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  1. Hi Bros, Recently discovered some excellent Soft99 products that I had to recommend after trying them out! 1st Product used was the 3M Swirl Mark Remover: http://www.properautocare.com/3mperswirmar.html This really give the paint a deep shine. Managed to hide many swirls but still not perfect as I did it using my hands. Overall still excellent results for an amatur like me. 2nd Product used was the Soft99 Fusso Coat 9 Months Protection: This product really amazes me as it is the easiest sealant I have ever used! The box contains a microfiber towel and all you have to do is pour some of the polish on the cloth and spread it on the car. It dries clear so you do not need to buff of any residue! So basically all you do is wipe ur car with the Sealant and its finished! Best is that it boasts 9 months of protection but I would take that with a big pinch of salt. Beats everything else in the market and is excellent for beginners. I suspect this product can be layered like Zaino for a deeper shine. 3rd product used was the Soft99 Authentic Premium Wax: A Pure Carnuba Wax, it really gave the car a 3D very wet glow. The paint actually looks like those of higher end cars such as the Benzs and BMWs! Very easy to apply, I simply used a foam applicator and applied the polish, waited about 15 seconds and wiped it off. Did panel by panel so as to not allow the wax to totally dry and become almost impossible to buff off. Can be layered so cant wait to apply my second coat! Sorry if I got too carried away but its the first time I managed to achive such excellent results by hand. Other Products I have used include Zaino, Glare and Autoglym and this probably beats them all! I have attached pics to see the finished article! Cheers!
  2. https://www.hsa.gov.sg/content/hsa/en/News_Events/Press_Releases/2019/fourproductslifethreateningeventheartfailure.html https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/hsa-issues-alert-on-weight-loss-products-after-woman-suffers-severe-heart-failure HSA issues alert on 'weight loss' products after woman suffers severe heart failure
  3. Folks please take note that there is a recall on this Evergreen brand of Manuka honey from NZ. I myself have bought a few tubs and it is selling at many department stores like Robinson and Metro. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/recall-of-manuka-honey/2552384.html http://www.ava.gov.sg/docs/default-source/press-releases/media-release_recall-of-evergreen-life-manuka-honey-from-new-zealand.pdf
  4. Hi, Am looking to buy car wash, caruba wax, sealant, leather care, rim cleaner, tyre cleaner and finally glass cleaner. Comparing prices from Giant online, ntuc online, autobac online and some online shops selling these products. Will be getting microfiber cloths too. Juz visited 2 auto shops at alexandra mkt area. Never ask price but their products are all very old. Anyone juz buy all those products off the shelves or go to any paricular shops in SG for better price? Brands considering, turtle, soft99, armourall, meguiar, sonax, etc. Waxco (malaysia brand, cheap but quality wise, whether on par with jap or us brands, i cant compare) any recommendations? Thanks.
  5. Annyeong! MyCarForum is offering giveaways for all car grooming enthusiasts! Grooming your ride is already a tedious chore. Finding an available washing bay, then washing, claying and polishing your car in our sunny island can be quite tiring! But luckily, Bullsone has recently reached our shores and they would like to make your car grooming experience a pleasant one. Not only that, they also have a quality product that ensures your car achieves a veneer-like condition! Bullsone Singapore is giving out car care products for MCF members to give it a try! You may choose 2 out of these products and you will also receive 1 bonus product (total worth up to $56)! Bullsone First Class Crystal Coat Bullsone Waterless 2 in 1 Cleaner Bullsone First Class Multi Purpose Cleaner Bullsone Firstclass Extreme Wheel Cleaner Bullsone RainOK Extreme Rain Repellent for Side View Mirrors Bullsone First Class Superfine Cloth for Cleaning Towel Set Bonus products (while stocks last) Bullsone RainOK Speed Spray Bullsone Saladdin Car Deodoriser (Forest) Bullsone Saladdin Car Fumigation Deodorizer (No Fragrance) Bullsone Saladdin Car Fumigation Deodorizer (Mint) We will arrange the items to be collected at the sgCarMart office, or a meet up at Kallang Leisure Park. You can choose your preferred venue and collection timing at the registration page. For the first 30 members who have written a review, we will also be giving away Bullsone Bullsoneshot Pro (worth $19.90), a deep cleaning fuel additive that is proven to clean and protect your engine from harmful deposits! Join us now by selecting your most desired Bullsone product! Our admin will drop you a PM to confirm your entry! Do check you PM frequently! Have fun grooming your car with Bullsone! Love My Car! Shortlisting criteria: Only for MCF Premium Members Neutral Newbie needs to at least have 20 posts Registration fee: $10 REGISTRATION CLOSED Terms and Conditions After payment is completed, kindly self-collect the item at venue and date that you have chosen. You can share your reviews at these pages before 28 July 2017 Bullsone First Class Body Crystal Coat Bullsone First Class Waterless 2 in 1 Cleaner Bullsone First Class Multi-Purpose Cleaner Bullsone First Class Extreme Wheel Bullsone RainOK Extreme Rain Repellent for Side View Mirror Bullsone First Class Superfine Cloth for Cleaning Towel Set Those who have submitted 2 product reviews at pages above may claim a Bullsoneshot Pro - Enhanced Total Fuel System Treatment for Gasoline Engine 500 ml worth $19.90! The reward needs to be collected at SGCM Pte Ltd, 61 Ubi Avenue 2, Automobile Megamart #07-05/06 from Monday to Friday, 10 AM – 5 PM, before 18 August 2017 The total worth of items a member could claim for this giveaway is up to $76!
  6. Just tried this recently on my dad's Qashqai.. noticed that there is a large number of plastic trimming in all latest car models. Turned the plastic trim from faded white to black instantly. Am still monitoring for it's durability.. Please share your favourite choice of products !
  7. feel like getting one of those foot massagers...but am torn between that few big players e.g, OSIM, OTO... anyone has any recommnendations? wat would be the price range like?
  8. Anyone here know where else we can find a good range of car care products? Here's a list of what i know but wondering if there are actually more places to check out 1. Petrol Stations 2. Giant 3. Mustaffa Centre 4. Autobacs TIA
  9. Where can I buy Gtechniq products in Singapore? maddetailer/mxtradings only does Duragloss.
  10. Join 3M™ Car Paint Protection Survey and Stand a chance to win 3M auto care products worth $30+! Hello MCF car perfectionists! Car coating protection is now almost a must-have for most car owners. From waxes to sealants, to now silica coating, the search for the perfect protection and shine for our beloved ride never ends. In light of this, 3M™ would like YOU to share more about your paint protection experience with us and tell us what you want and need in a paint protection coating. Simply fill up the survey by 24th July 2017 and stand a chance to win 3M™ auto care products worth $30+! Winners will be chosen on a random basis and will be announced on this thread by 7 August 2017. Kindly note that winners will need to self-collect the prizes at SGCM Office (from 28 August - 15 September 2017, Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 5 PM). Thank you for your participation. We look forward to receiving your valuable comments and insights! Join this survey! About Sponsor 3M has been improving lives in Singapore for 50 years. Since its founding in 1966, 3M Singapore has grown from its humble beginnings with only 8 employees, to a company with more than 1,600 employees and established local capabilities to serve the needs of local, regional and global customers. 3M’s presence in Singapore includes two manufacturing plants at Woodlands and Tuas, an R&D Center at Woodlands, and a Customer Technical Center, laboratory and other supply chain and business operations based at Yishun. The company serves diverse consumer and industrial markets and is a market leader in many of these markets, which include electronics, chemicals, building and construction, transport engineering, health care, and consumer retail. Some of the Giveaways Items!* (Please note that you will receive a randomized combination of 3M™ Autocare Products) 3M™Car Wash Soap 3M™Car Wash Soap gives a cherry fragrance and removes dirt and grime without removing your wax protection. Clear coat safe. 3M™ Quick Wax 3M™ Quick Wax is a sprayable detailing wax. Recaptures that “just waxed” look, either for touch ups between washes or streak free drying after a wash. Easy mist on and wipe application. 3M™ Leather and Vinyl Restorer Deeply cleans dirt and grime from all vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic surfaces. Does not leave a greasy residue and has a fresh lemon scent! Join this survey!
  11. Anyone use this Z-5 PRO b4 ? How much it cost? Can It be use at hm or must with professional help ? http://www.sgcarmart.com/directory/merchant.php?MID=12534 Please help .
  12. Not trying to sell this. But i came across this brand via Carousell. How good is this? claims to be Korea's No. 1. it has alot of good reviews. Surprised that nothing mentioned in MCF.
  13. Do you believe that a good sales person can sell anything or an excellent product that could sell by itself even without a good sales person? well, my company was looking to upgrade our company phone system. my boss already have something in mind and wanted to know more about this particular brand. at the same time, my boss also wanted to compare other brands in the market. this is natural right? so we started to call the phone sales dept and making appointments for them to meet us in our office. most of the sales person that came to us are sincere with our biz and have a not too bad products too. but too bad, they were not what my boss wanted. so we put them on a KIV file. we still haven't get to meet the sales person from the particular phone company my boss wanted after meeting all the other phone sales person after 3 weeks. we were told that they can't schedule an appointment sooner becos they are too busy. ok, then the sales man came after 3 weeks. a short presentation, blah blah, and he goes. the sales man doesn't seen to be interested with our sales becos of our small office and the products are expensive. but my boss still decided to buy from him. so, do you upgrade yourself to be a good sales person or upgrade the value of your product to close a deal? (can only choose one) juz my thought.
  14. found the website http://www.nasiol.com/ apparently some nano product that will reduce the need to wash. lazy bugger like me, looking for way out of washing. anyone heard of it before? better yet, anyone used it before? feedback is appreciated. thinking of getting their glass treatment product. Used RainX previously, personally i think it is overhyped. Looking at alternatives. recommendations also appreviated!
  15. Hi Has anyone tried Ceratec from Liquimoly? Read positive feedback from few overseas forum + there're also youtube videos showing the ceramic coating stays on dismantled engine parts.
  16. If this is true, then I better stop buying their products https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/j-j-must-pay-72-234238926.html J&J must pay $72 mln for cancer death linked to talcum powder - lawyers Johnson & Johnson Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. By Jonathan Stempel Feb 23 (Reuters) - Johnson & Johnson was ordered by a Missouri state jury to pay $72 million of damages to the family of a woman whose death from ovarian cancer was linked to her use of the company's talc-based Baby Powder and Shower to Shower for several decades. In a verdict announced late Monday night, jurors in the circuit court of St. Louis awarded the family of Jacqueline Fox $10 million of actual damages and $62 million of punitive damages, according to the family's lawyers and court records. The verdict is the first by a U.S. jury to award damages over the claims, the lawyers said. Johnson & Johnson faces claims that it, in an effort to boost sales, failed for decades to warn consumers that its talc-based products could cause cancer. About 1,000 cases have been filed in Missouri state court, and another 200 in New Jersey. Fox, who lived in Birmingham, Alabama, claimed she used Baby Powder and Shower to Shower for feminine hygiene for more than 35 years before being diagnosed three years ago with ovarian cancer. She died in October at age 62. Jurors found Johnson & Johnson liable for fraud, negligence and conspiracy, the family's lawyers said. Deliberations lasted four hours, following a three-week trial. Jere Beasley, a lawyer for Fox's family, said Johnson & Johnson "knew as far back as the 1980s of the risk," and yet resorted to "lying to the public, lying to the regulatory agencies." He spoke on a conference call with journalists. Carol Goodrich, a Johnson & Johnson spokeswoman, said: "We have no higher responsibility than the health and safety of consumers, and we are disappointed with the outcome of the trial. We sympathize with the plaintiff's family but firmly believe the safety of cosmetic talc is supported by decades of scientific evidence." Trials in several other talc lawsuits have been set for later this year, according to Danielle Mason, who also represented Fox's family at trial. In October 2013, a federal jury in Sioux Falls, South Dakota found that plaintiff Deane Berg's use of Johnson & Johnson's body powder products was a factor in her developing ovarian cancer. Nevertheless, it awarded no damages, court records show. Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc now owns the Shower to Shower brand but was not a defendant in the Fox case. The case is Hogans et al v. Johnson & Johnson et al, Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis, Missouri, No. 1422-CC09012. (Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York. Additional reporting by Jessica Dye in New York; editing by Steve Orlofsky and Alan Crosby)
  17. Hello Members! Save the Date! Sun, 25th May 2014, Stamford Tyres & Sonax Car Clinic at Stamford Tyres HQ! Attendees will also walk away with more than a handful of FREE products (Total worth up to $1,680) We’re back! After our maiden, yet highly successful, car clinic in March, MCF is back with another one. This time, MCF is collaborating with Stamford Tyres, Bosch Singapore and Sonax Singapore to conduct another Car Clinic Session - just for our Premium Members! Stamford Tyres will share basic car maintenance tips while Sonax Singapore will be focusing on car care tips. Also the, event will see the debut of new Continental MC5 (18-inch and above) in addition to Continental CC5 (16-inch to 18-inch) tyres. Sonax Singapore will also introduce the Sonax Xtreme Protect + Shine Hybird NPT. Free Products that you will bring away: Check the spoiler! · Shell Engine Oil Servicing Package - $138 · Bosch Aerotwin Wipers - $50 >> www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=8614 · Bosch Platinum Iridium Fusion Spark Plugs (Must be installed during the event day) - $70 >> www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=3843 · Sonax Xtreme BrillantShine Detailer - $28 >> www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=8328 · Sonax Xtreme Wheel Cleaner - $24 >> http://www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=6893 · Sonax Microfiber Cloth - $12 >> www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=8428 Event programme (09.00am – 09.30am) Registration & Breakfast. (09.30 am – 10.30am) Continental tyres Car Clinic & basic maintenance of a car, conducted by specialist from Stamford Tyres. (10.30am – 12.00pm) Servicing and Installation of the Bosch Platinum Iridium Fusion Spark plugs & Bosch Aerotwin Wipers (12.00pm – 12.30pm) Light Refreshment (12.30 am – 13.00pm) Sonax Car Clinic (13.00pm – 13.30pm) Wrap-up + Lunch (Retail Sales, Q&A, Photo taking session with members, collection of sponsor products) Who qualifies to join: - 2nd gear and above - A Premium member (if not, upgrade for FREE by hitting the link >> http://www.mycarforu...remiumbenefits) - Only the first 40 members who make payment before the 14th of May will be entitled to a spot Registration Fee: - One Pax - $12 - One Pax + Partner - $14 (Partners will not get the free items) To Register: 1. Submit the payment. >> http://www.mycarforu...ection=mcfevent 2. Write your nick below + wheel size 3. Make sure all your details in your personal profile page are correct. We will use the contact information from there. Registration closes on 14th May Terms & Conditions 1. It is a requirement for the participants to support the sponsors by writing reviews of the products you receive. Instructions will be provided during and after the event 2. Bosch Platinum Iridium Spark Plugs needs to be installed on the day itself for product review purpose. Participants who do not wish to install you are not entitled to the Spark Plugs Venue: Stamford Tyres HQ. 19 Lok Yang Way Singapore 628635 So what are you waiting for, register now! Places are limited to the first 40 premium members only! Hurry!
  18. Julie Roberts Clover products....really so lucky? anyone brought and tested it? really so lucky?
  19. all, i wish to buy car care products like armorall, autogylm products etc.... i used to got to autobacs and stamford for these products but i think they are expensive.... where will you buy them at with the most cheapest price?
  20. . Hers and his ear plugs. amazon.com amazon.com I couldn’t figure out why loud noises were waking me up at night. And then I realized: The pieces of foam I jammed into my ear canal weren’t PINK. Once I switched to pink ear plugs, I slept like a (female) baby. 2. Pens for her. amazon.com I kept breaking a nail every time I tried to write with a girthy man pen. Thank god Bic realized the gentle feminine hand requires a gentle feminine pen. 3. Men’s and women’s tea. peter—capaldis.tumblr.com I drank man tea once. I’m still plucking the chest hairs. 4. Men’s tissues. amazon.com I was ankle-deep in my boyfriend’s mucus before we bought these man-sized Kleenex. Ordinary tissues just couldn’t contain his oversized, masculine boogers. 5. Girls’ clear tape. stephaniestroh.com Every time I tried to tape a picture of something I baked or cleaned into one of my pink scrapbooks with unisex tape, the scrapbook would burst into flames. But not with Just For Girl’s Sellotape! Now the only thing that’s burning is the steak I cook for my boyfriend (oopsie!). 6. Women’s and men’s shaving razors. gratuitouslygendered.tumblr.com It’s a scientific fact that men’s hair is 100 to 200 times thicker than women’s due to their abounding testosterone and other manly juices. That’s why you should never, ever shave with a men’s razor if you’re a lady. It’ll take the skin clean off your shin. It’s science. 7. Boys’ and girls’ chocolate eggs. valarreblogis.tumblr.com The real surprise happens when you accidentally eat the wrong egg and your genitals fall off. 8. Girls’ energy drink. misschia.tumblr.com It can get so tiring being a hysterical, menstrual mess all the time. Thankfully there’s an energy drink formulated especially for us girls. How else could we keep up the energy to bake and clean and cry all day? 9. Hair regrowth treatment for women and men. gratuitouslygendered.tumblr.com Hair loss can be embarrassing, but not HALF as embarrassing as buying medication in a dark green box! Minoxidil solves that problem by offering the exact same product in an adorable lilac package (and for all you dumb boys out there, “lilac” means “purple.” LOL!). 10. Beer for women. chickbeer.com Because you drank all the pink wine during your last period. 11. Women’s toolset. unnecessarilygenderedproducts.tumblr.com The only tools that should be in here are a cell phone and your dad’s phone number, AM I RIGHT, LADIES?! 12. Women’s and men’s electric razors. unnecessarilygenderedproducts.tumblr.com Did you not hear me before? THE SKIN. CLEAN OFF. 13. Girl’s microscope. amazon.com amazon.com See? Girls can be scientists! As long as they look cute doing it. God forbid they’re caught in the lab looking into a black microscope. Then how would they find a husband? 14. Yogurt for men. powerful.yt My boyfriend ate normal yogurt once and now he’s pregnant. 15. Blenders for women and men. amazon.com amazon.com Men need a stronger blender so they can make smoothies thin enough to drink through their penises. That’s how men drink, right? I didn’t have a girl-microscope as a kid, so I never learned about biology. 16. Men’s and women’s face masks. thesocietypages.org I would rather die from toxic inhalation than be caught wearing a navy blue face mask. Thank you, Nexcare. 17. Boys’ and girls’ M&M’s. blog.sfgate.com “Boys Rule”? “Girls Rule”? You know what really rules? Needlessly gendering things! 18. Girls’ and boys’ baby toys. thesocietypages.org Even before your sexual organs have developed, it’s so, so incredibly important to start gendering yourself. You don’t want an old man to walk up to you when you’re 3 days old and say, “What a cute little boy!” when he really means “girl,” do you? That would be devastating. Might as well crawl back into your mother’s womb, honestly. 19. Girl and boy gift cards. thesocietypages.org If a girl even tries to use the boy card, Barack Obama has to arrest her. The man is busy, OK? Just use the right card. 20. Men’s and women’s socks. pinterest.com It goes without saying that the women’s hiking socks are just for pretend. Women can’t actually hike! Their periods would attract bears. 21. Men’s and women’s deodorant. thesocietypages.org Sure it smells the same. But you’d know. Then how could you live with yourself?
  21. Some products cost more in S’pore than other cities: MAS & MTI study POSTED: 29 Apr 2014 12:36 Buying a product from Apple, Zara and IKEA could cost more in Singapore compared to 10 other cities, according to a study by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI). SINGAPORE: Buying a product from Apple, Zara and IKEA could cost more in Singapore compared to 10 other cities, according to a study by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI). According to the study -- which analyses price differences for 647 items from the three global brands across the 11 cities --"Singapore's prices are found to be relatively high in most instances". Releasing the findings on Tuesday as part of the its Macroeconomic Review, MAS said Singapore's prices are above the median for two-thirds of the items, and prices for about a quarter of them are below the median. This means that for the same brand, prices in Singapore can be higher than in other cities for some items but lower for others. Among the cities included in the study are London, Paris, New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong. MAS added that for most of the items which are more expensive in Singapore, the price premiums do not exceed 20 per cent. The report said pricing decisions of the firms are influenced by unit cost and demand for their products in the market. Still, the study pointed out that Singapore is not the most expensive location, and it is most expensive for only 6 per cent of the products. MAS said the three global brands in the study -- Apple, Zara and IKEA -- were chosen given the large number of identical consumer electronics, furniture, and apparel products that could be compared across cities. - CNA/nd http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/...e/1089024.html Don't we already know and isn't this so obvious? Not only products, food also
  22. I had been buying GNC "Glucosamine 750 Chondroitin 600" for several years in the local stores. It cost about S$150 per bottle of 120 tablets. I usually buy it during my birthday month under 33% discount as GNC member. Hence it cost about S$100 per bottle. Now, i am feeling quite astonished after I discover how much the same thing cost in the US after a recent trip there. I know that GNC is actually a US company and the local franchise is owned by global active which is a subsidiary of OSIM. The same thing cost about S$40 (vs S$150 nett in sg) in the US GNC store. Incredible mark-up. I wonder if the franchisor or the franchisee is earning the bulk of this mark-up?
  23. hi all as well all know, there are fake products in the market. i got this link from www.sgsoundsystems.com http://www.autoindustriya.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=20977.0 do take note, the Rockford spkrs ARE BEING SOLD IN SINGAPORE (cos i'm a victim too). as for the other products, i'm very sure they are ard in the market. *mod, hope u can make this a sticky. cheers!
  24. Anybody know where to shop for car care products? other than Autobacs and Stamford tyres. Thanks! anyway Vin-mart at Houngang down already is it? I cant seem to call them.
  25. Contest from 16 April 2013 to 15 May 2013 Take part in our monthly sgCarMart contest by answering questions about GT Grooming and stand a chance to win attractive prizes worth up to $1,630. More details here : http://www.sgcarmart.com/contest/listing.php
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