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Driver heartbroken after reckless GetGo driver rams into his 'baby'

Driver heartbroken after reckless GetGo driver rams into his 'baby'



TL;DR - GetGo driver thinks he’s in Tokyo Drift and crashes into 3 cars. Learns there are consequences to his actions. 

Prayers for the original poster of this video for keeping his cool. I know I wouldn’t if I was in his position.

Read on to see why.


What happened? 

On 18th April in a Punggol multi-storey car park, a 23 year old GetGo driver was speeding at 50km/h and hit 3 cars that were parked together. We can see that a Kia Cerato, Mitsubishi Outlander and a van that looks like a Toyota Hiace were the victims, with the first two taking the brunt of the impact.


The original poster of this incident was the owner of one of the cars. The Facebook post stated that the owner was happily spring cleaning his house with Hari Raya songs at full blast when he suddenly heard a loud bang and car alarms. 

He learnt that the GetGo driver was daydreaming as he was speeding, and made him call his father down as he seemed scared and was a “23 year old kid”. 

The original poster ended with a quote saying "No one got hurt. Heartbreak only. I held back my tears, the car is my baby."


Bless this owner, I hope he can get his car fixed.

We have no infomation on the identity of the GetGo driver, if he was intoxicated while driving, or if the original poster would be compensated for his repairs.

Online chatter

People brought to attention that the driver was 23 and an adult, not a kid and should be able to understand consequences of speeding in a carpark.


Others noted how common it is to find such drivers behind the wheel of private hire vehicles.



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Make a police report and not just inform your insurance company. There maybe damage to the car park. Speeding and carelessness in a car park is a dangerous act to everyone!

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This will never stop because of the greed of the car rental companies. Lol. Just pray no person gets injured. Just pay $$ fix ok 

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