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Found 105 results

  1. Mikeyfingers

    Disc brakes vs Drum brakes

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help me? Would like to know the diff betw disc brakes and drum brakes. Thinking of changing the rear drum brakes on my ride to disc brakes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Has anyone experienced brakes which are intermittently sometimes high, sometimes low. There is a travel distance before the brakes bite, what may be the issue? Master brake cylinder fault? I have been constantly servicing my car, brakes are bleeded. After servicing, the brakes are always high but after 2 weeks, the brakes becomes low. Any experts out here who can advise 🙂
  3. A Porsche Australia senior technical representative has revealed that its optional carbon ceramic brakes aren’t suited for hard use on the track contrary to what we thought so. We have been told many times by many manufacturers that carbon ceramic brakes can be useful for track work as they can run through multiple heat cycles without fading, thereby becoming the default choice for owners who enjoy track days. However, Which Car's interview with Porsche Australia at the launch of the 992-generation Porsche 911, brought to light that these expensive brake systems can degrade quite quickly when abused. “Yes, ceramic discs can degrade if you’re hard on the brakes. Heat build-up will degrade the carbon fibers in the disc, so if you’re doing club days we’d always recommend iron discs,” Paul Watson said. “We learned that lesson a long time back. When we first launched the discs, we told people they’d last virtually for the life of the car and people were doing a number of trackdays and coming back to us saying ‘I’ve worn them out’”, he added on. Interestingly, Watson claims that Porsche's target audience for the carbon ceramic brakes are those that don’t like cleaning their wheels because these brakes “don’t leave a build-up of brake dust.”
  4. Hi guys, Are there any workshops in Singapore that specialises on brakes upgrade? Any recommended workshop on this? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I currently drive an Audi Q3. My car is a year+ old and about 20,000km+ of mileage. The brakes used to only squeal/squeak a bit in the morning, especially when the weather is cold and it will go away. Only occurs when braking. Recently, in addition to braking, the brakes squeal/squeak at around speeds of 10km +-, not the long type but short 0.5 sec to 1 sec types and probably a few times in succession. Doesn't always have but frequent enough to warrant attention. Is it common? Or is there something wrong?
  6. Hi all, I have this knocking sound on my rear brakes whenever i brake and it is very annoying. I have already changed the brake pads, cyclinder and the brake shoe and i even changed my absorbers but it still happens. It is a drum brake system on the rear and my car is a nissan latio. My regular workshop is unable to pin point to the problem,would appreciate some views from the forum. Thank you in advanced!
  7. Theres a 'Gong-gong' sound when pressing my brakes. back and font... I noticed a few days ago only... Hmm my car is quite new 6 mths and 10k only?(all stock) wat do you think is wrong?
  8. http://www.facebook.com/forcebbk In conjunction to our 2015 SGCM Awards, we are giving a promotional price on our Force BBK too. For those eyeing on her, this is the best time to have her on your ride. UPDATED PRICELIST (AWARDS PROMOTION) 1> MID4POTS BBK- (286MM/304MM ROTOR) - usual $2058 NOW ONLY $1800 2> BIG4POTS BBK- (330MM ROTOR) - usual $2358 NOW ONLY $1950 3> BIG6POTS BBK- (345MM/356MM ROTOR) - usual $3058 NOW ONLY $2500 4> BIG8POTS BBK- (356MM/380MM ROTOR) - usual $4058 NOW ONLY $3200 Call us at 63416164 (Synergy@KB. 25 kaki bukit rd 4. #01-36) Call us at 63635112 (184 Woodlands Industrial Park e5 #01-03/04)
  9. Hey guys, just bought a new vehicle, and I need to find out what brakes are these. I have checked around with a number of brake workshops and they tell me that these are not original Brembos - but they do not know where they come from. Any experts have any ideas? Thank you very much.
  10. Slowpoke

    Caliper respray

    The paint on my Brembo calipers are chipped and faded. Any recommendations for respraying the Brembo calipers? Inclusive of the Brembo decals and clear lacquer to protect the decals. I already bought the caliper rebuild kit to replace the pistol seals after the respray.
  11. It happened before so what would u do if do if you are on the expressway and suddenly when u press brakes your car doesnt slow down at all?
  12. Just went to Tan Chong servicing..car left with 2 years to scrapping. Was notified of these issues and costs to replace: Brake Related: Front calliper overhaul $157 Rear cylinder pump $230 Front rotor disc $457 Rear brake drum $457 Others: water pump - minor seepage of coolant $290 Lower arm connected to cross member $562 Based on your opinion, should I fix all the above issues? if yes, shd it be with Tan Chong, or any good recommended workshops for me? TIA
  13. Something I always wanted to clarify. My understanding of the _practical_ purpose of putting BBK is this. 1.) Unless your stock brakes are worn out or piss poor, BBKs do NOT improve stopping distance. If your stock brakes can cause the ABS to activate when you stomp hard, having stronger/better brakes would not change anything. Since your stock brakes already exceed the limits of the tyres. In fact, if the BBK brake bias is not set up properly, you could end up with worse stopping distance. 2.) What BBKs can do, is to improve pedal feel and for those who track or drive hard, improve heat soak and dissipation. e.g. 1st time stop, BBK and Stock is the same, 2nd time, also same, but after a few repeat hard brakes, the stock might overheat and become spongy and it is here that the BBK would outperform the stock brakes. So is it correct to say that, unless you are tracking your car or driving and braking hard for extended period, BBKs do not improve your stopping distance?
  14. What a close call, thumbs up to the alert driver. For the parents, please take good care of the kids, can never be too careful! I see the video, I sweat... http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/alert-drivers-jam-on-their-brakes-after-toddler-dashes-on-to-road-at-ang-mo-kio Alert drivers jam on their brakes after toddler dashes on to road at Ang Mo Kio Posted on 07 September 2014 | 5,061 views | 6 comments More Sharing Services Stomper Brent and other drivers were forced to jam on their brakes after a toddler dashed onto the road at Ang Mo Kio at 12.38pm today (Sep 9). The drivers were taken aback as the kid ran onto the road out of the blue, but were alert enough to avoid hitting him. "I was so worried I kept honking and honking to alert both the kid and other drivers," said Brent. "I also steered my vehicle to block the car on the second lane from coming closer. "What a close one," exclaimed the Stomper.
  15. Best Local engineered/ designed Big Brake Kit by reputable award winning Garage - Dynamics Mechanic. Quality Made in Taiwan. Founder of Force is a designer - Force brakes are made not in terms of performance only, BUT styling. FORCE big brake kits is currently the Top selling local braking system in Singapore, with more than 30sets sold locally and oversea. It's HOT and as compared to renowned brands, the pricing is much more reasonable and you will save 50%-200%. Ask yourself this question - Why pay more for the same performance? and why pay more for something not as stylish as Force BBK ? Highly recommended by Sgcarmart : - Click here to read Car Advice Reviews BMW 1series Turbo on Force Ice Frost Blue Big6 BMW 1series Turbo on Force Ice Frost Blue Big6 for 400% increase in braking power Powerful rides - Alfa Romeo / Turbo Veloster on Force BBK Force bbks are professionally installed by Certified Experienced Mechanic Dynamics Mechanic - The Brake Specialist in town - With all the world renowned Brake Pads brands in the workshop. We got all the Major Brands Big Brake Kit brake pads refill Mercedes V6 on Force BBKs Powerful ride on Force BBKs - Ride of Fazrul Nawaz (lionXII) Tailored Made rear Big Brake Kit with Handbrakes retaining Kit Alfa Romeo 159 for front and rear Force BBK Colors and Styling - Over 200 combinations of colors with designer assistance for your choice At Dynamics Mechanic Garage - The Only Boutique Garage in Singapore At the Show Case in DM National Hero LionXII Fazrul Nawaz Endorsed and Choose Force for his Safety and Handling Turbo Charged WRX on Lime green Force BBK (mid6 Pots) Turbo Charged WRX on Lime green Force BBK (mid6 Pots) BMW 325I on Force BBK Big6pots - Sultan Gold color Have it Plain black? Beauty too Fierce Black with red logo on Honda Civic We hold the BEST local brand Brakes in SINGAPORE. Get Forced today! Award winning Drift Machine S13 on Force BBK - Front and Rear For more informations :- Look for Force Founder - DM Albert 9850 4444 Check us out at : www.facebook.com/forcebbk
  16. anyone knows of any workshops that bleed the brakes using vacuum method rather than pumping brakes method? the pricing?
  17. My car has reached 50,000km+, I will be changing the disc pad, but should I change the disc rotor too? what is the disc rotor lifespan? What if I don't change the disc rotor? what is the consequence? will it crack? C&C quoted $1900 to replace the pad + rotor. What is the difference between the original Merc and OEM rotors?
  18. Major recall for 2012-14 F30 BMW 3 Series with N20/N26 for dangerous loss of braking Delivery of N20 and N26 powered vehicles stopped as a result of power brake assist problem On September 26th, BMW of North America announced to NHTSA its intention to conduct a voluntary Recall on certain 2012-2014 model year BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, X1, X3 and Z4 models equipped with the N20 or N26 engine, produced from May 2012 to August 2013. Affected vehicles in dealer inventories will not be sold or delivered to customers until the recall repair has been performed. Vehicles at BMW vehicle delivery centers will be corrected before shipment to dealerships. The Problem: The oil supply from the intake camshaft to the brake vacuum pump can become restricted. If this happens the brake vacuum pump could fail due to lack of lubrication, resulting in a loss of power brake assist. The hydraulic brakes will still function to stop the vehicle but without power assist. Without assist the driver will need to apply much greater pedal pressure to stop the vehicle. The distance required to stop the vehicle will increase as most drivers will not be able to apply enough brake pedal pressure. In the event of a loss of brake power assist pull the emergency brake and apply as much brake pedal pressure as possible. If your BMW has an electronic parking brake pull up and hold the switch to engage the brake. Move away from traffic and park in a safe location as soon as possible. Contact BMW Roadside Assistance and have your vehicle taken to the nearest BMW dealer. Link : http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=724599
  19. Hi. I am new to leisure cycling. I know there is this website called togoparts but I'm not familiar with the people there and don't wish to do the usual minimum post count before creating a topic. I'm sure there is a sizable group of cyclists in MCF. Just wondering where I can get my hydraulic disc brakes bleeded? How much does it cost roughly? I'm staying in the east and will hope to have a bike shop recommendation. I tried asking a bike shop in bedok called teck hock Hin and was told that he is very busy till late September. ZZzzzz. Maybe brakes bleeding is not a lucrative type of business and is frowned upon by the shop owners. I'm hesitant to go those very old fashioned uncle bicycle shop cos I got a feel that they won't know how to service. Any suggestions please? Pls advise cost too Thanks!
  20. Hi, Recently, I notice I have this problem. Initially thought the sound is caused by tires in MCP, or from other vehicles... Everytime I started up my car from cold engine and starts to move off, I noticed there is sound : eeee sound when I apply or release brake pedal. But the funny part is that this happens when engine cold(morning) in the first two minutes after moving off...after which no sound liao Does anyone have any similar encounter b4? Any advise...should i bring to TCm for a check?
  21. Interesting news from TODAY http://www.todayonline.com/world/quirky-wo...00kmh-no-brakes PARIS
  22. guys, my brakes are due, as changing to stock will cost me 300 per corner, amounting to 1200, was thinking an aftermarket upgrade. nothing of the BBK sort, just simple replace with something better. is it worth it? how much will it cost and what are the pros and cons. i'm driving an FD4, no hard driving, just occasional rev to clear engine and carbon
  23. Hi, i am looking to customise bracket for my brakes. Pls recommend a good workshop that do brakes and customise bracket. Ty
  24. Sharp-eyed speedsters who slam on the brakes when they spot a speed camera may soon not escape a ticket, if a new speed enforcement system due to go on trial is eventually implemented. The "average speed enforcement system", according to tender documents the police put up on the Government electronic procurement portal on Dec 19, will measure vehicle speeds over a distance to nab speeding motorists. This means that errant motorists cannot slow down just before or speed up right after speed cameras to evade the law, as they do now with the "point-based static speed enforcement system". The new system will be tested out along the Pan-Island Expressway and Changi Coast Road for at least a month, according to the tender documents. Changi Coast Road, in particular, is a well-known black spot. In May last year, a cyclist was killed after being hit by a lorry, which only came to a halt about 200m away, according to reports. According to the tender documents, the police noted that other jurisdictions have in recent years started implementing speed enforcement systems that measure the average speed of vehicles over a predefined distance. For example, several Australian states have implemented these since 2001. In New South Wales, there are 25 point-to-point speed cameras installed along the various highways specifically targeting heavy vehicles. "(The Singapore Police Force) intends to conduct a trial to evaluate the suitability of such systems for implementation in Singapore," the tender documents said. The average speed enforcement system works by recording the time a vehicle takes to travel between two points to calculate its average speed. Speed detectors placed at the start and end points - to be determined in consultation with the Land Transport Authority - will record the timestamp and vehicle licence plates. Speed limits here range from 40kmh on smaller roads to 90kmh on expressways. In the last three years, the number of speeding violations here has surged. Between January and November last year, the Traffic Police booked nearly 225,000 motorists for speeding - a daily average of 673 offences. In 2011, the figure for the whole year was 225,500, or 617 daily, compared to 205,000 cases in 2010. Over the years, the police have deployed speed cameras at more locations. In 2008, there were speed cameras along 38 roads. This has risen to 53 roads now. Red-light camera system to go digital? In a separate tender issued last month, the Traffic Police also called for the implementation of a "Digital Traffic Red Light System". The new system must be able to capture and store digital images of motorists who beat red lights. These will then be sent to a backend computer system to be used as evidence, according to tender documents. Currently, the red-light camera systems here still use film. Just last week, a video clip of a motorcyclist hitting a woman pedestrian after beating a red light along Woodlands Avenue 6 went viral online. The footage was captured on the in-car camera of a motorist. Last year, there were 16,442 red-light violations between January and November. And in the previous year, there were 17,490 such cases, a shade higher than the 17,180 in 2010. Source: http://www.todayonline.com/Hotnews/EDC1301...s-on-speedsters