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  1. Dug out a piece of GT grille for EP80. Centre portion broken and saw off. Anyone who can make better use of it can come collect from me.
  2. Which petrol station is giving coupon now? Latest update... Whatever brands or station. Please share guys.. Cheers!
  3. Doing the Marie Kondo thing... I'm giving away a box full of action movies and comedy shows. At least 40 movies but you gotta take the lot. After Friday, the garang guni man gets it... enough to keep you occupied for weeks.... pm me to collect Cheers
  4. As topic braddell caltex closing this week, they giving petrol vouchers valid from jan 2017 till mar 2017. $5 off for every $50 pump. Can use at all outlets
  5. Giving away my piggyback after using it from Oct 2014 to Apr 2016, seeing roughly 20,000 km in that period. Details of dyno runs are attached below, self-install by potential owner. PM for location details, thank you.
  6. If I am turning left (from a small road) into main road, while car on opposite road is making u-turn onto the same main road, who should give way ? Does it matter if U-turn point is before, at or after the Left turn point ? An example is Holland Road (from old Holland Road) leading into Ulu Pandan/Holland Road. https://www.google.com.sg/maps/place/Holland+Village/@1.3204469,103.7811163,19.5z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x31da1a6b703bb689:0xabdb7019b6ce5e9https://www.google.com.sg/maps/place/Holland+Village/@1.3204469,103.7811163,19.5z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x31da1a6b703bb689:0xabdb7019b6ce5e9 Cant remember this being mentioned during driving lessons ... or maybe I forgot ...
  7. Was following behind you yesterday 6 Jan 16 along TPE towards ECP around 830am. the traffic was heavy and almost bumper to bumper... I noticed your car keep releasing a lot of smoke from the front wheel, under the bonnet... I'm not sure if you realised it or not... u exited at ECP towards City... I can't catch up to notify u..... sorry, forget the car number... need to check my DVR... but if that does match the description, please take note of your car.
  8. Pinobii

    Christmas 2015

    Christmas is coming, it's my favorite season of the year, started this thread for sharing all about Christmas 2015 from sales, gift ideas, lobangs and everything else I will start with christmas light up from this sat to Jan 3 :) Orchard Road to unveil Christmas light-up on Saturday http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/orchard-road-to-unveil/2254482.html
  9. Hello everyone, Esso Hougang along Hougang Avenue 3 will cease operations at end of November due to lease expiry. They are now giving out Esso discount vouchers: $5 off with every $50 petrol, usable from 1 December 2014 onwards at all other Esso petrol stations; this discount is offered on top of prevailing credit card and station discounts. The discount vouchers are given for every $50 petrol purchased at Esso Hougang, and it is a booklet with 4 x $5 vouchers usable from 1 December 2014 all the way till 31 December 2015, ie 13 months, total nominal value of $260. Just to share the above with MCF forumers who pump Esso; good deal if you use DBS Esso Platinum MasterCard, the discount voucher plus the usual 17% discount works out to be 27% discount at the counter, further you still earn Esso Smiles points.
  10. Singapore laps behind Malaysia in giving....... or I should say "donations" ... Yahoo : Singapore behind Malaysia, Thailand, while Myanmar tops World Giving Index Singapore may be on top of many indexes, but when it comes to charity and giving, we don't fare so well. Singapore ranks at number 34 out of 145 on the World Giving Index this year, behind neighbouring countries like Malaysia, at 10th spot, and Thailand, at number 19. Myanmar, one of the least developed countries in Asean, is number one in the The Charities Aid Foundation's (CAF) sixth World Giving Index, holding the position for the second year running. According to the report, the generosity of Myanmarese people could be attributed to Theravada Buddhism, as charitable giving is integral to the religious observance. The index measures three kinds of generosity, namely the giving of money, time, and helping a stranger. On the ‘helping a stranger’ table, which asks if a person has helped a stranger in the last month, Singapore is at number 89. However, Singapore ranks much higher up on the ‘donating money’ table at number 18, just below Malaysia at number 17. On the ‘volunteering time’ table, Singapore stands at number 42. To summarise the index findings, CAF chief executive John Low said, “It is heartening to see that even during these times of economic uncertainty across the word, people are increasingly likely to donate money to causes that help others.” He added that it was humbling to see countries which have suffered adversity continue to score highly on the index. Singapore Red Cross secretary general and chief executive officer Benjamin William told Yahoo Singapore there has actually been an increasing trend of people volunteering in Singapore. “Many individuals and families are struggling to make ends meet, as well as coping with social and physical challenges such as chronic illnesses, disabilities, or family tragedies… we hope that Singaporeans will not forget these vulnerable people amongst us, and also channel their generosity and compassion to support the humanitarian services aimed at helping this group,” he said. William said Singapore continues to be generous and forthcoming in responding to good causes, such as helping communities affected by natural disasters. “Generally, donors are very supportive of organisations when they can identify with and relate to the cause,” he added. The World Giving Index was conducted on the Gallup methodology, where 1,000 questionnaires were completed by a representative sample of individuals living across a country. In larger countries, samples of at least 2,000 are collected. Link : https://sg.news.yahoo.com/singapore-behind-malaysia--thailand--while-myanmar-tops-world-giving-index-033727351.html After the 'Huang Na' , 'Changi Airport Cleaner' and NKF cases, who wants to burnt their fingers again ...
  11. Recently, there was this event that gave joyrides to kids from underprivileged homes around the MB area. Good perspective to see things from the view of it really being well intent? Article by Brenda Tan Giving joy is more than a joy-ride by Brenda Tan RECENTLY, a group of children from seven to 16 years old were driven around the Marina Bay area in luxury cars. This wouldn’t have cause much comment, except that these were underprivileged children whose parents were or are in prison. While no one doubted the good intentions of the organisers of the event, the Industrial and Services Co-operative Society (ISCOS), which helps ex-offenders and their families, in collaboration with the Singapore Motor Sports Association and Valencia Club de Futbol, or the good intentions of the car drivers, many netizens had misgivings about how the event might be received by the children and their family members who were unlikely to ever own such vehicles. Some felt that the unintended message of flashy cars as success symbols sent a wrong message about what success meant and looked like, while others felt that there were probably better ways to give the children a fun experience in the Marina Bay area without resorting to them being ferried about by such atas status symbols for a joyride. At their age, a Hippo bus ride or even a Duck tour would have been just as exciting, if not more enriching. Other netizens felt that those who questioned the use of luxury cars to ferry the children were indulging in sour grapes – that just because these commenters don’t have the chance of being driven in luxury cars, they were depriving others from having an experience being driven in one. Besides, it was just a fun outing for these underprivileged children, so why make such a fuss of it? Personally, I find that it is not wrong to be concerned about how the show of wealth might send a wrong message to the children. In fact, I wonder how much thought we privileged ones put into our acts of charity to those who are less well-off, beyond our good intentions. Of course it is not wrong for us to be motivated by the intention to do good! In fact, it is highly commendable! Singapore Kindness Movement’s “A Nation of Kindness starts with One” reminds us that being kind to others begins with the individual. We are the start point in considering the needs of the people around us, and in being kind to others we all gain a gracious society. Yet, I feel that just having good intentions is not enough; it is merely the tip of the iceberg. We also need to be mindful of the other person’s needs and situation, and how our “good intentions” may actually complicate things or cause more pain for them later. The Yellow Ribbon Fund-ISCOS (Industrial and Services Co-operative Society) Fairy Godparent Programme’s aim of breaking the cycle of inter-generational offending is certainly a worthy and meaningful cause. The programme for the children of ex-offenders focuses on education and family support through tuition bursaries and mentoring programmes, which will help these children to break through the poverty cycle via education, and having positive role models to guide them. However, I wonder if the organisers considered whether a glitzy car ride would fit into its programme and purpose? Perhaps in the excitement of organising a big event that even has press coverage, the organisers may have overlooked the aftermath of the “good deed” for the children and their families. Certainly, if the programme’s aim is to break the cycle of inter-generational offending that has to do with poverty, how would driving the children around in luxury cars inspire them to break out of that? It has certainly inspired a 12-year-old to want to own his own car when he is older, whether he needs it or not. Furthermore, while we may say that it’s only a well-intentioned joyride for children that would otherwise never have the means to be driven in such luxury, have the organisers thought about how the parents would feel when their seven-year-olds compare how good their driver is because of his ‘haves’ with their parents’ ‘have-nots’? Or when after the ride their 16-year-old decides that she could get used to the luxury of being driven in fast cars, and may be tempted by easier ways to attain the high life? The intention may be good, but was there mindfulness regarding the recipients of the ‘kindness’? Was it kind to show what a “good life” looks like, when in truth, it’s actually a different life? And in fact, is living a “good life” defined by material comfort, which is quite different from living an upright life. In the late 2000s, my husband designed and ran a five-year overseas service learning project where he and his team brought students to a remote fishing village south of Batam to dig ditches and wells and to paint and build up walls for their village school. The students were from classes which often had discipline issues in school, and the project aimed to enable them to learn to work better with their classmates. It was made clear at the onset that what the students would do in the village is not an act of charity, but an act of service. That the poor village, where a family lives on about US$6 a month, is a place of dignity and pride, where the menfolk work hard for their families in fishing, and where there is community spirit in the way they work together to get infrastructure up for the village. The boys were there to help provide manpower, as their presence meant that the menfolk had to take a day off fishing to supervise the work of digging and building. The boys, in ‘service learning’, were there to learn from the village as much as they were there to serve. I remember an incident my husband related to me. A well-off boy had given his sunglasses to one of the village boys and he was roundly told off by my husband. Wasn’t it an act of charity and kindness for him to give his sunglasses to someone who had none? He did it out of good intentions, didn’t he? My husband had to help him understand a key principle of community development – that any ‘helping’ group by their very presence in the village has already brought a disruption to the community’s patterns, and therefore, it was vital to ensure that it was a positive disruption. Thus, the act of giving that pair of sunglasses may have unintended consequences such as dividing friendships the recipient might have when he shows the gift to his mates or that helping groups in such a way inevitably creates unhealthy expectations in the recipients of the next ‘helping’ group that comes along. The road to hell, as the proverb goes, is paved with good intentions. My husband was very strict about the ‘gifts’ his team brought for the village. Second-hand clothes were collected from staff and students, but these were sorted out long before they got on the coach to Harbourfront. Spaghetti-strapped blouses and t-shirts with inappropriate pictures and words were set aside, as were winter wear. Clothes too ‘holely’ or too faded were destined for the bins, because the recipients never asked for these gifts. But if we brought gifts – even pre-loved ones, they ought to be gifts that strengthen the recipients’ dignity and self-respect, and that uphold the community’s norms. Stationery and coloured pencils for the children in the village school were bought, so that all the children would have the same items, with a view of aligning utility and unity. The lesson to the Singaporean kids was that it is not just the act of giving but being intentional about the giving. Giving what people really need is essential. It’s not what we think they need, or worse – that our giving is framed by our own definitions of needs and wants. My husband showed me pictures of their subsequent trips. The children had used their precious gifts to draw pictures of the ‘abangs’ who distributed the items to them, and would run to show our Singaporean students proudly that they still had them. But more than giving appropriate gifts, it was important to receive the hospitality of the villagers who cooked a village lunch for the boys after the communal work of rebuilding drains and wells. This was also a very powerful lesson about hospitality and communal living, where it is not the gift per se but the act of receiving it graciously. The boys were made aware that the ayam goreng they were treated to were special fare for the village, and not the common fare they would have taken for granted to eat at home; that sharing the meal with the villagers put them on a shared level. And most importantly, that our lives are different – not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – and ought to be lived purposefully and meaningfully in the service of others. But back to the children and the fast cars. Another question that may not have occurred to the organisers is about escalation and expectation: Having been taken for a joyride in a Maserati, would the organisers now plan the next event for the children to ride a helicopter? Or would this luxury joyride be an annual event, something that the children can expect? Having been inspired to buy his own car one day, Shakir might want to be driven in different models every year until he turns 16. Organisers working with the underprivileged do need to align their events with their mission and values, and manage expectations in those they work with – especially children. After all, even if it is “just a joyride” that we need not get worked up about, it may be something the children would look forward to with some regularity, if only to show that continual care and friendship by the drivers of luxury cars. “Love is not patronizing and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same — with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead.” – Mother Theresa
  12. Hi, Bought from fantasy water bed few years back. Reason for giving away is because the tenant requests to have Spring mattress. So, am replacing for them. Water bed is good for back support because it's 100% supporting a person back. Need to buy bottle of condition To fill into the water once every 3 years. Not expensive. must collect from tampines before 26th Dec. PM if interested
  13. 19% off from 1 Oct at all Caltex stations with voucher. If no voucher, can still get 19%?
  14. http://news.asiaone.com/news/asia/man-boasts-about-giving-dog-bath-washing-machine A man residing in Hong Kong has outraged animal lovers after he uploaded photos of a small dog being spun in a washing machine on his Facebook page. Believed to be a Chinese national, the user identified as Jacky Lo posted 11 photos of the small white dog with the caption: "How to give a dog a bath really quickly: First soaked, then washed, and spun dry. Done!". Those who saw his posts were shocked and further angered when he told a user that the dog was dead, and asked if she would like to see a photo of it. The user named Agnes warned him that animal cruelty was illegal in Hong Kong, but was greeted with indignant responses. Instead of showing remorse, he said: "Why do I have to be afraid of you?". Lo also told Agnes that he was not afraid of anything, and that he did not even consider abuse to human beings a problem. According to Apple Daily, the man made several false claims on Facebook, including the school he was from. A school in Tuen Mun was forced to release a statement clarifying that he was not related to the school after he claimed to be a student there. The Hong Kong tabloid also said that Lo had pretended to be from a rich family by posting several photos of himself posing with luxury cars. When approached, the owners of the cars told Apple Daily that they did not know Lo at all. Lo also uploaded a photo of multiple rolls of HK$100 bills, claiming that he had more than HK$10,000 to spend for just two days in Hong Kong. However, Apple Daily reported that the bills were likely to be fake as they did not have any serial numbers printed on them. An expert the Hong Kong daily spoke to said that the dog would have probably suffered broken limbs as a result of being spun around in a washing machine. An online petition calling for punishment of the teen has received 13,771 signatures so far. In his latest Facebook post, Lo shrugged off the widespread anger against him, saying that he was about to return to the mainland and could not be bothered with the criticism made against him. - See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/asia/man-boasts-about-giving-dog-bath-washing-machine#sthash.czGuKzll.dpuf
  15. Hi guys. Got a pair of bmw world tickets yo give away...last min cant make it Self collect in jurong. Just pm if interested Cheers
  16. Hi All, Wish to give away some polishing liquids for free as i don't use them anymore. Kindly what's app me @ 91807339 for the items. Thank You, Eric Chai
  17. Microsoft giving Microsoft office mobile to download for free! Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.office.officehub iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/microsoft-office-mobile/id541164041?l=zh&mt=8
  18. no As but i sincerely wish him all the best...
  19. Almost accident. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/driver-nearly-crashes-into-cyclist-who-makes-dangerous-swerve-without-even
  20. Taken from http://sg.news.yahoo.com/25-foreign-job-se...-102005226.html The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) charged 25 foreigners on Tuesday for furnishing false information to the Controller of Work Passes to obtain work passes. According to a statement released by the ministry on Wednesday, the accused persons submitted forged academic certificates between May and August 2012. All 25 accused pleaded guilty to the charges on Tuesday. Of the 25, 20 were sentenced to four weeks
  21. Like that also can? next time dun leave your sperm anyway, make sure they are all dead or dried [laugh]
  22. Hi All Giving away RC petrol car fuel. About 3/4 Full of a gallon tank. Self collect from Commonwealth. PM Contact me if interested. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101...e=1&theater Nina
  23. Hi guys, Clearing storeroom. Giving away a hammer bowling bag (2balls trolley bag) and a 11 pound plastic ball. ( non reactive) Pls pm me wif name and hp number if keen. Self collect east side. Thanks. Bag abit old (abt 4 yrs) but still can use lah.. First come first serve. Cheers!
  24. Really have to go to that extent meh? Had decided with wifey during our wedding that we would accept losses as long as all all intended guests turned up. Our mentality then was that it would be our pleasure for folks to share our joy rather than to focus if we could recoup our wedding costs. From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...at_wedding.html Posted on 07 Nov 2012 Bride confronts friend for not giving an ang bao at her wedding Source: AsiaOne This article was contributed by the STOMP Team. A tweet by a bride who confronted her friend for not giving a red packet at her wedding has drawn flak from netizens after going viral. The tweet has since been retweeted numerous times by people who strongly object to the brides behaviour. Some have even questioned if marriages have become more of a business rather than a ceremony and celebration. In her tweet, the bride also tells her friend that if he or she was unable to give a red packet due to 'unforeseen circumstances', then that guest should let the couple know. The bride also mention that she and her family counted the red packets against the guest list.
  25. http://news.insing.com/tabloid/slammed-giv...oor/id-4c5a3f00 From insing.com A woman, who has been cooking food for the needy, has been criticised online, with one netizen even calling for her arrest. Rachel Lim Yan Xuan, a 34 year-old dance instructor, has been preparing meals and distributing them for free to people begging or selling tissues on the streets of Geylang and outside a temple at Waterloo Street. According to Lianhe Wanbao, she received flak from netizens after posting photographs of her good deeds on her Facebook account and was forced to stop after her third food distribution two weeks ago. She said:
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