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  1. Hi all, am thinking of getting a season parking near raffles place area. Would those bro/sis working/parking there please advise on the season parking charges for the various building carpark ? 1) Golden Shoe - $300 ?? 2) Market Street - $300 ?? 3) UOB - $350 ?? 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  2. Remember the viral Rolls Royce incident below? Here is a similar incident that occurred recently, but with a twist: What Happened? Those who have been to Upper Thomson would be aware of how difficult it is to get a vacant parking lot along the stretch of the service road. For one "creative" Mazda 3 driver, he defies all odds to park his car - by mounting the kerb and parking it on the pedestrian footpath. After parking his car on the pedestrian footpath, he alights from his white Mazda, where he faces the cam car driver behind him. Instead of acknowl
  3. Source: https://mustsharenews.com/parking-landed-estate-road/ Landed Estate Road Parking Not Allowed Due To Single Continuous White Line In The Centre Now that more Singaporeans are going out, finding a parking space might be difficult. However, for some residents living in a landed property estate in Sembawang, such a problem arises even when they come home. Officers from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) allegedly fined them for parking along the small road outside their houses, saying it’s not allowed. This led a resident to ask: Where else can they park?
  4. Another big carpark in Ang Mo Kio to be developed into BTO! This is the best carpark with lots of spaces to park if you are going to COURTS or Jacks Place as well as the hawker centers. Without this carpark, not sure where to park with lots liao. August 2022 BTO venues
  5. Regardless of your road experience, motorists need to practice defensive driving/riding at all times. Unfortunately, some motorists simply take things for granted. Watch it here: What Happened? A motorcyclist was riding straight as he approached the exit gantry of the open-air carpark at Hougang Mall. Just then, a white Mitsubishi Attrage began moving off from his parking lot. Despite the Mitsubishi Attrage entering the rider's path and field of vision, the rider did not seem to perform any braking manoeuvre and continued riding straight. The rider
  6. Was this incident filmed in a bad context? Or was the Volkswagen driver attempting to evade parking fees? Watch the following video here: What Happened? When approaching the carpark gantry to exit, the Volkswagen Golf driver stopped right before the gantry arm and alighted from his car. He then proceeds to push the gantry arm such that it automatically lifts. Allowing him to get into his car and escape paying a sum of $5? It's a little blur but it's definitely less than $10. . Update #1 - 14/4/2022 Many netizens have pointed out that this mi
  7. The 'chope-ing' culture is prominent in Singapore and it is usually observed when dining out at coffee shops or hawker centres. And unfortunately, this toxic culture has been shaped to be part of the Singapore identity. Watch the product of our toxic culture unfold before your very eyes: What Happened? This incident occurred at an open-air carpark at Block 114 Geylang Lorong 3. Two 'ah-mas' stood in a vacant white parking lot to 'chope' in a supposedly crowded carpark. As a result, they prevented a mini-van from parking at the vacant lot, which in
  8. Over the years, car-sharing drivers have developed a bad reputation (especially the electric vehicle ones. Not going to mention names). Today we have a GetGo Mazda 3 though. Throw in a lady driver into the mix and here is what you will get: What Happened? This incident occurred at an open-air carpark located in Jurong West. The video above was filmed by a resident staying directly at the block above the carpark. The driver supposedly loses control of a GetGo Mazda 3, mounts the kerb and crashes into a row of metal railing. Subsequently, she attempted t
  9. It can be pretty tempting to take shortcuts in an empty carpark to get to that available parking lot or to exit the carpark. After all, who wants to 'waste' time and petrol by making one big round around the carpark to exit the carpark, right? Unfortunately, this motorcyclist took a shortcut down the carpark and learned his lesson the unpleasant way: What Happened? A motorcyclist decided to take a shortcut down the multi-storey carpark (MSCP) by going against the traffic flow and driving down the MSCP slope. Just then, a Honda Civic drove up the slope, and
  10. https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/1643962532526501/ https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/1697427000513387/
  11. Wassup car lovers! I'm currently working in the Novena area. Anyone knows of any cheap parking or season parking for this particular area? IRAS has a monthly season parking at SGD$135.00 per month. Is that cheap, considering the location? Thanks many many!
  12. They say that Singaporeans have a unique culture and identity, which can be attributed to our variety of local cuisines and our multi-racial society. I say we are truly unique by the manner we talk. Watch this video to see the most Singaporean style argument between two motorists: What Happened? This pointless incident occurred at an unknown HDB carpark involving the cam car and a blacked-out van. The cam car was driving towards the end of a one-way direction carpark, where the driver was supposed to give way to oncoming vehicles before "re-entering" the carpark
  13. If you have visited a hawker centre before. You will know that in Singapore, we have a "chope" culture. You can "reserve" your seating when you place your prized tissue paper and it will make known to the public that this seat is taken. Today we have this XMM which I am assuming is helping her boyfriend to "chope" a lot. But instead of using a parking cone to cordon the lot, she stands and reserves the lot herself. The lady driver was very polite to ask if she can take this lot. 🤣 Unfortunately, this is a very short clip. I do not know what the XMM replied.
  14. Hi everyone, I usually dont drive much in the day due to WFH these days and over the past year or so, i find that around every two weeks to a month the HDB carparking washing always causes a lot of dirt/stains/spatter to the car when left parked there. I preferred to keep my stuff clean, and i always do a wash monthly, so this is kinda annoying. Also there stains caused by the carpark wash are often hard to remove due to a combination of dirt, oil, tar and soap mixued and and left to be dried up by the time i discover them. Hoping to seek other's experiences if there is anything
  15. The driver of a yellow Honda fit attempted to evade carpark payment but ended up failing and was confronted by the driver of the white Skoda Octavia he was tailgating instead. Here's the video This incident took place at the carpark of Takashimaya. In the video, the yellow Honda Fit tries to evade parking fees by tailgating a white Skoda Octavia. But the driver of the Octavia was having none of it and intentionally blocked the Honda Fit. Leaving it awkwardly stuck under the gantry arm. The Skoda driver then exits his car in agitation while walking towards the Hon
  16. A small part of a HDB multi-storey carpark in Punggol has been transformed into a comfortable "relax corner". Posted on Saturday (July 3), a fellow Singaporean submitted photographs of a HDB multi-storey carpark located in Punggol Central. In the photographs, a couple of motorcycle lots were transformed into a resting area completely furnished with couches, drawers, and multiple helmets on a ledge. It was speculated that the area could be for food delivery riders who live in the area or riders waiting in the vicinity for more orders. While it was unsure if the spa
  17. Hi all, anyone else experiencing carpark that accept the traditional cashcard with chip only? Due to my old cashcard expired after 7 years, I am using flashpay netts in my IU now. Not facing any issue with all erp and every carpark till Cathay Cineplex. When exiting the carpark, the system only can take cashcard with chip. Anyone experienced any other carpark as well?
  18. What things or activities do you do or see people do in caparks?
  19. As shared by SG Road Vigilante on its Facebook page, this driver entered a Multi Storey Car Park at Punggol, only to see a BlueSG turning out of the lot and heading straight at him. Well, this wouldn't have been a problem if they were on a two-way road... Understandably, both drivers stopped in their tracks, stunned for a moment. Where is the BlueSG trying to go anyway? Right, just hop over that kerb and reach for the exit like there isn't a gigantic obstacle painted in striking yellow and black... I've always seen BlueSG cars driving fast and sometimes dangerously on the e
  20. Since this is a car forum, can members here give a list of hotels that don’t give complimentary parking to hotel guests? I don’t usually do staycation in Singapore. My road trip travels to Malaysia has ALWAYS been given free parking. Due to travel restriction during covid, I’ve staycation a couple of local hotels. Felt disgusted by the lack of complimentary parking even after paying $300/night for the room.
  21. Now that is dangerous. Here's another case of a car catching fire while parked. As seen on SG Road Vigilante's page, a Toyota Vios caught fire despite not even being driven. This happened at on 2nd of Dec 2020 at blk 638 of Punggol Drive and thankfully it seemed like no one got hurt by the incident. It is unclear why the Vios lighted up on its own and we hope the taxi that was beside it when it was burning wasn't damaged. Could it be its in car-camera's back up battery? Or was it something else?
  22. Have we found Singapore's 'One-punch-man'? For those who don't know that character, it is a Japanese superhero franchise who features Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any opponent with a single punch and seeks to find a worthy foe after growing bored by a lack of challenge due to his overwhelming strength. Shared among various whatapp chats and from Facebook pages from late last night is this video where by 4 men could be seen fighting in Golden Mile Complex carpark. At around the 27 second mark, this grey singlet dude threw a big one at one of the men, knocking him out clean. No
  23. Waterway Point carpark gantry breakdown this morning at 10am. Long queue of vehicles unable to enter. Over 50 vehicles trapped in the carpark unable to exit. Cars horning, people shouting at the management for being slow to react, children crying. Some called the police and SCDF for assistance. https://www.zaobao.com.sg/znews/singapore/story20201003-1089902
  24. A man has been video-ed down by a passerby around Block 409 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3 on the 29th of Sept 2020 brandishing a knife in a carpark. Someway into the video posted by ROADS.sg, we can see that the guy with knife, suddenly slashing himself on his own forearm after shouting at the other guy who was holding a pipe or something similar. Upon seeing the man with the knife slashing himself, the other man dropped his weapon and tried to stop him from causing more hurt. Based on what netizens from various sources wrote, the man who tried to stop the guy with the knife happ
  25. 9 HDB Carpark Rooftops Will Become Vegetable Farms, They Can Increase Local Food Supply source: https://mustsharenews.com/hdb-rooftop-farms/ 9 HDB Carparks To Have Rooftoop Vegetable Farms, Tenders Have Been Awarded Farms are making a comeback in Singapore, but they may be sprouting on top of your multi-storey carpark. On Wednesday (30 Sep), 9 HDB carpark rooftops in Singapore were given the green light to have vegetable farms built on them, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announced. The farms will be located in various HDB estates around the island. Carpark
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