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Found 49 results

  1. Hi all Mcfers, Do check out for monthly promotion here. Hope to bring you MCFERS more products and promotion in the near future. Latest promotion will be updated here. Keep a look [/size]out Cheers Benny aka Maddriver aka Maddetailer Visit me at www.optivax.com.sg for the range of detailing products
  2. Zenith_Mazda

    Autoglym vs Duragloss vs Meguiars

    Hi all, i personally using autoglym products. however, am looking at other products as i think there could be better detailing products out there to spice up my detailing. Pls care to share all the pros and cons of the products you have used or is using. Thank you :)
  3. Where can I buy Gtechniq products in Singapore? maddetailer/mxtradings only does Duragloss.
  4. Maddriver

    Duragloss Application tips/method

    Hi.. I guess it will be good for me briefly describe the application method in case you have forgotten.. Step 1 Part no #901 shampoo This shampoo is really foamy..A cap for a big pail of water..If you intend to claybar..go for 2 caps to have more lub..Do not follow instruction..3 caps for a gallon.. You will have foam party.. After washing and rinsing your car.. Dry with a waffle weave or the drying towel you have.. For waffle weave user..each time before you use..soak into water..dry it and you can start drying the car. Step 2 Part no #101 / #501 polish Use a micro-fiber applicator..dam applicator with a bit of water..Apply polishes on to applicators.. a size of a 10cent coin is good enough..Apply onto panel..Thin layer.. hazy and cloudy effect is good enough..Avoid circular direction.. Need not use too force to apply unless for stuborn stains.. Apply whole car and wait for 5 minsto haze and you can start buffing off with a MF cloth. Step 3 #601 PBA This step is applicable to those using PBA..if you are not using it..You can proceed to step 4. For PBA..it is very transparent..you may not see the hazy or cloudy effect..Thin layer will do..Need not dam applicators with water.. Step 4 Part no #105 Use a micro-fiber applicator..dam applicator with a bit of water..Apply on to applicators.. a size of a 10cent coin is good enough..Apply onto panel..Thin layer... cloudy and hazy effect is good enough.. Haze for about 10 mins and you can start buffing off.. If you wish to apply #951 aquawax.. you may do so but not for #521 or #921 quick detailer.. Quick detailer comes in between washes or for fresh water spot..tree sap or bird poo.. If you have both #951 and #521 .. Use #951 weekly or bi-weekly..for daily use will be #521/#921 quick detailer..If you intend to have a coat of #951 aquawax..you can use #521/#921 QD to clean up surface and proceed to #951 aquawax..If you do not intend to use #951 AW.. Simply go round with QD will do.. Just remember #951 is alway the last step... Take note..For #951 aquawax.. the result will be better after when is cure..some of use have notice the different on the following day.. Tips Instead of dam applicators with water for #105..Spray a bit of #951 Aquawax on applicators or panel first follow by applying #105..hehe..dun ask me why..try it and you might see something different. Or after buffing away #105..you can apply #951 AW on applicator and apply on panel.. apply evenly and walk away..No buffing require.. This steps require little bit of skill..hehe.. or else you will get unbuff AW stick on the panels.. Happy detailing guys n .. feel free to discuss if you have any doubts
  5. Yo Bro and Sis, just to share some special tips on the application of AW from one of the Bro. This is something special that Bro Terry(Red 307) has tried and call me immediately.He has been using AW for quite sometime and this is something special he tried today He ride was bombard with bird poo..He spray AW on the panel with bird poo withoutbuffing it away.Left it there for about an hour where he does some interior cleaning. About an hour..he uses a moist MF cloth and remove it... this is the result he told me.. MIRROR! sorry no pics..No harm trying... i am going to do mine..see ya!!
  6. Tested on my windscreen last week..Finally have the chance to try it out yesterday with some drizzling..wipers are almost half a year,just some normal wiper from proton MY.. wiper started to juddge and actually is time to replace them..since the DG #751 reached my doorstep..best time to do some experiment. [/color] I let the wiper run at speed 2 non stop for about 15mins with small drizzling and no juddgling at all..check this out.. Not becos i have them i say is good but is indeed good http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/autogeek_1957_1993263 Xjava script:changeImg('imgmainimg0',imgmainimg0large,document.getElementById('imgplaceholder')); Keep your windshield clear when the sky is cloudy. Duragloss Rain Repel is a ph-balanced blend of cleaners and siloxanes which cleans glass surfaces while imparting a water-repellent treatment. It can also be diluted 4:1 with water and added to windshield washer reservoir. Studies show that visibility during adverse weather is drastically improved on windshields sealed with a product like Rain Repel. Just like a car wax, Duragloss Rain Repel leaves a water repellant coating on top of the glass that causes water to bead. As you drive, the beads of water disperse and your windshield remains clear. Duragloss Rain Repel keeps your windshield cleaner by repelling the dirt and films that attach to the exterior of your vehicle. On an unprotected windshield, when oily films and debris mix with rain, objects outside become blurred and unclear. Duragloss Rain Repel maintains optimum clarity and visibility for safer driving, even in the rain. Duragloss Rain Repel also provides a layer of protection against water spots and mineral deposits to maintain the clarity of your windshield longer. In addition to glass protection, Duragloss Rain Repel cleans the glass with a pH-balanced blend of cleaner and siloxanes. Dilute Duragloss Rain Repel 4:1 with water to add to the washer fluid tank. Applying a fresh rain-repellant coating is as easy as pushing a button! Improve your visibility and keep your windshield clean with Duragloss Rain Repel. Exterior use only. 22 oz. trigger spray
  7. Maddriver

    Duragloss Photo Gallery

    Show your hardwork after Duragloss-ed here!! This is mine...... but I dun own the car
  8. Decided to put a new yet to launch Duragloss Nano Clear Seal on a test with Optimum Opti-Guard..Not sure it will be a fair comparison since Opti-Guard is a coating.. Observation Duragloss Nano CS produce a wet finished...The application is easy on and not require to buff off..Application is similar to Enviroshield..Apply a little and it enable to spread on a large area easily..Once cured..It has a very slick feel.. Let see how durable and resistance it is.. The panel is divided into half..With Opti-Guard and Duragloss Nano CS..As for the prep..clay with Duragloss claybar..Polish with IP and finished with FF.. Wipe down with 99% IPA.. This is after applying DG Nano clear seal and Optimum coat..
  9. Underpaidsamurai

    Review: Duragloss 921 (Quick Detailer)

    http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/autogeek_1939_31371247 After purchasing the Duragloss 921 from maddriver at the last MDDS, I drove home where after inspecting my car, I noticed the car had birdshit & treewax here and there. [ol][*]Sprayed some duragloss on the birdshit and treewax[*]Waited 3 mins[*]Wiped off offending crap with a tissue paper with ease. After that, inspected my sealant - it's still smooth and definitely not affected by the 921.[*]Also noticed that the areas covered by the 921 are abit glossier - the 921 bonds and enhances my sealant's shine! [/ol]This is some good shite. Thumbs up!
  10. Hi Benny, I intend to use a 2000 grit sandpaper to sand down a deep scratch on my bonnet so I'm looking for a polishing compound and a sealant to finish off the job by hand without machine. Most recommended Meguiars for those specific jobs but I'm having a difficult time finding them. I did a quick search and found your Duragloss to be of high quality too. As I'm not a car enthusiast so I'm rather confused with most car detailing products including the extensive range of Duragloss products. Can you tell me which is the Duragloss polishing compound and sealant that best suit the job that I intend to work on? Appreciate your help. Click below YouTube for a better understanding of the work that I need to do.
  11. Now then i see and i know after distributing this dg for so many years and i always wonder why my customers say how good it is..good as in? Easy to use or protect? Only until yesterday during a weekly routine wash..wax etc..i found out why..i always see something like gel on the bottle cap.. Abit elastic but not sticky like this once dry.. When i started applying dg271 on trims..i see the similar like rubber gel peeling off from the trim as i reapply it.. Looks like is forming a layer of gel on the trimmings against from cracking and drying
  12. Just want to share my testimonial on the results of Duragloss Plastic Polish on my headlamp plastic cover as below. I am driving a 10-year old car and both my headlamps have turned yellowish due to aging. At night, I can see my right headlamp is brighter than the left, due to they suffer different level aging. I saw Autobacs has a $30 headlamp polishing promotion for its new Ubi store opening (normal $35). I was very tempted to try liao, but remembered my appointment with Benny to pick up some DG supply that same evening. So, I parked my temptation aside and asked Benny for solution on my 10-year old head lamp plastic cover when I met him at his HDB carpark around 10 p.m. He offered me a free small bottle of Duragloss Plastic Polish as sample, but later returned with a full size bottle and a MF cloth as his samples were finished. He started polishing my headlamps with his elbow grease immediately and ... The results ========= The yellowish stain goes away in seconds, and I would say my headlamps have been restored back to 90% new. I strongly believe that >95% new is achievable, as we were only using MF cloth to rub the headlamps under the "romantic" HDB carpark lamp in less than 5 minutes. I paiseh and quick quick finished off the job as I never expect to receive such a service from him. The Verdict ========= Duragloss Plastic Polish works and easy to use. And Benny is fantastic ! Two thumbs ups !!
  13. Ok, i know you can use Duragloss Fabric & Carpet Cleaner #451 for the job but i also read that u can use #461 to : Dilute Duragloss Ultimate Orange with water to use on more sensitive materials, like carpet and upholstery. So presume that i get #461, i just pour bit into a spray bottle, dilute and spray on carpet, scrub and blot dry and let it air dry further and thats it? The reason i wanna get #461 is that can use for other surfaces What other ways do u use your #461?
  14. Underpaidsamurai

    Duragloss 105 rawks leh!

    I applied my 4th layer of Duragloss 105 sealant yesterday evening. By this layer, the feeling is no longer extremely silky smooth. It's smooth lah, but the finger can definitely feel like there is a layer of invisible force-field below it. On Monday morning today, it rained cats and dogs, and I had to drive through it. When I reached my office, I parked my car and took my waffle weave to wipe off the rain water from my car. To my surprise... the car was hardly even wet. There were a few water beads here and there... but the car was mostly dry. Suddenly all those hours of applying DG105 by hand... became worth it - in an instant! P.S: I haven't even start applying wax on top of the DG105 yet... P.S.S: Sorry no photos because my camera phone has no flash and it's pretty dark in my office carpark.
  15. To All Duragloss and Optimum car care products users.. Get yourself a free product when you upload any Duragloss-ed or Optimum detailed photo of your cars.. Here is the contest plan.. 1) Upload photos of detailed car with either using Duragloss or Optimum or combination of both in this thread 2) Share with us your detailing steps 3) Share with us any products reviews 4) Choose one product from below 4) PM me which product you wish to try next * Duragloss 521 Quick detailer * Duragloss 951 Aquawax * Duragloss Odor Eliminator * Duragloss Tar Removal * Duragloss 901 car shampoo * Optimum Gloss enhancer and detail spray * Optimum Opti-Clean * Opti-Gel tire shine (250ml) Details of product can be found at Duragloss Car care Optimum car care products Collection of your prize You can collect from me during night time at Yishun on weekdays if you are near.. Lastly there will be 3 top prizes (Best photos) worth $60 car wash item given out..The top 3 winners will be announced on 30/11/2011 This contest close on 30/11/2011 HAVE FUN GUYS!!!!
  16. My visit to Duragloss at Burlington N.C. How wish I can stay to start making waxes A nice and cosy environment..Attached are some pics to share I gain alot of info and knowledge from this visit get to see how AW and the rest are been made.. Hopefully can share more with you guys on the products knowledge in near future..Is been a pleasure to talk to both the Brothers..
  17. Hi Has any bro used this product? Will it cause wiper judder like RainX? Thanks
  18. Alvinlkw

    Duragloss detailer

    Yo bros, anyone know if there are commercial detailers (polishing companies) out there who are using Duragloss for polishing? I wanted to do it on my own but recently operated on a finger and will at least be out for 3-6 months plus kid coming. Think no time to detail on my own already. :(
  19. Dear user of Duragloss, Can advise me your experience with #105 and enviroshield? Which one last longer? I am consider either one of this product, main purpose is protection cos my car is parked outside most of the time, and I only do my detailing once every 1 or 2 months. Currently using #501 and AW, quite happy with easy of application but I'm thinking of some other product which offer longer lasting protection. Thanks.
  20. Maddriver

    Duragloss Special promo for CNY

    Chinese Lunar New Year Offer.. From 1 Feb to 14 Feb 2010. 500 ml Duragloss Shampoo + 500 ml Duragloss Aquawax + 500ml Duragloss Marine Detailer At $40 with Free delivery.
  21. Season Greeting, Merry Christmas to fellows Bro and Sis 10% OFF for all Duragloss Appearance Products & accessories at Maddetailer.com Silicon Framless wiper. Tested and Proven. Collinite waxes available
  22. Contest 1st-Dec-2009 till 16th-Dec-2009 To all MCF members, All you have to do to stand a chance to win $152 worth of Duragloss Appearance Products is to post up actual photos of your current car in this thread. There's no easier way to win! More details here! Winner will be chosen based on random selection. Note that winners will be contacted via their registered contact number. So do update it if you want to win!
  23. Sparks

    Duragloss launch Enviroshield

    Came across this website http://www.detailingbliss.com/forum/f46/jl...eline-7810.html Bro MD, please advise, is this new Duragloss Environshield same as the one that you have? With accelerator? The packaging is the same retro-looking picture! Ha.
  24. I've decided to compile my Duragloss adventures all into one thread for easy viewing and commenting purposes! Feel free to comment on my works!!
  25. Latioboy

    Showcase your Duragloss Weapons!

    I shall start first. SINCE i was asked to take photos of gallon products that i have. So i just took pictures of ALL my products i'm currently having now. (: Keke! Can you all spot my broken into pieces yellow backing plate? I don't know how that freaking thing spun out of control but yea it got spun out of control. woot! 2nd backing plate in 2 months! haha!