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Found 15 results

  1. Do you believe that a good sales person can sell anything or an excellent product that could sell by itself even without a good sales person? well, my company was looking to upgrade our company phone system. my boss already have something in mind and wanted to know more about this particular brand. at the same time, my boss also wanted to compare other brands in the market. this is natural right? so we started to call the phone sales dept and making appointments for them to meet us in our office. most of the sales person that came to us are sincere with our biz and have a not too bad products too. but too bad, they were not what my boss wanted. so we put them on a KIV file. we still haven't get to meet the sales person from the particular phone company my boss wanted after meeting all the other phone sales person after 3 weeks. we were told that they can't schedule an appointment sooner becos they are too busy. ok, then the sales man came after 3 weeks. a short presentation, blah blah, and he goes. the sales man doesn't seen to be interested with our sales becos of our small office and the products are expensive. but my boss still decided to buy from him. so, do you upgrade yourself to be a good sales person or upgrade the value of your product to close a deal? (can only choose one) juz my thought.
  2. tormentedspanish

    An excellent team building last Month

    Hi, I work as a Senior Operations Analyst of an IT Data Center Operations Division. I just want to share an experience of our firm with the recent team building we had in an open area. The weather was not that good that time but we still had a very successful one. The reason why? It is because we trusted a developer that could help us achieve the best learning exercises in a very enjoyable and effective way.We had exciting activities & games. It's even a great adventure for all of us to work as a group. How about you? At some point, you've probably been involved in a team building similar to what we had. Any remarkable experience?
  3. Darn, whole farking Macpherson road was paralysed, from 3 lanes to 2 lane. What better service ... blah blah blah ... wtf, stop the crap, maintain your vehicles properly. BTW, can we who stuck in the jam claim SBS Transit ??
  4. It seems, in the civil service, a lousy scholar who so long he don't screw up big time, will end up in a higher position than an excellent farmer (non-scholar), even if the farmer is better and more productive than the scholar. How meritocratic is this? Scholars can easily get back-to-back promotions and continually top level performance grading, while a farmer will never be considered for back-to-back promotion (no matter how good) and worse, performance grading after every promotion is a default 'C'. Again, how meritocratic is this? If these scholars are put on an even footing with the farmers, same starting point, same running equipments ..., I dare say the results at the finishing line will be astonishing. Comments?
  5. Another don't know head, don't know tail ignorant foreigner with one of who run-of-the-mill-you-don't-know-how-lucky-you-are (yawn) letters and only look at things from one narrow perspective. How ancient is the British metro? Does he know ours is a modern world-class land transportation system according to LTA? From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_753580.html Disruptions quite normal for British metro and rail Published on Jan 10, 2012 AS A Briton on holiday in Singapore this New Year, I am amused by the brouhaha over the disruptions to the MRT system, which culminated in the resignation of SMRT chief executive officer Saw Phaik Hwa ('SMRT chief quits'; last Saturday). In Britain, disruptions to city metro systems and the national rail are as ubiquitous as char siew paus here. When travelling in London, it is quite normal for 'signalling problems' to mean that commuters have to find alternative transport, sometimes wasting hours of time. It is also quite normal for a train to another city to be cancelled at the last minute, wasting half a day, and disrupting schedules. I have to say to Singaporeans who enjoy the MRT system here: The MRT is brilliant; it is cheap, efficient, clean and smooth... I can go on. Given how wonderful it is, I think the occasional lapse in efficiency can be forgiven. Cut Ms Saw some slack, and be thankful you don't live in Britain! Dr Daniel Emlyn-Jones
  6. http://catherinelim.sg/2011/05/17/the-ge-2...-supreme-irony/ Political Commentary The GE 2011 Political Demise of Lee Kuan Yew: A Supreme Irony The announcement of MM
  7. Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh Many of us will experience the joy of voting this year. More thrilling, perhaps, is that we will actually have tough choices to make
  8. Blackwind

    Excellent tactic by papaya

    http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...661217&st=0 http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...p;#entry3676579 after reading the above 2 threads i feel that no matter how i see it the chances of the opposition winning is close to zero it is like playing championship manager.... e.g. chelsea vs wolverhamton chelsea has all the money in the world. players are given insane wages. whereas wolverhampton has to survive on a low budget. chelsea will be able to buy top talents. but for wolverhampton it is not easy to even retain their talents from moving to bigger clubs. as such the future will never be promising for them. in our current society it is even worse as it seems like money is everything.... with papaya deciding on their own wages and by paying millions to their members using the tax payer's money... they've won half the battle.... now they just need to fight it out with the less talented opposition or a few good men who have decided to forgo the riches how difficult can that be for the highly paid and highly talented papayas.... shouldn't be a problem as most sporeans are a sensible bunch who will still vote for the more talented candidates the papayas excellent tactic by papaya.... checkmate for opp
  9. http://www.mr2oc.com/showthread.php?t=408504 Everyone should read this thread to know how to read your plugs.
  10. http://www.veetle.com/viewChannel.php?cid=4ae43658d7df1 must download veetle... from Sky sports... Enjoy
  11. Garlic

    Excellent teamwork

  12. wanna ask the opinions of some of the pros at detailing here. used to be an autoglym supporter, but now that my supply is running out, im tempted to try something else. After much surfing around and reading, im thinking of trying this combination: 1) Menzerna FPII 2) 1Z Glanz Wax 3) Soft99's Authentic Wax Excellent would it prove to be a good combination? or will anyone of them negate the effects of another? looking for all opinions/feedback.
  13. Just want to let the people here know abt this excellent panel works workshop in Yew Tee Industrial Estate Blk 6. It's located right at the end of the block and is call Lai Panel Works. The boss there is real friendly and honest plus his worksmanship is first class. I bang my car against the wall as i was negotiating a turn in IMM building carpark because i had to avoid an oncoming car. Heart broken to see my new car all dented in from the left rear passenger door to the bumper. As i do not want to claim insurance, went to Yew Tee Ind Park to check out the workshop there. The boss, look for Mr Lai,as there are two companies there sharing the same workshop manage to restore my car back to brand new condition such that no one even know that the car had ever suffer such a fate. Best of all is he did not say that this had to be change, that had to be change. He was real honest and the whole job cost only $230 with the changing of the door handle and side mounting. Really glad as another workshop had quoted me $1000 plus to change the door and bumper. Sorry for the long message but i really like to recommend such a honest workshop to the people here.
  14. If that is even a Focus in the first place....