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  1. Yo Bro and Sis, just to share some special tips on the application of AW from one of the Bro. This is something special that Bro Terry(Red 307) has tried and call me immediately.He has been using AW for quite sometime and this is something special he tried today He ride was bombard with bird poo..He spray AW on the panel with bird poo withoutbuffing it away.Left it there for about an hour where he does some interior cleaning. About an hour..he uses a moist MF cloth and remove it... this is the result he told me.. MIRROR! sorry no pics..No harm trying... i am going to do mine..see ya!!
  2. I have always had high regards for Vincent, he comes across as putting customers first. I believe alot of people would attest to his repo with the customers on this forum. However after charging me for "using your own parts", he bear grudges for over a year and told me off last week saying that "I CANNOT BRING MY OWN" spares parts anymore. Oh well, up for awareness. Looking for other reliable workshops now for Merc.
  3. LEARN TO SURVIVE HIGHWAY THUGS Experts provide tips on how to protect yourself while driving up North By Tan Mae Lynn June 04, 2007 YOU are driving in Malaysia and have to make a pit stop along the highway. A man walks to your car, brandishes a knife and orders you to open the door. What should you do? Judging from the reaction of Singapore motorists involved in recent crimes, few know how to react when faced with such scenarios. Recently, a Malaysian woman, whose husband works in Singapore, opened the car door to an armed man while her husband was at the washroom of a petrol station in Tampoi, Johor. The assailant drove off with her and her young son in the car to a secluded spot where he and an accomplice took turns to rape the 28-year-old pregnant woman. In other cases, Singaporeans were accosted by robbers. Said Mr Lionel de Souza, a former police officer: 'If you're on a highway and being pursued, try and make a dash for a police station or a crowded area. 'If you're outnumbered, just give them what they want. It doesn't feel good to lose something, but your life is more important. You can always earn money back.' He also suggested driving to Malaysia in a convoy. 'At least if one is hijacked, the others can get help,' he said. 'And don't drive a flashy car.' Professional race driver Denis Lian, 35, who drives into Malaysia quite frequently, said the last thing motorists should do is open the door to strangers. He said: 'When you open your car door, or when you just step into your car, you're at your most vulnerable. CHECK MIRROR 'Before you come to a stop, look in your mirrors and see who's around or approaching. If you see anyone around who looks suspicious, or hovering around, or anyone who just makes you feel uncomfortable, drive off.' And never, ever get out of your car when faced with a suspicious situation. 'Your car is your weapon and your only defence. 'It's much safer behind the glass window... It's unlikely the person will smash the window - it's very difficult to do that.' Agreeing, Mr Tan Teng Lip, president of the Singapore Motorsports Association, added: 'Make sure you car is locked from the inside. Never wind down the window to speak to strangers. If you sense trouble, sound your horn to attract attention.' AVOID STOPPING As many Singapore families are expected to head north during the current school holidays, it may be prudent for them to be prepared for overseas road trips. Chief editor of Wheels Asia magazine, Mr Mazlan Samad, advised that even when someone bumps into the back of your car or causes you to hit into their car by braking suddenly, you shouldn't stop the car. He cited these as some of the common tactics robbers use to get motorists to stop their vehicles. 'If you're in foreign territory, alone or don't feel safe enough, take note of the car number but don't get off. Just drive to the nearest police post or petrol station to get help.' He also advised that it would be prudent to note down the telephone number of the traffic police or traffic emergency services in whichever country you'll be driving in. General manager of the Automobile Association of Malaysia, Mr Samuel Saik, added: 'If there's an accident, there's not much you can do anyway. It's better to make the call for the person than to put yourself at risk by getting out of the car.' Also, always keep to the main road and never stop at secluded spots for rest or toilet breaks, especially when driving alone and at night. 'Even Malaysians don't do that,' he said. source: http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,...,132157,00.html?
  4. Using phone to upload pic and don't blame me for not rotating pic. Min spend $50 to have $2 off. Total 8 Vouchers, cannot combine use. Please see validity dates / time line. Can only use with Amex card at SPC. Giving it for free, just PM me for details. First PM with name and complete address will get this deal.
  5. pls give review of this tyre.. comfort & road handling ..
  6. hi all, i wanted to rent a car. no renew coe car 1.4 to 1.6 any brand call me 'ken chian 98298577
  7. Thinking of doing PPS. Too many choices on MCF and too much price war going on. Looked around a few companies. I'm considering doing PPS for my Alfa with them but not sure if spending a few hundred on coating is worth it. Genuine feedbacks please on Groomers Lab or other recommended groomers will be appreciated.
  8. I intend to change my tyre for my odyssey to Michelin PS3 215/55/R17 Any user pls share your thoughts on its performance and the noise level. Appreciate the feedback
  9. Noticed quite a lot of installer carrying the Micro-Precision speakers. Due to budget constraints,for their range of speakers I can only look for the 3-series. Has any user installed this 3-series speakers and has any feedback on the speakers? Any other speakers would you recommend within the price range of the Micro Precision 3-Series?
  10. Hi all, I wish to highlight my plights of being 2 times unlucky when I used the vPost services for items purchased from Amazon.com and had the items shipped to my vPost USA address. The stories goes like this... Prior to my 1st order on Amazon.com on 11 Oct 2011, I have updated my vPost account online to my latest mailing address and has also done my due diligence to ensure that my vPost USA address has been duly updated as well. I then proceeded to place my order with Amazon.com and the item was received at the vPost USA facility on 14 Oct 2011. Subsequently, I've proceeded to submit (Via email) my sales invoice (From Amazon.com) to vPost USA for them to process so that the delivery invoice can be generated by vPost for me to make payment before my item can be released and delivered. On 18 Oct 2011, I've received the invoice for me to make payment for my package (VS114811284US) which I've paid up in full on the same day. After making the above payment, I did not receive any updates until 20 Oct 2011 to inform me that the shipment has been sent out from vPost USA as well as confirmation of my payment for the package. On 03 Nov 2011, after remembering that I'm expecting the above mentioned package and after waiting for it for so long, I've written in an enquiry via the vPost on-line portal and has received an email reply with CASE ID #101964. I've also followed up with vPost by making a telephone call on the same day and spoke with a lady called Salas who has tracked down my parcel and informed me that there was an attempted delivery made to my old mailing address on 23 Oct 2011. I've informed Salas that I've logged onto my vPost account before making my order and question why their system did not capture the updated information, which she is unable to answer, only to offer her apology and then she took down my new mailing address and arranged for a re-delivery on 05 Nov 2011 (Sat) between 9am to 1pm. As I was busy on 05 Nov 2011, I've made arrangement for my mum to make herself available for the day to receive the package and she had to cancel all her appointments for the day just to sign for the package. Alas, 1pm came and went and there was no sign of any delivery by vPost on 05 Nov 2011 and I'd tried to call the vPost 1605 but to no avail as the hotline was closed. My mum has wasted her day due to vPost's failure to deliver on their service. On 07 Nov 2011, I called the vPost hotline again to check on the delivery status and was informed that there was a delivery made but a further check revealed that the vPost delivery personnel has sent the package to my old mailing address again! The call was then transferred to Rob (Robin), the Customer Service Manager with vPost and after some investigation on his end, admitted that the glitch was due to their system not capturing my updated information on their system again and Robin has admitted again that there's a problem with their IT system. After all the saga above, I've received my long overdue parcel on 09 Nov 2011 at the correct mailing address. On 28 Oct 2011, I've placed another order with Amazon.com for another item (VS114958466US - OBJ9967) and used vPost USA service again as there's no choice but to do so as the merchant does not ship out to Singapore and unfortunately, vPost has fumbled on this shipment as well as I've only received an email update on 03 Nov 2011 to inform me that the shipment has arrived at their vPost USA facility and there have been no updates since. I called Rob (Robin) again to check on this shipment and to enquire why the invoice has not been generated and till now, there have been no resolution and I think this coming from Singapore's premier postal service, is unacceptable to say the least. It has been more than 2 weeks since my latest parcel has been sent and reached the USA facility but I'm at a lost as to when I will receive the item. The above has shown that vPost has to seriously look into their level of service and to improve on their IT system, customer service as well as getting their delivery acts together. Ok until today, no one from vPost has contacted me as I reckon besides Rob, there are no more senior managers above him or that no one wants or bothers to call me back to resolve the case. As Christmas is approaching fast, I seriously wonder if my parcel will reach me in time for me to give it to my niece as her present. Anyone here knows of any vPost contacts which I can channel my complaint to as calling their 1605 number and speaking with the agents and then being passed back to Rob does nothing for me! Thanks in advance. Very frustrated, Moooooooo
  11. IF there is any admin on line now, please take a look at my last post int the LITE and EZ thread about the 6 year old boy with cancer. Will need you to see if it is appropriate to update to first post of the thread. Thank you ---------------------------------- Edited to reflect the turn of events as requested by TS 03/02/15 ------------------------------------------------ 02/02/2015 Hello everyone. There are some good updates! Indiegogo has suspended my account and refunded the last 5 donors. The last 5 donors went to my Indiegogo account as my Paypal was suspended by then. They are working to refund all platform fees with paypal now and paypal will then refund everyone every single cent. No fees at all. Sit on tight bros! Money coming back soon liao. Please don't chase me for 1 week's worth of interest. Attached Thumbnails -------------------------------------------- 02/02/2015 Dear Bros and Sis, Please check your accounts in a week or so. Currently i wouldnt know the funds movement because i am locked out of my Indiegogo and Paypal accounts. So i do not know whats happening in there. Cheers! Hope all these will come to an end soon. Attached Thumbnails
  12. Good News M1 User! M1 is having their 17th anniversary celebration and will be offering free services to its mobile user on every Sunday in April. Free services includes Making Calls, Sending SMS and MMS. Look out for their 1 for 1 treats and special discount for the handsets. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/free-calls-sms-mms-m1-customers-sundays-april-20140331
  13. Hi All I've just acquired a car that came with a CARSCOP FM CAR ALARM, unfortunately, it didnt come with the user manual nor did it come with the spare remote. Does anyone by any chance happen to know how to fully operate this model of the car alarm? I've managed to find out how to open the trunk by chance, but thats about it. Would really appreciate some assistance. I've heard pretty good reviews about this alarm system. Cheers
  14. if car is parked and dvr recorded the incident, is it claimable? eg. driver beside your car slams onto your door when getting out. pain chips and dent?
  15. I noticed the ranking of each user is depending on how many posting... Makes me wonder what's the highest.... 2Fast2Furious?
  16. Basically I bought a second hand GPS 1350, but the map is not updated. And I guess the free 1 yr updates of maps had expire. Any kind soul can email me the updated maps or lend me his password o download? Thanks you
  17. Hi All, As some of you knew that DOD GSE580 already launched in Singapore market. Anyone are welcome to post anything about DOD GSE580 here. No Imitation of DOD GSE580 allowed. Best Regards, Transcendent Solutions
  18. Starting this for the above mention Dash Cam user.... Here we Can we start to receive feedbacks and maybe some tips about this device. Here are 2 shots to keep the ball rolling Day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXLtVyelCBY&feature=plcp nite http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwqS-TWgGKc&feature=plcp
  19. why take the risk? If you know how to avoid PI for cars, why can't you do the same for tyres?Parallel_Import_Tyres_Awareness_2.pdf Parallel_Import_Tyres_Awareness.pdf
  20. Si gin na.... From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...eding_room.html Posted on 08 Nov 2012 Youths refuse to budge from breastfeeding room and even show woman the finger Two youths refused to budge when a STOMPer politely asked them to leave a breastfeeding room so that she could nurse her baby. One of them also started spewing vulgarities and showed her the finger. In a video sent to STOMP, the STOMPer had repeatedly asked the youths to leave the room, but to no avail. In one instance, one of the youths had replied, "Yes, we will leave the room," but remained seated and gave no intention of leaving. He also seemed to have claimed that he was "breastfeeding his baby". When the STOMPer told the youths that she would put the video up on the Internet, the same youth started hurling vulgarities and told her to go ahead. He also laughed and showed her his middle finger. In an email to STOMP early this morning (Nov 9), one of the youths had requested for the story to be removed because he is embarrassed.
  21. to all bros/sis of mcf, after the tragedy of the ferrari incident where 2 innocent lives were lost due to a madman, we have to be alert/careful and practise safe driving/riding as every road user out there is sumones father/mother, son/daughter,brother/sister. to all roadhoggers n blurkings n drunk drivers, your recklessness could end up hurting innocent families and know tat sum1 like you could end up hurting ur loved ones too, so be safe n practise safe driving/riding on our roads. watching the videos of the accident, i still feel down till today as 2 innocent lives were lost jus like tat and it could hv been me n my family. my elder bro got retrenched last yr n wif age unable 2 secure a same pay scale job n became a deliveryman who leaves the house at 3am everymorning 2 report 4 work and he tells me of how drivers treat expressways n roads like a F1 track, wif the ah beng racers and supercharged car racers on our roads, i do hope TP n LTA do wake up and take action, cherish our time wif our family
  22. quick question, what is a non validated user?
  23. Courtesy of New Zealand NEWS No charge for NZ student in Singapore A young New Zealand student arrested in Singapore for allegedly using cannabis has been released without charge, New Zealand officials say. The student was one of 15 people, aged 13 to 25, arrested for allegedly buying cannabis from a 37-year-old Singapore resident. The New Zealander had initially been detained, but was released without being charged, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokeswoman said. She would not release the person's sex or age. The alleged dealer was also arrested in the nationwide drug bust. In Singapore, a person found guilty of using or possessing cannabis faces up to 10 years in jail and/or a $S20,000 ($NZ19,815) fine. Anyone trafficking more than 500g of cannabis may be executed. The other suspects are from Singapore, the United States, Britain, France, India, Indonesia or South Africa, officials say. According to CNB Penalties Possession or consumption of Cannabis: Up to 10 years of imprisonment or S$20,000 fine or BOTH Illegal traffic, import or export of: Cannabis of more than 500 grams > DEATH Cannabis resin of more than 200 grams > DEATH Cannabis mixture of more than 1,000 grams > DEATH
  24. hi bros, sorry if this topic was surfaced before, as i can't find them. Just bought the new garmin 255W GPS and was confused by the map inside. Map Info inside GPS 1) MFM - Garmin 091012 2) MFM POI 091012 3) SLA Authority V2 / EastGear Plte Ltd 4) Malsingmaps Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei NT2009.30 5) City Navigator Singapore/Malaysia NT 2009.30 Anyone can help advise or brief on the map info stated above and which map or combination should I use? thanks and appreciate the help.
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