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Found 79 results

  1. Dear mod, please don't give me warning or ban my account. 😅 I am just hoping my long lost friends will bring me some good news during this challenging time. 🙂 ‘Are you jerking my bobber?’ Lottery winner stuns friend by sharing prize https://amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/23/powerball-lotter-winner-shares-prize-friend A western Wisconsin man will share his millions in lottery winnings with a longtime friend because of a promise they made to each other nearly three decades ago. Friends Tom Cook and Joseph Feeney shook hands in 1992 and promised that if either of them ever won the Powerball jackpot, they would split the money. That promise came to fruition last month when Cook bought the winning ticket for a $22m jackpot at Synergy Coop in Menomonie. When Cook called to give his friend the good news, Feeney couldn’t quite believe it. “He called me, and I said, ‘are you jerking my bobber?”’ said Feeney, an avid fisherman. Cook retired after hitting the jackpot while Feeney was already retired. Neither has any extravagant plans for the winnings but each is looking forward to enjoying more family time. “We can pursue what we feel comfortable with. I can’t think of a better way to retire,” Cook said. The pair said they were looking forward to some traveling. The men chose the cash option of about $16.7m, leaving each with nearly $5.7m after taxes are paid. The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are one in about 292m.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jul/10/pokemon-go-armed-robbers-dead-body Pokémon Go is already responsible for armed robberies, the discovery of a dead body and injurieshttp://www.news.com.au/technology/home-entertainment/gaming/pokmon-go-is-already-responsible-for-armed-robberies-the-discovery-of-a-dead-body-and-injuries/news-story/e54b70e88fc88094329466616ab3c2a1 Even if it's not available here, it caused an idiot his job. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-36761331
  3. So just a heads up, in case you feel inclined to share everything, better don't. Btw she had to make a public apology never to undertake similar action in the future. Better be safe than sorry fellas. PS: I am not at a liberty to reveal which company did that, or which forum it took place in either.
  4. Mockngbrd

    Friend car stolen

    Friend car stolen this morning. Any info will be good. Didnt know ppl still steal cars in SG nowdays.
  5. Mrmilktooth

    If you are my best friend....

    Cristiano Ronaldo proves he is the best man by buying Jorge Mendes a Greek Island for a wedding present Real Madrid star coughs up between €3m and €50m in extraordinary gesture to his long-time friend and confidant By Mark Lawford | Yahoo Sport UK – Sun, Aug 2, 2015 9:07 PM SGT Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t bother leafing through the Argos catalogue when he wanted to buy a wedding present for his agent Jorge Mendes. Instead, the Real Madrid star – who is best man at his long-time friend and confidant’s marriage today – decided to stepover the pyrex dishes, mug trees, fondue sets and towel (not Gareth) bales, and splash out a bit more than most of the 400 guests who are expected to attend. But the 30-year-old will not be wrapping up his gift as it is a Greek island. Greece has decided to sell off some of its islands in a bid to help clear up its crippling financial problems and according to Portuguese publication Move Noticias, Ronaldo splashed out anything from €3m to €50m for the non-disclosed land. A Greek island earlier today The exact location of the island has not yet been revealed and neither was the price paid for it, presumably because it is rude to know how much you have spent on a gift - and to make sure the media give Mendes some peace and quiet if and when he goes there. At least Jorge and his bride Sandra will have somewhere to store the toasters, cutlery sets and salad spinners that they will no doubt stack up in abundance. And what other high-profile guests like Fabio Coentrao and Pepe will buy in an attempt to top the megastar’s hypergift for a superagent remains to be seen. Can our MCF elite have fun with the firesale in Greece??.. haha
  6. Hi folks, have you had Facebook friends that you want to unfriend because their posts and updates are borderline offensive & irritating, yet you didn't unfriend or block them cos you also find their offending posts amusing at the same time? I have one such friend now in FB and she is one irritating drama mama. (in case Tikos are wondering, not chio, aunty) First of she is not really my friend, more like my brother's friend group whom I sometimes join their outings. Her impression to me is a softspoken quiet person but my bro say it's not really the case if they are in their own group. The fact that she posts almost everything about her life, thoughts and actions sort of irks me. She is not the smartest person around but incidentally she thought she is smart. She likes to share posts from TRS or TOC and she occasionally posts typical coffeshop aunty ranting on the Gahmen. Else she will be posting things like what she is "currently" doing. Once awhile, she will post her own quotes or an idiotic conversation with her work rival. I find then both amusing and stupid at the same time. Most of her posts garner 0 comments and maybe a 1 or 2 likes. Many occasion I was so tempted to troll her in FB with my replies. I did once or twice but it seems to me she don't get it or pretend not to get it. My brother had repeatedly told me NOT to reply to her idiotic posts cos he feels she is just seeking attention or baiting us to comment her status. Occasional I would msg my bro "hey, your fren post stupid things again LOL" and we sort of make fun of it ourselves. Her posts are sometimes ridulously brainless that at one point, she offended someone with an rather offensive post (racial related) who treaten to make her comments viral. She removed the post immediately. Lucky for her. Once she made a remarked about something that insulted IT jobs, I was quite offended and almost wanted to troll her if not for my brother stopping me. Currently she's in a new job and complaining all the things her new coy doesn't have compare to her old job. The email system, the website blocking and the FTs, etc. I was like rolling my eyes as if I care. Anyone have sure FB friends? Irrating yet amusing!
  7. Hi Software Experts, Asking on behalf of a friend who runs a SME and is looking for such software: "we are looking for an integrated software solution comprises of POS, Retail Management system, Wholesales distribution(Sales Order entry and Inventory management) and Manufacturing (Production tracking, WIP and delivery tracking) components. All these mentioned components must share a common Financial Accounting software platform. The solution is expected to be cost effective coupled with prompt and reliable support from the vendor. We need to first find out the pricing structure and the vendor's interest in conducting a product demonstration at our premises without obligation." If you have lobang, let me have the contact info and I will pass it to my friend. Thank you very much Regards,
  8. just received calls frm china... asking me if i know him....twice... any bro kena also ? aniway.. dun know anyone unrelated in china.. so i ignore him.
  9. Targeting the younger people aging somewhere around their twenties in China, the Friend-ME Concept is Nissan's approach for decades to come that may give other automakers a run for their money. Nissan claims that the car has been designed for those who have a very distinctive automotive outlook. The reason why Nissan is targeting youths is because Nissan believes it will shape the global automotive trend in the decades to come. This was revealed by Nissan's Advanced Planning and Product Strategy Division General Manager, Fancois Bancon. Looking at the design of the car, there's nothing wrong for Nissan to be proud of its Friend-ME Concept. Sporting both flowing and edgy lines, the car is able to sit four passengers altogether in a spacious and comfortable cabin. Speaking of the cabin, it's here that all the main attractions lie. Featuring a cockpit-like cabin, the car enables all the passengers inside to access everything the car has to offer. This is an unconventional approach that we aren't likely to get with other cars, at least not for now. According to Nissan, this is possible thanks to its console that the company considers to be kind of like an 'Oracle Stone'. With the so-called 'Oracle Stone', everyone inside (not just the driver) the car will be able to have a look at the road in front of them, access music, navigation, speed, and a lot more. As we mentioned earlier, this is something that other cars can't offer us at present. Nissan said, "Our console is like an Oracle Stone that gives the Friend-ME crew the power to look down the road ahead, over the horizon, through walls
  10. LinOrLim

    Making friend

    Hey, just asking if there is this gal staying in the same block, and you have the "hots" for her, both you and the gal know each other by sight but never talk to each other before, how to go up and strike a conversation and make friend with her?
  11. IMHO there's nothing wrong with what the teacher said and it was said in a very truthful and tactful manner.
  12. Hi bros! Need your help fast! Anyone here knows where my friend can get aircon compressor and belting at this hour in Singapore for a Mazda 3 1.6? His car broke down yesterday in Tangkak and he and wifey went down Singapore by bus and left the car there at a workshop which do not have the spare parts. Appreciate any help fast! Thank you!
  13. Really have to go to that extent meh? Had decided with wifey during our wedding that we would accept losses as long as all all intended guests turned up. Our mentality then was that it would be our pleasure for folks to share our joy rather than to focus if we could recoup our wedding costs. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...at_wedding.html Posted on 07 Nov 2012 Bride confronts friend for not giving an ang bao at her wedding Source: AsiaOne This article was contributed by the STOMP Team. A tweet by a bride who confronted her friend for not giving a red packet at her wedding has drawn flak from netizens after going viral. The tweet has since been retweeted numerous times by people who strongly object to the brides behaviour. Some have even questioned if marriages have become more of a business rather than a ceremony and celebration. In her tweet, the bride also tells her friend that if he or she was unable to give a red packet due to 'unforeseen circumstances', then that guest should let the couple know. The bride also mention that she and her family counted the red packets against the guest list.
  14. AFV_V200

    A weird

    This close friend of mine. It goes like this. One evening when whole gang having dinner. I mentioned his ex-girl
  15. Mockngbrd

    FT is your friend HOR!

    treat them as friend OK! MP say one
  16. Ahtong

    Meeting an old friend

    Just recieved an SMS from an old friend asking to meet for supper on Thursday night. We used to be very close when younger but grew apart when he climbed the corporate ladder very aggressively (and I got left behind). To be honest I am not sure if I want to meet up also because when I try to arrange a meetup at other times of the year, I get ignored. When he asks me out there is usually a hidden agenda and I will end up paying for supper. You guys have friends like this?
  17. Did it on Friday night actually at one of the most unusual places...... in a shopping centre basement carpark.....lol...... [laugh] The whole process took over 3hrs. Started work at around 8pm and finish around 11.20pm..... Sorry I didn't take any pics... The main benefit is improved battery lifespan. Its known that engine bay heat does shorten the lifespan of a battery (just google around). Since engine bay temp is easily 60-70C, putting it in the trunk will reduce temp by well over 20-30C. Hence battery will last longer. Another benefit is perhaps improved weight distribution. No idea about this though. But I think Satria Neo is front heavy since engine and gearbox is in the front. Putting battery Behind will help to reduce ~15KG from the front and add another 15KG to the back. OVerall, there is a 30KG change in weight distribution. Quite alot if you ask me. Hence those Satria Neo owners may want to relocate their batt to the rear. Not a difficult task but time consuming. Need to take out seats. part of the carpet etc.....
  18. He had no driving licence, yet offered to drive his close friend and two others home after a drinking session. But it ended in a crash along Corporation Road on July 4, 2010 that killed his friend who was due to get married. The other two were seriously injured. On Tuesday, Sikander Singh Gill, 28, was sentenced to 28 months' jail and banned from driving for 10 years after he pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, causing grievous hurt, drink driving and driving without a valid licence. Deputy Public Prosecutor Yang Ziliang told the court that the four men had been drinking beer and whisky at a park near Block 208, Boon Lay Place. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_804906.html
  19. hi all need advice... i am currently on long overseas work assignment. I have a car collecting dust in the parking lot at home. Is it possible to get my family or friend to sell the car while i am not in Singapore? What kind of document do i need to prepare? What kind of authorization need to provide for my friend to show to buyer? Thanks.
  20. PaiKia-Lee

    Friend House got ROBBED in JB!

    Its pretty much exciting now that Iskandar is gearing up the economy. Yes. We all know that Malaysia has recently bragged that they are the safest country in South East Asia. Friend, Low Crime doesnt mean NO Crime. Somemore my friend house got robbed THREE ( 1, 2 , 3 ) freaking times already. Tell me in Singapore which same house can be robbed twice? Lucky his pretty sister never got raped as I believe the robbers were on drugs and found her ugly. But in real life she is a real babe. If I were the robber, I would rape her Damn funny. Thats why I always love staying in Malaysia. Its damn exciting every night I returned home. He had just arrived at work yesterday morning when his mother called. Their family had been robbed. They were held hostage in their own home in Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru, for one hour, just after midnight, his mother said in between sobs. The robbers made off with about $20,000 worth of goods, $4,000 cash and two of the family's cars. RELATED STORIES Singapore couple mugged in Malaysia Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. "We are so 'light' now. We have no wallet, no IC, no driving licence," said the mother of Singapore permanent resident Kevin Lee, 28, who only wanted to be known as Mrs Lee, 55. The ordeal began when Mr Lee's father, 60, had taken out the rubbish and was about to clean the windscreen of his daughter's Toyota Vios, parked just in front of the house. That was when he spotted the two men approaching leisurely. They were wearing collared shirts. One even had a tie. Just people coming home from work, he thought. Until he felt somebody clamp his left hand. He turned and another man grabbed his other arm, pulling him towards the house. Said the senior Mr Lee: "They shouted at me to get in. I said, 'Let's settle this outside,' and even deliberately fell in the garden to try to stop them." But they hauled him up. Mrs Lee and her god-sister were watching TV when the family's pomeranian-shih tzu crossbred dog began barking. Looking up, she saw the two skinny men in their 20s approach with her husband, one of them with an arm around Mr Lee's neck. Said Mrs Lee: "I knew it was trouble. My god-sister panicked and fled to the kitchen; I called for her to give them the money." Her god-sister had just received 5,000 ringgit ($2,000) the day before. But the robbers were not satisfied and taped the family's mouths and wrists with black duct tape before ordering them into the airwell. Said Mrs Lee: "I instantly scooped up the dog and put him into the sink there. "One of the men, wielding a parang, said, 'If you don't make the dog shut up, I'll hack him.'" He then stood watch by the airwell's entrance. Just then, a third man wearing a ski mask and carrying a parang appeared. The family said he seemed to be the ringleader as he gave instructions to the other two, who smelt of liquor and appeared to be on drugs. The men began ransacking the rooms in their three-bedroom terrace house, starting from the innermost one, which belongs to her 31-year-old daughter, who got home 15 minutes into the ordeal. Miss Lee said she was greeted at the door by a man with a knife. "So you're back. Go in," she recalled him saying. "I was freaking out. I didn't know what happened to my parents." He then took her bag, though she managed to retrieve a mobile phone. Trembling in the airwell, her wrists taped, Miss Lee SMSed a cousin on the sly: "Call the police. We're getting robbed." Ten minutes later, she tried the friend who had just dropped her off. Neither responded. Five minutes passed before the robbers had another demand: Pointing at Miss Lee, they asked her to step outside. Mrs Lee said her knees buckled when her daughter was singled out. She said: "I was thinking the worst, and kept shouting no." Mr Lee, too, resisted, and was slapped on the cheek. He was gagged with a towel that was hanging next to the sink. The robbers then chose to focus on the family's belongings. "We're looking for money, we're not going to kill you," the robbers allegedly shouted, thrice asking Mrs Lee to reveal where she kept money. Whatever she had she kept in her bags, she replied. So the robbers took every bag in the house. Mrs Lee estimates she lost almost 10 luxury-brand bags. Most of them had sentimental value. They included her first-ever designer bag bought by her husband in Hong Kong and two Louis Vuitton bags from her sister, one of which was for her 50th birthday. The robbers plundered indisciminately, stealing the family's three-month-old, 42-inch flat-screen TV, two bottles of 21-year-old whiskey, expensive cameras and also work documents and facial masks. They then re-taped the family's wrists, further securing Miss Lee's wrists to the window sill with a belt and tying Mr Lee's to the airwell's door handle with a dog leash. The robbers loaded their loot into Mrs Lee's Toyota Camry in the driveway and left, making off with Mr Lee's Nissan X-Trail SUV as well. The family could only call the police after they had wriggled free of the tape. Miss Lee said the police arrived at 2am to take statements from the victims and again at 3am to photograph the scene and dust for fingerprints. The family said they have always been cautious. Mrs Lee said she often told her children not to return home late, and even at 10pm, she would call to check on them. While the Malaysian family has lived in the house for 30 years, Miss Lee and Mr Kevin Lee studied in Singapore from primary school till their tertiary education. Mr Kevin Lee lives and works in Singapore as a marketing manager. He bought a two-bedroom Punggol condominium unit last year and has a Singaporean girlfriend of five years. The family said it was the third time the house had been broken into. The first attempt occured about 15 years ago; the subsequent attempt was about five years back, when Miss Lee returned to see drawers upended and a "hole in the roof". Said Mr Kevin Lee: "Previously, robbers used to come when the owners were not at home. They're getting bolder." Taman Pelangi a crime hotspot Taman Pelangi was identified by Johor police in August 2009 as a crime hotspot. Then-Johor police chief Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said that robberies and snatch thefts were common in the area. In May last year, the Malaysian Home Ministry allocated RM1.5 million (S$610,000) to the Johor Baru city council to improve the city's safety and security infrastructure. Proper lighting and safe pedestrian walkways were introduced in crime-prone areas in Johor Baru, including Taman Pelangi. Bicycle patrol When announcing a new bicycle patrol last June, deputy district police chief Zainuddin Yaacob mentioned that break-ins and snatch thefts were more common between 3am and 5am. Despite these precautionary measures by the police, the area has seen its fair share of violent crime in recent years. In April last year, a bodyguard was shot dead when a female moneychanger was robbed by four men armed with a gun and a parang. One opened fire on the car while another smashed the windscreen and opened the boot, escaping with four bags of money.
  21. Doctor did not know he cause accident.
  22. Kspchew

    Man Best Friend

    http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...125-312611.html Dog skips eating to stay by owner's grave Mr Lao Pan was unmarried and had no known relatives. But the 68-year-old loner, who lived modestly in Panjiatun village near Qingdao city in China's Shandong province, had a loyal friend in his dog. Early this month, Mr Lao died. RELATED STORIES When dogs behave better than humans Dog saves family after car accident And in a touching scene of loyalty, the dog has refused to leave its master's grave, BBC News reported. The report said that the pooch even went without food for seven days, lying next to the grave as if waiting for Mr Lao to return. The villagers have been desperately trying to lure the animal away from the grave, but have been met with stubborn resistance so far. Sky News reported that since noticing the pooch, villagers have been bringing food and water to the gravesite, and are even planning to build a kennel there. A concerned local tried to take the animal home with him, but to no avail. "I saw the dog when I was working in the field, and I called him, and wanted to take him back home because I also have a dog," the man told the BBC. "I gave him a steamed bun when it came to my home. The dog took the bun and ran back. "I tried to catch it, but it ran even faster back to the tomb and stayed there." ....more details in the link.
  23. My friend told me he offended some big shot in a forum .. And he said he post a apology note.. Do you think he is sincere or taking people for a ride? I call him Jason (to protect his real identity)
  24. I am in a bind at the moment. My GF has a rather critical friend who has been giving her "advice" and "insight" into our relationship. To be very blunt, her "advice" sounds more like poison darts. I can sense that my GF is somewhat affected and feel that such comments can slowly wreck a relationship over time. Any relationship guru can give advice that don't involve me strangling the toxic friend?
  25. http://health.asiaone.com/Health/News/Stor...620-285057.html Top 5 regrets on deathbed These are the top five regrets former nurse Bronnie Ware has heard from patients on their deathbeds: 1. I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. 2. I wish I didn't work so hard. 3. I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings. 4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. 5. I wish I had let myself be happier.