her to identify only with being Singaporean when she takes to the world stage. Wrote one netizen: "Charity is a Singapore citizen with a pink Singapore identity card. "She is not representing Myanmar and therefore...she should be proud, and only be proud, to be a Singaporean." On the flak she has received, Miss Maru told The New Paper: "I grew up here, this is my home and I'm proud to be a Singaporean. "I hope people would respect me just as a Singaporean." CAME HERE AT 12 Miss Maru, who is 1.7m tall, was brought up by her grandmother and aunts in Myanmar as her parents came to Singapore to work when she was young. Her father is a senior engineer and her retired mother was a nurse in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. When she was 12, her parents brought her here to live with them. The former student of Balestier Hill Primary School, Beatty Secondary School and Singapore Polytechnic has been volunteering for the last two years as a Sunday school teacher at Kachin Baptist Church (Singapore), where she enjoys being a youth leader. Although she had, from the time she was young, yearned to be a beauty queen, she refused to join beauty pageants because most of them required participants to wear swimsuits. Said Miss Maru: "So when I read that this year (for the first time in 63 years), Miss World was going to remove the swimsuit round from the international finals, it was a dream come true for me to join the local pageant, and then actually win it. "I had joined it secretly and told my parents only on the morning of the (local) finals that I was a Miss World finalist." As a nod to Miss World's chairman Julia Morley's decision to cut the swimsuit round, the organiser of Miss World Singapore, Mr Raymund Ooi, also turned the bikini segment this year into a casual wear segment. Miss Maru is also more determined than ever to "improve" on herself as she wants to win a title at the competition. For example, she will be working on her catwalk, which she feels is not up to standard. The self-confessed sweat-hater, who weighs 56kg, also intends to do more toning exercises so that she will have a better physique. From now to the competition, she will not eat dinner and will have her last meal every day at 4pm in order to keep her weight down. She will also be working hard on her community project in Singapore, which will count for 40 per cent of her score in China. Said Miss Maru: "I am prepared to win something at the Miss World finals. "I will do everything that I can to get it for Singapore.
  6. Was traveling at NSHW today from Malacca and encounter this close shave. Some of the debris hit my car number plate and caused some chip on it. Was thanking my lucky stars that things did not turn out worse than it is. Debris could have flew higher and hit my car/windscreen, the truck could have served into my lane or even worse, flip. Also thankful that the car behind me wasn't that close (but I usually keep a constant lookout to make sure I am not blocking anyone) so when I braked, it had time to react. Didn't jam brake as I doubt the car behind could react as his view of the situation was likely blocked.
  7. This afternoon, 23 July 2015 @ 1250 hrs, was on my way back to office in Jurong Island. At the junction of Sakra Road and Jurong Island Highway, a tipper truck suddenly turned when I entered the junction. Luckily I was able to brake on time. To think I nearly died. My_Movie.wmv
  8. the judge probably have to judge from other area [laugh]
  9. will be there next month pls advise thx all
  10. http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/kl-singapore-high-speed-rail-may-miss-2020-deadline-says-report KL-Singapore high-speed rail may miss 2020 deadline, says report. Published: 27 April 2015 2:21 PM The multi-billion ringgit high-speed rail link between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore is expected to miss its 2020 deadline by two years, Singapore's Business Times reported today. Citing unnamed sources, the business paper said 2022 may be a more realistic deadline as there were many unresolved issues in the mammoth project, which is estimated to cost nearly RM40 billion. "This (the delay) is not necessarily a bad thing. It's a huge project. More time is needed to sort some aspects out so that it can take off smoothly," a source close to the project was quoted as saying by The Business Times. It added that the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the project may be awarded on a negotiated basis, but said this had yet to be confirmed. In 2013, Singapore and Malaysia agreed to build a high-speed train track by 2020 which would reduce the travel time on land between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to just 90 minutes compared with up to eight hours now. The construction of the high-speed rail link is expected to start in 2016, with the Cabinet approving the project and the establishment of MyHSR Corp Sdn Bhd – a Finance Ministry unit tasked with undertaking the project – just last week. Seven stations have been identified: Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Seremban, Ayer Keroh, Muar, Batu Pahat and Nusajaya. The project is one of the entry point projects listed under the Economic Transformation Programme which states that it is "aimed at improving the economic dynamism of Malaysia’s capital city and liveability ranking relative to other global cities". Last month, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said Japan was keen to be involved in the project, and that he had heard China had also expressed interest. – April 27, 2015.
  11. Neutrino

    Miss Malaysia 1969 divorce battle

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/11361346/Former-beauty-queen-in-Laura-Ashley-divorce-battle-complains-she-is-too-poor-to-decorate-dolls-houses.html Times are hard and getting harder
  12. Picnic06-Biante15

    Miss Singapore Universe 2014

    The finalist had been chosen and the final is on 22 August 2014. Yahoo: Exotic mix of Miss Universe Singapore 2014 finalists unveiled The finalists for this year's Miss Universe Singapore beauty pageant were revealed on Saturday during a sponsors' conference at Shangri-la Hotel. Organisers highlighted the "exotic" mix of ladies competing this year, among them are Nigerian-Malay Ijechi Nwaozuzu, French-Indian-Chinese Haymisha Francis and Malay-Chinese Liana Azman. The finals is taking place on 22 August, at the end of which the winner will win lavish prizes including diamond earrings worth over $35,000. The date and venue of the international round of the pageant has yet to be announced. LInk: https://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/photos/exotic-mix-of-miss-universe-singapore-2014-finalists-unveiled-slideshow/exotic-mix-of-miss-universe-singapore-2014-finalists-unveiled-photo-1407228828470.html#crsl=%252Fphotos%252Fexotic-mix-of-miss-universe-singapore-2014-finalists-unveiled-slideshow%252Fexotic-mix-of-miss-universe-singapore-2014-finalists-unveiled-photo-1407214149093.html
  13. Spotted a Buaya, looks like yours, in manual stick... On sale by a Guniang.. Miss Tan Low mileage, high spec, looks like good buy, if Miss Tan is not smoking.... http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=385756&DL=1000
  14. Picnic06-Biante15

    Miss Universe 2013 National Costumes

    Miss Universe 2013 - National Costume - Singapopre I was , is that the best we local designers can produced ????? Don't know about your view..... yahoo news: Miss Universe 2013 National Costumes Shi Lim, Miss Singapore 2013, models in the National Costume contest at Vegas Mall on November 3, 2013. Tune in to the NBC Telecast at 9:00 PM ET from Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia on November 9, 2013 to see who will win the title of Miss Universe 2013. HO/MIss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP for more other countries costumes link: http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/photos/miss-universe-2013-national-costumes-1383551530-slideshow/shi-lim-miss-singapore-2013-photo-1383552915395.html
  15. Viceroymenthol

    Miss Hong Kong 2013

    I know it is National Day and i hate to say this but they put ours to shame!
  16. Posted on 26 Dec 2012 Near miss: Malaysian driver cuts into lane suddenly at TPE exit A Malaysian driver was caught on STOMPer Raymond's car camera cutting his lane suddenly at the Loyang Avenue exit of the TPE. The STOMPer wrote: "This video was taken using my vehicle's recorder showing one Malaysian vehicle overtaking dangerously and almost causing a serious accident." http://dswww.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/thi...expressway.html
  17. The video says it all..
  18. Movie.wmv Near miss on CTE towards SLE this morning.....the lorry driver looks like FT to me.....
  19. ....and LKY went for toilet break. 'Fark this s.h.i.t man!'
  20. Greatbirdlegend

    Miss Singapore Universe 2011

    This year one actually not that bad. What a relieve. ----- Valerie Lim Is Winner Of Miss Singapore Universe 2011 Miss Singapore Universe 2011 pageant held at the Island Ballroom of the Shangri-La Hotel. Leggy 1.79m tall, 25-year old behavior therapist, Valerie Lim known for her beauty blog DWEAM was crowned Miss Universe Singapore 2011 by Tania Lim the pageant
  21. Any bro received this PM? Greeting From Tina How are you today? and how about your health? hope fine and you are doing well, My Name Is Miss Tina, I am looking for a very nice man of love, caring, honest, matured, understanding, and of good character, then after going to your profile on this site (www.mycarforum.com) i pick interest in you, so i will like you to write me with My E-mail address is ( tinababy_9@yahoo.com ) so that i will send you my picture and tell you more about me Miss Tina I should reply to Miss Tina there are many rich MCFers around but not me!
  22. Csnewbie

    Suddenly miss Andy Lau

  23. Nlatio

    How can he miss it...haaaa

    haaa..... how can he miss it.... http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/fit-to-post...204822-091.html