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Found 15 results

  1. Was traveling at NSHW today from Malacca and encounter this close shave. Some of the debris hit my car number plate and caused some chip on it. Was thanking my lucky stars that things did not turn out worse than it is. Debris could have flew higher and hit my car/windscreen, the truck could have served into my lane or even worse, flip. Also thankful that the car behind me wasn't that close (but I usually keep a constant lookout to make sure I am not blocking anyone) so when I braked, it had time to react. Didn't jam brake as I doubt the car behind could react as his view of the situation was likely blocked.
  2. youpapalite

    HID bulb burst. Anyone know why?

    Recently i've replaced my HID bulbs but it burst within a week. Anyone know the reason? Only one side burst. the other side is working. Noticed it when i heard a loud buzz sound. Went out of the car to look and one of the bulbs burst. Replaced the bulb as it was under warranty, however, the shop told me they will no longer replace the bulbs for me as they have never encountered this before. And stated that it could be my ballast that isn't compatible with the bulb. They would only honor the warranty if i purchase a pair of ballast from them. But i decided not to and told them i wouldn't claim the warranty if the bulbs were to burst again. Would like to check if there such a thing of incompatible ballast? Anyway it isn't an issue for me as if it were to burst again, i would not be claiming the warranty too as it is too troublesome and the owner suspected i tampered with the bulb (i know nuts about the bulbs so there's no way for me to tamper with it). But anyone know the reason why? Googled but no results. *The person installing did not touch the bulbs as i was observing throughout the time he was installing
  3. A brand new Mercedes-Benz S350 BlueTec belonging to an elderly German couple suffered a total write-off after a fierce fire started in its engine bay at a small town in Germany. The cause of fire was not mentioned in the report but it was said that the flagship sedan suffered extensive damage under its hood. At the heart of Mercedes' W222 S350 BlueTEC is a 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel powerplant mated to a 7-speeder auto 'box to produce an output of 258hp and 620Nm of torque that will launch the 2-tonner sedan up to a max speed of 250kmh. Photos: www.merkur-online.de
  4. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50142079n
  5. Hi all COE prices has been expanding upwards. I was wondering whether these prices are really sustainable. Will the bubble burst?
  6. any good safety tyres to prevent tyres burst but car still can move safely? is those run flat good? recommend pls...
  7. Kilatz

    Oil Rig tyre burst

    Was driving down the north-south highway this morning when the oil rig in front of me suffered an exploded tyre while overtaking another oil rig. Damn lucky I kept a distance behind and was able to immediately react when the tyre exploded. A lot of tyre pieces flying around especially small pieces of hard rubber that can't be seen in the video. It caught me by surprise and it was a few seconds later that I recovered and found my voice. A good reminder for those who like to tailgate while speeding down the highway...
  8. Aimnfire

    Burst my timing belt

    sigh was sending wife to work before proceeding to work place at traffic light junction suddenly engine die off try to start but i hear the cracking sound i knew my timing belt gone already sigh was targeting another 4000km before changing the belt as it will reach 80k base on my calculation from previous belt change forgot my work environment alot of dust and dry marking most rubbers harden faster sigh sibei sian
  9. This car hit a bus stop near Siglap CC before bursting into flames. According to one STOMPer, the driver was a man in his 60's and had suffered minor injuries. STOMPers Pauline, Gintai and JayyDoubleYouu all sent in pictures and comments on the incident. STOMPer JayyDoubleYouu says he was was alerted by the noise of the incident: "This happened on Dec 20, 2011 at about 3:30pm "We heard loud bangs but thought that it was the sound of people culling crows nearby. "When we went to look, we saw a car on fire and thick, black smoke rising from the wrecked car. "At first, only the pavement and car were on fire, but later the fire spread towards the bus stop causing the roof of the bus stop to burn also. "There was no sign of the driver there. "A fire engine arrived very quickly and the firemen fought bravely despite the intermittent explosions from the car." STOMPer Pauline drove by the incident in her car. She wrote: "I passed by this accident. Even from the other lane, I could feel the heat of the flames. "I'm not sure what happened, but the car was up on the pavement burning. "The driver appeared to be a man in his 60's. He was injured and being tended to by paramedics. "The SCDF were fighting the fire at the time." STOMPer Gintai claims the man was ablaze as he exited his vehicle. He wrote: "I just saw a car hit a bus stop at Bedok South. The driver ran out on fire. "There was no one at bus stop."
  10. Without saying up or down....just as good as cryptic talk. But I know when you keep increasing and stuffing something into a box, the box will be under pressure eventually. So if you keep stuffing money into your piggy bank..the money will be under pressure! So I take it that he meant that my income bank will be under pressure due to too much money! I like what he is saying! More Good Years!! Incomes will be under pressure soon: PM Lee Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Wednesday that the incomes of low-end and white-collar workers will be under pressure soon. PM Lee told CNBC in an interview that Singapore's economy is slowing down and will continue to do so going into 2012. This is due to global economic conditions getting tough. According to a Sept 1 economic report by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, economic activity in Singapore is likely to grow modestly in the second half of this year. Statistics provided by the Ministry of Trade and Industry showed that Singapore's economy grew by 1.3 per cent from July to September after contracting by 6.3 per cent in the previous quarter. This is on a seasonally-adjusted quarter-on-quarter annualised basis. PM Lee also told CNBC there will be uncertainties because the economic cycles are shorter. For the Singapore economy to continue growing at a strong pace, he said Singapore needed more workers, more skills and more talent. Mr Lee also spoke on the economic situation in Europe. When questioned by CNBC, he said the problem was deep and involved not just Greece but also other countries like Italy and Spain. "It's not just the immediate problems but there're also longer term structural questions about the Euro, and whether it will go forward or it'll go backwards. "They have to make sure that the problem does not spread beyond Greece and cause a run on Italy for example, which would have an implication for the whole world," he said.
  11. Spikedoll

    1 day old tyre burst

    one day old dunlop D01 burst duno izi due to defect or watsoever reason but a bad experience..was very pleased with dunlop 9000 which was on my old car previously though... luckily it burst when the car was almost stationary in carpark..can't imagine if I was driving at highway or high speed..I think I would be in another suay car accident or montuary now really appreciate and thankful to Maddriver,Chonghui & Linus who came to the rescue, helped in changing the bursted tire to Linus's spare tyre... Due to most tyre workshops are closed on weekend evening, we drove to Balestier wkshop , was quoted Nanking normal tyre $100 /pc and other normal around $140+ think wanna chop me in such situation.. we then proceed to Jln Besar City Tyres Trading...Good & honest service and was quoted reasonably for Japanese tyres which are much cheaper than the former.The in charge, Bobby is very helpful and even took the initiative to pump air for Linus's spare tyre.Very pleased with his service and definitely know which workshop to go next time.They are open till 3am daily.
  12. Just wanted to share with you my experience of having the front left tyre burst (Bridgestone Turanza 205/55R16) while at ~100km/h along CTE this morning... Surprisingly enough, the car did not loose control when the tyre went burst. I only hear a sudden loud "blok blok..." sound. I quickly slow down and filter to the left lane, then to the road shoulder. Initially, I thought it is just a punctured tyre. To my horror, the tyre sidewall was suffering a large cracked line of about 6 inches. I could see the teared portion with wire exposed. I was in deep rushed to change up the tyre and forgot to take a picture of it. My mileage is closed to 48K. Though typically tyre replacemet usually start when close to 70K or so. Any comment on this? Really dunno why the sidewall will crack in such a way. It is pretty dangerous if there isn't any tell-tale sign. If at higher speed say ~140km/h along NS HW, that could be a disaster liao. Anyway, had the 4 tyres replaced to Maxxis MA-21, highly recommended by shop owner over the Bridgestone GR80 for wet floor gripping. Will let you guys know more about its performance at later time. In conclusion, I am pleasantly surprise that the car still remain controllability even though the front tyre burst when I was cruising at 100km/h.
  13. Gadgeter

    2 weeks old tyre, burst.

    Hi folks, Need your opinion on this. My friend was driving along the CTE when his rear tyre burst, he hitted the road barrier and his car made a 180 degree ski on the wet road.. Before he could do anything, he was facing the on-coming vehicle. Then he managed to turn the car 180 degree back to its original direction and make his way to the road shoulder. He was lucky that no other cars was involved. His findings: There is a hole on the side wall of the tyre. His Damage: Under carriage, drive shaft, side of the car. Total repair: At least 5k. Question: As his tyre is only 2 weeks old, Can he file an 'claim' against the tyre company? It was the tyre that caused the accident.