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Found 100 results

  1. What is the maximum legal limit of white lights approved by LTA? Any brands to recommend?
  2. Good morning~~ My coll told me something about motorcycle rental recently. Back in my hell riding years of understanding that motorcycle renting is illegal. The insurance coverage used to have "any rider" and it was wrote off due to some bike shop abuse this loop hole to rent bikes to ppl. I did my search and indeed there are a few portal renting out motorcycles.. but no infor about whether it;s legal not? Any one here rented a motorcycle b4? Can shed some lights here b4 I can advise her to rent or not..
  3. AFV_V200

    Lying ex-wife to be and custody

    I hope admin dont ban me for this thread and I need admin sympathy on me situation. I don't know who I can turn to as I heavily draining emotionally, physically, mentally and financially, and I even have a few thought to end my life. Long story short. I am divorcing my wife due to family violent of physical abuse and verbally abuse. She even threaten to kill me and she had my 1 year old son in her hand and I saw my baby only a few time in police station. I also loss a child access case to her recently as it seem to me the judge believed her lies, and I consider this the darkest day in Singapore justice system in my life. I am trying to get custody of my boy and I need a good lawyer and it does not come cheap. My friend spent $30k and got only share custody, another friend of mine spent $160k and he won sole custody to 2 of his kids. I am trying to raise fund for my custody and hope you guys can lend a helping hand here. Please refer to the link below if you can help even tiny amount and share it out to as many friends or FB page. Thank you very much for your time to read my post. https://gogetfunding.com/please-help-me-to-re-unite-with-my-baby/
  4. Wind30

    Legal voting age 18 or 21?

    https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/voting-age-singapore-parliament-chan-chun-sing-11784350 what are your views?
  5. So just a heads up, in case you feel inclined to share everything, better don't. Btw she had to make a public apology never to undertake similar action in the future. Better be safe than sorry fellas. PS: I am not at a liberty to reveal which company did that, or which forum it took place in either.
  6. Shull

    Taking upskirt pics is legal

    Only in Massachusetts hor.. Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/03/05/us/massachusetts-upskirt-photography/index.html?hpt=hp_t3
  7. Is it true that the legal sector charge clients like what is being accused here by Mdm Chang for such cases? Any lawyer bros or bros familiar with such care to comment? From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_773737.html Offer guidelines for legal fees Published on Mar 5, 2012 I RECENTLY engaged a lawyer to settle a tenancy dispute. I was told that legal costs are time-based and my straightforward case would cost about $5,000. However, the final bill came up to $23,000 - about five times the original estimate. The lawyer claimed that the additional costs arose because he had to spend more time on my case, submitting five affidavits instead of three as expected initially. The charges were billed over three instalments, two of which amounting to $20,000 were when the case was in progress and I felt compelled to pay so as not to jeopardise the proceedings. Then came the final bill of $3,000. I called the Law Society of Singapore, only to find out that there are no guidelines for legal fees, unlike for the medical profession, which until recently had them to guard against overcharging. I was told to find out about the fees charged by other lawyers, and was given figures of $4,000 and $5,000 by two law firms. Proportionally speaking, if three affidavits cost $5,000, five should cost only about $8,000. And if the affidavits are largely the same, with each subsequent one incorporating new points to refute the rebuttals of the defendant, should the fees not be incremental instead of being multiples of five? There should be fee guidelines to ensure that professionals are not given a free hand when billing their clients. The Law Society and the Consumers Association of Singapore should look into how legal fees are charged. Chang Lee Lee (Madam)
  8. Calvinus

    LTA Legal Exhaust

    I just saw that one of the exhaust workshop is now carrying a model of LTA compliant exhaust that can fit my car... the fujitsubo wagolis... However the advertisement in their website states that it is for another make of the car... i.e. the honda odessy. I am wondering and hopefully bros can advise, if the wagolis is advertised as suitable for my car - SX4, does it mean that I can fit it or is the LTA approval limited to the car model that the workshop has sent for approval for?
  9. To Register: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/car-accident-rally-tickets-31837090595
  10. Piyopico

    Legal question

    Understand there are legal minds here, so would appreciate your input. I lease a few equipments and have been paying the fee for a few months to even up to 2 years cos they are leased separately. Only a few equipment has got signed contracts, many equipment did not come with any written or signed contracts as the salesman either did not prepare any or he prepared contracts with company names that are not those that were requested. He was supposed to change the names and come back with new contracts to be signed. So a few months to more than 2 years have passed. No contracts signed for many equipments but we have been paying the invoices. 1. For equipments without any contracts that were signed by us, is there an implied contract? 2. For those contracts that were signed by us but we noticed that the company details are incorrect and requested that they be amended, are they valid even though we never receive any copy? Right now the leasing company insist we are under "contract" but is refusing to provide details f when they end and insist we refer to our own copies. Am stuck, I dun have any contract to refer to. 3. Can they refuse to give me a copy of these "contracts"? I just need certainty as to the expiry dates. 4. Worth taking it thru the legal route cos it's not a lot of money involved and legal fees won't be cheap? Appreciate comments especially those who have met cases like this. Thanks.
  11. Hi all Can someone advise if LED Emblems like the one attached below is allowed? Thanks in advance. http://www.ebay.com.sg/itm/EMBLEM-2WAYS-LED-FASHION-BATMAN-REAR-FOR-HYUNDAI-VELOSTER-/231272740488?hash=item35d8edf688:g:ZKgAAOSw91NTssk2
  12. I bought a Toyota Wish from Borneo Motors a couple of months ago. The salesman offered me the standard AIG Auto Protector policy (supposedly "comprehensive"), which I took as using some other insurance would incur a penalty. This seems to be fairly standard practice among many dealers, including ADs. I saw this letter published in the newspaper a few days ago (I think it was on 2nd June): In case it isn't clear, the writer (Tan Siak Khian) is claiming that there are clauses in this standard policy that exclude coverage for unnamed passengers falling outside the age range 16-65 (meaning the young and the elderly) and also passengers who are intoxicated (meaning that if you are the designated driver ferrying a drunk passenger around, that passenger will not be covered in the even of an accident). I checked my own policy yesterday, when I was relatively free. I've attached a photo of the offending section. It appears the letter writer was spot-on in his observation (look at parts d. and e.). I'm now worried about the implications of this contract on coverage for my 12-year old child and my elderly parents. Does this mean I can't safely carry them in my car anymore? I've never heard of "named passengers", but does AIG expect me to nominate them personally to ensure coverage? My sales guy at Borneo was of little help - I asked him to clarify this a few days ago, but he has yet to respond. BTW, my father's Nissan Note from Tan Chong was also insured under this AIG scheme, and that also has weirdness - he tells me the policy only applies if he (the driver) is under 65, but he did declare his age correctly at the time of application (and they approved it!). I don't think any of our other policies (with other insurers) have these issues. I'm making this post to advise others to read through their policy terms very carefully, and if possible, share what they find. I'm also asking for advice about my options. I believe I can cancel my AIG policy and get the remaining premium, but there's always a penalty for early cancellation. Do you think that I should be able to make a case for waiver of this penalty given the (in my view) unjust clauses embedded in this contract? Also, I wonder if this legal language falls afoul of the Motor Vehicles (Third-Party Risks and Compensation) Act (CHAPTER 189)? Quoting, Interestingly, the Act talks about the liability of the user, but does not directly address the liability of the insurer? Or is that implied since the Act is about insurance anyway?
  13. http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/singaporean-legal-officer-in-1mdb-probe-faces-deportation so what's the story here ... did not really say what she did ... or why she is being deported ?
  14. Hi Guys, If I were to broker a business transaction between 2 companies, is there a way whereby I can get the supplier or buyer to sign a legal document giving me a return for the deal without setting up a company myself? (i.e. I am represented by myself and not a company). Need advice from bros here If No 1 is possible, can I get the companies to sign an NDA with me? Appreciate advice from bros who are knowledgeable in legal terms.. Thanks !!
  15. I called many companies from the motor directory and none of them has LTA legal front windscreen solar film that has 99% IR rejection. if it is true that there is no 99% IR rejection film with at least 70% VLT, then which legal film has the best IR rejection?
  16. Husband in mid 50 is unable to pay off credit card loan of 60k, their 3 room hdb flat had been fully paid off. Here the question guys, what can the bank take from their home, old clothes underwear old cupboard ? They got a 11yr daughter if that the case will they take her shoes and toys laptop and bed also. Some of the item are bought by the monther so how to prove ?
  17. Little_prince

    Legal question: anti competition clause

    hi guys. asking a question on behalf of a good friend of mind. background. - Sales manager in a coy dealing with IT products - Company late with salary on several occasions in the last yr. - was offered a role with a competitor with 30% up. - current contract clause restrict employment with all direct and indirect competitors for 1 year. Question 1. Is restraint of trade enforceable in singapore? MOM website very ambiguous. 2. Is late payment of salary/CPF considered a breach of contract? hence making the contract null and void? thanks in advance
  18. Duckduck

    Boleh's ridiculous legal system.

    http://m.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/three-things-we-learned-from-the-seremban-child-abduction http://www.thesundaily.my/news/1012234 heng im not a bolehsian
  19. Hi MCF bros/sis, I dunno if I should be writing this, but I guess I need help and seeking best legal advice and helping my relative and her family out. A close relative of mine had a minor operation 2 weeks ago at a local hospital, "thyroid nodule", basically a lump on the neck, throat area. The operation was to remove this lump. Operation was done and patient discharged the following day... "Note, patient and family asked doctor how come no need to use a "pipe" to discharge the "bad blood" when before the operation was done, they said there would be a need to.. Doctor implied that the blood was already discharged thus no need to... And there was also no CT Scan or scan after the surgery.. Okay, fine.... Since the doctor said so... Patient do notice the surgery area was noticeably "swollen", but its normal says doctor.... For 3 days, patient experience nausea, some pain, so finally cannot tahan, visited the doc on 3rd day after operation... Doc dismissed it as normal, prescribed some medicine and told her to go back... Okay, fine, since he says so.. 2 hours after she returned home, she vomitted blood.... Sharks, I send her straight to hospital, probably broke some traffic rules along the way, but it was an emergency, had to rush her immediately to hospital A&E.... That night she went through a CT Scan, her blood pressure was extremely low, apparently bad blood is still in her body. The following day, she had to be operated...... Coz theres still blood in her wounds.. The same doctor operated on her and deemed it a success again..... Claims to be a few possibilities, 1) Sepsis infection or blood infection after operation, (auto immune) or 2) first operetion's blood was not discharged fully and flow back to body..... or 3) virus infection A day after the 2nd operation, she developed breathing difficulties and at midnight the worse has happen, she needs to be warded into ICU... She needs to get her breathing back properly... Another day passed and further scans revealed that there's now blood in her lungs and her lungs is badly infected by the blood... Likely the same 3 causes as above.... Another operation needed and pipe inserted into the wounds to discharge the blood successfully.... 2 days later, the lung specialist I call that, not sure his term, but I call him the lung specialist, finally verbally revealed to her family that its the blood which was not discharged properly during the first operation..... WTF, how can this happen in our highly rated hospital...... Shes still in ICU after almost 2 weeks, recovering slowly and she may not fully recover her lungs as its "badly" damaged..... It seems like a simple operation gone awry, but none of the doctors admit its a mistake, only that lung specialist said so only. The bills are going to hefty..... Paid already 2 times in a week besides the first operation, they could run into hundreds of thousand if not in control... Question is, how can we confirm that its the hospital mistake, coz only the lung doctor admits its due to fault from the first operation.. The doctor who did the first operation says his operation is a success which is bull-crap..... We are trying to get the surgery/operation reports from the hospital, we just made the request this evening, but the nurse in ICU says she can only let us know if we can get it tomorrow, and she sounds very unwilling, asking us why we need that for, and we need the patient's consent when apparently she's in difficulty right now.... Hospital seems to with-holding these reports...... Any reputable lawyers which I can approach or any advices from you guys here which can help...... Thanks for listening guys... It had been a distressing week for her family and myself too.... Watching a healthy girl walking into SGH for a non-threatening surgery to be stuck in ICU now and through the fault of the doctor and the hospital still have the cheek to collect monies from her family...
  20. Transpasser162

    Legal issue

    I'm facing one problem right now, i have this customer who liaise with me in purchasing some products and we only communicate through sms and pricing & spec was also quoted through sms. So after my customer confirm the order, he send me an Purchase order for processing. I had also send an Purchase order to my supplier to order the products, but suddenly my client wanted to cancel the order the next day. But the issue is my supplier doesn't allow me to cancel the order and now my client said he's not taking any responsibility as he has already email me to cancel the order even though Purchase order had been emailed & products had been ordered. So right now this is my question - Is SMS consider legal in business dealing? - Can i sue them if they don't want to take responsible?
  21. Yeshe

    Is it legal?

    Presuming u have a driver license but u do not carry it with u when driving. is this legal?
  22. Always been a fan of the GTRs. However, the absurd prices of cars nowadays would definitely make a first hand one seem a little outta reach. Just stumbled upon this, and for only USD$20,000, we can get an exact replica in terms of power and handling!! http://www.topgeartvseries.com/nissan-gtr.php Only question is, are we allowed to ship this in at all?
  23. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...118-384187.html Poly student dies in accident that almost severs leg By Syahirah Anwar and Nathaniel Hong SINGAPORE - He left the shop to deliver what would have been his last pizza order for the night. But Mr Muhammad Amirulhayat Mahadi never got to deliver it. The 21-year-old student was killed after the Domino's Pizza motorcycle he was riding was hit by a white Mazda RX8 sports car at the intersection of Sembawang Road and Yishun Avenue 5 on Thursday night. The red motorcycle was completely wrecked, lying crushed below the car, while Mr Amirulhayat's body lay about 10m away. The storage compartment containing the pizzas was knocked loose and landed on a pedestrian walkway. Blood was splattered over the twisted front of the car and its front windscreen was cracked. The police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) received calls about the accident at about 9.30pm. Dead at the scene When paramedics arrived, they pronounced Mr Amirulhayat dead at the scene. About an hour later, his family and friends arrived at the scene after being informed of the tragedy. Overwhelmed with grief on seeing his younger brother's lifeless body, Mr Mahadir Mahadi, 24, kicked the debris from the accident and shouted: "Who is the driver?" Two police officers and two passers-by rushed forward to restrain him while asking him to control himself. He struggled in their grasp, demanding that he be allowed to see the Mazda driver, until his friend came forward to console him. Mr Amirulhayat was a third-year student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, taking a diploma course in multimedia and animation. He had taken a part-time job as a delivery rider for Domino's Pizza to earn extra money. His father, Mr Mahadi Timan, 52, who went to the scene that night, told The New Paper that his son was about to make a legal U-turn in the other direction of Sembawang Road to make his delivery. RELATED STORIES - Mum's unease before dreaded call of his death It was then that the Mazda collided into the motorbike, causing Mr Amirulhayat to be flung about 10m, he said. An uncle, Mr Khairudin Timan, told TNP that he was in disbelief when he got to the scene at almost midnight. I don't understand, if the driver has the right of way and the rider did a illegal U-turn, why is the driver charged under RECKLESS driving? Even @ 50KM/HR with no BRAKE applied, it could be also as FATAL as this. Does that means RECKLESS driving even following the standard speed limit applied on singapore ROAD?
  24. Ruriimasu

    Legal to fish at Kallang river?

    Saw a couple of old men fish at kallang river, the stretch from behind the upper boon keng road. Is it legal to fish there? they caught a couple of good size fish as well, looked like a good past time when bored. Any idea if the fish is safe for consumption?
  25. I am thinking of changing steering wheel... I tot the only way to change is> get a new steering wheel (e.g. Sparco) + usage of Quick release Then i saw some forum/mass order merchant saying that changing of steering wheel is legal but usage of Quick release is illegal... 1) so is changing steering wheel illegal? 2) if dont use quick release, still can change steering wheel?? :crycry: