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Found 269 results

  1. Hi all, am thinking of getting a season parking near raffles place area. Would those bro/sis working/parking there please advise on the season parking charges for the various building carpark ? 1) Golden Shoe - $300 ?? 2) Market Street - $300 ?? 3) UOB - $350 ?? 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  2. Sick of getting dings and other minor damages from the doors of cars that are parked beside you? Someone definitely is and reckons he has the perfect solution for this issue. Yup, someone has bought a tent and erected it on the second-highest floor of his estate's Multi-Storey Car Park(MSCP). Situated at Block 146 Rivervale Crescent, someone spotted and reported this unusual sight to Stomp on 8 December, adding on that "It was secured by padlock but there was nothing inside the tent." A sign that said 'Out For Lunch" can also seen inside the bright pink tent. Gone A few days later, the owner of the tent wrote to Stomp and said he was shocked when he found it missing. He then explained that the tent was bought for $500 from China and was there to protect his car from being scratched. "I developed a phobia of carparks after my car was scratched twice at my workplace's carpark," he remarked. His tent was believed to have been removed on the 10 December. Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council (PRPTC) got rid of it as its spokesman claims that it is a security concern.
  3. SAMSUNGmobile

    Woodlands Centre Carpark

    Hi, thinking of driving to Woodlands checkpoint and park at Woodlands centre instead as I do not want to drive into msia. Does anyone know if the open air carpark at Woodlands centre is still open?
  4. The very popular open air car park at ICA /Lavender MRT will be closed from 1st Jan 2020.
  5. Hi all, anyone else experiencing carpark that accept the traditional cashcard with chip only? Due to my old cashcard expired after 7 years, I am using flashpay netts in my IU now. Not facing any issue with all erp and every carpark till Cathay Cineplex. When exiting the carpark, the system only can take cashcard with chip. Anyone experienced any other carpark as well?
  6. Hi, As I have previously parked at First World Hotel multi-storey carpark, I find it's rather challenging due to the narrow ramp going up/down between levels. I heard that there's another carpark @ Maxim which is bigger and easier to park. However, it seems to be reserve for VIP and gold members. Just to check with you guys, anybody ever parked at Maxim hotel before? Do you really need to be VIP or gold member? Thanks
  7. Holland Road Shopping Centre carpark up for sale with $32m guide price Source: https://www.straitstimes.com/business/property/holland-road-shopping-centre-carpark-up-for-sale-with-32m-guide-price? SINGAPORE - A freehold car park at Holland Road Shopping Centre is up for sale via expression of interest (EOI) with an indicative price in the range of $32 million. The 47-lot car park, which is located on the basement level of the shopping centre, has a strata floor area of 1,503 square metres and is zoned commercial, marketing agent Edmund Tie said on Monday (Oct 14). It is not subject to additional buyer's stamp duty or seller's stamp duty, and is eligible for purchase by both local and foreign buyers. Key tenants of Holland Road Shopping Centre include Cold Storage, UOB Bank, Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy. The mall has a 78 metre wide frontage along Holland Avenue, and is situated at the entrance of the Holland Village or Chip Bee Gardens precinct. Swee Shou Fern, Edmund Tie executive director of investment advisory said that strata-titled car parks are tightly held and rarely available for sale. Strategically located in a lifestyle hub, the car park offers "strong and steady cash flow". "Such an investment opportunity is hard to come by and we expect keen interest from investors who wish to capitalise on the tight supply of parking spaces in this bustling enclave, with potential capital upside from a collective sale," Ms Swee added. The EOI exercise for the car park will close on Nov 20, 3pm.
  8. Carpark Opposite Cineleisure Orchard Will Close In February To Make Space For Flea Markets & Pop-Ups Source: https://mustsharenews.com/grange-road-carpark-close/ Carpark Opposite Cineleisure Orchard Will Stop Operations From Feb 2020 Singaporeans who frequent Cineleisure or Scape might be familiar with the iconic open-air carpark opposite Cineleisure Orchard. The carpark, located at Grange Road, will cease operations from Feb 2020, according to The Straits Times. It’s popular among drivers because it’s known to be one of the cheaper parking spaces in town, with rates from $1.30/ 30 mins. Unfortunately, the days of cheap parking in Somerset are coming to an end. Carpark to be converted into permanent event space The Grange Road carpark had been “trialed” as an event space in recent times, having hosted the BMW Fest just last month. Moving forward, it will be hosting the Great Christmas Village — part of Orchard Road’s Christmas light up this year. The Singapore Land Authority has said that we should expect to see more flea markets, pop-up attractions and food trucks after February next year. They added that on non-event days, space will be used as a public area with “greenery and interesting street furniture”. Netizens react to the Grange Road carpark closure When this change was released on CNA’s Facebook page, a myriad of netizen comments started trickling in as some of them were seemingly devastated by the news. Expectedly, netizens responded with dismay, with one expressing that he was “super sad” as the Grange Road carpark was the “only place” he parks at when visiting Orchard. Another netizen is concerned that they would soon have to park in a shopping mall that costs “a plate of wonton noodle” each hour. Time to look for alternatives If you are one of those who are affected by this change, it’s probably time to start looking for alternatives. Otherwise, like this netizen says, it’s time to take the MRT.
  9. looking for season car park near to the above building ., any recommendation ?
  10. Someone in Argentina chose to park his or her car in the wrong spot and was taught a lesson by the Supermarket's employees. As reported by Fox News, the driver of a silver Peugeot 208 decided to park the small French hatchback in an area where shopping trolleys are stored. To get back at the driver for causing much inconvenience, the employees decided to surround the Peugeot with dozens of shopping carts so it couldn’t get out. Images of the hilarious scene were shared online by facebook user Arnold Angelini who was took the photos after catching a movie in the shopping center at around 11pm . He wrote in Spanish, throwing his support behind the supermarket employees. The post went viral on Facebook and since its posting one week ago, more than 6,900 users have shared it
  11. I am new to a DSG gearbox (been only a week) so would welcome some advice. When going up the incline in HDB car park, my VW Golf 1.4TSI seems remarkably reluctant. I do know why this is happening - as I approach the incline I need to slow down (brake) and turn right to get onto the slope. The DSG gearbox thinks I am going to stop, so it is not in the right gear as I complete my turn. Opening the throttle slightly does not move the car up the incline, and with more throttle it moves too quickly. Also I have noted that when going down the incline in HDB car park, when you take your foot off the brake, and step on the accelerator, it seems reluctant to get going again. Again, I do know why this is happening... the DSG gearbox thinks I am going to stop, so it is not in the right gear as I complete my turn Have you encountered the same issue, and do you have any techniques, or is it just a matter of getting used to it? Been driving AT & CVT, and none of them had this issue. Thanks in advance, Naresh.
  12. Hi guys, my IU came with the new car and is about 1 year old. Recently after deduction of fee from exiting a HDB carpark, the IU start to show Err SC. The strange thing is that it can still detect ezlink card/net flash pay. I have checked my Cashcard using a top up machine and I was able to read the balance so I assumed the Cashcard is working fine. Now I am still able to enter my season parking and able to pay for parking using ezlink card. Anyone encountered this before? I am contemplating to change the IU a not as next year, the new IU will be introduced. I don't wanna waste time going to LTA. On the other hand, as my job requires me to run around Singapore and I know some car park only accepts the old school chip cashcard. Zzz. Uploaded a video to show what I mean.
  13. Hi all, I have a parking slot at 317 Outram Road (Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium) to let go. Looking at $150 a month. Lot is sheltered and entrance is via the hotel atrium. It is also outside CBD ERP cordon. Please feel free to pm me for further details.
  14. Just want to ask who is using night car wash services from HDB carparks. I would like to find out 1) What is the price you paid per month 2) Do they wash daily 3) Is the service up to your expectation
  15. Jin scary.. My MSCP also in the process of installing a new lift. http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...506-420686.html
  16. Previous thread http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2706528-singapore-reckless-driver-part-v/page-421 New Thread here. Let's move on positively here with constructive discussions. The previous thread was too big
  17. Lets say u r in a open space carpark, will you park under tree for shade, or park openly n endure the sun? Be it rain or shine.
  18. Vratenza

    Carpark Gantry Cheats

    https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/1643962532526501/ https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/1697427000513387/
  19. Hi Guys, While doing my daily parking at cp, i notice that there are still 5 x Lancer CS3/GLX seen in my carpark. Just curious, which old car model die die haven retired and how many is there in your carpark currently? Lets get the ball rolling!
  20. Pls recommend a good place for meetup that serves beer and cars can park right infront/besides, so can drink & appreciate the cars. I can only think of Dempsey Hill, any other good breezy/scenic places?
  21. Tighter checks on carpark wardens promised by HDB The Straits Times reported that the Housing and Development Board (HDB) has promised to step up its carpark monitoring with tighter checks, after an unsatisfactory report card from the Auditor-General's Office (AGO) on Wednesday. The AGO's annual report found that both statutory boards had been lax in monitoring their parking wardens. Some of these wardens, who were hired under contracts, failed to check all vehicles, others did not turn up for duty at all. 88 surprise checks conducted by the AGO found five instances where patrolling officers were not present at their patrol sites, despite indicating that they were. It also found 26 instances where wardens did not inspect all vehicles in the carparks, although they were required to do so. An HDB spokesman said it will be conducting more checks on wardens to ensure compliance. It will also introduce e-parking systems at "more carparks where it is technically feasible to do so". URA will do the same for all of its 200 off-street carparks where feasible. E-parking systems have already been implemented at 368 of the existing 1,800 HDB carparks. This minimises the need for manual checks by wardens.
  22. Carparks that make you want to scream Some carparks at Singapore shopping malls are enough to drive one crazy. From corkscrew ramps and maze-like lanes to bottleneck entrances, motorists face some paint-scraping obstacles in their effort to park their precious wheels. That is going by comments from miffed motorists and a check by LifeStyle reporters to find the best and worst carparks. One driver, financial analyst Leow Chee Khiang, 28, says of Shaw House's carpark, notorious for its narrow lots: "Unless you have a convertible or your car comes with a sunroof you can climb out of, don't bother parking there." Ms Tracy Chua, 33, a sales supervisor, recalls: "The worst carpark is at Plaza Singapura.It always has a long queue on weekend evenings. Waiting time is close to 20 or 30 minutes." So why do glitzy malls make it so difficult to actually park there in order to do your shopping? Architects LifeStyle spoke to point out that carpark design is low on the list of priorities compared to making the most of a mall's retail area. That translates to having a functional carpark that can accommodate enough vehicles to maximise space. Ease, comfort and driving satisfaction may take a backseat. The former president of the Singapore Institute of Architects, Mr John Ting, says: "Carparks may be more of a necessity than a luxury to developers. But what's best for the developer may not be best for the driver." Still, some carparks have gone out of their way to cater to shoppers who drive. For example, Paragon Shopping Centre has installed a Parking Guiding System which has electronic red and green lights that indicate whether lots are vacant. It has also put in wheel stoppers -cement blocks on the floor at the back of the carpark lot to prevent cars from reversing into the wall - for better parking. The cost for the lights and stoppers was $500,000. Although some drivers say the sensors do not always work, a spokesman says the mall has received "no complaints to date". As for the problem with narrow lots at Shaw House, a spokesman for the mall promises users that "there will be renovations",but details have not been confirmed. Still, as long as there are shoppers wanting to drive to the malls, there will be gripes about parking, it seems. Take Ngee Ann City, popular for parking because of its central location along Orchard Road. It says it has not encountered any issues with its carpark, but shopper Ryal Wun, 43, a corporate consultant, says: "Getting to the carpark can take some time. There are long queues along the road leading in, complete with angsty cabbies who have had a bad day." Civil servant Belle Lin, 26, adds: "There is just too much winding down and up. It is dangerous and can make people feel sick." Architect Ting acknowledges that winding ramps, while space-maximising, might be disorienting for the driver: "It can get monotonous. Sometimes you are only up to the sixth floor but you feel like you are on the 16th floor." Far East Organization, developer of Central mall in Eu Tong Sen Street - which has a winding ramp that winds up drivers -tempers too- says it has incorporated features such as wide space and good lighting, plus colours for 'visual relief'. Huge carparks may be a boon to drivers, but some say it is too easy to get lost. Mr Tan Kok Hiang of Forum Architects notes that VivoCity and Suntec City -have few underground landmarks to orientate and colour (zoning) in itself is seldom useful. Mr Ting agrees, saying: "There are also too many rows of lots in Vivo. It's like a banana plantation." He says carpark design should follow the 'Three S's safety, security and simplicity. The first is safe traffic flow and parking,the second is about providing good lighting conditions and ease of finding vehicles, and the third is about overall convenience for the driver. Forum Architects' Mr Tan predicts: 'With more discerning shoppers to woo, I suspect more attention will be paid to carpark design in future.' [nod] And architect Mink Tan says: 'Since the carpark is the first and last place a mall user will experience, it makes sense to leave not just a good first, but also a good last impression.' Still, shoppers could take the advice of Ms Jeanette Wee, 24, self-employed, who says: "People should just take a cab. It's cheaper and you don't have to pay for parking."
  23. Hi, does anyone know if anything can be done to offenders who drive against traffic in a private property? Few days back, while walking across the carpark my mum got a shocked when suddenly a car appeared from the wrong side of traffic. I reported the case to our condo MA and they said they will issue a notice to the offender. The MA also shared that there have been afew other similar reports against the same car and one of the resident has also lodged a report with TP but they will not penalise the driver because it happened within a private property. Obviously this driver will continue this reckless behaviour. Is there any way we can take action against him or is there any suggestions to overcome this issue? I also notice other cars going against traffic but so far I don't bother cos they seem to move with caution... but I guess I was cant be bothered cos it did not affect me/my family till now. Any suggestions?
  24. Trinitronics

    National Parks Carpark

    Hi, i would like to know are National Parks' Carpark free for public or need to put coupon? Thanks
  25. Check this out. This was the carpark near Holland Drive food centre. Picture is self-explanatory.