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Found 284 results

  1. They say that Singaporeans have a unique culture and identity, which can be attributed to our variety of local cuisines and our multi-racial society. I say we are truly unique by the manner we talk. Watch this video to see the most Singaporean style argument between two motorists: What Happened? This pointless incident occurred at an unknown HDB carpark involving the cam car and a blacked-out van. The cam car was driving towards the end of a one-way direction carpark, where the driver was supposed to give way to oncoming vehicles before "re-entering" the carpark again. Just as the cam car was about to turn right, a blacked-out van emerged from the carpark entrance. As a result, the cam car performed an e-brake and exclaimed 'SMLJ?' before venting his frustration by honking at the van. The van driver then proceeded to stop in front of the cam car before opening the driver's side door. The van driver then made a gesture to ask why he was honked. The argument between both parties went as such: NGL, this encounter is about the most Singaporean it will ever get! An Avoidable Exchange TBH, the honking action of the cam car was genuinely uncalled for. I see it as an intentional provocation to spite the van driver and vent his frustrations after the cam car was forced to give way to the van. What do you think? Which party do you think is at fault? Netizens' Comments Dude, what have you been smoking when you were typing Point 3 onwards? That stuff is way too strong. The comment that I've been looking for💯 Fiercest Hiace in SG with heavily tinted windows and rear spoiler - LTA's favourite van! ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  2. Hi all, am thinking of getting a season parking near raffles place area. Would those bro/sis working/parking there please advise on the season parking charges for the various building carpark ? 1) Golden Shoe - $300 ?? 2) Market Street - $300 ?? 3) UOB - $350 ?? 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  3. Hi all, anyone else experiencing carpark that accept the traditional cashcard with chip only? Due to my old cashcard expired after 7 years, I am using flashpay netts in my IU now. Not facing any issue with all erp and every carpark till Cathay Cineplex. When exiting the carpark, the system only can take cashcard with chip. Anyone experienced any other carpark as well?
  4. If you have visited a hawker centre before. You will know that in Singapore, we have a "chope" culture. You can "reserve" your seating when you place your prized tissue paper and it will make known to the public that this seat is taken. Today we have this XMM which I am assuming is helping her boyfriend to "chope" a lot. But instead of using a parking cone to cordon the lot, she stands and reserves the lot herself. The lady driver was very polite to ask if she can take this lot. 🤣 Unfortunately, this is a very short clip. I do not know what the XMM replied. Anyway, folks I strongly do not recommend you to "chope" a parking lot. Our parking system is actually quite good. Don't take advantage of the car parks. If needed, just walk further abit. Anyway, you will need to clock 10,000 steps each day to deem you healthy. So yeah. Just walk.
  5. Hi everyone, I usually dont drive much in the day due to WFH these days and over the past year or so, i find that around every two weeks to a month the HDB carparking washing always causes a lot of dirt/stains/spatter to the car when left parked there. I preferred to keep my stuff clean, and i always do a wash monthly, so this is kinda annoying. Also there stains caused by the carpark wash are often hard to remove due to a combination of dirt, oil, tar and soap mixued and and left to be dried up by the time i discover them. Hoping to seek other's experiences if there is anything that can be done about it.
  6. The driver of a yellow Honda fit attempted to evade carpark payment but ended up failing and was confronted by the driver of the white Skoda Octavia he was tailgating instead. Here's the video This incident took place at the carpark of Takashimaya. In the video, the yellow Honda Fit tries to evade parking fees by tailgating a white Skoda Octavia. But the driver of the Octavia was having none of it and intentionally blocked the Honda Fit. Leaving it awkwardly stuck under the gantry arm. The Skoda driver then exits his car in agitation while walking towards the Honda Fit to confront the driver. Noteworthy: There is an ongoing promotion for 2 hours of free parking at Ngee Ann City, with no minimum spend. Is it worth committing a parking offence over that few dollars? If guilty of tailgating at an EPS exit gantry to avoid payment, the Honda Fit driver could face a $70 fine. Repeat offenders may be charged in court. Netizens' comments The conclusion seems to be clear-cut 🤐 Undoubtedly, there has been an increased occurrence of payment evasion offences, with these offences being committed by tailgating the front vehicle. Here are some recent cases of payment evasion: Mitsubishi Lancer tailgating camcar out of carpark Hyundai Avante tailgating and got confronted by camcar Toyota Sienta tailgating camcar out of SuperBowl Jurong carpark However, the most unusual occurrence of payment evasion belongs to this purple Volkswagen Scirocco. TBH, I am damn puzzled as to why the driver damaged his Scirocco to evade paying his carpark fees. The math just does not add up. --- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  7. unicornfloof

    Check out Punggol's new carpark R&R corner

    A small part of a HDB multi-storey carpark in Punggol has been transformed into a comfortable "relax corner". Posted on Saturday (July 3), a fellow Singaporean submitted photographs of a HDB multi-storey carpark located in Punggol Central. In the photographs, a couple of motorcycle lots were transformed into a resting area completely furnished with couches, drawers, and multiple helmets on a ledge. It was speculated that the area could be for food delivery riders who live in the area or riders waiting in the vicinity for more orders. While it was unsure if the space belonged to a single user or open to the public, the amount of effort that it took to transform the area was certainly impressive. According to the Housing Development Board (HDB) regulations, no tables, tents, or chairs are allowed in the facility and any ongoing activity must not affect the parking needs of residents. Failure to heed these guidelines will result in negative feedback and the parties involved will have their permits revoked. --- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  8. What things or activities do you do or see people do in caparks?
  9. Typicalcarguy

    Not even kerbs can stop a BlueSG in its path

    As shared by SG Road Vigilante on its Facebook page, this driver entered a Multi Storey Car Park at Punggol, only to see a BlueSG turning out of the lot and heading straight at him. Well, this wouldn't have been a problem if they were on a two-way road... Understandably, both drivers stopped in their tracks, stunned for a moment. Where is the BlueSG trying to go anyway? Right, just hop over that kerb and reach for the exit like there isn't a gigantic obstacle painted in striking yellow and black... I've always seen BlueSG cars driving fast and sometimes dangerously on the expressways, I chalk it up to their strictly duration-based charging - the faster you reach your destination, the less you pay. Maybe that's what this driver's trying to do? These comments brought up an important point, indeed, it seems unlikely anyone would damage their own car this way. But, hey, don't go right out and rent one to fulfill your dream of driving like Dominic Toretto, you'll still be liable for traffic offences, and will have to foot some hefty repair bills if you damage the BlueSG! Driver of the BlueSG, if you are reading this, do yourself a favour and check out their terms and conditions.
  10. Since this is a car forum, can members here give a list of hotels that don’t give complimentary parking to hotel guests? I don’t usually do staycation in Singapore. My road trip travels to Malaysia has ALWAYS been given free parking. Due to travel restriction during covid, I’ve staycation a couple of local hotels. Felt disgusted by the lack of complimentary parking even after paying $300/night for the room.
  11. Now that is dangerous. Here's another case of a car catching fire while parked. As seen on SG Road Vigilante's page, a Toyota Vios caught fire despite not even being driven. This happened at on 2nd of Dec 2020 at blk 638 of Punggol Drive and thankfully it seemed like no one got hurt by the incident. It is unclear why the Vios lighted up on its own and we hope the taxi that was beside it when it was burning wasn't damaged. Could it be its in car-camera's back up battery? Or was it something else?
  12. Have we found Singapore's 'One-punch-man'? For those who don't know that character, it is a Japanese superhero franchise who features Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any opponent with a single punch and seeks to find a worthy foe after growing bored by a lack of challenge due to his overwhelming strength. Shared among various whatapp chats and from Facebook pages from late last night is this video where by 4 men could be seen fighting in Golden Mile Complex carpark. At around the 27 second mark, this grey singlet dude threw a big one at one of the men, knocking him out clean. Not that we encourage fighting but that is pretty 'One-punch-man' moment. It is unclear what started the fight. Check out what netizens have to say about this incident!
  13. Waterway Point carpark gantry breakdown this morning at 10am. Long queue of vehicles unable to enter. Over 50 vehicles trapped in the carpark unable to exit. Cars horning, people shouting at the management for being slow to react, children crying. Some called the police and SCDF for assistance. https://www.zaobao.com.sg/znews/singapore/story20201003-1089902
  14. A man has been video-ed down by a passerby around Block 409 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3 on the 29th of Sept 2020 brandishing a knife in a carpark. Someway into the video posted by ROADS.sg, we can see that the guy with knife, suddenly slashing himself on his own forearm after shouting at the other guy who was holding a pipe or something similar. Upon seeing the man with the knife slashing himself, the other man dropped his weapon and tried to stop him from causing more hurt. Based on what netizens from various sources wrote, the man who tried to stop the guy with the knife happened to be just a brave passerby. Police are aware of this case and investigations are ongoing. It is unknown how the lady who had blood on her face is related to the case.
  15. 9 HDB Carpark Rooftops Will Become Vegetable Farms, They Can Increase Local Food Supply source: https://mustsharenews.com/hdb-rooftop-farms/ 9 HDB Carparks To Have Rooftoop Vegetable Farms, Tenders Have Been Awarded Farms are making a comeback in Singapore, but they may be sprouting on top of your multi-storey carpark. On Wednesday (30 Sep), 9 HDB carpark rooftops in Singapore were given the green light to have vegetable farms built on them, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announced. The farms will be located in various HDB estates around the island. Carpark vegetable farms will be in heartlands It looks like you will not have to travel all the way to Kranji to see vegetable farms anymore. The farms will be housed in various heartland estates, according to SFA. Single sites include: Choa Chu Kang Tampines Hougang Ang Mo Kio Toa Payoh Meanwhile, cluster sites were awarded for the following locations: Sembawang Jurong West The cluster sites will have 2 farms each. Tenderers proposed hydroponics and vertical farming According to SFA, the tenderers propose using hydroponics and vertical farming technology for the urban farms. These technologies are said to use less space and water. The highest tenderer will be setting up a farming cluster in Jurong West — the 2 farms will span a total area of 6,285 square metres, almost the size of a football field. Farms will contribute to local food production According to SFA, the farms are part of Singapore’s “30-by-30” goal to produce 30% of Singapore’s food requirements by 2030. A pioneer farm at Block 700 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 was already built in 2019, and it grew vegetables such as kai lan, cai xin, and nai bai. Soon, there’ll be more of such farms coming to a HDB estate near you. Adding a splash of greenery to estates It is a common sight for rooftop carparks to be empty. Thankfully, they are being converted to contribute in Singapore’s food production. Keep your eyes peeled to catch these rooftop idylls sprouting near you.
  16. Now this is an interesting sight. As we have mentioned before in previous blog posts, the COVD-19 pandemic has somewhat influenced many who are forced to stay home to start working out as an excuse to head out. Hence, when we went into Phrase 2, there was a noticeable increase in traffic at our parks as many still continued to enjoy exercising, leading to some to come up with new ideas to move away from the overcrowding in parks. Check out this clip which has been shared by SG Road Vigilante, whereby the camera car chanced upon this public outdoor carpark at Fort Canning on the 9th of September which has been 'converted' into an outdoor gym. With the carpark almost full, we bet the sight of those using the carpark as a workout area annoyed the camera car driver. What do you guys reckon? Cool or not cool? Let us know!
  17. In our fast-paced and hectic society, it is easy to get triggered when unexpected things happen to you as we can see from this video that has been posted on SG Road Vigilante. In this video that was shot in Yishun a few days back, we can see a van which is the camera vehicle, coming to the rear of a Volkswagen Scirocco. While waiting for the gantry to be lifted, the car rolled back as one pair of its wheels were on a hump. The van driver gave the car a tap of its horn, triggering the Scirocco driver to come down and confront the van driver. For those who have no experience with dual-clutch gearboxes, some, if not most, have the tendency to roll back if the car is on a slope as the car behaves very much like a manual car in start-stop situations. Hence, the Scirocco driver wasn't trying to reverse on purpose. Was the horn necessary? Was it necessary to follow so close to the Scirocco seeing that he had trouble at the gantry? And was the van driver guilty of tailgating out of the carpark? Or was it simply just a case of an ill-mannered Volkswagen driver having a bad day? What do you guys reckon? Let us know in the comment box!
  18. Vratenza

    Carpark Gantry Cheats

    https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/1643962532526501/ https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/1697427000513387/
  19. I don't know why the carpark carrier came down and didn't detect my car when I was going into my condo. Usually, it won't even come down when I follow closely behind the car in front and it did and I stopped and then it knocked my bonnet. Now has 2 small dent caused by metal and scratch somemore. Heart pain coz new car. Where can I get these fixed without forking out too much? This is a SUBARU Forester. It's such a small damaged, like 2 dots but have to fix coz scratched. Can someone advise? Boohoo... Took car from hubby for 1 day and kena this. Am I sway or what? Or rather, is he sway or what...
  20. Sick of getting dings and other minor damages from the doors of cars that are parked beside you? Someone definitely is and reckons he has the perfect solution for this issue. Yup, someone has bought a tent and erected it on the second-highest floor of his estate's Multi-Storey Car Park(MSCP). Situated at Block 146 Rivervale Crescent, someone spotted and reported this unusual sight to Stomp on 8 December, adding on that "It was secured by padlock but there was nothing inside the tent." A sign that said 'Out For Lunch" can also seen inside the bright pink tent. Gone A few days later, the owner of the tent wrote to Stomp and said he was shocked when he found it missing. He then explained that the tent was bought for $500 from China and was there to protect his car from being scratched. "I developed a phobia of carparks after my car was scratched twice at my workplace's carpark," he remarked. His tent was believed to have been removed on the 10 December. Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council (PRPTC) got rid of it as its spokesman claims that it is a security concern.
  21. SAMSUNGmobile

    Woodlands Centre Carpark

    Hi, thinking of driving to Woodlands checkpoint and park at Woodlands centre instead as I do not want to drive into msia. Does anyone know if the open air carpark at Woodlands centre is still open?
  22. The very popular open air car park at ICA /Lavender MRT will be closed from 1st Jan 2020.
  23. Hi, As I have previously parked at First World Hotel multi-storey carpark, I find it's rather challenging due to the narrow ramp going up/down between levels. I heard that there's another carpark @ Maxim which is bigger and easier to park. However, it seems to be reserve for VIP and gold members. Just to check with you guys, anybody ever parked at Maxim hotel before? Do you really need to be VIP or gold member? Thanks
  24. Holland Road Shopping Centre carpark up for sale with $32m guide price Source: https://www.straitstimes.com/business/property/holland-road-shopping-centre-carpark-up-for-sale-with-32m-guide-price? SINGAPORE - A freehold car park at Holland Road Shopping Centre is up for sale via expression of interest (EOI) with an indicative price in the range of $32 million. The 47-lot car park, which is located on the basement level of the shopping centre, has a strata floor area of 1,503 square metres and is zoned commercial, marketing agent Edmund Tie said on Monday (Oct 14). It is not subject to additional buyer's stamp duty or seller's stamp duty, and is eligible for purchase by both local and foreign buyers. Key tenants of Holland Road Shopping Centre include Cold Storage, UOB Bank, Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy. The mall has a 78 metre wide frontage along Holland Avenue, and is situated at the entrance of the Holland Village or Chip Bee Gardens precinct. Swee Shou Fern, Edmund Tie executive director of investment advisory said that strata-titled car parks are tightly held and rarely available for sale. Strategically located in a lifestyle hub, the car park offers "strong and steady cash flow". "Such an investment opportunity is hard to come by and we expect keen interest from investors who wish to capitalise on the tight supply of parking spaces in this bustling enclave, with potential capital upside from a collective sale," Ms Swee added. The EOI exercise for the car park will close on Nov 20, 3pm.
  25. Carpark Opposite Cineleisure Orchard Will Close In February To Make Space For Flea Markets & Pop-Ups Source: https://mustsharenews.com/grange-road-carpark-close/ Carpark Opposite Cineleisure Orchard Will Stop Operations From Feb 2020 Singaporeans who frequent Cineleisure or Scape might be familiar with the iconic open-air carpark opposite Cineleisure Orchard. The carpark, located at Grange Road, will cease operations from Feb 2020, according to The Straits Times. It’s popular among drivers because it’s known to be one of the cheaper parking spaces in town, with rates from $1.30/ 30 mins. Unfortunately, the days of cheap parking in Somerset are coming to an end. Carpark to be converted into permanent event space The Grange Road carpark had been “trialed” as an event space in recent times, having hosted the BMW Fest just last month. Moving forward, it will be hosting the Great Christmas Village — part of Orchard Road’s Christmas light up this year. The Singapore Land Authority has said that we should expect to see more flea markets, pop-up attractions and food trucks after February next year. They added that on non-event days, space will be used as a public area with “greenery and interesting street furniture”. Netizens react to the Grange Road carpark closure When this change was released on CNA’s Facebook page, a myriad of netizen comments started trickling in as some of them were seemingly devastated by the news. Expectedly, netizens responded with dismay, with one expressing that he was “super sad” as the Grange Road carpark was the “only place” he parks at when visiting Orchard. Another netizen is concerned that they would soon have to park in a shopping mall that costs “a plate of wonton noodle” each hour. Time to look for alternatives If you are one of those who are affected by this change, it’s probably time to start looking for alternatives. Otherwise, like this netizen says, it’s time to take the MRT.