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  1. Yesterday morning on the busy Seletar Expressway, a lone motorcyclist (and those around him) got the biggest shock of his life when he drove over a wooden block on the road. Due to the impact with the object, he then lost control of his bike, swerving like 'siao' until he was tossed onto the floor, with a hard landing. Ouch! As shown in the video, readers can see the obstacle was not that visible from far away. The video can be seen here The poor motorcyclist must have not seen it too, or he would have avoided it from the start. Aiyo, look at how the motorcycle
  2. A motorcyclist was caught in a collision with the back of the camcar while in the middle of checking his blindspot. Watch the video for yourself below 289442118_5402399956483655_5591737215663982744_n.mp4 It is not known as to what injuries the cyclist has sustained, but let’s hope that he manages to recuperate fast from this incident. This video was sourced from Tiktok, and has surfaced on the Facebook page, ROADS.sg. It does not seem like any traffic laws were broken in the process of this incident and seems to just be an unfortunate accident incurred by the mo
  3. A Mazda driver tries for a lane change that did not end well. The incoming motorcyclist skidded off course and fell down at the side of the road. Onlookers came on to assist the motorcyclist but the Mazda driver had driven off without a second word. The news was that the rider had suffered minor injuries and abrasions on his leg. Watch the video for yourself below 286923215_1338749943301494_2605439203475040899_n.mp4 Netizens were divided over the main culprit for the cause of the rider’s accident. Some placed the fault on both parties Whilst others pla
  4. There's a Hokkien saying that goes like this: "kiang jiu ho, mai gei kiang", which simply means "Smart can already, don't try to be too smart". And NGL, this statement is very true! Watch what happens when two motorcyclists attempt their "smart" move to avoid congestion: What Happened? As usual, the Kallang–Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) was jammed up during the morning peak hour. Among the many motorists caught in the jam were two particular motorcyclists who decided that they no longer had the patience to be caught up in a jam. One motorcyclist was ridin
  5. Want to see the shocking moment when a Honda Civic driver abruptly swerves between lanes on the causeway resulting in an accident? Watch the video below! This driver has managed to do it all. After realizing he was going into the wrong lane, this 'gundu' swerved abruptly into a bus after forgetting to check his blind spot. One really wonders how he managed to get his license. The bus was pushed off course in which the Civic driver then managed to hit both the road divider AND almost crash into a motorcyclist after abruptly swerving back into his original lane again.
  6. It is basic knowledge not to rush across the road and to look left and right before attempting to cross. However, he learned his lesson the hard way for one impatient kick-scooter rider. Watch it here: What Happened? An impatient kick-scooter rider blindly rode across the road at the entrance/exit point of Waterway Point carpark. He knocks into a motorcyclist's tail-box and falls hard on the ground. He quickly apologised to the motorcyclist and quickly got back up to his feet. Needless to say, the motorcyclist was baffled at how the kick-scooter rid
  7. With the widespread use of the dash cam, you will certainly come across negatively-associated incidents on social media platforms now more than ever. Compared to negatively-associated incidents, commendable acts often go unreported and are less likely to surface online. Well, not for this commendable act: What Happened? As usual, there was heavy traffic along Woodlands Avenue 12 towards Gambas since it was the peak hour. Just then, a motorcyclist gradually filtered from lane 1 to lane 2 before lane-splitting between lanes 2 and 3. He continues riding for a distan
  8. A cam car driver experiences a driver's worst nightmare and learns the importance of investing in a good dashcam the hard way. Just yesterday (March 24), the cam car driver was travelling along the KPE. A motorcyclist suddenly dashes past on his right in an attempt to lane split. Unlike most riders who lane split without any problems, this attempt ends in the rider breaking off the cam car's right-side mirror. Pieces of the mirror flew like confetti as the rider sped up and rode away, staying dangerously close to the vehicles in front. Driver
  9. After this incident, the rider should re-enroll himself for a few more courses at the driving school. A video of a motorbike rider crashing face-first into a turning lorry has gotten the attention of netizens online. Posted on Facebook yesterday (17 March), the lorry driver paired the video with a simple caption: 'Never beat the traffic lights, especially if you are riding a bike, the impact will be greater.' The short clip features the cam driver riding down a bend before arriving at a traffic junction. Intending to make a right turn, the driver properly al
  10. It can be pretty tempting to take shortcuts in an empty carpark to get to that available parking lot or to exit the carpark. After all, who wants to 'waste' time and petrol by making one big round around the carpark to exit the carpark, right? Unfortunately, this motorcyclist took a shortcut down the carpark and learned his lesson the unpleasant way: What Happened? A motorcyclist decided to take a shortcut down the multi-storey carpark (MSCP) by going against the traffic flow and driving down the MSCP slope. Just then, a Honda Civic drove up the slope, and
  11. This motorcyclist shows us why it’s important to always keep your eyes on the road! In this video, a seemingly distracted motorcyclist follows closely behind a white Renault Fluence as the pair navigates through roads filled with busy roadworks. Throughout the entire video, the motorcyclist could be seen tilting his head up and down multiple times. Upon approaching an underground tunnel entrance, the white PHV slows down to join the long queue of vehicles waiting to enter. However, the distracted rider fails to anticipate this sudden change and ends up r
  12. With the Chinese New Year festivities happening last week, most Singaporeans are sure to be extra cautious during this busy period. Whether it's chauffeuring their loved ones around or going about on their day-to-day tasks, the last thing a driver wants is to be involved in an accident during CNY. Luckily for this Honda Civic Type R driver, the unthinkable almost happened if not for his powerful brakes and short reaction time! The video starts with the cam car slowing down and stopping at a busy junction, just as the traffic lights turn red. On his right, a
  13. There are many types of fraud involved in motor insurance. The more prominent type is insurance touting, which you can read more about here: However, there are less common frauds such as this: ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).mp4 Watch the entire video here: https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/4537913869663747/ What Happened? The accident occurred along Nicole Drive towards Changi Coastal Road. The dashcam footage shows the cam car, a black SUV and a motorcyclist travelling together in the same direction. When they were approaching an intersection, a ran
  14. A driver captures the moment when a motorcyclist almost met his end – all because of a tinted visor (and a dash of overconfidence). The cam car driver was driving behind a large prime mover and the motorcyclist along Pioneer Crescent in the video. The area is known to house several facilities and factories, some of which supply building materials and metals. The large truck signals right as it enters a bend before its designated turn. Here is a closer look: Upon noticing the signal, the motorcyclist ‘chiongs’ ahead, thinking that he could pass
  15. An overconfident motorcyclist attempts to enter a corner at a low angle and ends up getting his pride (and his bike) hurt. In the early hours of this morning, a driver was travelling along the PIE when he noticed the dangerous stunt. In the video, a motorcyclist appears from the left of the cam car at high speed as both vehicles enter a bend. The rider maintains his speed as he corners the bend at a shallow angle. Maybe he’s trying to be like the MotoGP champion, Valentino Rossi? As the cam car is about to clear the bend, trouble strikes the overcon
  16. With the constant petrol hike that motorists have been experiencing over the years, petrol has become precious to us. It is to the extent that some of us even adapted and changed our driving habits to improve the fuel consumption of our vehicles. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way. Watch this video to find out why: What Happened? This footage was filmed at a Caltex petrol station in Jurong West Ave 1, where a group of friends were supposedly refuelling at. However, instead of refuelling at the station, they seem to be using it as a venue for so
  17. Car-sharing is an undeniably innovative and affordable way for the public to access a car. In the wrong hands, car-sharing can be a double-edged sword, capable of posing a hazard to other road users. *Pretty sure we are all familiar with drivers of a small, white car on lane 1 of the expressway, driving with its high beam on and tailgating others👀* Watch this video to find out how car-sharing can be a deadly hazard to other road users when driven by irresponsible pricks: What Happened? This incident occurred along Bartley Viaduct, in the direction of Bartley R
  18. Sometimes, people do things without thinking about the consequence of their actions. Ignorance is bliss, am I right? Until someone decides to take a video and post it on the internet for the world to see. Watch this video to find out how the internet is capable of [email protected]*king you up when you least expect it to: What Happened? A group of people, who are presumably friends, were caught disposing petrol from a motorcycle just outside an Esso petrol station. The group can be seen lifting the motorcycle and tilting it to drain the petrol next to a grass patch.
  19. I guess the authorities aren't a huge fan of this tradition! In the first few seconds, large crowds have gathered on both sides of the road as a mass of motorcyclists roar through the street. Another video showing a different perspective of this gathering captures the magical moment when the large party passes through the crowd. Riding through the roads, a cambike manages to get a glimpse of all the bikers waiting patiently at a traffic junction just before the 'parade' starts. However, it appears that a few of these motorcyclists might have attracted s
  20. Only someone as carefree as this cyclist would care about his plastic bags after getting hit by a motorcycle. The video starts with the cam car slowing down at a junction in Jurong West. As his car comes to a stop, he notices a cyclist ignoring the red-light signal and crossing the junction. At the same time, a motorcyclist enters from the right at a high speed. Unable to stop his bike or swerve to avoid him, the motorcyclist knocks over the cyclist and falls to the ground. Unfazed by the accident, the cyclist immediately rises and gathers
  21. I have seen from multiple online sources that lane-splitting is said to be safer for a rider. However, as someone who does not ride, I don't really understand the logic behind lane-splitting. In fact, I feel it is more hazardous than safe for a rider to lane-split. What's your take on lane-splitting? Is it really safer for riders, or is it just a convenient excuse for them to cut through traffic? I would love to hear what some of yall have to say!
  22. A black Toyota Hiace van speeds and tailgates on Lane 1 of the PIE expressway, which results in a nasty chain collision accident as he hits a motorcyclist. Again, another entitled driver who thinks he owns the road? The video starts with the camcar travelling slightly behind the van on Lane 2, as the Toyota Hiace speeds up on its own lane (aka the lane that is only intended for overtaking or for emergency vehicles). It is also important to know that at this point, there is a motorcyclist travelling in front of the van in the same lane. However, the driver of
  23. For the uninitiated, you may be wondering why do riders practice lane-splitting? Well, at least according to riders, lane-splitting is a safer way of riding. However, what many riders are unaware of is that lane-splitting is only safer if performed PRUDENTLY. Watch this video to see how this rider's practice of lane-splitting put himself in great danger: Notoriously Narrow Lanes This incident occurred along the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) towards Seletar Expressway (SLE). We are all aware of how narrow the two lanes are for all those who have travelled alon
  24. Does this truck driver even have a proper license? There seems to be a high influx of road accidents recently, with a majority of victims being motorcyclists. In this baffling video, a motorcyclist appears to properly form up after noticing the stationary camcar at a traffic junction. Riding in front of a large truck, the biker starts to slow down. To his dismay, the truck behind him fails to brake in time and continues travelling at a high speed. This leads to a series of unfortunate events as the truck hits the motorcyclist, flinging him off his bike before crashing
  25. With a torrential rainstorm hitting Singapore yesterday, drivers experienced high tensions as they braved the rain during the morning peak hours. One driver, however, was not so lucky and did not escape the wrath of a motorcyclist. As the first few seconds of this video rolled by, I was already irritated by the sight of the slow-moving vehicles crawling their way through the underpass along Farrer Road. However, when the motorcyclist lined himself beside the Mazda just before entering the underpass, I knew something interesting was going to happen. As the motorcy
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