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  1. Sometimes i really wonder what makes some of these house owners think that they own the road outside their houses too. So often you see people put their trashbins along the kerb just to prevent others from parking outside their houses. I mean, the road is common property, and if there is no double yellow lines or whatsoever, it is LEGAL to park. Even if there is dbl yellow line, i can still park if i want as i am taking the risks in getting a summon. Yesterday, i parked outside this house along carpmael road (off joochiat).. there is no marking on the road, so its legal. The kerb between the 2 houses is actually long enough to accomodate my car length. I even got out the car after i parked to ensure i am not obstructing any of the unit's entrance... When i return to my car.. someone actually leaned the trashbin AGAINST (not just near) my driver's door. It is just sickening to the core. I was tempted to ring the bell of the house but even if they did, they will deny the deed. And yes, there is a chance its really not them, but the mischieve of some boliao people. I had seen before, a house owner after moving away his vehicle from the spot outside his house, will actually place the bin in the same spot then drive off...what i did then was to remove the bin and park there. For house owners that are in the forum here, do you use bins to chop the road outside your house too? And do you have the possessive mindset of the road outside your houses too? seen too many examples at these estates.
  2. Hi all, am thinking of getting a season parking near raffles place area. Would those bro/sis working/parking there please advise on the season parking charges for the various building carpark ? 1) Golden Shoe - $300 ?? 2) Market Street - $300 ?? 3) UOB - $350 ?? 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  3. Some of you may know, but just in case.. Recently got into some situations, when I was coming out of a car park and the barrier refuse to open. The box says "No entry record" One time I was lucky, push the intercom button and someone open the barrier. 2nd time was not, nobody answers the intercom and a frustrated queue of cars formed behind and started honking. Case 1: I was exiting the car park when I got a ping for a pickup. The pickup location was right behind me in another car park. The gantry had open, but I reverse back to go around and exit via another gantry of the same car park. Big mistake. "No enty record", cannot exit. Case 2: I enter a open air car park, and then want to get out, but the place was blocked with illegal parking. So I saw some space near the entry to the MSCP. I moved forward to reverse. Unfortunately too near the MSCP and the gate open. I didn't go in, but reverse to get out of the open space car park. Again "No entry record" Now, this is the problem. You are headed into an EPS car park, your IU is recorded. Then when you get out, your IU record is DELETED when the gantry opens. If the gantry opens and you didn't go through, but reverse back. Your record is DELETED and you can't get out again - No entry record If a MSCP is fully enclosed within a open air car park EPS, you drive into the MSCP, your open air car park record is DELETED. Only when you exit the MSCP into the open air car park, then you have an entry record. So the next time, you see an empty lot just besides the exit gantry, be careful when you're reversing into the lot. Go too far forward and you trigger the exit gantry, your entry record is deleted. Then you reverse and parked happily, until you try to get out - No entry record.
  4. Hi all, anyone else experiencing carpark that accept the traditional cashcard with chip only? Due to my old cashcard expired after 7 years, I am using flashpay netts in my IU now. Not facing any issue with all erp and every carpark till Cathay Cineplex. When exiting the carpark, the system only can take cashcard with chip. Anyone experienced any other carpark as well?
  5. Carpark Opposite Cineleisure Orchard Will Close In February To Make Space For Flea Markets & Pop-Ups Source: https://mustsharenews.com/grange-road-carpark-close/ Carpark Opposite Cineleisure Orchard Will Stop Operations From Feb 2020 Singaporeans who frequent Cineleisure or Scape might be familiar with the iconic open-air carpark opposite Cineleisure Orchard. The carpark, located at Grange Road, will cease operations from Feb 2020, according to The Straits Times. It’s popular among drivers because it’s known to be one of the cheaper parking spaces in town, with rates from $1.30/ 30 mins. Unfortunately, the days of cheap parking in Somerset are coming to an end. Carpark to be converted into permanent event space The Grange Road carpark had been “trialed” as an event space in recent times, having hosted the BMW Fest just last month. Moving forward, it will be hosting the Great Christmas Village — part of Orchard Road’s Christmas light up this year. The Singapore Land Authority has said that we should expect to see more flea markets, pop-up attractions and food trucks after February next year. They added that on non-event days, space will be used as a public area with “greenery and interesting street furniture”. Netizens react to the Grange Road carpark closure When this change was released on CNA’s Facebook page, a myriad of netizen comments started trickling in as some of them were seemingly devastated by the news. Expectedly, netizens responded with dismay, with one expressing that he was “super sad” as the Grange Road carpark was the “only place” he parks at when visiting Orchard. Another netizen is concerned that they would soon have to park in a shopping mall that costs “a plate of wonton noodle” each hour. Time to look for alternatives If you are one of those who are affected by this change, it’s probably time to start looking for alternatives. Otherwise, like this netizen says, it’s time to take the MRT.
  6. Yishun once again being Singapore’s Florida. What happened? An elderly driver in a Kia Picanto lost control in a multi-storey car park and crashed into a group of parked motorbikes. We can see that the bikes in question in the Facebook post are in a pile together, with varying levels of damage How did that red one end up there sia? There was also a motorbike just randomly lying on the ground away from the group. I doubt this was intentional because the bikes aren't absolutely wrecked, though how the bikes ended up where they are does makes me go "????". How do you crash into bikes and make them pile up on top of each other, accidentally? Online chatter There were of course plenty of Yishun comments. Others blamed the eldelry person and used this as a point to show that the elderly are not fit for driving. As someone with a grandma who can drive, I can tell you this is not the case. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  7. We can all learn from this runner on how to be unbothered by the chaos and negativity in life, to carry on and remain focused in the midst of uncertainty and adversity. I make it sound like a car almost crashed into her but hey, there was certainly a crash. What happened? On 2nd May 2023 at Woodlands Ring Road, a cyclist crashed into a motorcyclist turning right to enter a car park. Bro was zooming. If he did brake he might want to check the brakes work properly. There was no sign of jerking and it was a smooth ride to hit the motorcyclist. This led to the cyclist coming off his bike and tumbling onto the motorcyclist, who was knocked down in turn. Both parties were able to get up, although there is no audio to determine what words they exchanged afterwards. However, the star of the show to me was the runner when all this unfolded just to her right. The camera footage is too blurry to tell if she turned her head or not but I assume a bike and motorcycle knocking into each other would make a fair bit of noise. However, she remained unfazed, and continued running at a steady rhythm. If she was wearing an earpiece I want to know what model because the noise cancelling on that must be insane. Online chatter People noted the runner continuing on her way, with some wondering if she knew what was going on at all. Others blamed the cyclist for not stopping and allowing the motorcycle to enter the carpark. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  8. One of the key features of an SUV is the ability to go off road. To use the same car you would pick up your groceries and kids one day and go on mud and sand the next. However, this is Singapore. The only sand and mud we have are off limits to cars (as far as I can find). That didn’t stop a determined Honda Vezel driver from testing his capabilities though. Watch this video to see what I mean. What happened? A Honda Vezel was seen at Simei Carpark driving over a kerb and carrying on as if nothing happened. It appears as though the driver was trying to leave the car park but forgot to turn enough to hit the exit. Instead, he drove straight through a parking lot in order to correct his course and finally leave. Rip to his undercarriage. Let’s watch that again. He could have reversed and prevented any possible damage to the car, like any other sensible person. But this must be some high-level driver’s thinking that I cannot comprehend until I drive for a minimum of 20 years. Comment down below if you think so too! Let the jokes come in You know there had to be jokes after something like that. Notably about what driving school he came from. w My soul would leave my body if I felt my car go over an entire kerb. Others also made jokes about how he was using the car as it was meant to be driven. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  9. In the 2010s, a Mercedes C250 was worth about $200,000 when it launched. So you know inflation is getting bad when someone who could afford that just a decade ago can’t even pay their parking fees anymore. What happened? On 27 April in the carpark of Parklane Shopping Mall, a Mercedes C250 driver decided to just ram the parking barrier arm instead of paying his parking fees. Or perhaps it was an accident? The Mercedes initially approached slowly, before a burst of acceleration caused a hit on the barrier arm before braking. Regardless of what it may have been, the Merc drove off soon after. Maybe he’s saving to renew his COE. We all know how much THAT costs now. And with core inflation at 5% now perhaps even people who can drive such vehicles are feeling the pinch too. On the other hand, if you check on the Wayback Machine, Parklane Shopping Mall's price for parking hasn't gone up either so... Maybe just stingy? Online chatter Of course people will bring up the irony of someone driving a car worth a couple hundred thousand, but is unable to spare maybe 5 bucks for parking. A couple of people also suggested "solutions" to discourage others from following this driver's example. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  10. TL;DR - GetGo driver thinks he’s in Tokyo Drift and crashes into 3 cars. Learns there are consequences to his actions. Prayers for the original poster of this video for keeping his cool. I know I wouldn’t if I was in his position. Read on to see why. What happened? On 18th April in a Punggol multi-storey car park, a 23 year old GetGo driver was speeding at 50km/h and hit 3 cars that were parked together. We can see that a Kia Cerato, Mitsubishi Outlander and a van that looks like a Toyota Hiace were the victims, with the first two taking the brunt of the impact. The original poster of this incident was the owner of one of the cars. The Facebook post stated that the owner was happily spring cleaning his house with Hari Raya songs at full blast when he suddenly heard a loud bang and car alarms. He learnt that the GetGo driver was daydreaming as he was speeding, and made him call his father down as he seemed scared and was a “23 year old kid”. The original poster ended with a quote saying "No one got hurt. Heartbreak only. I held back my tears, the car is my baby." Bless this owner, I hope he can get his car fixed. We have no infomation on the identity of the GetGo driver, if he was intoxicated while driving, or if the original poster would be compensated for his repairs. Online chatter People brought to attention that the driver was 23 and an adult, not a kid and should be able to understand consequences of speeding in a carpark. Others noted how common it is to find such drivers behind the wheel of private hire vehicles. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  11. Source: https://mustsharenews.com/parking-landed-estate-road/ Landed Estate Road Parking Not Allowed Due To Single Continuous White Line In The Centre Now that more Singaporeans are going out, finding a parking space might be difficult. However, for some residents living in a landed property estate in Sembawang, such a problem arises even when they come home. Officers from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) allegedly fined them for parking along the small road outside their houses, saying it’s not allowed. This led a resident to ask: Where else can they park? 2 officers walk around estate The incident was recorded in a TikTok video posted on Sunday (5 Jun), capturing the tense scene. In the video, two officers were seen walking around a residential estate. A few people – presumably residents – can also be seen standing on the road, looking frustratedly at the officers. A road sign is briefly seen, identifying the road as Penaga Place — located in a residential estate off Sembawang Road and opposite Sembawang Park. Officers allegedly disallow landed estate road parking According to the OP, LTA officers had asked the whole neighbourhood to “park somewhere else”. He also included screenshots of messages to him, saying that their cars were getting fined. Apparently, the reason is that parking isn’t allowed on “the whole row”. From the video, we can see a single continuous line running down the centre of all the roads in the area. The road marking means no parking is allowed on either side of the road at all times, according to rules stated on the LTA website. Resident asks where they can park However, the OP said his neighbourhood wasn’t happy to hear this. He asked rhetorically where residents are supposed to park, if not on the road outside their houses. Judging from his hand gesture, a man in the video seemed to be asking the same thing while talking to one of the officers. In the comments, the OP also clarified that only one car can fit inside the compounds of the houses in the estate, and he already parks one of his cars inside. Most of the residents in the area own at least three cars, he added. In fact, some of them don’t even park their cars in their own houses, he claimed. Most netizens unsympathetic Most netizens who commented on the video weren’t sympathetic, though. Many suggested that the residents should simply park their cars inside their compound, and if there’s no space, they should’ve taken that into consideration when buying more than one car. Some also dismissed their parking woes as “rich people problems”. They also felt that it wasn’t the officers’ fault as they were doing their job. One netizen who faced the issue advised them to find a place to park farther away and walk home. However, a commenter who empathised with the residents agreed that there was no such place to park. The lack of sympathy for his plight prompted the OP to lament the “hate and anger” shown by netizens. Landed estate road parking is tricky In land-scarce Singapore, it’s a fact that some landed property dwellers have limited parking space in their compound and non-existent parking outside. Thus, following LTA rules strictly may be impossible if they have more than one car, and parking far away defeats the purpose of having a car. However, rules are there for a reason and must be followed unless they’re changed. Unfortunately, most Singaporeans won’t be able to empathise with the problem, considering they live in flats and may not have three cars per household. Do you think the residents in this estate should be allowed to park on the road? Do share your thoughts with us.
  12. A van hit a child in a baby stroller today at a carpark in Woodlands St 32, resulting in the death of the child and injuries for their brother and mother. What happened? It is believed that the mother was beside the red taxi shown in the video, pushing the stroller out of the carpark. A loud bang was heard when the van hit the stroller, and onlookers rushed to help. An ambulance was called immediately but to no avail as the child had already passed away. The mother was seen screaming and crying in despair. The child’s brother was in a similarly distraught state, jumping up and down helplessly. Facebook users gave the family their condolences and prayers. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join Us Today!
  13. Another big carpark in Ang Mo Kio to be developed into BTO! This is the best carpark with lots of spaces to park if you are going to COURTS or Jacks Place as well as the hawker centers. Without this carpark, not sure where to park with lots liao. August 2022 BTO venues
  14. Barrierless system to be trialled at Old Airport Road Food Centre car parks SINGAPORE — Motorists using the open-air and multi-storey car parks near the Old Airport Road Food Centre can now enjoy the convenience of the barrierless parking system. The Housing Development Board (HDB) said in a media release on Friday (16 September) that the system, dubbed Parking@HDB, had been trialled at six car parks in Punggol since January 2021, and the Old Airport Road car parks are the first ones outside of Punggol to carry out the trial. Under the Parking@HDB system, there will be no gantry barriers at the car park entrances and exits, as the vehicle plates are registered via cameras. Colour-coded LED overhead indicators have also been installed above parking lots at the Old Airport Road multi-storey car park to signal lot availability. Green means lots are available for short-term parking, amber means lots are reserved for season parking while blue indicate lots reserved for persons with physical disabilities. For motorists who have parked in an unauthorised lot, the light indicator will turn red and flash to prompt the motorists to move their vehicles immediately. Using Parking@HDB app to pay parking charges For short-term parking, motorists can download the Parking@HDB app to pay their parking charges via credit or debit card. The parking system detects the vehicle when it enters the car park and automatically activates the parking session through the app, and charges are automatically deducted when they exit the car park, without the need to activate the app. With this, motorists need not insert their cash cards into the In-vehicle Unit, nor worry about insufficient funds. The app will also provide real-time notifications at the start and end of the motorists' short-term parking sessions, as well as their incurred charges. It will also give an automated alert to detect motorists who park illegally or in an unauthorised lot. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/barrierless-system-trialled-old-airport-road-food-centre-car-parks-084232365
  15. TL;DR - This middle-aged woman was standing in front of a car park lot at AMK in an attempt to reserve the lot for a Mitsubishi Lancer. If you didn't know, 'chope' basically means to reserve/declaring that its yours. Singaporeans often use tissue packets to 'chope' seats at free-seating areas such as hawker centres. Watch this 36-second clip to see how this woman stood there to be a human tissue packet. What happened? This lady stood in front of a parking lot at AMK Hub so that her Mitsubishi Lancer could get the lot. It was said that there were many empty lots around the mall, somehow this one in particular is the chosen one. Also probably because it's the one nearest to the entrance of AMK Hub. I guess Singaporeans no longer use tissue packets to 'chope', we now use our bodies...? Online Chatter I wonder just how many times she has done this. Takeaway Please do not allow/ask your family and friends to hog the lots, especially not in this way. It is extremely dangerous as other vehicles may not see them standing there, which can lead to dire consequences. Wait a little longer or make a few more rounds, you will find one soon - slow and steady wins the race! ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  16. TL;DR - A female Mercedes driver bangs into parked cam car while reversing. She came out of her car, looked for damages on the cam car and drove off after. Say cheese. Watch this 39-second clip of this Mercedes driver getting her face caught on tape after hitting the cam car. What happened? In the footage, the female Mercedes driver was reversing into a parking lot when she knocked into the cam car. She then came out of her car to see if there was any structural damage on the cam car. Of course, she deemed it as a no, since she drove off right after. But it was all too late as the cam car captured her face when she stepped out of the car. Online Chatter This female Mercedes driver decided that act blur live longer is the way to go. Takeaway Parking in Singapore can be challenging as we maneuver our vehicles into small and tight parking spaces. Even if we manage to park our vehicles without incident, there is always a risk of our parked vehicles getting damaged by other motorists. Should you be the culprit, you can leave a note with your contact details so that the car owner can liaise with you on the damages. On the flip side, if you are the victim, do contact your insurance provider and/or Motor Insurer Bureau (MIB) if it is a hit-and-run incident. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  17. SINGAPORE: A 57-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly tried to rob a woman while armed with a knife in Toa Payoh on Monday (Jan 9). The police said that they responded to a “999” call for assistance at a carpark in Toa Payoh Lorong 6 at about 11am on Monday. A 48-year-old woman was found to have sustained injuries on her right hand from an earlier assault. Investigations revealed that she was entering her vehicle when the man purportedly approached her from the back, demanded that she got into the car and assaulted her, said police in a news release on Tuesday. He was allegedly armed with a knife during the confrontation. The woman sustained a laceration on her right hand, scratch marks on her stomach and abrasions on her right arm. She was taken conscious to the hospital. She did not suffer any monetary loss and is in a stable condition. Police said that officers established the identity of the man and arrested him within 24 hours of the police report through extensive ground enquiries and with the aid of images from police cameras and CCTVs. The man will be charged on Wednesday with the offence of attempted armed robbery with hurt. Source: CNA/gr https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/man-arrested-attempted-armed-robbery-hurt-toa-payoh-lorong-6-carpark-3196261
  18. We have already pasted a lot of notices on the wall , stating that don't park there as it is reserved for loading/unloading. There are signages of wheel clamping around the building, but the building management do not actually enforce it. There are a lot of proper parking lots in front and around the building. But there are no proper parking lots back lane, so most shop owners will park their cars behind their shop. Vistors who come here to shop/eat keep parking behind our shop, making it difficult for our delivery team to load/unload items. Is it legal for me to clamp them? I am not thinking to ask them to pay for unclamping but at least the errant drivers will learn their lesson. Where can I buy one ?
  19. 4 teenagers were arrested by the police for defacing several multi-storey carparks, fitness corner, a motorcycle and signs in the vicinity of the carpark in Punggol with red paint. The 4 teenagers arrested were 13 to 14 years of age, as reported by Shin Min Daily News. Police investigations are ongoing.
  20. 😑 https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/4-public-housing-estates-to-be-zoned-as-car-lite-areas-prioritising-public-facilities-green-spaces "Four public housing estates - Ulu Pandan, Mount Pleasant, Tengah and the Greater Southern Waterfront - will be gazetted as car-lite in a push towards sustainability. Two other areas, Pearl's Hill and Tanjong Rhu, will also be gazetted. This will come into effect from Oct 31."
  21. With advanced technologies these days, drivers never (or hardly) get charged with incorrect parking fees. Even if there is such an occurrence, it is often the driver's fault - Eg. Driving out of MSCP without renewing season parking, forgetting to remove cashcard before inserting complimentary parking coupon (The list goes on). And sadly, all we can do as drivers is to suck it up, pay our "tuition fees", and learn from our mistakes. However, this entitled BMW 730LI driver did otherwise when met in a similar situation: What Happened? A BMW driver decided to pull a selfish and inconsiderate act by ditching his BMW 730LI luxury sedan right at the nose of Mandai Connection's carpark gantry after allegedly having a dispute with the building's security over $10 in parking charges. Subsequently, he went to the guard post to dispute with the building's security over his parking charges, while his car was still parked at the gantry of the carpark's entrance. The inconsiderate and absurd act of the BMW driver caused a 30-minute jam at the building's entrance, causing traffic to pile back into both directions of the main road. According to the user that submitted the video, the police were called in for assistance on this matter. However, the BMW driver left the scene before the police arrived. Netizens' Comments The mandatory "drive conti but no money to pay for parking" comments😎 I also wonder how thick-skin must one be to hold up the traffic for 30-minutes just to settle your parking dispute🤦‍♂️ Indeed, a special breed of men. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  22. cibic ignition so easy to break/hack and drive away? the owner did his best liao ... even turn his front wheel side so that not easy to tow ... good luck to the owner ... probably it's GONE for GOOD liao ...
  23. Remember the viral Rolls Royce incident below? Here is a similar incident that occurred recently, but with a twist: What Happened? Those who have been to Upper Thomson would be aware of how difficult it is to get a vacant parking lot along the stretch of the service road. For one "creative" Mazda 3 driver, he defies all odds to park his car - by mounting the kerb and parking it on the pedestrian footpath. After parking his car on the pedestrian footpath, he alights from his white Mazda, where he faces the cam car driver behind him. Instead of acknowledging his wrongdoing of parking his car illegally and congesting the service road, he walked to the cam car and dared to ask the driver to squeeze in between 2 cars. Needless to say, the cam car driver refused to budge for an obvious reason. The space between the white Mitsubishi Lancer and the illegally parked Mazda 3 was too tight to squeeze through. The Mazda 3 driver continued to grumble and air his grievances against the cam car driver for not attempting to squeeze through. After much "persuasion", the cam car driver decided to try his luck squeezing past the cars but to no avail. Just then, the passenger of the Mazda 3 driver, supposedly his wife, appeared. And although it was not captured on the dashcam, it seemed like his wife managed to diffuse the situation and persuaded him to drive off. Several onlookers stared at him in bewilderment as he mounted the kerb (again) and drove off from the pedestrian footpath. Netizens' Comments Maybe if he was driving a conti, there's a chance he could catch people's attention🤭 To sum it up, this guy got many issues. If we can share our roads with cyclists, I am sure we can share the Earth with these people too🙂 ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  24. Regardless of your road experience, motorists need to practice defensive driving/riding at all times. Unfortunately, some motorists simply take things for granted. Watch it here: What Happened? A motorcyclist was riding straight as he approached the exit gantry of the open-air carpark at Hougang Mall. Just then, a white Mitsubishi Attrage began moving off from his parking lot. Despite the Mitsubishi Attrage entering the rider's path and field of vision, the rider did not seem to perform any braking manoeuvre and continued riding straight. The rider only came to a complete halt upon a frontal collision into the side of the Mitsubishi Attrage. After that, both motorists alighted from their vehicles and started blaming each other for causing this unnecessary accident. The Motorcyclist's Perspective From the rider's perspective, the Mitsubishi Attrage should have given way to him as he had the right of way since he was travelling straight. Furthermore, the Mitsubishi driver failed to check clear for traffic when exiting the parking lot. In other words, he should not have exited the parking lot as there was oncoming traffic approaching him (AKA the motorcyclist). The Mitsubishi Driver's Perspective From the Mitsubishi driver's perspective, the motorcyclist was still quite a distance away from him. Hence, he decided to move off from his parking lot. The motorcyclist should have given way to him as half of the Mitsubishi Attrage's body was already on the main road. IMO, I think this is a 50/50 matter - Both parties should bear the brunt for their actions. And may I add, how this accident could have been avoided easily? What do you guys think? Who has the right of way? Netizens' Comments Nuff said. Many netizens seem to be faulting the rider for his lack of defensive riding. I think so too! ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  25. Was this incident filmed in a bad context? Or was the Volkswagen driver attempting to evade parking fees? Watch the following video here: What Happened? When approaching the carpark gantry to exit, the Volkswagen Golf driver stopped right before the gantry arm and alighted from his car. He then proceeds to push the gantry arm such that it automatically lifts. Allowing him to get into his car and escape paying a sum of $5? It's a little blur but it's definitely less than $10. . Update #1 - 14/4/2022 Many netizens have pointed out that this might be a case of the gantry operator instructing the VW driver to lift it up due to a spoiled gantry. Well, that may be possible. What do you think? Netizens' Comments Maybe? Or there might be lots of honking around the area which prompted the contributor to film the video. 🤷‍♂️ Well, that's if there is enforcement actions taking against him. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
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