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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All, Wish to give away some polishing liquids for free as i don't use them anymore. Kindly what's app me @ 91807339 for the items. Thank You, Eric Chai
  2. Blacvios

    Menzerna FTG user comments

    Need info on shifus in this forum with regard to the product above. Thanks
  3. The local distributor(Accord Corp) is selling it @ $42 per 1 little bottle.
  4. Ehonda

    Menzerna or Klasse?

    after reading so many tread ... thinking of getting either one of the below option, need expert help to recommend which is better in term of lasting, protection and also shin. by the way, my Black baby is 2 yrs and 3 months .. previously done toughseal b4, body hv quite no. of scratchs and swirl mark... From DiyGurus Menzerna products FPII $32.50 FTG $28.80 FMJ $68.00 HGAS $29.60 Total $158.90 From KlasseSG Klasse product AIO & HGSG $75.00 or another other better recommend, are welcome ...
  5. I have been an owner of many cars before, and always one lazy bum when it comes to washing, waxing, cleaning, vacuuming car. The previous car I owned I didnt even washed it once in the 2 years I owned it, anyone believe ? 2 days ago, I drove my new BMW320i out of the showroom, immediately my Wifey said 'are you gonna wash / polish this car or are u gonna be as lazy as before, which will in time make our car the dirtiest looking BMW in our estate"? Lan Lan, so on advice from a brother on this forum, I decided to try out Menzerna paint protection system treatment for the 1st time. I dont even know what I was in for as detailing is alien to me. I used to wash my car plate number with dynamo cloth washer liquid only bcos I was gonna buy 4-D Anyway, I got my wife to send it to Studio 12 at AMK autopoint in the morning and car was ready for collection by around 1 pm. Got the car back nice n clean. Since I do not drive to work, I only got home at 8pm to see the results under fluorescent lighting [ i lived in a terrace house with shleter]. In the rather subdued lighting, the paintwork initially didnt look much different from before since the car was already polished by PML. What was rather nice was that at certain angles, u could see clear reflections. My car colour is metallic silver, i could almost see the reflection image of the fluorescent light on the ceiling. i believe if it was black colour, the reflection would be nicer? Oh my sold car was black . This morning I finally had the chance to see it clearly under morning daylight before I drove to work, it looks glossy but isnt sticky to the fingers like typical waxing. Saw a few spots of dont know what, maybe tree sap, on the bonnet[wnet out dinner last night n parked in open. Put on wet tissue as saw on forum discussions, and after 30 secs wiped them off with drier tissue.....the marks are gone ! then later also found that the evaporated moisture from my damp cleaning tissue had left behind some 'water spots' when seen from certain angles. Next I used a fully dry tissue to remove them in a single swap...tada !!!! Those dirt seem to be removal easily. So looks like it was worth the $$ and trouble putting on the Menzerna on my beemer. Was told it was a 6 layer application, including acrylic application or similar. Whatever it is, i think all new car owners should have this done. Sorry I am equally lazy at taking pictures. Hopefully this short description gives everyone a good guage of the product.
  6. Odyssey02

    Menzerna PO106FF + JW Prime + OCW

    Purchased these new products from Gen2 and eagerly tried them out last week. however, due to the rain, i only managed to apply a boost of OCW today AND ITS RAINING AS I'M TYPING THIS!!! Process: Wash PO106FF + light cut pad + DA @ speed 4.5 Prime + polishing pad + DA @ speed 3 OCW by hand Rims with SRP Tyres with endurance purple.
  7. Ehonda

    Help on Menzerna product

    I need help from the expert here, what is the correct way to apply and buff off for the below product, like need dry or damp applicator and should we need to wait for it to dry or don't need than can buff off etc. Becos now i a bit confuse, read from internet, MFPII apply with damp applicator and wait to dry than wipe off the residues with a damp Terry cloth or Microfiber cloth .. but when i ask DIYGURUS, they said just apply don't need to buff off MFPII and can just top up with FTG ... and don't need to buff off FTG and can just apply FMJ on top of that .. 01.Menzerna Final Polish II 02.Menzerna FTG 03.Menzema FMJ 04.Menzerna High Gloss Arcylic Shield
  8. wanna ask the opinions of some of the pros at detailing here. used to be an autoglym supporter, but now that my supply is running out, im tempted to try something else. After much surfing around and reading, im thinking of trying this combination: 1) Menzerna FPII 2) 1Z Glanz Wax 3) Soft99's Authentic Wax Excellent would it prove to be a good combination? or will anyone of them negate the effects of another? looking for all opinions/feedback.
  9. Hi people, can anyone advise where to buy this in Singapore?
  10. Ghoonk

    FR : Menzerna

    I've been trying out Menzerna's final polish II, FTG (Finishing Touch Glaze), FMJ (Full Molecular Jacket) and the High Gloss Acrylic Shield. Results have been stunning to say the least. Haven't figured out how to upload pictures to share with you guys on the results, but i've found that menzerna seems to outshine klasse, and it's easier to apply as well (less streaking compared to SG). Here's how it went: 1. washed car with NXT Wash, followed by claybar 2. checked paintwork for minor scratches and cleared them out using Meg's ScratchX 3. applied menzerna final polish II with a damp applicator (goes on like a compound -- trick is to work in small sections of 2 ft by 2 ft, rub until dry, then buff off) -- the paintwork comes off SUPER clean after that, and you can tell from the absolutely smooth and squeaky (literally) feel 4. applied FTG -- this one looked like liquid butter and raw eggs. weird consistency, but goes on easy. Seems to bond easily to the FP prep, but have to apply with a dry applicator (I applied with a damp applicator and got some streaking - oops, should have read the instructions!). FTG seems to have micro-fillers, and hides light scratches easily, so you get a mirror-like surface. 5. applied FMJ -- this one was like applying butter. Very nice and creamy, but have to apply a thin layer (I've learnt that when it comes to detailing, less is more :)), else it's just a waste. FMJ seems to give the paintwork more depth, and is supposed to form a hard impermeable layer over the paintwork. Unlike Klasse, this one doesn't seem to respond well to WOWO method -- better to let it dry off completely (I did the whole car, before going back to the first panel to buff off) so that it has a chance to bond better (?) and also MUCH easier to buff off (very similar experience to Autoglym's EGP) I didn't get around to applying the High Gloss Acrylic Shield on the whole car (only the bonnet) but was told that it is better used for topping up once every 2 weeks. The Acrylic Shield seems to streak if you apply too much (which I did again) but comes off with QD and light buffing. It's extremely sticky, and seems to be similar in nature to SG, except that it feels much thicker, is clear and not milky, and gives the paint a very VERY hard, deep, glossy look. This was applied on a yellow Evo IX. Took approximately 2 hours. Got the stuff off a local DIY site www.diygurus.com. Cost me a bit more than Klasse, but I felt that the results justified the performance. Products Used: Menzerna Final Polish II - cannot remember Menzerna Finishing Touch Glaze - $28.80 Menzerna Full Molecular Jacket - $68 Menzerna High Gloss Acrylic Shield - $29.60 Bought from : http://www.diygurus.com Service comments : Site a bit CMI, but service was good. They called to confirm my order within an hour of placing the order, then delivered it within 4 hours. FMJ comes with a microfibre cloth and a microfibre applicator in the box, and they threw in an extra 2 terry applicators for the FPII and FTG. Final comments on product Actually, FPII is not a must -- for cars in good condition, used FTG + FMJ is enough. HGAS is good if you don't plan to top with carnauba, and I think a once a month application after every wash is good enough to maintain for at least half a year (maybe even a full year if you're not so hardcore and want to do a full stripdown and reapplication of the system. Note : Just got my Flickr account, so I'll upload pics later today :)