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Found 7 results

  1. I find taiwanese car products to be inferior or a knock off of something established. My friend has a 4 Piston D1 Spec brake caliper. He recently got ripped off the the local dealer of D1 Spec products when he had to change his brake pads. 300 bucks for supposedly good quality D1 Spec pads. That's just nonsense. I decided to get him to remove the brake pads and get it measured. I searched the internet high and low for pads that would meet those measurements. Turns out that you can use brake pads meant for Brembo Calipers. You can easily get original brembo pads for that application for less than 100 sgd if you order it online. Heck you can even get dixcel pads for around 170 sgd if you prefer that brand. Don't believe that you cannot use anything other than D1 Spec Brake pads in a D1 Spec Brake Caliper. Most of these taiwanese brake companies copy the design from other established brake companies. If you own a D1 Spec BBK, please note that you have options when it comes to what brake pads. You just need to measure your existing brake pads and use the internet to search. The dealer of D1 spec BBK will definitely say you cannot use anything other than their pad so that they can hold you ransom. But f**k them!
  2. Mysportwish

    BBK from CJ Dynamics

    Hi. Anyone using bbk from CJ Dynamics? Any review? How is the braking performance? Reliable?
  3. Altis72

    API Racing BBK

    Does anyone know if we have to use API Racing brake pads for API Racing BBK or can we use aftermarket brake pads. Thanks.
  4. http://www.facebook.com/forcebbk In conjunction to our 2015 SGCM Awards, we are giving a promotional price on our Force BBK too. For those eyeing on her, this is the best time to have her on your ride. UPDATED PRICELIST (AWARDS PROMOTION) 1> MID4POTS BBK- (286MM/304MM ROTOR) - usual $2058 NOW ONLY $1800 2> BIG4POTS BBK- (330MM ROTOR) - usual $2358 NOW ONLY $1950 3> BIG6POTS BBK- (345MM/356MM ROTOR) - usual $3058 NOW ONLY $2500 4> BIG8POTS BBK- (356MM/380MM ROTOR) - usual $4058 NOW ONLY $3200 Call us at 63416164 (Synergy@KB. 25 kaki bukit rd 4. #01-36) Call us at 63635112 (184 Woodlands Industrial Park e5 #01-03/04)
  5. Therock610

    Advance BBK

    Any bros installed Advance 4 pot BBK from Jxxp Chee? Need your feedback, TIA
  6. Something I always wanted to clarify. My understanding of the _practical_ purpose of putting BBK is this. 1.) Unless your stock brakes are worn out or piss poor, BBKs do NOT improve stopping distance. If your stock brakes can cause the ABS to activate when you stomp hard, having stronger/better brakes would not change anything. Since your stock brakes already exceed the limits of the tyres. In fact, if the BBK brake bias is not set up properly, you could end up with worse stopping distance. 2.) What BBKs can do, is to improve pedal feel and for those who track or drive hard, improve heat soak and dissipation. e.g. 1st time stop, BBK and Stock is the same, 2nd time, also same, but after a few repeat hard brakes, the stock might overheat and become spongy and it is here that the BBK would outperform the stock brakes. So is it correct to say that, unless you are tracking your car or driving and braking hard for extended period, BBKs do not improve your stopping distance?
  7. Best Local engineered/ designed Big Brake Kit by reputable award winning Garage - Dynamics Mechanic. Quality Made in Taiwan. Founder of Force is a designer - Force brakes are made not in terms of performance only, BUT styling. FORCE big brake kits is currently the Top selling local braking system in Singapore, with more than 30sets sold locally and oversea. It's HOT and as compared to renowned brands, the pricing is much more reasonable and you will save 50%-200%. Ask yourself this question - Why pay more for the same performance? and why pay more for something not as stylish as Force BBK ? Highly recommended by Sgcarmart : - Click here to read Car Advice Reviews BMW 1series Turbo on Force Ice Frost Blue Big6 BMW 1series Turbo on Force Ice Frost Blue Big6 for 400% increase in braking power Powerful rides - Alfa Romeo / Turbo Veloster on Force BBK Force bbks are professionally installed by Certified Experienced Mechanic Dynamics Mechanic - The Brake Specialist in town - With all the world renowned Brake Pads brands in the workshop. We got all the Major Brands Big Brake Kit brake pads refill Mercedes V6 on Force BBKs Powerful ride on Force BBKs - Ride of Fazrul Nawaz (lionXII) Tailored Made rear Big Brake Kit with Handbrakes retaining Kit Alfa Romeo 159 for front and rear Force BBK Colors and Styling - Over 200 combinations of colors with designer assistance for your choice At Dynamics Mechanic Garage - The Only Boutique Garage in Singapore At the Show Case in DM National Hero LionXII Fazrul Nawaz Endorsed and Choose Force for his Safety and Handling Turbo Charged WRX on Lime green Force BBK (mid6 Pots) Turbo Charged WRX on Lime green Force BBK (mid6 Pots) BMW 325I on Force BBK Big6pots - Sultan Gold color Have it Plain black? Beauty too Fierce Black with red logo on Honda Civic We hold the BEST local brand Brakes in SINGAPORE. Get Forced today! Award winning Drift Machine S13 on Force BBK - Front and Rear For more informations :- Look for Force Founder - DM Albert 9850 4444 Check us out at : www.facebook.com/forcebbk