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  1. Having used top-load machine for more than 15 years, would like to try front-loading ones. I heard that front-loading machines wash clothes cleaner than top-loading units although water usage will be comparatively higher. Also aware that, in general, Asian manufacturers make better machines than European and American companies. And a couple of Asian makers have recently come up with front-loading washers. Does anyone have experiences to share about front-loading washers made by Asian manufacturers? Are they good? Otherwise, what would be a good brand from Europe? Bosch? Appreciate and thank you your contribution.
  2. Went for servicing for my matrix 1.6M. Told by mechanic, front left lower arm a bit crack. Is this a normal part to change. Right front suspension gone, I can feel it. So going to change front left and right. But the mechanic says don't know the mounting for the suspension will crack or not. So when changing suspension, do I need to change the so called mounting? Regards
  3. my optra 1.6A is 1.5 years old. I have this problem as mentioned above. any one experiencing the same. Tq
  4. Bought a used car and the last owner only change the front 2 tires 3000 km ago, Yokohama ES501. Mileage 42k now, thought of bringing the 2 ES501 behind and change the stock rear tires to others like Hankook k415. Is it weird to have 2 different types of tires? Another option is to get another 2 ES501. I'm looking for a quiet tire, is k415 as quiet as the ES501?
  5. Dear brothers, currently driving year 2004 Civic (ES5), observe that when driving through hump or uneven roads, the drive feel quite bumpy (is it because of the stiff suspension?). if by installing the above items will the drive be beter (beside better corning)? thank you
  6. my car front tires 195/50/R15, rear tires 195/55/R15 is it any effective in term of FC, performance?
  7. Beast

    Front grille

    Hi guys, Can anyone advise where to buy wire mesh for DIY-ing the car front grille?? How much will it cost?? After fixing the grille, will it affect the car engine as rain water might seep thru from the mesh?? Thanks!!
  8. For some big cars, it is quite hard to do parallel parking, especially to gauge the front of the car. I am thinking whether to either, 1) Drill four holes to the front kit and install another "rear" sensors with "Beep beep" sound to the front (cheaper). 2) Install front camera and connect to a LCD monitor for viewing and gauging (more costly). Any other better suggestion?? Thank you...
  9. Hi Guys need some info. Is it true that if there isnt any airbag in the front passenger seat, then it is NOT against the law to put a child carseat there? If so, does anyone know that whether the front passenger airbag for the civic can be disabled? Reason I am asking is because I need to accomodate 2 carseats and still seat another 1 driver and 2 adult passengers in my civic. Thus I am trying to work out if i can put 1 carseat at the front passenger seat and 1 at the back seat.
  10. Hi everyone, I am sure almost everyone would have noticed this. When u stop at traffic lights, even though u may be the very first car, some motorbike would come in from the side and then queue in front of you and sometimes in front of the stop line even. Still worse, they go slow and u are forced to go even slower for fear of hitting them. This sort of behaviour sometimes is irritating but nothing much we can do. anyone got anything to comment?
  11. Kind of curious, how closely do you follow the car in front on the expressway? EVERYDAY I see people following so closely. EVERY SINGLE day on a crowded expressway during peak hours. I am sure there are some of them here in MCF? The big question I have is WHY WHY? I know this has been discussed previously but I just had an accident on my new car a few weeks back so I thought to raise the awareness again. Driving during peak hour on the ECP. The guy in front of me was braking so I started braking too... then all of a sudden he probably slam his brakes because I see he came to a complete stop really fast. As his brake light was already on, there is no visual cues other than his car coming close really fast of a sudden. So I hit my brakes much harder and I managed to come to a stop. the car B behind me just kissed my bumper. Slight damage... The car C further behind slammed his brakes and avoided hitting car B but I think there was car D and E which all slammed together into car C..... There was injuries on C D E. Car B ask to settle privately as damage was minor..... the point of this story is PLEASE claim these tail gatters as much as you legally can. let this be a deterrent... if you want to follow closely... please pay the price when accidents happen. Because there is no way you can stop in time during an emergency brake.
  12. My ride is FWD with front disc and rear drum brakes. Currently have 2 tires that are newer and in better condition than the other 2, tho all 4 r same brand, model n size. So should i put the better pair in front or behind?
  13. I want to add a 10cm strip of graduated tint to the top of my front windscreen - does anyone have recommendations where this can be done, and the price I should be expecting to pay?
  14. Hi guys, anyone can advise on the length for Hyundai Avante Wiper Blade ??? both Front and Rear ... Need the info urgently, helping my friend to buy and he dunno how to check the length ... thanks in advance
  15. Hi Folks: Why is is so ? What is the significance?
  16. Has some scratches on left front bumper. 2 slices of paint are gone exposing the black metal. I went to a workshop, and was quoted 150 for repainting the entire left bumper. Is there any other alternative? Is 150 for half front bumer reasonable?
  17. Hey anyone know where to repair the front bumper for Nissan Latio? The right side end of my front bumper came off. Can see the holder for the nut had broken, that why it's came off. Heard this quite common to Latio owners.
  18. Just watching Crash Test Dummies on Discovery Science. Shows how dummies are used to make cars safer. Made me recall seeing some adult front seat passengers in cars with a baby or toddler carried in their lap. They don't realise...(cannot be don't care right?) how dangerous it can be if the car rear ends the vehicle in front or driver e brakes....the child could be launched forward by the momentum and crash into the windscreen. Child seats are also life savers...i suggest parents be more strict with their children when it comes to seat belts. Even for short drive to school less than 2km away, I insist my kids put on their seat belts. You can be the safest driver in the world, but there are many who are reckless or bobo.
  19. Hello people, Am looking for the box under the front centre seat of a Honda Edix. If you or or your friends driving Edix and scrapping it, please let me know. Thanks!!
  20. Hi guys I am currently using tyres 225/65/R18 and is planning to change the front two tyres soon. I called up one of those workshop and was recommended to change the front two tyres to 235/60/R18 instead. That would also mean a difference of $60 for two tyres. My question is whether is this recommended? Will it hurt the car in anyway? Thank you.
  21. Wanna check with the experts.. Currently driving a company rented 2006 vios.. Brought the car back to the car rental company as back tyre sidewall got cracks and leaking air. Checked by a tyre shop and proceeded to change to 2 recon tires for the back. Problem now, Before that, all 4 tires were Falken 185/55R16. After, front 2 Falken 185/55R16, back 2 Nexen 205/50R16. When i asked the tire shop, they told me it is ok. Most BMW are doing the same. I have never ever heard of this before. Won't different tire profile and size for the front and back affect the car stability? Need advise from the experts
  22. I called many companies from the motor directory and none of them has LTA legal front windscreen solar film that has 99% IR rejection. if it is true that there is no 99% IR rejection film with at least 70% VLT, then which legal film has the best IR rejection?
  23. Hi all, Currently driving vios for work.. but front speaker was removed.. Very irritating when I fetch passengers because I cannot turn on the music volume.. rear passengers always complaining. Vios also has poor sound insulation.. using 185/55R16 somemore.. really can die.. How much will it cost to put in the front speakers?
  24. Those kind to prevent the child from kicking and dirtying the back of the front seat.
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